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The Crusaders have fought many opponents, some that have been around for a long time, some that are unique to the Crusaders' own comic. Here is a simple list of the team's victories and defeats.


DC Universe villains

Extremists: The extra-dimensional villains were defeated as they tried to disrupt one of GaŽtan's matches right after the team was formed.

Brainiac: The Crusaders defeated his plot to use kill Superman and use the Solar System as a giant computer.

Kobra: The megalomaniac's visit to Hollywood coincided with the Crusaders'. It was a bad time to be down and out in Beverly Hills for this villain.

Fearsome Five: Mammoth, Shimmer, Jinx and Gizmo escaped after a sound thrashing in the Arctic.

Joker: Using DeSaad's dream machine, he took the Crusaders into his own mind. Defeated, he later escaped from Arkham to plan a Boxing Day prank, but was stopped too soon by the Jester.

DeSaad: Darkseid's torturer also took the Crusaders into his nightmares, from which they barely escaped.

Manhunters: During the Millenium events, the Manhunters replaced Neutron with a robot duplicate and brainwashed Absolut's parents. Their plan to blow up planet Earth was defeated largely thanks to the Crusaders.

Injustice League: The incarnation composed of Doctor Polaris, Gorilla Grodd, Copperhead, Icicle II and Scarecrow was humiliated by the Crusaders on television.

Funky Flashman: Helped the Injustice League with their P.R., but his tricks were discovered and halted by the Crusaders.

Shockwave: Something of a loser, Shockwave can nonetheless stomp his feet with deadly explosive power and once almost killed Swarm. Still, he was no match for Captain Cortex in the brains department.

Amazo: The android with all the powers of the Justice League once mistakenly fought the Crusaders, and was put back to sleep through trickery.

Professor Ivo: Amazo's inventor is currently in Arkham Asylum.

Dominion Alliance: During the Invasion, the Crusaders fought both the Khunds and the Thanagarians, and Captain Cortex died at the hands of the latter.

Masters of Disaster: New Wave, Heatstroke, Coldsnap and Shakedown are mercenaries with disaster-related powers who helped the Reavers tsunami Oslo, until the Crusaders arrested them.

Toyman: In Superman's post-Invasion absence, the Toyman tried to ruin everybody's Christmas by blanketing the entire eastern seaboard with a blizzard, until stopped by the Crusaders and their magic sled.

I.Q.: Formerly of the Professors' Club, I.Q. brokered a deal with the Crusaders to sign up for the Suicide Squad in exchange for some valuable information.

Professors' Club: Composed of Dr. Sivana, Prof. Milo, T.O. Morrow, Dr. Moon and Thaddeus Kilgrave (among others?), the Club ran a super-secret lab on Dinosaur Island until the Crusaders brought them to justice.


Crusaders villains

Screen Bandits' Guild: A team of villains from Hollywood who supplement their numbers with robots pulled from movies (like King Kong and Chuck Norris). They were in league with Kobra. Bad move.

Maestro and the ARC: A scientist who injected himself and his cronies with alien blood were defeated in the Arctic.

Tal'halar: An alien Kath'yanian who was the greatest criminal of his world and whose prison ship landed in Siberia. The Crusaders rightfully gave him back to his planet's authorities.

The Manager: GaŽtan's mysterious archenemy, who seems to be his elligitimate son. He torments the lovable wrestler with unscheduled bouts across the world.

Mount Fuji: A kite-flying sumo wrestler who dishonored himself by fighting GaŽtan for the Manager, but was later befriended by GaŽtan in the king of reversal you only see in the WWF.

Das Wall: A cruel fighter who never accepted the fall of the Berlin Wall, he fought GaŽtan in a bloody battle at the Manager's request.

Shadowmask: Taking hold of the Eastern seaboard's cocaine market by poisoning certain shipments to hold the Crusaders ransom, Shadowmask is the first big villain to escape the team so fully in a dogged battle in his Columbian camp.

Tele-Fist: Half-man, half-machine, he fought and lost against GaŽtan in yet another bout set up by the Manager.

Pastforce: Agents from the 24th century who tried to destroy Absolut of the Crusaders for being part of the 20th century's hedonistic tendencies, which they believe will cause the Third World War.

Set/Sutekh/Ixathulu: The demon who gave Swarm (and his ancestors) their powers over insects. Vengeful, he did not take kindly to Swarm breaking their deal and his evil spirit will not rest until it holds Swarm's soul in its clutches.

Reavers: A world-spanning pirate organization that controls the 7 seas. The Crusaders once met their Northern contingent.

Vlimur: Evil regent of Asgard, who kept Absolut's father poisoned and sick so he could rule.

Red Dragon: Empathic Chinatown gang leader who gained powers as a result of the gene-bomb.

Slashers: Somewhat led by master-hypnotist Dr. Shaff, these punkers give no quarter. Slash is all knives, Burn is all fire, Chain Lightning, well... guess what he does? And then there's Bollix who can dampen technology, but who never gets to use his powers.


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