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Tommy CHU @tommychu3
"Hey movie fans!  Today E! HK's spotlight is on hot newcomer Tommy Chu.  Young and extremely good looking, Tommy is just starting out his career, yet last year, he already appeared in 3 successful movies for which he was immediately admired by all the women for his sex appeal and by all the men for his guts as a stuntman. Tommy also brings a certain fresh new style to gun fight scenes  and car chases that has received critical acclaim. However, movie makers beware, E! HK has heard certain rumors that Tommy is somewhat difficult to work with and that his manager is constantly making ridiculous demands.  But all of that is not a problem for this avid fan as long as the Studly Tommy keeps that hard body in line with his bad boy attitude. Phew... I think I need to lie down!"

Born April 14th 1953, Fu started his career with several comedy films. It’s through his daughter’s encouragement that he turned to action films. His first, Bring Your Own Gun (1986), garners both admiring fans and critical acclaim. Soon after that initial success, Fu is honored to become the lead in Bring Your Own Gun 2: Shoot Harder (1987), to the public’s delight.

His father, a retired police officer, taught him the proper use of firearms. Fu also managed to have a prolific political career in the mid-2000s, after a leg injury on set.

His remission was slow, but once over and done with, he was quick and eager to return to the big screen.

Rock LI
Ricki Li was always a very active child and his father and I were incredibly relieved to discover his passion for martial arts when his father enrolled him in his first Wushu lesson when he was six. Our little pebble has since become solid stone, giving him his combat/stage name: Rock Li! (My idea.) Stan has always encouraged him to flower to his full potential and signed him up for fiercer and fiercer competitions, in which he was never defeated. Our champion now challenged the world of cinema for the first time, and I am incredibly happy to see him in a safer, less dangerous environment. Stan will perhaps tell you otherwise, but I am generally the one des drives him every day to the set and who patiently waits for him, gives him advice, and supports him all day. Impulsive by nature, he loves to throw himself head first into every new challenge, often without thinking of the consequences, and we believe a 17-year-old young man still has a lot to learn from his parents.
Affectionately, Suzie and Stan LI

Born in Japan in 1945, Maki Roll has lived through several movie-making generations. His career started in 1967 with the film Great Ball of Fire in which he played a young Wire Fu Master. His career moved to China in the early 70s where he played the villainous Wong Bo in 16 films from ’71 to ’73. He had great success in Hong Kong until the end of the 80s. Maki Roll tried to penetrate the Japanese market in the 90s, but with no success. In 2002, he returned to Chinese cinema in the role of an old wizard in the feature film The Old Mage. He has since tried to get different roles, but his memory isn’t what it used to be, giving him some trouble. Today’s fans only want to see him in wizardly roles anyway. His career in its dwindling years, he has had little choice but to accept these roles. It will be interesting to see where 2012 takes him…

Birthname: Zhuang Lu
Actor/Stage Name: "Louie" Zhuang
Wrestling name: The Merciless Ming, Mongol Marauder!
Fanciful Trivia: Wrestled for the Dragonturtle Alliance Pro-Wrestling Federation (DAPWF) under the name "Merciless Ming, the Mongol Marauder", being billed as a savage nomad from the mongolian steppes.  Is known for his submission wins, usually involving a choke hold, going for his opponent's neck.
Notable Wrestling moves include: Chokeslam, Atomic Suplex, Sleeper Hold, DDT
While under contract for DAPWF, Zhuang also was part of their Direct-to-video movie franchise, the Dragonturtle Alliance Pro-Movies Federation (DAPMF), and was part of the following productions which aren't really great: Shanghai Showdown (Tseng-Li); Trial of the Fawning Sychophant (Hung, the fishmonger); Guerilla Steele (Eric "GS" Chong); Guerilla Steele 2: Ghu-Lao's Revenge (Eric "GS" Chong); Guerilla Steele 3: Omega Squad (Eric "GS" Chong); Mahjong (Private 1st class Ling Shi-shen.)
Has a degree in Business Administration from Lingnan University in Hong Kong, obtained on a full sports scholarship.  He played for his entire college years on the varsity hockey team, the K'un L'un Coolies as a forward.
Was suspended from his DAPWF/DAPMF contracts due to a morality clause, when he was involved in a Macau casino insident involving a still-at-large escaped elephant from the local zoo, a police SWAT vehicle, and 10,000$ worth of Wayne Newton memorabilia.  Wayne Newton has dropped all charges against Zhuang, however has warned the actor that next time they meet it could possibly be in a "Hell in a Cell" match.  Public opinion is that Newton was serious.  Zhuang could not be reached for comment, however his publicist has indicated he is truly regretful for the events that happened after he won a celebrity poker tournament set to raise money for cancer research.
Sample of DAPWFfans.net's various forum threads featuring Zhuang's wrestling persona: "Like, ok.  We get it.  Ming's big and mean, and a total heel.  WHY does he have to go and pull stupid stuff like he did at the Venetian... FFS dude.  We already have to deal with you putting out shitty movie after shitty movie.  Mahjong?  Really???  What's next, Guess Hu????  Where is Guerilla Steele 4 like you promised last year OH WAIT I KNOW Its in development HELL because you went and had to get suspended!  They'll probably pull you from the Savage Series, and make THE MAGNIFICENT OXBOY the champ because you won't be allowed to wrestle you roided out dumbass!" -- xXxTapOutMasterx666Xx

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