Dream Park

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Special Game Types

Dream Park sometimes sponsors game events of a different nature:

Death Match: 2 or more GameMasters work on the same Game, each one designing a different chapter of the Game, which may have their own Rules. It's a friendly competition to see who can kill the most Characters, or else win the approval of the most Players.

Iron Ref: 4 GameMasters compete, each creating a Game with the same, pre-determined 3 "ingredients", but using different genres. At the end of the round, all participating players grade the Games on various criteria (Use of ingredients, NPCs,, Originality, Challenge, and Enjoyment). The GM that gets the lowest score is eliminated, and the 3 remaining GMs square off with 3 new ingredients, and so on until there is only on Iron Referee left! Games must last one session, though each GM gets to create a single 2-session game during the entire event. They must use this when they feel it is the most advantageous (and before they are eliminated, of course).

Dream Park TM Tower of Night Enterprises; Dream Park: The Role Playing Game TM R.Talsorian Games.