Dream Park

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The  Niven Awards 2023

Worst Death
Aron Sol: Gaa-Khar falls down a ravine (again... and again... and again) [Rats and Angels; Le Cheval et le Lama]

Best Death
Patrick O'Neil: Sir Psycho crash-landing his jetpack on the beach "Bonne chance Gaa-Khaaaaaaaaaar!" [Big Zombie Pirate Game]

Most Revisitable World
Stéphane Raymond: Rats and Angels

Most Memorable Moment
Andrew Klein, Aron Sol & Aaron Thomas: Sealing off the Inca valley by making the volcano explode, trapping the PCs inside, and Steve McKellen's villain persona (and a quarter of his points) on the other side. [Course vers l'El Dorado]

Best GameMaster
Rob Tam

Best Player
Dr. Andrew Klein / Mark "Gloves" Cunningham

Best Game of 2023
Stéphane Raymond: The King of Shreds and Patches

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