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The  Niven Awards 2024

Worst Death
Aron Sol: Gaa-Khar's cockiness [No Island]

Best Death
Ricky Tricouille: Killed by his friend Willow Osgood with a baseball bat because Stanley Steal had gone psycho [Everglades Honeymoon]

Best NPC
Timmy Waters / Klaus [Ancient Midget Nazi Shaman Game]

Best Menace
Anastasie Kiev: Horde of super-apes [The Land That Time Ignored]

Most Revisitable World
Andrew Klein: The World That Had to Be Saved Again

Most Memorable Moment
William P. Schwartz: Entire performance of Red Porterfield as he stopped bullets with his helmet, blew up a suburb, and generally screamed "Die you Nazi fuck!!!". [Ancient Midget Nazi Shaman Game]

Best GameMaster
Anastasie Kiev

Best Player
Dash Riprock / Twilight

Best Game of 2024
Anastasie Kiev: Ancient Midget Nazi Shaman Game

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