Dream Park

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The  Niven Awards 2025

Most Memorable Death
Zachary Beaudouin: Frogger death [Dernier Stradivarius]

Best NPC
Maurice Lamarsh / LRRRR! [Sports Invasion]

Best Menace
Anastasie Kiev/Ty Templeton: Guacamole Dip Demon [ApoKermit Now]

Best Subplot
William P. Schwartz: Taker-overs of Dream Park and Stardom by SchwartzCo.

Most Revisitable World
Marcel Fortin: The Metropolis Crimebusters Game

Most Memorable Moment
Tommy Cruisin: Elvis-like musical number. [Alien Beachhead]

Best GameMaster
Rob Tam

Best Player - Problem Solver
Dash Riprock / Twilight

Best Player - Role Player
Tommy Cruisin / Tommy Cruisin

Best Player - Munchkin
Dash Riprock / Twilight

Best Game of 2025
Rob Tam: Sports Invasion Game

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