Dream Park

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Tech Levels

Each World has a Tech Level. You may not take Skills or Equipment that are above that Level. (The way Skills are labeled, TL4+, for example, means Tech Level 4 and above; TL1-7 means "not below TL1, bit not above TL7".) You may take Equipment that is below the World's Tech Level, but not below its general Era (Ancient, Historical, Modern, Future). So for example, in a TL7 World, you may take Equipment of TLs 7 AND 6, but not 5 which is in another Era (nor 8 because that is above the World's TL).

Tech Level 0 Stone Age
Tech Level 1 Bronze Age
Tech Level 2 Iron Age
Tech Level 3 Middle Ages
Tech Level 4 Renaissance
Tech Level 5 Industrial Revolution
Tech Level 5+1 Steam Age (conceptual)
Tech Level 6 World Wars
Tech Level 7 Today
Tech Level 8 21st Century
Tech Level 9 Space Age
Tech Level 10 Interstellar
Tech Level 11 Superscience

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