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#1967-Raimus, Personnel, Non-Aligned, AGT
"Farian crime lord and thief. Oversees a significant Orion Syndicate operation based on Farius Prime. When he tells you to do something, you just do it."
-ENGINEER, Acquisition, Leadership, Treachery x2, Orion Syndicate; Staff icon

PICTURE: A lovely shade of amber in this image, with the jet black costume of the villain really chewing up the scenery. The big X in the back also adds to the nefarious atmosphere. A strong 3.8.

LORE: The last line is paraphrased from his quote on his 2E card, but it's really fun as gangster-type lingo. The rest is fairly standard stuff, though the "thief" keyword translated into the lore - while perhaps useful in combination with backwards-compatible cards - seems wrong. Thief is a major step back from the crime lord, isn't it? A none-too-bad 3.2.

TREK SENSE: Parading as a legitimate businessman rates Acquisition, as ill-gotten gains are still gains. He's a Leader in the Orion Syndicate, and a pretty nasty and ruthless piece of work willing to sell his quadrant to the Dominion and everything. Treachery x2 and Integrity at 2 isn't too much in his case. He's smart enough to have gotten to his position, but an 8 allows for the possibility of being taken down by O'Brien. Strength is that of a tough type, but one used to enjoying the protection of henchmen. We wouldn't see him in Command of a starship, but is resourceful enough to Staff one, sure (kind of ambivalent on that point). I've kept the one grating thing for last, and it's the classification. While justification could be made for Engineer in the skill list, as a classification it makes him an Engineer FIRST. I'm not even sure what that justification would be (noticing the Klingon rifles were subpar?), but I know that had Raimus not been translated from the 2E model, he would have been Civilian, or possibly VIP. No call for Engineer on the classification level. Drops an otherwise ok card to 3.

STOCKABILITY: Raimus exists to give us another Orion Syndicate personnel to pass Orion Syndicate Bomb, but also to use The Art of Diplomacy. In fact, he pretty much had to have Treachery x2 to be able to use The Art to turn it into 1 Diplomacy. He can also use that card to download a hand weapon to his side. Appropriately, Treachery x2 also gives him access to Protection Racket, oh, and I Do Not Take Orders From You! turns him into an assassin. It also protects him from Sabotaged Negotiations, and once you throw 2E dilemmas into the mix, passes Inside Collaborators. Acquisition is a good skill to mix him with the Ferengi, or simply to gain access to some of the Rules and other Ferengi-ish tricks when using other affiliations (Treachery helps too). He's a Leader in battle, and has a useful classification to boot. A good NA with a number of unusual skills, and only the INTEGRITY to really worry about. A 3.7.

TOTAL: 13.7 (68.5%) Just your average mobster.

#1980-Raymond Boone, Personnel, Federation, AU, AGT
"Starfleet officer who served on the USS Rutledge in the Federation/Cardassian war. Captured at Setlik III in 2347 and subsequently killed while in captivity."
-ENGINEER; Attributes all +2 if with Miles O'Brien or Benjamin Maxwell; Computer Skill, Physics; Staff icon

PICTURE: It's not really Raymond Boone. We don't have any pictures of the real Raymond Boone. He died a while ago, and would probably never have looked this age. So this is his Impersonator. Well, nothing we can do about that. At least he gives an innocent look during his interrogation, and the bars in the back add a nice splash that matches one of the colors of his costume. Good enough for a 3.4.

LORE: This one breaks a long-standing rule of STCCG lore - you never talk about a character's death, since after all, the personnel is to be used alive and well in the alternate reality that is each game. Even the AU icon doesn't forgive it. The rest of the lore is standard stuff, so the mistake drops the score to 2.5.

TREK SENSE: We never really knew the real Boone, but if the Boone Impersonator did his job well, they should have related skills. And they do: all the same skills are there minus the Impersonator's Treachery. But the original skills were suspect in the first place. Computer Skill and Physics seemed important to the Impersonator's frame-job, but were they really part of the real Boone's abilities? And Engineer? Why? Presumably, it's because he was friends with O'Brien, and O'Brien is an Engineer. Except he wasn't back then, and given Boone's capture on Setlik III, perhaps Security would have been a better, soldierly fit. The icons are fine, placing the character in the past when he was alive, and giving him the right rank. The special skill allow him to do better when he's with a former crewmember from the Rutledge and its former captain. In the game, these are both current versions, so the AU Boone wouldn't really know anyone else. In the game, he'd always be displaced in time. So it works (and would have worked had they all been contemporary versions). Attributes are along the usual Federation curve, with decent morals and smarts, and a little less efficiency in battle. No problem, though here the designers thought nothing of differing from the imposter's stats. Well, the Impersonator was more conniving (explains Integrity as much as Cunning) and represented a Boone now retired from his soldiering days (the drop in Strength). Even harder to justify this way, but mostly because he wasn't ever featured in this form. A 2.7.

STOCKABILITY: Aside from finally exposing that nasty Boone Impersonator (ok, big deal), the new Raymond Boone is just your ordinary kind of personnel. An ENGINEER with some pretty common skills, all of which the Feds have plenty of, and fair attributes that go up when used with either Benjamin Maxwell (perhaps in a mission specialist deck) or Miles O'Brien (exact title only, but that's still a few versions). 9-9-8 isn't extreme, but it's very good. Seems like little for the price of an AU Door or STP though. Nothing you can't get elsewhere, and high attributes contingent on keeping the right personnel with him (when a guy like Data can do better naturally). As I've often said, the Feds have so many personnel, any new ones better have something excellent to offer, or else these'll only show up in fine-tuned decks that need exact skill pools, or your occasional theme deck. A 2.4 for this late arrival

TOTAL: 11 (55%) Dead on arrival?

#1993-Reklar, Ship, Cardassian, AGT
"In response to tensions along the Cardassian/Federation border, this ship was sent to attend diplomatic talks with the USS Enterprise."
-Galor Class[1 Command, 1 Staff] WEAPONS +2 and SHIELDS +1 while you have a captive; Tractor Beam

PICTURE: An angle we haven't yet seen for a Galor-class ship, well-lit and with side insignia somewhat showing. A bit of blur, but not as much as on the slightly larger 2E version of this pic (which came first). Without a visible tail, the ship looks thicker than it should, and I'm not sure that's to its advantage. A 3.2.

LORE: A shortened version of the 2E card of the same title, it's a little bare-bones for my tastes. Everything is true, but a cross-mention of Lemec as commander, while unnecessary, would at least have filled up the box. An average 3.

TREK SENSE: Your usual Galor, but it has high attributes, reading exactly like a Keldon with less staffing (or an Alliance Galor in the wrong universe). Can that be justified? (The real reason is that it uses its 2E attributes, but we can't use that here.) Well, it's 1 point up from the standard Galor in both Shields and Weapons. It was, after all, sent to negotiate with the Enterprise, even intimidate it, and its of a special irony that this "diplomatic" ship is so well-armed. I'd say it works except that its stats ARE inflated, since even the Prakesh (the flagship) has an attribute at 7. The attributes go even higher if you have a captive, especially Weapons. Why? On the show, the Cardassians had captured Picard, which I suppose made them a lot more confident. But would they really have that much of an advantage in battle? Feels thematic rather than truly sensical here. Or perhaps (and this wasn't the case with Picard) is the captive revealing secrets he or she shouldn't? Such as the weaknesses of their own ships? Could be, though the relationship between the captive and the ship the Reklar is confronting is tenuous at best (not to mention that these attributes also hold against dilemmas, etc.). The conversion to 1E was a little too literal, so the score suffers. A 2.4.

STOCKABILITY: Lemec's a capable personnel, and he's the matching commander of this vessel, the best of the Galors, which he can boost to 10-11-11 with Plaque and Log. You won't get a better deal for two staffing icons. And if you hold a captive, those attributes go up to 10-13-12, very nice. I won't say Cardassian capture decks have as much incentive in 1E as they do in 2E, but the Cardies can still do plenty with captives, and have a variety of ways to obtain them. A simple Cardassian Trap is all it should take to boost the Reklar, really. A good addition to the Cardassian fleet. You CAN switch this Reklar with its 2E counterpart, though they are exactly the same EXCEPT that the 2E version has high staffing requirements, so why would you? The only reason I could see would be to use Chain Reaction Pulsar, but that's it. And if you really want to, why not just use a Keldon? Basically, this card invalidates the backwards compatibility of the 2E original. A 3.7.

TOTAL: 12.3 (61.5%) The Cardassians are used to lukewarm evaluations of their fleet.

#2007-Robert DeSoto, Personnel, Federation, AGT
"Captain of the USS Hood and former commanding officer of William T. Riker. Years ago, he and Jean-Luc Picard served together as lieutenants on the same ship."
-OFFICER; If on USS Hood, your compatible VIPs may report aboard; Leadership, Honor, Exobiology; Command icon

PICTURE: Pulled from the same scene as Incoming Message - Federation (it's his only one), this pic comes off as bluer, more saturated. As a zoom-in, it's also got much more blur. The expression is likeable, but a little goofy. I'd say average, but with the technical flaws, a 2.8.

LORE: Matching commander on a ship is useful, but of course, he wouldn't have been made if the ship didn't already mention this. I like the historical note linking him to Picard. 3.2 here.

TREK SENSE: We don't know very much about him, but as a ship captain, Officer, Leadership and the Command icon are obvious. Being held in high esteem by both Riker and Picard, Honor's not a bad bet either. Exobiology's just a skill like any other added to his list. Reasons? Appearing in "Tin Man" surely isn't enough, since the Hood did not meet with the creature (and clearly, having aliens - like a Betazoid - on your ship can't be enough). The story of Riker preventing him from beaming to a planet might yield results, if we only knew why he wanted to go. There's just not enough to go on, but it doesn't ring false. I like the special skill, since, for one, it encourages the use of DeSoto on his actual ship (though matching commander status would usually be enough). In "Tin Man", the Hood delivered VIP Tam Elbrun to the Enterprise, so the idea of having VIPs report aboard makes sense. After all, the Hood also delivered crewmembers in "Encounter at Farpoint", including the VIP Admiral McCoy. If it does a lot of ferrying like this, then the VIPs could have gotten aboard at some point and are just now "reporting for duty". DeSoto's high Integrity goes with his Honor and personable demeanor. Cunning and Srtength seem to fit his abilities and apearance. A good job worth a 4.1.

STOCKABILITY: The USS Hood finally gets its matching commander, giving you a reason to finally use the ship. Well, even at a Plaqued and Logged 9-9-10, there are lots of other Federation ships to choose from which are better. Excelsior-class ships are just so passé in 1E. That's why he offers a bit more with a VIP-reporting skill. It's not for free, but at least covers Feds, NAs, and anyone you have a Treaty with. Could be useful in Diplomacy-heavy decks, for example. DeSoto's own skills fall just short of that kind of DipHoLe personnel (missing the "Dip"), but it's all pretty common. Exobiology's a bit rarer, but only a bit, and a bit more useful, I suppose. Good attributes, generally. Doesn't QUITE manage to save the Hood from the binder, though players who hate facilities, might find a use for him. Not really bad, but it's hard to be a truly necessary addition to a Fed deck with all the cards they have. Sorry, but only an average 3 despite the perks.

TOTAL: 13.1 (65.5%) Riker narrowly avoided an average career on an average ship.

#2021-Shandor, Personnel, Bajoran, universal, AGT
"Prylar representative of members of the Bajoran clergy. Maintains the shrine aboard Deep Space 9."
-CIVILIAN, Archaeology, Diplomacy, Honor

PICTURE: Repeated from the 2E version, though smaller (but more in focus, especially his eyes) and with more of the bottom of the frame showing (ah, those famous Bajoran textiles). Shandor is ok without being spectacular, though the large Bajoran symbol behind him is certainly appreciated, while the black all around is a little overwhelming. Comes out at a better-than-average 3.2.

LORE: The 2E original had a quoted prayer in Bajoran, but this version uses standard English flavor text. Not much flavor, mind you. The keyword "prylar" shows up there, and the text aptly links him to the Bajoran Shrine, which is connected to Prylars. Another 3.2.

TREK SENSE: Shandor is a prylar, which makes him rightly a Civilian, and his duties with his shrine's Orb would certainly justify his Archaeology. It IS an Artifact, after all. To be given the important task of maintaining this shrine (with its Orb, and the Emissary nearby), he would have to be trusted by the order, so Honor and good Integrity are paramount. Of course, he's meant to be representative of Bajoran clergy across the board, not all of which would have to be so trusted. Well, a 7 in Integrity isn't that much, and Honor would be appreciated in any priest. The importance of the Orbs may well make a lot of the clergy turn to Archaeology. Diplomacy is the way of peace, also a clerical vocation. As a group, they don't seem particularly smart, but wouldn't need to be geniuses (or they'd be Vedeks or something). Strength is of course not a priority. One thing I find lacking here is an Orb icon. I can understand a lot of clergymen wouldn't ever had access to an Orb (though pilgrimages would seem to be indicated), but this specific guy did have access to one. Never curious? If he never peeked, I'd have expected higher Integrity. The flaws aren't huge, but that one made me arch an eyebrow. Finds its way to 3.7.

STOCKABILITY: Bajoran Shrine reports Prylars for free, and then allows them to "conduct services" there, cycling cards like Process Ore, more or less. The Bajorans already had the universal Prylar Mond for just this purpose, a simple and cheap support personnel that could be left at the Site while more useful Vedeks and Kais did the mission-solving (and yet being available to crews and Away Teams by using multiple copies). Did we really need Shandor? At 3 skills, those extra copies don't apply as easily to remote crews (unless The Emissary is present), and his attributes aren't as high as Mond's. The skills are ok, but the Bajorans either have plenty or don't need very much in the first place. And it really doesn't matter what your Shrine place-holder has. If you don't have access to older cards, sure, but in a full collection, something of a bust. Rates a 2 as a result.

TOTAL: 12.1 (60.5%) Only a borderline broken link anyway, I'd have been content with the backwards-compatible 2E version.

#2035-Shape-Shift Inhibitor, Event, Referee icon, AGT
"Prototype device developed by the Obsidian Order. Emits a quantum stasis field that prevents a changeling from altering its biomolecular structure."
-Plays on table. Each player must first discard a personnel card in order to download a non-[Borg] personnel. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

PICTURE: Thankfully not a prop shot, the Inhibitor is still closest to the lense, its amber glow mirrored in the light fixture behind Garak. He looms over us from this angle, and the whole thing has a nice atmosphere. A 3.6.

LORE: Basically a lot of techno-babble, but not too hard to understand. We learn a little about the Inhibitor, and a little about shape-shifting. A 3, I guess.

TREK SENSE: Not much. In a purely Sensical world, the Inhibitor would be an Equipment or perhaps Artifact card, and it would keep shape-shifters from using shape-shifting cards. Don't you think? It might even have been Obsidian Order-use only. Well, they went in a conceptual direction instead (I surmise, because I don't think it even works conceptually). It requires a fee be paid when any non-Borg player downloads a personnel card. Let's try to work that out, shall we? When a personnel card is downloaded, it is usually a way of saying that personnel was already present, but not active. Off-duty, if you will, but the download tells us that it's reasonable for that personnel to be present because of the location, or its companion personnel being present, etc. Only in a few cases (say, Recruit Mercenaries and Ferengi Conference) does the download order out for personnel. Well, this has nothing to do with shape-shifting. It's a download Inhibitor (limits the faces we might see, just like a shape-shifter would be prevented from taking on another face), and even then, not a very good one since a fee can be paid to still download the card. In Odo's case, was the fee the secret he told Garak? The fee (discard) is a secret told which then releases the imprisoned personnel (imprisoned in the confines of the deck)? Seems like a long way to go to justify the card. Borg can't be tortured, so no effect on them? Yeah, whatever. Also affects you? Why would you it do to yourself? Immunity to Kevin Uxbridge is often attached to Referee icon card de facto, but also to "technical solutions" like this gadget here. The Ref icon, I say is fine if it actually limits abuse of some kind. The Inhibitor tries to limit download chains, but I don't think that was that much of a problem. Ah well. Leaves us with a strained 0.4.

STOCKABILITY: A powerful card, it will hit some decks much harder than others. The Ferengi, for example, with their start-of-game download chains, and anyone using a Nor. Heck, it'll be annoying against mission specialists, support personnel, and matching commander decks. If you're Borg, no problem, and in fact, this would be a good card for them to use. No effect on the Collective, but potentially lots of pain for your opponent. If you're anyone else, well, do you really want this handicap? All depends on what you do with your deck, obviously, and you might use Q the Referee to get Shape-Shift Inhibitor before your own download chain, or cycle it when you later need to download personnel. Players can still download personnel, of course, but it's the fee that is prohibitive. Multiple downloads will deplete a hand to quickly, while simple support personnel won't be worth the discard. Discard pile recycling may be a good idea to get those fees back. The trick is that while you may come prepared (because you'll play the Event), your opponent may not. At the end of the day, downloads will still occur, but less readily. Personnel will be weighed against potential discards and abuse WILL be limited. Even when not abused, personnel downloads will come at a cost, which is hurtful even to non-abusers. There's also the matter of nullifying Berzerk Changeling, which is good, but not really a reason to stock it. Taking into account the mitigatable effects it has on you, a 4.2.

TOTAL: 11.2 (56%) Also includes a Trek Sense Inhibitor effect.

#2049-Sojef, Personnel, Non-Aligned, AGT
"Leader of the small community of Ba'ku that settled a new world in the Briar Patch. Ardent supporter of a simple way of life, free of advanced technology."
-CIVILIAN, Leadership, Diplomacy, Biology, Archaeology

PICTURE: Quite naturally, I think, Sojef is pictured in a low-tech setting - what, some kind of blacksmith's hearth, do I have it right? - firelit and earnest. Nothing too memorable, but at least appropriate. A 3.4.

LORE: We get his role in Ba'ku society, as well as a brief description of that community's philosophy. Well written if not especially interesting, I'll go with an above average 3.3.

TREK SENSE: Like all Ba'ku, Sojef is a Civilian, and in this case, a Leader. Dealing with the Enterprise crew fairly owes to his high Integrity and Diplomacy skills. He knew enough about the fountain of youth effect to earn the Biology (in fact, the Ba'ku are quite advanced scientifically, they just choose not to use that knowledge to create or use technology - and his high Cunning is testimony of that). Archaeology, I suppose, manifests itself as his simple way of life. An Archaeologist would be well aware of how tools, etc. were made in the olden days. Smartly done on the skills, then. I'm not so sure about the high Strength however. Sure, he's physically more fit because of the life-giving radiation of the Ba'ku planet, but Strength is also a measure of fighting ability, which a pacifist like this wouldn't really have much of. For all the good stuff, he does get a 3.8.

STOCKABILITY: One of 4 Ba'ku personnel in All Good Things, like them, he can report for free to Insurrection. The planet will often as not be used with Collect Metaphasic Particles, but if you're attempting the mission for its 35 points, he'll be a good (free) addition against the requirements. He brings Leadership, Diplomacy and a good bit of STRENGTH. Skill-wise, I don't know who's the better Ba'ku to play between him and Tournel, but he's got the best attributes of any Ba'ku (indeed better than many Non-Aligneds, period). Leadership and Diplomacy are very common (two thirds of a DipHoLe), and Archaeology isn't important to all decks. Biology, of course, is. Yeah, I guess Tournel has the better skill list. Doesn't take away from Sojef though, and he scores a good 3.5.

TOTAL: 14 (70%) I'm kind of sorry to say, he did much better than Anij.

#2062-Strategema, Incident, Referee icon, AGT
-Seeds or plays on table. Launch Portal, Ooby Dooby, Revolving Door, and Rogue Borg Mercenaries are nullified. Q's Planet may not be played. Your opponent may not initiate battle against your card at a homeworld matching that card's affiliation. For each personnel or ship card a player reports using Barzan Wormhole or Caretaker's Array, that player loses 10 points (even if playing Borg).

PICTURE: Remember 3D chess? Here's 3D QIX. At least, that's what it looks like, complete with the cheesy 80s graphics (and awful colors). It remains pretty funky, as do the big finger plugs on each side of the table. The charm it holds nets the image a 3, but I can't objectively go higher.

LORE: N/A (score will be adjusted accordingly)

TREK SENSE: N/A (score will be adjusted... Only kidding! But you gotta admit, the multitude of "fix-it" effects on this card have little to do with Strategema, even thematically. The game of Strategema has you use circular icons to capture your opponent's territories and defend your own. Well, none of the effects speak to that. Instead, I think they tried to go with Data's strategy, not to win, but to obtain a tie. It's the perfect Referee card in a sense. It has no other purpose than to even the odds in a game: the nullifications are to both players; neither player can play Q's Planet; it stonewalls homeworld battles; and limits the big DQ reporting cards for both players. But how even using a Strategema-like strategy could obtain the effects is a mystery. Oh, you might have an outlying defense system that protects your homeworld from attack, but the rest? You can't tell Q what to do! The cards nullified have nothing in common. The point loss is frankly absurd, since they report you somewhere against your will, so it's not like you're cheating your objectives - no one actually wants to go to the Delta Quadrant using these two methods! The Referee icon IS earned, for what it's worth, though I do think the card is too harsh in dealing with abuse by also punishing non-abusive behaviour. I agree that some of these cards have been abused, but now they're just dead (or have dead effects), and that's not right. For the thin theme and Ref icon justification, I can give 0.2.

STOCKABILITY: A powerful Referee card, it kills a number of abuses... dead! And even cards that are not abused. First, it nullifies 4 cards outright, all those in play, all those to come. Launch Portals used to download multiple scout ships is dead, but so is sensibly using the card to grab an Escape Pod or protect Engage Shuttle Operations. Turning self-seeded Ooby Doobies into a card manipulation engine is dead, but you can't use the dilemma against your opponent either (I guess 1,000 Tribbles wasn't enough). Revolving Doors that shut down your Battle-Bridge, AU Door, etc. are dead, granting a great deal of immunity to Doorways as a whole (except Launch Portal). This is another one that had counters already. RBMs, for their part, already had tons of counters, including Hugh, Intruder Forcefield, Targs, Reactor Overload and the Breenzooka. Decipher basically decided to ban these cards, but to do it in a card that may or may not be played (the meta-game looms). It's sad because this also kills other cards like Lore Returns, Crosis and even the previous counters. Sad, but strong as far as this category goes, since pinging remains an annoying strategy. What else gets invalidated? Q's Planet. This old chestnut could mean an extra 40 points were needed to win the game. Thought this was a counter to fast decks. Ah well, now it's a problem too (I suppose with other game prolongers like Dead End, which can now be abused). It's gone (unless it was played before Strategema). The attack restriction on a homeworld protects your HQ from attack and destruction (which could amount to a lockout), especially since an opponent with the same affiliation could report directly there. So if you're into trying to get the big Defend Homeworld download, you're not gonna use Statagema. Or at least, you'll cycle it with Ref-Q at the appropriate time. Kind of robs HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform of its power though. Lastly, there's the 10-point loss guaranteed to make people stop using Barzan Wormhole and Caretaker's Array to report personnel and ships altogether. Well, Barzan Wormhole could be used in multiples to, each turn, report a ship with up to 4 personnel aboard. Quick armada? Only if you can get the cards in hand. I do agree that reporting 5 cards at once is a massive advantage. I don't think anyone'll risk 10 points, let alone 50, so the Wormmhole will now simply be used to move ships around. Thankfully, the Array can still be used to seed your ship (no choice since facilities are hard to come by), and it too moves ships around, but the report-ship-with-crew function is dead. Only 3 crew this time, but 4 cards at once is again a huge advantage. Seems like they gave DQ decks too much of a leg up, eh? Ok, so to recap, this card is good against a ton of cards and decks, including Delta Quadrant decks, especially using classicly Alpha affiliations. I think most of its effects will be on the meta-game (why stock a card you know can, and probably will, be negated immediately?), but it's the kind of card you only really use if you won't be using the named cards and strategies. Ample protection from all sides, it also limits YOU. So a 4.

TOTAL: 9.6 (48%) I don't like cheap shots against a ton of cards, there's just no strategy to it. And it's made worse by the fact it isn't specifically a broken link.

#2075-Sunad, Personnel, Non-Aligned, universal, AGT
"Typical Zalkonian captain. Sought to capture criminals undergoing a dangerous mutation before they could further disrupt society."
-OFFICER, SECURITY, Leadership, Physics, Law; Command icon

PICTURE: Not much difference between the 2E Sunad and this more closely-cropped 1E version. The guy's not very interesting, but the patterns on his costume add nice texture, and the unintrusive background plays with a deeper, but complimentary palette. A 3.2.

LORE: Shortened from the 2E version, and totally using the Zalkonian authorities' version of events. He's also clearly made universal. A fair 3.3.

TREK SENSE: Sunad is your typical Zalkonian captain (to command your typical Zalkonian Vessels), so an Officer with both Leadership and a Command icon. He also highly prizes Security, since he's a policeman of sorts, rounding up those criminal transcendentals. Therein lies the Law as well. Finally, he uses Physics to spot and track transfiguration energies, I suppose, which is probably better than Navigation in this case. His Integrity has him do what he believes is the right thing, though it pays hommage to the fact his society is fascist in nature. He's highly intelligent, which wasn't shown that much on the show. I'm not against the idea, because he seemed rather reasonable for someone of his background, except that as a "typical" Zalkonian, he may be too forgiving. As for Strength, it could have been a little higher given his size and role, though again, it's not like he was shown exercising a lot of physical force. I do think Sunad was made universal because his 2E card was (to avoid a confusing subtitle), and would have liked to see him unique with a special ability related to transfiguration. Only game for a 3.5.

STOCKABILITY: Created to be matching commander of the Zalkonian Vessel, Sunads may be used to command any number of copies of that ship, and all may be Plaqued and Logged to 11-11-9 levels, fixing the low SHIELDS in the process. Makes that ship a little better, though I'm not sure it's good enough to warrant the inclusion of yet another 4-skill NA. Maybe those skills do? Well, Law is always good, and rather rare on Alpha Quadrant Non-Aligneds. SECURITY may be used to download him early with Defend Homeworld, though of course, it would be easy to do the same to a Spacedoored Zalkonian Vessel with Ready Room Door. The rest is pretty routine and uninteresting. Fair attributes, with exceptional CUNNING (especially once Lower Decks kicks in), but overall, nothing too hot. There doesn't seem much point to persona-switching in this case, though technically, it could be used to shuffle his skills around to counter Rascals, Tsiolkovsky Infection, etc. Not too good a reason to carry both, of course. Sunad garners a 3.3 from me here.

TOTAL: 13.3 (66.5%) Toeing the line.

#2088-Timepod Ring, Event, AU, AGT
"Small device used to monitor the auto-timer on the time travel pod appropriated by Berlingoff Rasmussen. As he was uncertain how to reprogram the timer, the ring was very precious to him."
-Plays on table. Once each turn, you may peek at the top card of your deck. Also, you may discard this event and the top card of your draw deck to nullify an [AU] dilemma.

PICTURE: Obviously enhanced to get some details out of a major close-up, the Ring manages to be fairly interesting, probably because it never looked so intricate on the show. Is it me, or could the insides be a TOS-era starship console? Of course, I can't fool myself - it's still just a big hand with a somewhat hokey prop. But it's carried off well enough. Hmm... 3.4.

LORE: Competent, and gives us an extra sentence to add to the basic definition. The very last bit winks at Decipher's other CCG, the Lord of the Rings. Didn't notice it at first, but I should be wary every time I see the word "precious" ;-). Consequently, a cute 3.4.

TREK SENSE: Ok, so the Time Travel Pod isn't AU (not a concept that existed in Premiere), but it should've been, and the accompanying Ring rightfully is. Not Equipment/Artifact? No matter, as the Event here, is the checking of the Ring. Unfortunatley, it all falls apart from there. See, the Ring was designed to check on the Pod's timer, etc., but the effect here is to give information about the future, whether that's the next card to be drawn, or, by inexplicably sacrificing that future and the Ring, solving a dilemma from another time with it. Thematically, the Ring allowed Rasmussen to prevent the "Pod Disappearance" dilemma, but that's the whole of it. The sort of "time viewer" ability given the Ring here is total invention, and is unsupported by onscreen evidence. Also, no link to the Time Travel Pod. Can I really go above 1.2? And that's only because I COULD imagine such technology for time travelers.

STOCKABILITY: This little Event is a great little probe-checker, if not exactly a probe-rigger. Say, like half an Orb of Prophecy and Change (i.e., no Change). The intelligence gathered can then help you decide if the time is right to use other card management cards (whether they cause draws, switches, etc.). Timepod Ring is a broken link because Quantum Singularity Lifeforms names it as a cure. I suppose this means that having in play (or playing it on table) discards that AU dilemma. For other AU dilemmas, the Ring could be discarded, along with the just viewed top of draw deck, to discard those. It's a bit of dilemma in and of itself to have to decide between this discard and the effects of the dilemma, of course. I'd be a little bit more interested if there were a lot of AU dilemmas, but that's not really the case. The Motion Pictures has a few such dilemmas of note that help make this a good effect (I Hate You and V'ger, for example), but previous AU dilemmas weren't as toothy. Oh, Parallel Romance, Frame of Mind and Conundrum have their uses, but the Royale Casino stuff  is often just self-seeded, and then you have turkeys like Maman Picard, Thought Fire and Empathic Echo. But it's a secondary effect, "just in case", added to the peek at the top of draw deck. A not-too-bad 3.5.

TOTAL: 11.5 (57.5%) Should never have been mentioned on QSL, in my opinion.

#2101-Tournel, Personnel, Non-Aligned, AGT
"Chief engineer of the ship that first brought the Ba'ku to their new home in 2066. Now one of the more respected 'elders' in their idyllic community."
-CIVILIAN, Leadership, ENGINEER, Computer Skill, Physics

PICTURE: An especially youthful-looking Ba'ku, Tournel suffers from a slight blur and kinda silly eye googling, but the sandy color palette and background textures work quite well. A pleasant enough 3.3.

LORE: The tale told here gives us another piece of the Ba'ku history puzzle, and though I don't usually like those horrid dates, this one seems none-too-far from us, so is interesting in that respect. I'm not sure we needed the quotation marks on "elders" to get the point of the second sentence's joke, because yes, it's fun to think of this young man as an elder. Competent and even a little fun, the lore gets 3.5.

TREK SENSE: The Ba'ku are non-militarized and highly socialistic, so all Civilians, not even VIPs. He's still a village elder, so Leadership is appropriate. All other skills are from his days as the chief Engineer of the Ba'ku vessel. It'd be better for all concerned if he'd actually made use of these skills in the last 300 years, but onscreen evidence seems to say that the Ba'ku are highly intelligent and retained at least the knowledge of their former, technological lives. Not enough to retain staffing icons, but enough to have the skills themselves apparently. Like all Ba'ku, Integrity and Cunning are high, patching in with everything that's been said above. I'm always concerned with their relatively high Strength, because though they've gained uncommon vitality on their planet, they are still very poor fighters (pacifists). Since Strength is used a lot for personnel battles or for dilemmas that simulate such engagements, this has to be taken into consideration. A somewhat unrewarding 3.5.

STOCKABILITY: Tournel has the best standard skills of any Ba'ku, even if Sojef's got him beat in the attributes department. And Sojef is better adapted to helping with Insurrection once he's reported there for free. Tournel can report there for free too, and from there, makes a good Non-Aligned ENGINEER-type with no real flaws and all-useful skills. He's got the other Leadership Sojef needs for their home mission (but of course, you need lots of STRENGTH too, so it's no two-man deal). The CIVILIAN classification is the only thing here that's less than good, but you know, you can probably get this kind of thing on your own affiliation's ENGINEERs. A still solid 3.4.

TOTAL: 13.7 (68.5%) To Sojef's clear 14.


#2114-Tsunkatse Ship, Ship, Non-Aligned, Delta Quadrant, AGT

"Formidable vessel commanded by Penk, from which he broadcasts his popular fighting circuit. Heavily shielded to prevent anyone from abducting his competitors."

-Unknown Class[1 Command, 2 Staff] Your personnel with "Tsunkatse" in lore may report aboard; Tractor Beam


PICTURE: The finish on this CGI vessel makes it look a little bit too much like stone, but the design is likeable, with the circular center acting like an arena. Stark lighting and some fuzziness work against the image. One graphic design problem (is it just my copy of the card?) is that the game text is too much to the right and doesn't fit in its box. Ends up at 3.1, mostly for originality.

LORE: The story's told solidly, with matching commander attached, and some description of its strongest attribute. Deserves an ok 3.3, though I abhor "Unknown Class" ships.

TREK SENSE: A very large vessel, it has the relevant attributes and staffing needs. The Shields are particularly high, Voyager having found them nearly impregnable. Weapons are high too, a good thing for people in the business of abducting fighters and thus attracting the ire of those fighters' compatriots. And since it must travel from system to system, like some kind of space circus, the Range had to be adequate too. All personnel who have "Tsunkatse" in their lores are either competitors or Penk himself, so their reporting aboard is totally normal and expected. Really no problems, though it's a thin replacement for the Tsunkatse mechanic we were once promised. A 4.5.

STOCKABILITY: A very big ship, with high attributes and a matching commander to boot! Yes, Penk can further up those stats to 10-12-13 with Plaque and Log, easily a match for other, non-Borg DQ ships. I don't need to mention all the other matching commander tricks, but they're there. Penk can use his download to grab the ship if he's out first. If he simply reports aboard (Ready Room Door, if not actually in hand), can download another Tsunkatse personnel to help him staff the ship. So who's left to simply report aboard as per the special game text? The list is short, but the personnel are excellent. You've got Hajur, a Hirogen with high attributes and a load of skills (including Anthropology). And you've got the ultra-rare Pindari Champion, whose 15 STRENGTH is massive, especially with his other battling abilities. Sorry kids, no Seven of Nine. So Penk and one other guy report via other means anyway, and so only one really reports aboard thanks to the game text. And with the Rock being ultra-rare, you might not even HAVE 3 Tsunkatse personnel. Disappointing, but at least it's a powerful ship which encourages the use of personnel just as good in battle as *it* is. Can see my way to 3.5.

TOTAL: 14.4 (72%) Let the games begin.

#2127-Treacherous Advice, Event, AGT

"For many months, a changeling posing as General Martok manipulated the Klingon Empire through choice lies whispered in the ear of Chancellor Gowron."

-Peek at an opponent's hand. You may discard one of those cards for each Leadership personnel present with one of your infiltrators who is infiltrating. Discard event after use.

PICTURE: Without the lore, this doesn't look like very much, but here's the Martok Founder doing a number on Gowron. The image is hazy, not helped by the reddish brown color palette. Disappointed in this dirty pic, so it gets a 2 only.

LORE: The story is well told, even with a a couple of literary flourishes. Nothing major, but a more than adequate 3.1.

TREK SENSE: Infiltrators should be able to manipulate the opponent in a number of ways, and this card represents Martok Founder's contribution to the show. The infiltrator is on the inside, so he or she gets a peek at "resources-in-waiting" (the hand) and then can steer the opponent wrong. Each Leadership personnel present with the infiltrator gets bad advice and for each such, one door closes, one ship is sent to the ends of space, one personnel is dismissed or killed, one opportunity disappears, whatever you need to justify the loss of a particular card. Leaders are the ones making the decisions, right? Your own Leadership personnel can also be used if present, which doesn't quite work. Still a very well done 4.3.

STOCKABILITY: An excellent addition to the infiltrator arsenal, Treacherous Advice first gives you a look at an opponent's hand (like Life-Form Scan) and then allows you to discard as many cards as there are Leadership personnel with your infiltrator. Leadership is really quite common, so you could take a real bite out of hand. Even better is that you get to choose which cards are discarded, denying, heck, whatever you want to your opponent. Loss of a key personnel, ship or verb card could be pretty nasty. Martok Founder, for his part, can download it, removing the Event's playing cost and surprising a player at the worst possible time - when the most Leadership personnel are present. This doesn't expose the infiltrator, so multiple Treacherous Advices can be played on successive turns if you have the copies. You can also time it so your own Leadership personnel are present (say, on a planet surface), adding more to your opponent's discards. Amounts to a 4.2.

TOTAL: 13.1 (65.5%) Advisable.

#2140-USS Drake, Ship, Federation, AGT

"Starfleet vessel, registry NCC-20381. In 2364, was assigned a routine mission of exploration in and around the Lorenze Cluster under the command of Paul Rice."

-Wambundu Class[1 Command, 1 Staff] Holodeck, Tractor Beam


PICTURE: A totally conceptual design since no Wambundu-class ships were ever seen (both the Drake and Fleming - from "Forces of Nature" - were destroyed before they could ever be shown), this is a fun extrapolation. If it HAD been seen, we can presume the model would have been kitbashed from Galaxy pieces, just as the Nebula was, and so we get a very similar design. It's basically a Galaxy with a shorter neck, saucer a little further back. Fun if not exactly revolutionary. Personally, I wouldn't mind more conceptual designs, y'know, from time to time. A 3.8.

LORE: Paul Rice already mentioned the ship (its reason for being here), but the matching commander is nonetheless mentioned (useful). The rest gives us what few things we knew about the ship, and I suppose telling us Riker was offered the command would have been confusing. Ah well. What's here's a 3.1.

TREK SENSE: Similar to a Nebula, but weaker, which isn't a bad extrapolation since theWambundu doesn't look quite as sleek. Well, actually, it's not too far from the USS Phoenix with the 8 given to Weapons instead of Shields. Sure, trying to give it a fighting chance against the Minos weapons, but allowing to fail because of low Shields. I might just have dumped the 8 in Range instead, but I'm somewhat unsure of how far out the Lorenze Cluster actually is. The large Galaxy-size saucer lends credence to Holodeck capabilities, and the size overall equates to this much staffing. Nothing out of the ordinary here, we get a believable 3.5.

STOCKABILITY: Existing simply to give a ship to Paul Rice (who isn't even the real Paul Rice, but there you go), with him aboard (pray you don't lose the Holodeck), the ship can be Plaqued and Logged to 9-11-10 strength. He can be downloaded aboard using either Ready Room Door or Holodeck Door. You can easily think of this as a unique Nebula-class ship, what with its similar attributes, staffing and special equipment, but having a choice, would you grab this over the Sutherland? The latter's got Data! Even the Phoenix has a more useful commander (as long as you use Assign Mission Specialists). I can't say this is a bad ship, but it's nothing special in a collection that has a lot better. A 2.5 then.

TOTAL: 13.9 (69.5%) Hey! Actually more than the Enterprise-E!


#2153-USS Grissom, Ship, Federation, AU, CF, AGT

"Science vessel assigned to survey and investigate the Genesis Planet in 2285. Named for one of Earth's earliest space explorers."

-Oberth Class[CF] Tractor Beam, SCIENCE


PICTURE: A nice, soft pic, with the Genesis Planet in the background, and the ship's registry number showing clearly. Not too keen on the monochrome color palette however. Settles at 3.4.

LORE: The first sentence is your basic history of the ship. The last phrase is a nice hommage to Virgil "Gus" Grissom, one the three astronauts who died in the Apollo 1 fire (he was a Mercury astronaut too, making him a very early space explorer). As an Apollo nut, I love this little bit of business, though overall, the lore's a little flat. A 3.3.

TREK SENSE: A science ship with the actual skill of Science? Excellent. Same reasoning as the Pasteur's Medical: It's a combination of a specially-trained crew (of Ensign Bobs) and ship equipment tuned to this mission, the big sensor package at the bottom of the ship replacing the Pasteur's expansive sickbays. The Oberth class has been around a long time, and the Grissom is its earliest chronological example. I guess that's why its Shields are much lower than the non-AU universal Oberth. That and getting blown up rather easily by Kruge. It's a little ridiculous that it would be faster, however, and indeed faster than a cruiser of the same era like the Enterprise-A! Weapons are the same, which is a bias of its mission. The standard Oberth's Staff icon has been replaced by a CF icon, and that's a little unfortunate. On the one hand, yes, it forces you to use personnel of the right era aboard. On the other, it allows some Civilians to staff it, like Martia and Amanda Grayson. The high Range remains the main point of contention. Score? 2.1.

STOCKABILITY: A reason to use the lackluster J.T. Esteban? Plaqued and Logged, the ship's attributes get set at the more tolerable level of 9-7-9. Still no warship, but this is more of a mission-solving vessel anyway. After all, it's got its own skill! This is a SCIENCE that cannot be weeded out by dilemma combos. Esteban, who may download or report aboard by a variety of means, has 3 scientific skills that will help at the same missions, but no SCIENCE, so he can't be weeded out by dilemmas that target SCIENCE either. It also means an automatic +2 with Metaphasic Shields, a little help with Senior Staff Meeting and Wormhole Navigation, saves the ship if going through the Mirror Wormhole, and more. SCIENCE-related decks could do worse. A 3.5.

TOTAL: 12.3 (61.5%) If only it didn't rely on the lame captain Esteban ;-).


#2166-USS Pegasus, Ship, Federation, AU, AGT

"Modified prototype on which an experimental cloak was secretely tested in 2358. Some of the crew mutinied against Captain Erik Pressman for this violation of treaty."

-Oberth Class[Staff] Tractor Beam, SD Phased Cloaking Device



PICTURE: Obviously, there isn't an actual shot of the Pegasus, unless it's with an asteroid around it, so this is some other Oberth-class (the Tsiolkovoski from "The Naked Now", in fact). Unimpressive, and with an odd pink reflection on it, I can't go above a dull 2.5. At least the angle gives it a kind of winged look.


LORE: The story of the Pegasus from some 6 years prior to the start of The Next Generation. They correct the spelling of Pressman's name - Erik, not Eric - but solidifies his matching commander status no matter how you spell it. An adequate 3.


TREK SENSE: Let me first discuss the AU icon. 6 years doesn't seem like a huge amount of time in the past to warrant it, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. I'm not sure 1 year prior would be enough, but 6 is fine. Consider that the ship in question was trapped in an asteroid for the entire run of the series. As a prototype, I would have expected higher staffing needs. A Command icon to replace the Staff icon, for example, as the ship was a secret project. The download of the Phased Cloaking Device is obvious, but shouldn't the ship just be equipped with a Phasing Cloak like the Apnex? The justification is probably that the Enterprise crew was able to remove (convert into a card) the Cloak and use it for itself. But that happened in the present, without any AU shennanigans. The only difference in the attributes is the Shields being 1 point higher in Shields. You'd want to protect this prototype more than the standard Oberth, after all. Further boosts will be generated by activating the Cloak. A couple of problems keep it under average at 2.5.


STOCKABILITY: The Federation has few Cloaking Devices, but can use those few to adequately use Engage Cloak, hide from enemies, etc. The Future Enterprise is AU too, so some kind of Doorway can be used for both it and the Pegasus. It's an easy-to-staff ship, and allows you to download an Artifact, which you won't need to acquire. If you don't really care to use this small ship much, you can then transfer the Artifact to another ship. This ship will never be a good battler, but it can be quick and tough. Eric Pressman aboard can Plaque and Log the thing to 8-7-11 levels. Activate the Cloak, and the RANGE grows to 12. Nice. Pressman can, of course, download to the Pegasus via Ready Room Door, but also to bigger ships just with Assign Support Personnel. Got him out first that way? He's got the ENGINEER to use Construct Starship. A solid 3.6.


TOTAL: 11.6 (58%) Not so solid after all, but then, neither is phased matter ;-).


#2180-Uri'lash, Personnel, Ferengi, universal, AGT

"Typical Hupyrian. Hired by Brunt as a bodyguard during his brief stint as Grand Nagus in 2374."

-SECURITY, Honor, Biology; Staff icon


PICTURE: The blues come out very strangely on this dark pic that nonetheless benefits from a number of thing, including the lighting and pose. I would also like the striped composition, wall melding into costume, if it didn't make my eyes hurt. It really doesn't help that the color clashes with the orange template. Still, what affection I have I'll convert into a score of 3.3.

LORE: The important keywords are "Hupyrian" and "bodyguard", both having game functions. Universality is acknowledged, but not interestingly. I like the qualification of Brunt's Nagus-ship, but otherwise find it sad that they couldn't come up with another line. A transvestite Quark joke perhaps. A dull, but useful, 3.

TREK SENSE: A Hupyrian bodyguard, just like Maihar'du is, he's Security attached to a Ferengi, and fiercely loyal. They all are. That's why the Honor's here. Biology may be used for first aid if something does happen to their charge (the Nagus), but Maihar'du had a better skill with Exobiology. After all, the Ferengi are a different species from the Hupyrians. They can pilot private shuttles and whatnot, so should have the Staff icon (in case a yacht needs a little more expertise). The bare bones of a Hupyrian bodyguard are there, more or less based on the "hero" Hupyrian, Maihar'du. He didn't have Honor, but rather very high Integrity. Here, that attribute doesn't go so high, so Honor keeps him more in line (it's his "duty" more than it is a bond with Brunt, after all). Not very smart, because he doesn't need to be, but Strength is where it's at. An adequate design, but with some odd choices at times. 3.5 should do.

STOCKABILITY: Uri'lash brings some more STRENGTH to your Ferengi decks, something they don't have a lot of, even among their other SECURITY (Lower Decks even adds to it). As a universal bodyguard, he can even help keep the all-important CIVILIANs and VIPs out of personnel battle altogether. Easily reportable either for free at the Tower of Commerce, or directly to a ship (possibly downloaded) via Assign Support Personnel, he'll also add some skills for your mission solving. SECURITY isn't a Ferengi strong point, and neither is Honor. Biology you could always use more of. A totally effective universal that could even help protect Maihar'du from Hate Crimes. Too bad you'd only use one usually because of All Good Things' rarity and price. A 4.

TOTAL: 13.8 (69%) Simple, but effective. No need to lash out against another card from All Good Things.

#2194-Weyoun 6, Personnel, Non-Aligned, AGT

"Activated after his predecessor's suspicious death, this clone of the Vorta Weyoun had subtle errors. He hoped to end the Dominion War by defecting to Odo's side."

-CIVILIAN, Diplomacy x2, Leadership, Honor, Law, Biology; May replace any changeling present selected to die; Command icon


PICTURE: A Weyoun with some dignity, #6 is really helped by his background, lighting or anything else in the shot (they are pretty plain), so it all rests on the expression and pose to make the argument that this is not the same Weyoun. Pulls it off reasonably well, without pomp or circumstance. A 3.2.

LORE: Well written, and with a mention of Weyoun 5's death at the probable hands of Damar. Fun, dry stuff at 3.4.

TREK SENSE: Quite well done, it may be surprising to some that Weyoun 6 is a version of the Weyoun persona, since we did see him interact with another Weyoun, but that wouldn't happen unless he defects. In other words, either he doesn't work with your Dominion at all (in which case, uniqueness does not affect you), or he does but is a traitor to the Dominion in his heart (in which case they wouldn't activate another Weyoun). (Clone Machine not withstanding.) He's the same as any other Weyoun, except he replaces Treachery with Honor (but no Integrity boost?). Wanting to stop the war, and sacrificing himself for Odo is the Honorable thing to do, so why not a small Integrity hike? I guess he can't really help himself. Still, seems a bit low. Protecting the Founders (including Odo) is bred into all Vorta and Jem'Hadar, of course, so the special skill really isn't a surprise. It's more surprising that Jem'Hadar Sacrifice wasn't more inclusive, really. Another small change is the switch from VIP to Civilian, as he's lost his standing along with his affiliation. The Command icon remains as a testament to his training in staffing ships that way, and indeed, he might use that and his Leadership to command forces that don't know he's switched sides. Other skills were used in his own unique way: Diplomacy and Law to make a deal with Odo, Biology as a context for the origin of the Vorta. It all checks out, though a Dominion infiltration icon might also have been appropriate. A high 4.2.

STOCKABILITY: Any non-Borg affiliation may use Weyoun 6, but it is those using changelings that will be able to benefit from his special skill (unless you want to save an opponent's changeling), which means only the Bajorans' Odo, Cardassian/Alliance's Overseer Odo, and the Dominion itself. 2E backwards compatibility adds a Cardassian Odo to the mix. Protecting your Odo isn't a bad thing at all, since he's got great skills and attributes, but you should also consider using Weyoun 6 with the Dominion. He's a sort of broken link for Clone Machine, right? Well, he's perfect for that card. When he saves a changeling from death (and your Founders are important personnel), you can suspend play and "clone" the Dominion-affiliation Weyoun if you want (or another copy of this guy if you're fortunate enough to have more than one). It's like he was never gone. Affiliations that use him get a strong skill package with enough Diplomacy to get you out of a lot of jams, the rare Law, the Leadership to initiate battles, Honor to run with the Jem'Hadar, cool Biology (Clone Machine enabling), and high CUNNING. If you do use him with the Dominion, you can easily switch the two versions when going into danger, as opposed to needing Weyoun to command his Warship. Even more interesting is that he can play to the Alpha Quadrant, just like your Alpha Jem'Hadar, protecting them right away from White Deprivation. A cool addition at 4.2.

TOTAL: 15 (75%) Is he really so imperfect?


#2208-Yeoman Rand, Personnel, Federation, AU, OS, AGT

"Janice Rand is yeoman to Captain Kirk aboard the Enterprise. Captain of the Academy Diving Team in 2264-65. Student of horticulture and xenobotany."

-OFFICER, Youth, Biology, ENGINEER; SD File Mission Report; OS personnel may file mission reports aboard her ship; Staff icon


PICTURE: A bit on the red side, but that was always my problem with Yeoman Rand on the show. Trying to get ourselves noticed by the Captain, are we? Aside from the shade of lipstick and sweaty look, Rand's dignity takes another blow with the mug of coffee she's carrying. Ah, those sad, unenlightened 2260s. All joshing aside, it's merely an ok pic, good for a few laughs, but with an odd background structure that seems to place her on two different sets. A 2.9 is all I can muster.

LORE: The details are interesting - I'd forgotten the bit about the diving team, for example - though it may try a bit hard to make sure she deserves her Biology. A 3.1.

TREK SENSE: What's a Yeoman, as far as classifications go? Since the clothes match Uhura's, Officer is ok, though secretary work hardly seems to be related to leadership or navigation duties (she handled the helm in "The Naked Time", but no Navigation skill for her). At least she got the Staff icon (though her regular duties hardly warrant it). The first season of TOS happens in 2266, so she was at the Academy just the year before. That qualifies her for Youth. The Biology is derived from her studies in horticulture and xenobotany, which we saw a little of with Sulu, Beauregard, et al. "Miri" also has her serving as a field nurse. (I don't want to explore Biology's use in making coffee, or whatever other "biological" duties she may have performed for the Captain.) As for Engineer, it's not corroborated by the television series, but it creates a link between this version and the transporter chief of the movie era. Given her Youth, however, I'd have skipped it entirely, getting her to that classification in the intervening years. The File Mission Report download is meant to represent the "Classic PADD" equipment she was often seen to carry. And since Mission Reports were indeed filed aboard ship, she allows it despite FMR's text. It's that card's problem that it doesn't already cover ships, but if we need a justification for OS personnel getting a break, make it their distance from Earth. Then again, it need not be an OS ship, and the spaceline is in the present anyway. Integrity is at the normal level for OS Feds. The Cunning and Strength are in line with the way she was portrayed on the show, though Strength could still have been dropped another notch for the damsel in distress factor. Where does that leave us? How about at 3.1?

STOCKABILITY: An OFFICER/ENGINEER with the atypical Biology (always good at Sherman's Planet) and lukewarm attributes - that's not too different from Commander Rand, another version of the same persona. The Commander trades a point of STRENGTH for a point of CUNNING, and drops the less useful Youth for much better Leadership (Command icon too) and Transporter Skill. But it's more than a question of whether you want OS or CF personnel, Yeoman Rand also has interesting special skills. She downloads File Mission Report (just as you completed a mission, perhaps), and are allowed to score 5 extra points off a mission right there on your ship, without needing to go back to a Nor. It must be an OS personnel, so Rand works best with that crew, whether the real classic gang, the Terran Empire, or Sisko's non-AU tribble-busters. File Mission Report is much more worth it if 1) it doesn't cost you your card play, and 2) you can exercise it right after a mission attempt without having to go anywhere else. Note that point (2) will work throughout the game, even with non-downloaded FMRs. Add Federation mission specialists and you can jack those mission points up a great deal. A good card at 3.7

TOTAL: 12.8 (64%) And that was our last "Good Thing".

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