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#5-Aamin Marritza, Personnel, Cardassian, 5 points, DS9
"Former file clerk. Served under Gul Darhe'el, the infamous 'Butcher of Gallitep.' Impersonated Darhe'el in an attempt to force Cardassia to atone for war crimes."
-CIVILIAN, Honor x2, Computer Skill, Archaeology; Scores points if killed; Staff

PICTURE: Smug and arrogant, it's a adequate picture. One has to wonder how he could have looked with a tear in his eye though... Let me here remark how well the purple plays on the Cardassians' distinctly violet tinct. Their logo though... the colors just don't work. A 3.

LORE: Pretty standard. His entire story is there, including a big fat spoiler to a great episode. A 3.

TREK SENSE: Aside from the Archeology, everything fits. Honor he has, for not being able to live with the dead Bajorans' screams, Computer Skill to alter the records necessary for his transformation, and points scored if he ever attains his suicidal goal. Very true to the show. A 4.5 (could have been a 5 if not for the Archeology thing).

STOCKABILITY: A useful addition to any Cardassian deck. He's got a nice selection of skills and attributes plus, as long as SOME personnel are gonna die, might as well get some points for it. Throw him out an Airlock or at a Klingon away team during your last turn to possibly edge out your competitors. A 3.5.

TOTAL: 14 (70%) A nice card gamewise, but all the trimmings aren't there.

#11-Access Relay Station, Mission, Federation/Romulan/Klingon/Cardassian, planet, Gamma quadrant, DS9
Callinon VII: Analyse automated subspace relay station for information on the Dominion.
-OFFICER + SCIENCE + ENGINEER + Computer Skill x2 + CUNNING>34
-Span: 5; 35 points

PICTURE: Planet missions are all pretty much the same, a big ball of color with varying shadows. Callinon VII looks alright, far from breathtaking. I'm sorry, but a dull 2.

LORE: Lore on Missions is also naturally sparse. Here, it describes fairly well the mission to be attempted. A 3.

TREK SENSE: Everything makes Trek sense. The affiliations all had a stake in doing this when the Dominion first appeared. The Gamma quadrant location would have to be out of the way (Span 5). As for the skills, thay make sense. Anytime I see OFFICER listed, I think: "What skills is he or she lending to the Away team?" The answer is: command codes and authorizations. Works here too. Unfortunate that you don't get to taste teh fruit of your labors by getting a peek at your Dominion opponent's hand or something. Ah well, this oversight reduces the perfect score to 4.8.

SEEDABILITY: If you're playing with a Gamma quad, it's a great mission. Since it's out of the way, you don't have to be too wary of Espionnage, and the skills are things you're bringing along on missions anyway to pass the dilemmas. Why not get a juicy 35 points while doing so? A 4.

TOTAL: 13.8 (69%) Too bad planet missions have such unispired graphics... it could have been a big one.

#17-Acquire Illicit Explosives, Mission, Cardassian/Bajoran/Ferengi, space, DS9
Bajor Region* Bajor System: Purchase bilitrium from Klingon outcasts for delivery to Bajoran insurgents.
-Physics + CIVILIAN + Treachery OR Physics + Smuggling
-Span: 4, 25 points

PICTURE: One of the things Premiere didn't have much of is ships on space mission cards, but I'm really glad Decipher eventually made more. Here, the Cha'Joh is seen waiting for a rendezvous. Its distinctive and details show up nicely despite the size of the bird-of-prey. A cool 4.1.

LORE: Decipher does well not to mention who the Klingon outcasts are, or else how would the Cha'Joh and the Sisters Duras ever attempt that mission? (under treaty of course) It's always hard to rate mission lore, but this one is well thought out: a 3.5.

TREK SENSE: Wether the Cardies are trying to fuel political unrest on Bajor, the Bajorans helping their comrades fight the good fight, or the Ferengi playing the middle-man, the mission makes sense. As for the requirements, either a smuggler or a treacherous civilian (Bajoran enlisted men and women can't be caught doing this sort of thing - same for Cardies perhaps) makes sense. Physics is a requirement in both options to maybe check if the bilitrium is for real. Bottom line: Affiliations are dead on, but mission requirements take some justification to pass the test... a 4.

SEEDABILITY: The problem with the mission is that it's only worth 25 points. It's only a must if you're playing Ferengi (but not many people are at this point) or if you want the entire Bajoran Region on the spaceline. A mere 2.

TOTAL: 13.6 (68%) Card design can't really save the low point value factor.

#23-Activate Tractor Beam, Interrupt, DS9
"'Tractor beam' is the common term for the focused linear graviton force beam installed on most starships."
-Plays on your ship with Tractor Beam; it may tow any ship present which is yours or is empty. OR Plays on your outpost or ship; adds Tractor Beam (but may not carry ships aboard).

PICTURE: Nice detailing on Defiant, but the actual tractor beam takes second seat. Still, it's a more original approach than with Ship Seizure. A 3.

LORE: A techie definition of "tractor beam". Short and to the point - a 3 also.

TREK SENSE: The card finally makes tractor beams what they should always have been. I remember the days before FAQs when I used to tow ships all the time. (That's what tractor beams did right? So why the extra card?) The second function doesn't really correspond with the title of the card (Install Tractor Beam?), but good idea to include the clause in parentheses. Shuttles shouldn't get to carry other shuttles no matter what their equipment (known as the Russian Doll Paradox). So because this should have been an inbuilt ability of tractor beams, only a 3. (Are we seeing a pattern here?)

STOCKABILITY: First function - you might want take an enemy ship away to some danger on the spaceline, or simply away from its away team (some players leave their ships unmanned during a mission), or you might only have enough staff for one ship and want to take another home (maybe it's damaged and/or slow). I'm not sure this occurs often enough to warrant inclusion in the draw deck though. Second function - Let"s see, tractor beams are used in conjunction with Activate Tractor Beam (semi-useful, see above), Ship Seizure (risky to include), Radioactive Garbage Scow (big deal) and Engage Shuttle Operations (clause forbids it here). And since an Outpost isn't even going to benefit from the first function... a total of 2. (Pattern broken.)

TOTAL: 11 (55%) Hey, it's a common, whaddaya expect?

#30-Aid Fugitives, Mission, Any non-Dominion Away Team may attempt, planet, Gamma quadrant, DS9
Bopak III: Search for cure to Jem'Hadar addiction to ketracel-white.
-MEDICAL x3 + Exobiology + ENGINEER
-Span: 4; 35 points; Hippocratic Oath relocates here from any quadrant

PICTURE: Just another blue/brown/white planet, one of many. Decent... a 2.6.

LORE: Lore is straightforward, like on all missions. No mistakes, a 3.

TREK SENSE: While the requirements sound like the Bashir-O'Brien combo seen in the actual episode, I wonder why an Engineer is so important here? After all, it's mostly a medical mission. Perhaps to make equipment for the doctor? But then, don't most mission attempts have the conceptual resources of a ship at hand? Other than that, it works pretty well. Hippocratic Oath (the dilemma) happened here, so relocation is a natural, but if in another Quadrant, the Jem-Hadar are going through an awful lot of trouble to get themselves a good doctor! Especially if the Wormhole isn't open. And while a samaritan affiliation like the Federation would want to solve the mission for altruistic reasons, I can see all the others trying to free the Jem-Hadar from their addiction just to disadvantage the Dominion. Pretty good, but some odd things: 3.4.

SEEDABILITY: If working with the Gamma Quadrant, this is a fairly good mission. Just make sure you solve it before your opponent starts hitting those Hippocratic Oaths or else he might be able to steal the mission from you. If you HAVE seeded some Oaths, you can always leave an attack party on Bopak III to pick off the docs as they show up, hehehehe... a 3.9.

TOTAL: 12.9 (64.5%) To really use Aid Fugitives to its full potential, you have to arrange your strategy around it, but it can pay off.

#37-Airlock, Doorway, DS9
-Plays on a ship (with at least one staffing icon), outpost or docking site. Once each turn, any personnel present who has Computer Skill and either Treachery or Greed may target one opposing personnel (or Rogue Borg) present of lower STRENGTH or CUNNING. Target is "tossed out the airlock" (Borg, Rogue Borg and androids float in space until beamed; others die). Target's owner may counter-attack next turn.

PICTURE: Much more effective than if it was seen from the exact front, this is a beut of a card (like many DS9ers). The shadows make the Airlock a dangerous place, and those blue lights balance out the whole. A 4.1.

LORE: N/A (score will be adjusted accordingly)

TREK SENSE: Ok, lots of ground to cover here. First, it plays rightly on places where airlocks are located. We haven't seen many Airlocks on Federation ships, but we know them to exist from First Contact (at the very least). To throw someone out, one must have computer skill (override safety protocols on door) and either Treachery (you have to be one mean rat bastard) or greed (some rat bastard paid you to do it). You can target either a weaker or dumber person, getting him or her out into space by force or trickery. Cybernetic individuals survive the procedure (no gray areas like on many dilemmas), and the card makes sure we know this is a form of attack (since you can counter-attack next turn). All in a all, I believe this is a 5.

STOCKABILITY: Not for every deck. You have to know you'll be able to get on an opponent's ship or facility. Various ways you can do this with more to come. For now, Extradition, Open Diplomatic Relations, Dropping In, Untrustworthy Associate and Devidian Door stand out. It's particularly deadly at an Outpost since you can just throw people out as they are reported. Bonus: it's fun to do!!! Those are the pros, the cons include the fact that not every personnel has the Computer skill/Treachery or Greed combo combined with good Cunning or Strength (get Lore, it pays). And it's vitually useless to the Borg. (At least they can't be killed by it.) So a good card for battle hungry players: a 3.9.

TOTAL: 17.3 (86.5%) A great (adjusted) score. A well-crafted, smart and fun card that people don't mind using at all. Wait til the Dominion hits.

#44-Aldara, Ship, Cardassian, DS9
"Warship commanded by Danar. Destroyed a scout vessel piloted by Bajoran terrorist Tahna Los after he stole a Cardassian antimatter converter."
-Galor Class[1 Command, 1Staff] Tractor Beam

PICTURE: As Galor class ships weren't ugly enough, this side view is the worst. You can't even tell what kind of ship configuration you're seeing. A measly 1.

LORE: First, it makes Danar matching commander. The rest is simple background, the only possible for this ship. A 3.5.

TREK SENSE: Not much to say. It's like a typical Galor with +1 Weapons (destroyed a scout). Tractor Beam, Danar, blablabla... an uninspired 3.5.

STOCKABILITY: Since Danar is a good Cardassian personnel (with precious ENGINEER no less), might as well include the Aldara for Captain's Log bonus, no? The extra weapons make it better than the universal Galor without losing any of the punch on some other stat. My Cardassian friends give it a 4.

TOTAL: 12 (60%) Ships are rarely interesting. This one is well designed (apart from its crappy picture).

#51-Alien Gambling Device, Artifact, DS9
"Gaming device of unknown origin which alters the laws of probability. Martus Mazur replicated several of the devices for use in Club Martus. Many found the game irresistible."
-Use as Equipment card. Once every turn, you may cause any one random selection at same or adjacent location to be canceled and re-selected. (Cumulative.)

PICTURE: This close up, we can see how patently ridiculous the prop was (and is). Those dirty fingernails on top of it don't make the card more attractive either. A 1.5.

LORE: Dry but adequate text that leaves us wondering if it's an irrestistible card to play... a 3.

TREK SENSE: One of the few cumulative artifacts (and many were seen - heck, they could be built), the AGD works on probability like it does on the card. Of course, in the show, its powers were more versatile and included an equal share of bad luck for someone, but game text can only be so long, right? Doesn't save this score from minuses... a 2.9.

SEEDABILITY: It can be very useful, whether you want to save your important personnel from death or make sure your opponent loses more than just Mot the Barber. You don't even have to risk bringing it on mission attempts. Simply have a fast shuttle or scout ship follow your mission solver around. The artifact even works from adjacent locations! Since it protects mostly from dilemmas (and everyone has to hit dilemmas), it's good in any deck. Don't forget that something is still selected... you might have some tough choices to make. A 4.4

TOTAL: 11.8 (59%) A silly image that might as well have been chosen at random cuts down this otherwise adequate to good card down.

#58-Alter Records, Mission, Cardassian, planet, DS9
Bajor Region*Bajor: Create false documents on Bajoran homeworld pertaining to Cardassian occupation.
-Computer Skill x2 + Obsidian Order x2 OR Computer Skill x2 + Treachery x4
-Span: 4, 35 points

PICTURE: We've seen Bajor many times on the show. Weren't there less eclipsed pics to choose from? It's a homeworld, come on! Ah, but the mission is one of subterfuge. We are the Cardassians advancing towards the dark side, under cover of night. Nice, when you think about it. Plus, the sun coming up over the horizon speaks of a golden culture, a jewel in space. A 4.7.

LORE: Just fine. Like most competent mission lore, 3.

TREK SENSE: Impeccable. It's a Cardassian mission and sits in the Bajor region (it IS Bajor). No problems there. It takes a couple of computer experts to forge the appropriate databases, plus a couple of Obsidian Order operatives. Interesting to note that 2 Obsidian Order agents are equivalent to 4 spies (Treachery). A 4.8.

SEEDABILITY: For Cardassians, it's a nice, fairly easy to solve, 35-pointer. For the Bajorans (and the Borg), it's a Homeworld. The Bajorans even have a Chamber of Ministers they can put here allowing them free reporting of other HQ cards and (mostly) VIPs. A Nor can even coexist there. Until the Feds, Klingons and Romulans have specific HQs (through Dominion's release), the Bajorans and Cardassians will have better homeworlds. After that though, it's anybody's game. Plus, Bajor is within a region, greatly enhancing Bajoran speed (grouped missions and the Bajoran Interceptor). A 4.

TOTAL: 16.5 (82.5%) A high mark for a mission, but then, it's the center of the universe on Deep Space 9.

#65-Altonian Brain Teaser, Dilemma, space/planet, DS9
"To solve this holographic puzzle, its challenger must turn the multicolor sphere a solid hue using neural theta waves. The symbiont Dax tried unsuccessfully for over 140 years."
-Most CUNNING personnel present is "stopped". If their CUNNING<15, bonus points scored at this spaceline location do not count toward winning. Discard dilemma.

PICTURE: I was afraid to were gonna saddle us with yet another Edo Probe... you know: those transparent floating balls? Dax meditating in the background saves the card, which is pretty much spot-on visually. Fun to actually see somebody attempting the dilemma for a change. A 4.

LORE: The rules are plainly stated, and Dax is mentioned in a nice little anecdote. Ok, but no surprises: 3.

TREK SENSE: Almost none. First, there's always a problem with these "voluntary" dilemmas. What if you don't want to do the puzzle? Who's forcing your most cunning personnel (who should really know better) to attempt it? Then sure, the most cunning person is stopped while trying to attempt. Intellectual midgets won't even try. Chances are, they're not smart enough without a bunch of PADDs to help them figure it out (does this sound reasonable? Answer: no), and then bonus points scored here don't counttoward winning. This last clause is all game mechanics and no real world sense, leaving ABT at 0.5 in this category.

SEEDABILITY: Depends on what you want to protect yourself from. Borg Cube decks could benefit a lot from Brain Teaser if they knew to expect an armada deck against them. Just make sure your Cubes are destroyed (if they must) at locations where your Teasers are. Then (or before it even happens), go scout that location with a surviving sphere. Result: your opponent gets cheated out of 45-50 points. In normal seeding strategy, Brain Teaser is less useful. Oh, it's a good filter at the very least, especially before CUNNING-related dilemmas, but as for the bonus point nullifier... well, not so much. In mission stealing decks, you could make sure your opponent doesn't get any points from Barclay's or other point dilemmas while your Lore (with PADDs) lets your away team have them once you steal. That kind of thing. So it's got more uses that your average filter, but it still doesn't filter out much. A 3.2.

TOTAL: 10.7 (53.5%) This card's all over the map score-wise. It all depends how you look at it.

#72-Altovar, Personnel, Non-Aligned, DS9
"Lethean male. Attempted to steal biomimetic gel from Deep Space 9 infirmary in 2371. Attacked Julian Bashir, causing telepathically induced coma."
-MEDICAL, Exobiology, Empathy, Greed, Staff

PICTURE: Creepy! One of the blackest pics we have, I think the white string of lights above him work well in enhancing this ugly alien make-up. Two thumbs up! A 4.3.

LORE: Pretty much how it happened, and glad to know he's a male. (Couldn't imagine the Parallel Romances otherwise... have a hard time as it is.) Nothing special though. A 2.9.

TREK SENSE: He's a MEDICAL on the strength of being a medical product thief. I can believe it, but it's a little far-fetched. Exobiology on another classifcation could have made him adequately knowledgeable for his task. Empathy is the somewhat mis-named ability all telepaths have. Full telepaths get Empathy x2, so since his telepathy is limited (to an attack) he gets just one level of the skill. No gripes there, nor none with his Greed, which all mercenaries should have. Stats? Low Integrity for being a killer and a thief, high Cunning for playing mind games, all fine. His Strength seems a little low though. Maybe I was just intimidated by his imposing stature. Unfortunate that he can't telepathically attack though (maybe with his Cunning rather than his Strength?). A 2.8.

STOCKABILITY: A pretty good Non-Aligned with a good mix of skills. Used to be you had to bring VIP Empaths if you weren't playing with the Federation. MEDICAL is a little more useful. And there aren't many NA MEDICALs to start with. Hmm, Dr. Farek or Altovar? No contest in most cases. Exobiology is a must with many new dilemmas, and I'm sure Greed will grow to more importance by the time the Ferengi come on the scene. A 3.7.

TOTAL: 13.7 (68.5%) A good Non-Aligned with a nasty face.

#79-Amaros, Personnel, Non-Aligned, universal, DS9
"Maquis terrorist. Cal Hudson's co-pilot. Helped abduct Gul Dukat, blaming him for supplying illegal weapons to Cardassians in the Demilitarized Zone."
-ENGINEER, Navigation, Physics, Maquis icon, Staff icon

PICTURE: Thankfully not another headshot. I like supporting players to be seen from farther away. It makes for a change, goes witht he idea that we don't know them as much, and compensates for their often less expressive acting. Amaros smacks of posturing, something the Maquis are known for. And his peeved sneer goes well with his character. Well chosen, and his threads aren't bad either (as far as these things go). A 3.7.

LORE: Pretty straightforward and simple. At least one of skills is explained as is the expression on his face (he's a "blamer"). The lore doesn't name him as representative of Maquis engineers though, so the universal isn't respected here. Not much other than that. A 3.1.

TREK SENSE: I'll take him as an engineer and use that to justify Physics (two skills that go hand in hand). His Navigation is supplied in the lore ("Hudson's co-pilot"). He represents other Maquis engineers (universal), but are they all pilots? Probably, as they have these little fighter ships. Integrity seems a bit high for a terrorist, but the Maquis believe they are doing the right thing, so I won't quibble. He's smart, but not that smart (terrorists are clever, but don't see the big picture). And he's strong enough to be a guerrila fighter of sorts. Shouldn't a restriction box have been put in making him unable to work with Cardassians though? Nothing too bad, but not very innovative either. A 3.6.

STOCKABILITY: What sets Amaros apart from other like-skilled Non-Aligned is his Maquis icon, but that's not very useful right now. Eventually, I believe there will be Maquis missions, dilemmas (other than Arms Deal) and Ships that will require the icon, but right now, there's not much. Other than that, his stats are fair and his skills supplement well requirements found on DS9 cards (Navigation mostly). Might come into his own later, but he's no Eddington. A 2.5.

TOTAL: 12.9 (64.5%) Passes the test, but remains on academic probation.

#86-Anara, Personnel, Bajoran, universal, DS9
"Representative of Bajoran engineering apprentices serving on Deep Space 9. Assisted Miles O'Brien with computer 'pup' in 2369."
-ENGINEER, Physics, Transporter Skill, Staff icon

PICTURE: A straightfoward shot, with little in the way of innovation. Still, splashes of color over her Anara's shoulder make the picture well-balanced. A 2.7.

LORE: Again, pretty simple. She's a "representative" universal personnel, and a little back story is given. Here, I'll give a 3.

TREK SENSE: It's always a little difficult to gauge little-known, universal personnel. How would we know Anara's actual amount of Integrity for example? Does she get enough screen time for anyone to make that determination? So it all boils down to game balance. What do the Bajorans need in terms of skills, etc. Still, she is an engineer, and so her skills reflect that. Physics is a natural, and Transporter Skill is prefect for a technician working at Ops (where the transporter pad seems to inexplicably be on DS9). He apprenticeship makes her staff rather than command. Can't argue with the attributes either. All in all, a 3. Too bad there's no relationship with "Pup" thrown in.

STOCKABILITY: With the newer affiliations, universal personnel are more useful. For one thing, there aren't that many Bajoran ENGINEERs to start with, so an Anara or two is going to be required to meet a number of dilemma requirements. Her two skills are also useful on a number of missions. Still, she's no Kira. A fair 2.9

TOTAL: 11.6 (58%) As far as universal personnel go, she's pretty ok.

#93-Angry Mob, Dilemma, planet, DS9
"When Odo was under suspicion for murder, Bajoran nationals led by Zayra demanded that the changeling be handed over to them. Benjamin Sisko spared the constable from their 'justice.'"
-Kills a SECURITY or shape-shifter present (random selection) unless remaining Away Team has INTEGRITY>27 from up to four personnel OR STRENGTH>50. Discard dilemma.

PICTURE: I think DS9 lighting lends itself well to card images, better than the Enterprise's fluorescents. This being said, the angry mob doesn't look that angry to me. Zayra, yes. The rest? More worried than angry. Zayra's arm leading the attack is a nice touch though - a 3.

LORE: I good condensed version of events that unfortunately omits to tell us how this dilemma would be reflected on non-Bajoran planets, in other situations. Average: 3.

TREK SENSE: The target of the dilemma is either a shape-shifter or a Security personnel. In the first case, no problem. Shape-shifters are distrusted by most races and would be the first accused of any wrong-doing. Security personnel though... I just don't see it. Any given mob on any given planet is angry at this guy for what reason? He carries a gun? He's intimidating? The requirements are much better. The Integrity mimicks Sisko's not giving up Odo. Romulans would probably just as soon throw their guy to the wolves to save themselves some trouble. "From up to four personnel" insures that you need high Integrity personnel. It can't be passed by a large away team this way. Integrity isn't all that cumulative. Large away teams can pass it with high Strength, since a mob of civilians can't stand in the way of a well-armed battalion. Well-designed, but with one inexplicable element. A 3.9.

SEEDABILITY: With the Dominion out, you want to be able to catch some changelings. And if you don't, you can at least get a SECURITY. Its not the most common affiliation (except among Jem'Hadar) and its being required by more and more dilemmas these days. Unfortunately, large away teams will go through with Strength (wheras, the Integrity requirement isn't easy for everyone). Lead with strength and hand weapons filters and follow up with something that requires Security. Part of a good combo, I give it a 3.7.

TOTAL: 13.6 (68%) All 3s puts this card in the high average. (Ooooh, we're getting aaaannnnngry!)

#100-Aphasia Device, Dilemma, space, DS9
"Terrorist device developed by Dekon Elig and Surmak Ren to fight the Cardassian occupation. When activated, releases a deadly virus which interferes with language processing abilities."
-Place on ship. Quarantined. Now and end of each turn, disables one personnel aboard (random selection). If all crew disabled, all die. Cure with 2 MEDICAL and 2 Biology.

PICTURE: Oooh, pretty blue... Hem, yes well! I like it. Nice details like the glowing rod to the left, the optical fiber going to and from the device, and the darker, shadowier position of the thing. A cool 3.7.

LORE: No details were spared as this lore comes right to the edge of the lore box. All quite true, well said. A 3.5.

TREK SENSE: Though it was on a station, it affects a ship. Except for the Empok Nor rules, there isn't a way to currently encounter a dilemma on a facility, so I'll accept it. Though I wonder how someone gets an aphasia device aboard a ship. Sabotage? Could be. The quarantine nicely mirrors the events of the show. You can't let personnel get off for fear they would infect the general population. Much better handled than Tsiolkovsky Infection for example (that one'll get its day in court). To show the infection progressing, one personnel per turn is disabled (rendered incomprehensible). I think "Babelonians" ("Babblers"?) could survive and create a little society, though. Why have them die outright when they all get the disease? Can't order food from the replicators? Seems a bit harsh where simply putting the ship in stasis could have been enough damage. The cure requires a double measure of MEDICAL (of course) and Biology (more specialized since the disease is too). Mostly good: 3.8.

SEEDABILITY: The way the dilemma is worded makes disabling go pretty fast ("each" turn), so it's no wonder Aphasia Device enjoys a certain popularity. The quarantine turns the ship into a trap so if the cure is not available aboard, your opponent will have to bring them in from the outside with no escape for the poor crew in the meantime. 2 MEDICAL and 2 Biology isn't all that hard to get, but if you don't have it at the outset, you might be in trouble. If you're lucky, opponent's MEDICAL will be chosen to be disabled first. The Away Team isn't stopped by the dilemma, meaning it at least acts as a filter for one (random) personnel. And if the crew never gets its medical help, it dies in its entirety. If it does get its help, you can at least count on creating a delay. If your opponent is redshirting on a shuttle, the redshirt gets killed. While I wouldn't count on taking out an entire crew with this, its other uses are more than enough to include it. A strong 3.9.

TOTAL: 14.9 (74.5%) Number 100 and it's a winner! Maybe I'm just in a good mood. ;-)

#108-Ari, Personnel, Cardassian, universal, DS9
"Dissident. Typical member of Cardassian underground. Loyal to Ghemor. Helped Kira Nerys escape Obsidian Order in 2371. Has hopes for a better Cardassia."
-OFFICER, Honor, Transporter Skill, Computer Skill, Staff icon

PICTURE: A standard headshot. His youthful appearance speaks of his idealism, but that'll get the card into trouble below. He's not as rough and haughty as other Cardassians, clearly a "good guy". Picture's nothing to rave about really. A 2.9.

LORE: Sometimes, a card's lore will contain information that affects the game. Here, we find out Ari is a dissident, a quality which affects other cards. The creators pay homage to his universality by calling him a "typical member of the underground". The rest is telegraphic, but not untrue. Scores 3.6.

TREK SENSE: Universal is mentioned in the lore, always a plus. It's hard to gauge most of his skills as the character gets very little onscreen time. OFFICER is a function of "When in doubt..." when it comes to Cardassians. If you don't know, and he's wearing a uniform, he must be an Officer. Honor is the one that makes sense as he does "the right thing" for Cardassia even though Dukat might call him a traitor. Transporter Skill and Computer Skill are inventions based on his ability to get Kira off Cardassia. He must have had to transport her illicitly and hide that fact from transporter logs. His apparent youth is NOT translated as the Youth skill, but he only gets a Staff icon because he hasn't had time to rise in the ranks. His Integrity is understandably high (see Honor), the rest of his attributes upper average (or else Ghemor would not have taken him under his wing). Nice extrapolation all the way, with few flaws... 4.4.

STOCKABILITY: While OFFICER and Computer Skill are extremely common on Cardassian personnel, and Honor can be found on all the dissidents and more, Ari is one of only two sources of Transporter Skill (the other, Daro, is from The Dominion expansion) available to the Union. Both are universal, and Daro is a more valuable ENGINEER with the rare skill Astrophysics. Ari, however, has more skills and can boost Natima Lang's attributes. An average 3.

TOTAL: 13.9 (69.5%) A personnel with little spark or glamor.

#116-Arms Deal, Dilemma, space/planet, 5 points, DS9
"In 2370, Quark was approached by Sakonna to arrange a covert arms deal to deliver weapons to the Maquis."
-Unless Acquisition OR Vulcan with Treachery OR Smuggling OR Maquis personnel present, crew or Away Team "stopped." Discard dilemma.

PICTURE: I'm gonna have trouble scoring it. One the one hand, the picture is very rich what with all those flowers. It looks like a romantic date, but is actually an arms deal. Beautiful irony. On the other hand, the image seems to have absolutely no relationship with the title (unless you know the episode). The irony wins over this inconvenient: a 4.1.

LORE: Short, to the point, boring. And note that it doesn't sound like a dilemma. That's gonna hurt the card soon enough in Trek Sense. Meanwhile, the lore gets a 2.

TREK SENSE: This is a dilemma? How so? Does your crew or Away Team meet an arms dealer or someone looking for weapons? Game text requires personnel on either end of the negociation table. Why would this meeting stop you if you couldn't complete the deal? Why not the other way around? Having interested personnel would stop the team. As it is, uninterested personnel are stopped for no better reason than to stare at the arms dealer (or purchaser) in the face and go "we don't have/want any". The requirements almost all point to Sakonna. She's a Vulcan with Treachery, a member of the Maquis and has Acquisition. So interested parties would include merchants (Acquisition), her or Talerra (Vulcans with treachery), smugglers and the Maquis. Makes sense. Too bad the rest doesn't. Should have been an optional stop in order to download a hand weapon or something. 0.8, I'm sorry.

SEEDABILITY: Only a stopper, but one hard to avoid. There are only 6 Acquisition personnel, 2 treacherous Vulcans, 4 Smugglers and 4 Maquis. And the distribution per affiliation is terrible. So, while it doesn't do a lot of damage, it's pretty certain to hit and cause a delay. I'm giving it a 3.

TOTAL: 9.9 (49.5%) Trek Sense killed it, but it was never all that good to begin with.

#124-Assassin's Blade, Dilemma, space/planet, DS9
"The technological advances of the 24th century offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art weaponry. Nevertheless, some still prefer the simple charm of the assassin's blade."
-Unless CUNNING>36 OR 2 SECURITY present, assassin kills one personnel present (opponent's choice) except a shape-shifter or android.

PICTURE: The odd double-knife, the rubber arm, the silly blurry background with its sculptural spheres. It looks like something out of Doctor Who! Now I love Doctor Who, don't get me wrong, but the card image is just laughable. Ooh, I'm really scared. A 1.2.

LORE: Almost poetic. Certainly romantic. A better-than-average lore that does't waste time with mentioning the specifics of the episode from which the image was taken ("A Man Alone"). A 4.3.

TREK SENSE: That an assassin kills someone, I won't quibble with. That you (as the opponent) get to choose who dies is also very good (it's an assassination, not a random killing). And knives don't work against androids and shape-shifters, that's also supported by the show. (I guess you can open an Exocomp's casing and chop its circuits though, eh?) To avoid, you must capture the assassin by either outsmarting him and discovering his identity before he kills, or by having 2 SECURITY present to apprehend him. I'm not sure why the dilemma stays as a wall if you don't pass it the first time though. Maybe he keeps killing potential witnesses or something. Or one could say that since a murder has taken place, you can't go on until you solve it. Very strong: a 4.8.

SEEDABILITY: A killer AND a wall. The requirements aren't very hard to find though as SECURITY is starting to get more and more room in players' decks. It will kill redshirts (without being discarded!), but not the strong androids or adaptable shape-shifters. A real pain for the Borg however, since they constantly redshirt. They better Adapt or Interlink or else they'll lose every scout sent down. Not bad at all against the right opponent - a 3.4.

TOTAL: 13.7 (68.5%) If it wasn't for the ugly picture, this would rank very high.

#131-Assault Vessel, Ship, Bajoran, universal, DS9
"Mainstay of the Bajoran Militia. During the 2370 coup attempt by the Circle, assault vessels commanded by General Krim and Colonel Day invaded Deep Space 9."
-Assault Class[2 Staff] Tractor Beam

PICTURE: Always odd to see the back end of a ship rather than the front. The image is blurry if dynamic. I suppose its rushing to the assault. And while I like the pretty thrusters, they don't quite save the image. It's still one of the better Bajoran ship pics, which isn't saying a lot. In fact, it's saying about 2.5.

LORE: Ship lore is often more useful than its game text. Here, two matching commanders are named (in addition to Rinnak Pire). That's a lot, especially for a universal ship. The word "mainstay" plays heavily on the usefulness of the ship, as we'll see a bit later on. Thanks to Decipher, by the way, for not putting "Bajoran" in front of "Assault Vessel". We know they're Bajoran ships, they're in magenta. A useful 3.9.

TREK SENSE: Universal Bajoran ship, blablabla... The staffing is adequate given that the Bajoran fleet lacks the complexity of other affiliations'. It's big enough to carry ships inside, so it has a Tractor Beam. And as a large ship, it has high attributes. In fact, it's the best the Bajoran economy can produce: all its stats are the highest found in any Bajoran ships (except the in-region Interecptor RANGE). It's as fast as the Scout Vessel, as well-armed as the Interceptor, and as well-shielded as the Interceptor and Freighter. The matching commanders worry me though. Is there such homogeneity in Bajoran crafts that not only can Rinnak Pire command them all, but the Assault Vessel has three guys able to fly. Can Picard command any Galaxy class? Nope, he only knows his own Enterprise like the back of his hand. Kurn can only command the Hegh'ta, etc. So it's not perfect: a 4.

STOCKABILITY: It's the Galaxy class ship of the Bajorans, but easier to staff. It had better be given that, even with he highest attributes in their fleet, it's still weaker than a Galaxy, D'deridex or Vor'Cha. It also lacks any special equipment aside from the Tractor Beam, but is the only one the Bajorans have at all. Of course, it's not like they have any holograms to use. Three matching commanders (one of them universal) can jack up the stats to a solid 10/10/9 (if both Dedication Plaque and Captain's Log in play). And while armadas really should be built on incredibly easy to staff Interceptors, an Assault Vessel can give your personnel the speed necessary to solve missions outside their region and a Tractor Beam. A good little ship. Score: 3.7.

TOTAL: 14.1 (70.5%) Well designed for the most part, but still a universal ship.

#138-Automated Security System, Event, DS9
"A hidden security subroutine on Deep Space 9 triggered an old Cardassian counterinsurgency program. It was designed to quell any uprising of non-Cardassian workers."
-Plays on Ops. End of every turn, targets one personnel present (random selection). That personnel is killed unless its species is Cardassian. May be nullified by 3 ENGINEER.

PICTURE: I would have loved to see two pictures for this one, both the one we got of someone being vaporized and one the disruptor fireing from the replicator alcove. We have cards with different lores and/or game text, so why not images. Could make a collector card. Of the two versions I have in mind, the one we do have is the better one of course, both surprising and dramatic. A cool 4.1.

LORE: A good explanation that sticks to the game text. Different wording might have made it a bit more universal though. A 3.5.

TREK SENSE: It's only half a card. It deals with the security system's effects on Ops, but not on other parts of the station (like at the Ore Processing Unit, for example). Other than that, it does pretty well. It shoots down one non-Cardassian (they proved immune in the show) every turn if targeted. 3 Engineers are enough to fix the problem (and almost every other mechanical problem in the game). I also like that you can play it on DS9 even if it's controlled by some other affiliation, reminding us that Nors are a Cardassian invention. Scores a 4.

STOCKABILITY: If you're using a Nor and Cardassians, it's not a bad idea. While Sisko 197 Subroutine protects the station from commadeering (up to a point since 4 Computer Skill is easy to find), Automated Security System does some real damage. It'll kill non-Cardassians EVERY turn. That's both yours and your opponent's. Two per full turn. Of course, if Cardassians are present, they are still part of the random selection and if chosen, you don't get another, no one dies that turn. Still, this event'll help your Cardassians in a personnel battle at Ops and can be played on your opponent's station, killing his personnel unawares. Be careful of letting you Non-Aligned personnel wander through Ops while the card is active... It's got its limits, but is a good rare: 4.1.

TOTAL: 15.7 (78.5%) ZAP!

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