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#2107-The Intendent, Personnel, Bajoran, Mirror icon, MM

"Kira Nerys commands Terok Nor in the mirror universe. Enjoys being intimate with her friends - and enemies."

-VIP, Leadership, Navigation, Exobiology; May replace anyone present who was just targeted by any gender-related dilemma; Treachery x2; Command icon; Alliance icon


PICTURE: The Intendent may be a little too friendly here. Oh, she often is, but looks usually a lot more devious. Nevertheless, a seductive pose. Background's real dull though, so I think something better IS out there, perhaps in her milk bath ;-). Lighting makes her look flushed as well. I dunno, manages 3.4, mostly for the fun pose.

LORE: The first sentence is nothing great and quite dull, really. The second (and last, this is an abbreviated lore box) is much better, playing on the Intendent's lustiness (to be more blunt than the lore itself). Brings a smile, though more would have been appreciated. A 3.4.

TREK SENSE: Kira Nerys' opposite is a very different woman from her. She runs the entire Bajoran side of the Alliance (or so it seems - not sure I understand their hierarchy), which certainly allows for her icons, the VIP and the Leadership. A nasty piece of work that rules with a fickle iron fist, the double-Treachery and low Integrity are definitely indicated. As there been anyone she wouldn't stab in the back if it suited her (or just for kicks)? Navigation is there because she escaped a couple times in a shuttle or other small vessel. Had to pilot it. Exobiology turns up a bit like Biology on Mirror universe personnel, that is, as an aid to torture. Since her targets are mostly humans, a species alien to her, it's EXObiology here. The special skill makes light of her playing both sides of the fence, but also that she's very pushy. After all, she may REPLACE someone targeted by a Love Interest or Romance dilemma. That means she's actively stealing someone else's boy- or girlfriend :-). Those work fine, though going into harm's way in the case of Kidnappers, Anaphasic Organism or Talosian Cage, it's really not as obvious. Outside the romantic stuff, the ability loses its way. As for Cunning, we see she's a point smarter (more devious) than our Kira, but a point less Strong (more pampered). No problems there. In general, I think this card rather succeeds, so as far as a 4.4.

STOCKABILITY: The Intendent will work with both the Alliance and the Bajorans, bringing to either table an interesting skill mix that'll be useful at planets, in space and to initiate battles. The Treachery x2 in particular is useful for a variety of effects, such as Protection Racket, The Art of Diplomacy (to gain Diplomacy OR to download a hand weapon) or the assassin's best friend, I Do Not Take Orders From You! Passes a couple of 2E dilemmas too. Despite all that, you may be willing to sacrifice her to save another personnel from a gender-related dilemma (a male or a female, doesn't matter), and this is especially true of all those Combo Dilemmas. Three of these start with a gender-related component and lead you into a nasty second dilemma. If you would lose exactly who you would need for it, then the Intendent may well go out with a bang. Her skills are good, but not so good you wouldn't want to use the ability. The one feature she has that is only really useful for the Alliance however, is her interaction with Emblem of the Alliance. She is mentioned on tons of other Alliance personnel, and so may allow them to report for free (or them, her). Clearly more than half of all Alliance personnel are elligible, including the more useful Bareil, Security Chief Garak and Ezri. Few Cardassians and no Klingons, but better distribution with the Bajorans and NAs, and even one Ferengi. She can also make use of Crossover/Multidmensional Transport Device to visit the other universe. Strong enough for a 4.2.

TOTAL: 15.4 (77%) In the top 10 of any universe.


Thomas Paris review, click here.


#2120-Thrax, Personnel, Cardassian, AU, MM

"Cardassian forensics expert briefly stationed on Terok Nor during the occupation. Odo's impressions of him were superimposed over a dark memory from his past."

-SECURITY, Physics, Exobiology, Law, Computer Skill; Command icon



PICTURE: Kurtwood Smith is such a fun actor that it's too bad the pic comes off as too dark and hazy. The lighting's not bad, but eats up the foreground. Of poor visual quality, I can't go above a 2.


LORE: The second sentence explains the exact nature of the AU icon, but the whole thing isn't all that interesting. An average 3.

TREK SENSE: Ok, this Thrax isn't AU because he's from the past (the time period is still within the CCG's present, which starts when TNG does), but because he was from Odo's dreamscape ("Things Past"). How such an AU personnel is "released" into the real world isn't as explainable as time travel stuff however, but within the bounds of Star Trek. In his reality, he's a Security officer, versed in the Law. He's got enough authority to warrant a Command icon, I suppose. Exobiology acts as a forensics skill, especially since he has to deal with an alien species (the Bajorans) day in and day out. Physics may be helpful here too, in particular to analyze the bomb that was set off in the mess. Computer Skill is a common Security skill, used to search through files and program locks and security systems. The Integrity is low because Thrax would let innocents be executed without checking the evidence much. Seems a bit too low for an Odo proxy however. He was played as an Odo-type that followed the Law more than the concept of justice. A shrewd investigator nonetheless, he gets his due in the Cunning department. Strength too is high, and that's a function of his job. A lot of this is unimpeachable, but some elements make it suffer. A 3.5.

STOCKABILITY: With affiliations that don't have many AU personnel (or ships), it's hard to justify an AU Door or Space-Time Portal. That's why a personnel like Thrax is welcome, though that would still leave only 2 AU Cardies in 1st edition. Thanks to 2E, we now also have Darhe'el and Cardassian Odo. Yes, some non-NA choices when it comes to seeding AU personnel in a Cryosatellite! It IS still a kind of disadvantage to have the icon if you don't want to use other such personnel. Thrax is also the only Cardassian that, with a SECURITY/Law combo, can both trigger Extradition and beam off to capture opposing personnel. And being AU, you can use Space-Time Portal to drop him in place on an AU ship with a few other AU SECURITY personnel. Law is quite the rare skill in any event, and Thrax is the only one with a useful classification to boot. His other skills are good too, and in any quadrant you'd drop him into. INTEGRITY is weak, but the other attributes are very good. Clears 3.8.

TOTAL: 12.3 (61.5%) He's no Odo.


#2133-Transporter Chief Kyle, Personnel, Federation, AU, OS, Mirror icon, MM

"Transporter chief aboard the ISS Enterprise. Lt. Kyle was punished by First Officer Spock for failing to compensate for a transporter malfunction in 2267."

-ENGINEER, Computer Skill, Transporter Skill, Archaeology; SD Agonizer; Staff icon; Terran Empire icon


PICTURE: Since the two Mr. Kyles were dressed the same (none of that evil dress sense), they wisely pulled something with the Terran Empire logo in the background. The pose is also mean enough (as far as Mr. Kyle goes anyway). Points off for being so much out of focus... and we're at an even 3.

LORE: He hasn't got much of a story, but the one here makes me wonder what OUR Mr. Kyle got as a reprimand for obviously not compensating either on his end. Knowing Spock, a cutting comment about illogical humanity. Did we really need the date? I really dislike those dry dates. A 2.9.

TREK SENSE: The Mirror Kyle wasn't much different from the normal Lt. Kyle, and so they necessarily share a number of things. Being transporter jockeys, they are both Engineers with Transporter Skill. They both have a Staff icon befitting their position, and despite the moral inversion between universes, they both have the same Integrity. That's not impossible given onscreen evidence - he was necessarily loyal in both worlds. The other attributes get nudged one way or the other, but to good effect. His mentioned mistake drops him a point in Cunning, and the more violent nature of his environment adds a point in Strength. As for the change in skills, where Lt. Kyle's Navigation and Anthropology stem from the details given in his lore, this Kyle tries to follow his one episode more closely. Working the console and having the (unused) capacity to make compensations would indicate Computer Skill. With Navigation, it's one of the most common skills, so their mirror each other somewhat. The same can be said of Archaeology and Anthropology, as they are closely related. How the former figures into the Mirror Kyle, I'm not sure. There's no evidence of it. The download is a fair one, since his was the first Agonizer seen. He wears it at his belt (like a good soldier), even if it's there to punish him at the first mistake. One unproven skill, but the rest stands up well, how about a 3.4?

STOCKABILITY: The Terran Empire is a good faction to play with, and Transporter Chief Kyle is a good source of Transporter Skill as far as the OS group goes (not as good as Chief Engineer Scott or the ultra-rare First Officer Spock, but still). The modern Terrans only have Smiley anyway. Kyle is a good backup for the skill at the very least, and it's one that can be used at Mine Dilithium, the mission that is home to the Terran's home Time Location, the Halkan Council. Not only that, but with a Romulan Cloaking Device, he can Scan Cycle Check. His other skills aren't bad either, with Computer Skill always important, and Archaeology allowing him to access The Guardian of Forever and its card draws (though he needs to get to the right quadrant first). Very good attributes, especially the INTEGRITY (for Terrans anyway), but he can boost them further, simply by downloading an Agonizer. He gets right up to 8-7-7 (boosting others around him as well). Other equipment downloads from other Terrans will further boost his attributes and skills. Not the best at anything, but a solid companion to your cards. A 3.5.

TOTAL: 12.8 (64%) Not quite the 71% earned by the real thing.


#2146-Transporter Mixup, Incident, MM

-Seeds or plays on table. (Unique.) If up to four of your personnel are beaming up from a planet in their native quadrant, you may replace (discard) them by downloading an equal number of others to complete the transport. Each [universal] personnel may be replaced by any [universal] personnel native to opposite quadrant; others may be replaced only by opposite versions of their personas. Discard incident.


PICTURE: Resolution's not incredible, but the TOS crew in Mirror duds is fun enough, with the Terran Empire icon also making an appearance in the background. Hey, was Uhura a little bit off the pad? A 3.4.


LORE: N/A (score will be adjusted accordingly)


TREK SENSE: The realities of the game create problems for this card, but the basic concept is sound enough. You're engaged in beaming either in the Alpha or Mirror Quadrants (all Mirror missions are in their version of the AQ), and personnel from one universe get switched for the personnel from the other. This is really like seeing it from Spock's point of view, because his own crewmembers are replaced. There is no actual traveling from one universe to the other, so that if you have, say, both Bajors in play, you could not switch your crews around. The initial set of personnel is discarded, which is harsher than the show was. No returns here, but also no conflict arising from mixing the morally-opposite crews. Another flaw is that while uniques are replaced by their opposites, universals are replaced by any other universal from the right quadrant. Makes no sense for a Giusti to be replaced by a Rukor, for example, yet it could happen. And while the Mixup on the show happened to only 4 people, there's no real reason why a Mixup should be limited to this, other than game balance of course. The beaming must occur from a planet, because the trouble was caused by some kind of ionization in the atmosphere. Finally something to agree with. The (quite necessary) limits placed on the effect keep this one at a simple 2.


STOCKABILITY: There are a number of ways to get your Mirror personnel to the Alpha Quadrant, but I'm not sure Transporter Mixup would be a favorite. The Mirrored Bajoran Wormhole requires a ship (either Mirror or an Alpha pick-up). The Multidimensional Transport Device allows beaming with impunity between quadrants, whereas Transporter Mixup does not. Ah, you say you don't want to use any MQ missions at all? Well, Crossover allows Mirror reporting in the Alpha Quadrant. Did we really need Transporter Mixup then? The answer is no, but Mixup does offer the chance to download personnel from either quadrant by simply discarding (while beaming from a planet, of course) their opposites (or any universal "opposites"). Yeah, that's interesting, but you still have to get the up to 4 personnel you want to do this with out first. And it's gotta be discarded, which isn't something you really want to do with your mains from either universe. If you are using a Mirror Quadrant, then you might have a Nor and Ore Processing in play to recycle those lost personnel. And sure, there are a couple tricks you can no doubt pull with two copies of each Mirror Ferengi (downloading both their Alpha selves, and having left play, themselves again) or Mr. Spock/FOS, but this all seems convoluted, and there are too many restrictions on the effect to really make it better than all other means to get Mirror personnel to the Alpha Quadrant. Perhaps Assign Mission Specialists can get you better universals from the other universe. Still a somewhat redundant 2.4.


TOTAL: 10.4 (52%) It's like they went overboard in trying to make Mirror personnel playable.


#2159-Treaty: Federation/Dominion, Event, MM

"Federation and Dominion forces led by Benjamin Sisko and Weyoun worked together in 2372 to attack renegade Jem'Hadar on Vandros IV and destroy their Iconian gateway."

-Plays on table (for free if Weyoun or Benjamin Sisko in play). Your Federation and Dominion affiliations recognize this treaty. They can now mix and cooperate.

PICTURE: No use crying about Treaties not featuring shots of affiliations cooperating. The point is moot. But aside from being a dull cop-out handed down from Premiere, some colors really don't go together. And is there really a color you can smoothly match to the Dominion's muddy brown, lime green and hot pink? There really isn't. It gives credence to the idea that Vorta don't have a sense of aesthetics. At least, the Federation's blue is a peaceful refuge for one's eye. Still no higher than 0.2.

LORE: The true Treaty between these two affiliations is the one signed at the end of DS9. The one mentioned here, well, it's not a Treaty at all. At best, it's a temporary and uneasy alliance! And only between two crews. The text itself is ok, but it recounts an ill-chosen episode. Generous at 2.

TREK SENSE: As I mentioned above, the episode this is based on isn't really a Treaty, but the events of "To the Death" are actually closer to how a Treaty works than are the usual "signed" Treaties. In that episode, the two affiliations actually collaborated. Of course, that were only 2 crews (if that), and there's really no precedent for the Federation and Dominion to do anything together on a greater scale than that. If this was based on the final DS9 treaty, we might have fun assuming that Odo returning to the Great Link would have changed things, but it isn't. In fact, allowing the Treaty to play for free if either Ben Sisko or Weyoun are in play links it strongly to "To the Death" instead (they were more often at each others' throats anyway). At least we saw some mixing, some of the time, and the future could allow for more. But again, I won't go over a 2 here.

STOCKABILITY: Treaties are only as useful as a pairing of the two listed affiliations can be. For the Dominion and Federation to make good busom buddies, they need to be at once compatible and complementary. On both fronts, they are two sides of the same coin. Both of them are multi-species affiliations with lots of various skills at their disposal. Aside from their Treacherous bent, Vorta are as Diplomatic as the Feds, for example. Where the Dominion could help the Feds is with strong SECURITY personnel. The Founders could also give the Federation more shape-shifting ability than the NAs currently do. But you know what? As mission solvers, the Feds already have more than enough personnel to choose from, and their strict battle restrictions would really hinder the Dominion's usual strategies. Additionally, they don't inhabit the same quadrant aside from a few Alpha Jem'Hadar (who might run out of White any time and attack your Feds anyway). Sure, it's nice that there's a personnel card on each side that allows its free play, but Treaties really need to be seeded (here, with Open Diplomatic Negotiations) to be any use. At best this helps save time if you're hit with The Devil. In any case, any Federation cards in a Dominion deck (and vice-versa) will just slow you down. An unncessary 1.6.

TOTAL: 5.8 (29%) I don't believe these two really mix.


#2173-Type 18 Shuttlepod, Ship, Federation, universal

"Small shuttlecraft. One commanded by Benjamin Sisko guided a silithium comet through the Bajoran wormhole."

-Shuttlepod[] May report with crew (each must have Navigation) to your Defiant-class ship; Holds two personnel; Has no transporters


PICTURE: A very pretty, almost painterly, and sharp image, with the Defiant's registry number showing up clearly, and the engines all fired up. Certainly one of the nicest shuttle cards we have. A 3.7.

LORE: Despite the class name, the lore makes it clear that it's still shuttlecraft for purposes of landing, etc. A matching commander is then given. And finally, the context of an episode where it was used.. Functional more than interesting, it gets a 3.3.

TREK SENSE: This is a tiny 2-man shuttle, and it's definitely no frills. It has no transporters, and being so small and nimble, is most frequently used by Navigation personnel ("Destiny" being a case in point). Now, Navigation doesn't HAVE to be aboard, but when personnel report with it, they must have it. I'm not sure I like the double standard. Bigger ships seem to have shuttles, but a Defiant-class ship is a bit small to be carrying such craft, so the Shuttlepod may report to that class of ship. I'm certainly ok with that, though the crew that may report with it is overkill. There's no real evidence to suggest that you'd bring two (until then Ensign Bob) pilots along just in case you need to take a Shuttlepod (indeed, it was the bridge crew that took it out), nor does it make sense for such a small ship to have Ensign Bobs of its own (which is the usual justification for reporting personnel directly to ships). Face it, it's just a way to make such a weak ship useful. As is the matching commander, and I've always been skittish about approving commanders for small support craft. Do you really "command" such things? Though he commanded the Shuttlepod in "Destiny", it was Dax that piloted it. As for attributes, they are naturally low, though it takes into account technological advances since TNG's Type VI Shuttle, which has weaker Shields. Compare it then to the later Type 9, a more contemporary craft that appropriately dwarfs it. I'm basically ok with the short Range, minimal Weapons and Shields that could allow it to survive its trip through the wormhole with a comet in tow. But it takes a lot of liberties, so only 2.6.

STOCKABILITY: Though a small ship, it makes an excellent card, especially for the Mirror Quadrant. Not as a mission solver, since it can only hold 2 personnel, but because it can report those personnel directly to your Defiant-class ship no matter where it is. They must have Navigation, but a lot of important personnel do, including its matching commander Benjamin Sisko, and such Mirror personnel as Smiley, Captain Dax and Captain Bashir (not to mention Fontaine and Mr. Sisko). Indeed you could report 2 Navigation personnel, and then Ready Room Door Sisko on top of that, with a choice of which ship to go to (main or Shuttlepod). Sisko is commander of all three Defiant-class ships anyway. He could leave one aboard the 'pod, and reach another aboard his (Plaqued and Logged) 7-5-7 shuttlecraft. Bonuses following him around from ship to ship. As a shuttle it may land, board, all that good stuff that comes with Blue Alert, Engage Shuttle Operations, etc. Indeed, it you want to go to a planet with your duo, you must land it, as it has no transporters (Transporter Control Module not withstanding). As a universal, nothing stopping you from reporting more than one, each with its crew. It's especially good for Terrans, since they don't have much to do in their own quadrant and have to go roaming. Calling it a 3.5.

TOTAL: 13.1 (65.5%) Pretty discreet.

#2187-Vartoq, Personnel, Klingon, Mirror icon, universal, MM

"First officer of the Alliance battle cruiser that intercepted Kira and Bashir's runabout when they first crossed over to the mirror universe."

-OFFICER, Biology, Transporter Skill; Command icon; Alliance icon


PICTURE: One of the first two Mirror Klingons we saw, at one of those extreme angles used in "Crossover". A bit of fun there, but Vartoq ends up being in a strange corner of the frame, and a little fuzzy to boot. I'm afraid the composition just doesn't work. He gets a 2.4 for at least unbalancing the eye.

LORE: Though keeping rather strictly to the events of the episode, they add a name and the fact that he was first officer of the Alliance Vor'Cha. I accept it as a Star Trek policy that the bridge crew will usually go on away missions, but he hung around Terok Nor after that, at the Intendent's or Garak's beck and call. Not that interesting anyway (universality also not acknowledged), so 2.8 should do.

TREK SENSE: An unconvincing "typical" first officer for the Mirror Klignons. Sure, he would have Officer and the Command icon, and his Integrity and Strength are set at the right levels, but the rest? The low Cunning and support personnel status seems to speak to the place of Klignons inside the Alliance, but though we saw the Intendent as the authority in the Terok Nor-based episodes, we also have the Regent to think about. So if the Klignons are a major power in the Alliance, their elite (first officers should be part of that) should be smarter and more skilled, no? I'm not saying Vartoq looked any better than this on the show, but that's probably because he was meant to be "just another goon". Biology is the skill often used for torture in the Mirror Quadrant, again something that better fits a Security personnel. Transporter Skill, I imagine is here because he beamed to the runabout initially. Well, that means he wasn't operating the console (Vor'Chas aren't strapped for crew), so it's scarcely a justification, is it? An off combo for a "typical" Officer anyway. They probably shouldn't have tried to raise his rank. A mere crewman to me with his straight 2.

STOCKABILITY: As a support personnel, Vartoq can be used to supplement not only the Alliance, but the AQ and DQ Klingons as well. Assign Support Personnel allows him to report directly to a ship, eschewing Quadrant reporting restrictions. He has plenty to offer too: Biology is always useful, and Transporter Skill rather rare. Divok and Kar'meth also provide Biology support, but you won't find this cheap a Transporter Skill elsewhere. Vartoq's also strong enough to pass Maglock, and with Lower Decks, will become a STRENGTH 10 universal (with the lamer attributes getting better too). He's got the icons to staff a ship in any of three quadrants, no problem. A good 3.5.

TOTAL: 10.7 (53.5%) Glad he got to be "first" SOMEwhere.


#2201-Vulcan "Death Grip", Interrupt, MM

"Vulcan technique which suppresses the life signs of a subject, simulating death until the individual is revived. Spock 'killed' his captain in order to prevent Romulans from executing him."

-Allows your Vulcan to save your other non-android present who was just mortally wounded or selected to be killed or captured. "Victim" is instead in stasis until end of turn.

PICTURE: Looks good for a 40-year old pic, the blues and yellow playing well off each other. One of the few classic scenes from TOS' third season, it gets a 3.4.

LORE: A lot of quotation marks here, but we know what really happened. Plays it straight, and gets a 3.1.

TREK SENSE: A Vulcan can telepathically place someone in a death-like trance, which we'll call stasis for purposes of this game, making the killing or capture of that personnel a moot point. That much works quite well. As your personnel is about to be shot or captured, your Vulcan turns around and "kills" it, so the opponent loses interest in that target (if there isn't a sentient enemy at work, then it makes less sense, see below). I agree that androids should not be telepathically "killable" (or else taking care of NOMAD would have been no big deal). The victim wakes up on your next turn. There are two errors hurting the card. The first is that all enemies are not sentient, and no amount of Death Gripping should save someone from a Hull Breach, for example. The second thing is that a mortally wounded personnel is already on its way to dying, and this basically heals it. Sure, placing someone in stasis would put the bleeding, etc. on hold, but there should be a Medical present when the personnel wakes up, or it should die. Had the card more space, it might also have covered situations like assimilation, but that's not such a big deal. Overall, I like the card, and its problems only drop it to 3.3.

STOCKABILITY: We have other cards and special skills that can save a personnel from death, but this is usually at the cost of another personnel's life in its stead. With Death Grip, you don't lose whatever Vulcan you're playing it on, and the card also covers captures. So long as you have a Vulcan alive - and there are some excellent ones both in the Federation and of Non-Aligned complexion - you can play this card to save another personnel. Live Long and Prosper might make a good companion interrupt, saving your Vulcan so it can then save someone else. The price you pay is that the victim is still filtered out of a mission attempt, or must be waited for after a personnel battle. Stasis doesn't even allow you to beam the victim. Androids aren't valid targets, but they're tougher anyway and less likely to die (though they may still be captured). This is balanced protection against a number of dilemmas and the loss of personnel from battling too. It's important to have them ready, so to stock a number of them, and you can manipulate your copies with Prepare the Prisoner since it is a capturing-related card. So much more interesting for the Vulcans than Vulcan Mindmeld, it gets a high 3.9.

TOTAL: 13.7 (68.5%) And yet, scores the same as Mindmeld.


#2215-Weyoun of Borg, Personnel, Borg, AU, Gamma quadrant, MM

"Assimilated counterpart who spoke to the Dominion in a parallel universe. 'The knowledge and experience of the Vorta - Weyoun - is part of us now.'"

-Communications/Navigation/Defense; VIP, Diplomacy x2, Leadership, Treachery, Law, Biology; While on your ship, WEAPONS and SHIELDS +4 against [Dom]


PICTURE: There's some excellent CGI work on this card, and I do love the look of Weyoun's implants and most of their interactions with his face. He's a bit of a powdered pretty boy however, and the background is rather null. Still a cool 3.9.

LORE: All the AU counterparts got this paraphrase taken from Locutus' card. It's disappointing any time there's a repeat like this, and furthermore, it's always been a grievance of mine that none of the counterparts have a Locutus-like name, like, I dunno, Gabby or something. Maybe that's why. The usual 2.9.

TREK SENSE: Take Weyoun and assimilate him as a counterpart, and you get exactly this. Except you don't have to do it, cuz in an Alternate Universe, he was as the Borg expanded into the Gamma Quadrant. Makes sense that a Vorta would get the honors, since they are high-ups and would be sent to meet any intruders first. All the skills are there, though VIP seems to cross over less well, and his Strength goes up by 3 due to cybernetic body parts. And like Locutus, he can uses his knowledge against his former affiliation's ships, increasing the Borg's Weapons and Shields efficiency against his former affiliation. Weyoun would have the proper knowledge since he commanded some forces, including his own warship. A solid 4.1.

STOCKABILITY: If you expect the Dominion, a prefab counterpart can help you assimilate their homeworld that much quicker (many Borg decks spend time in the GQ anyway when they're unopposed there). The special ability even adds a little to your ships' battling attributes, whether they're cheap smaller ships or Cubes living in fear of those huge Dominion ships that might boost their stats enough to hurt you. The Dominion may not be your opponent, but Weyoun has just enough non-Borg skills to interlink: Law, Diplomacy x2, Leadership, Treachery... Only Biology is found with any measure of frequency. I left out VIP, but that's because it's not really featured on dilemmas. A counterpart always has his 3 subcommand icons too. He requires an AU Door of some kind, but you might use more than one counterpart sequentially, depending, and they all make great probes even if you don't actually play them. A strong 4.2.

TOTAL: 15.1 (75.5%) A full 5% over his normal self.

#2228-Wyatt Earp, Personnel, Non-Aligned, AU, OS, MM

"Famous lawman, gunfighter, and gambler. Reportedly never passed up an opportunity to earn money. Killed only when he had to. Recreated by the Melkotians."

-SECURITY, Law, Leadership, Acquisition; SD Captured (immediately target a Treachery personnel)


PICTURE: Nice blues and only slight blur (not uncommon for TOS cards), this card is moody, and Earp's name shows up on the storefront behind him. The angle from below is good for an AU card, warping the composition. A good 3.7.

LORE: Uses fact and legend about the historical U.S. Marshall in an interesting way (explaining game text), and the last phrase tells us how he fits in the Star Trek universe. A solid 3.3.

TREK SENSE: The game was never good at representing this type of character. He's not really the historical figure, nor is he (or the Melkotians) from a parallel universe, so AU isn't quite right (the OS icon tells us he's not from history). He's a recreation, but he's not really a hologram. See? There's no right way to go about this. I also think he makes an odd personnel card, period. When a character is planet-bound, like this, it's hard to imagine him as part of a crew, much less using his skills in a "modern" way. For example, while I have no doubt a U.S. Marshall would have Law, how does that old west-era skill relate to 24th-century Law as mentioned on missions and dilemmas? To represent the historical/recreated figure, it does do a good job. Security/Law/Leadership for the Marshall duties, and Acquisition for the gambling and other entrepreneurial endeavors. The special download for Captured is a link to the idea that he only killed when he had to (supported by history and legend), and can only target criminals (Treachery personnel). There's not a huge link to his actions in "Spectre of the Gun". The not-so-high Integrity puts him on the side of the angels, but from a rough-and-tumble time when you made your own law to a certain extent. He's smart and strong as he would have been in history (and was on the show, though Cunning was impaired there by his following a particular script). As a representation of a western hero, there's no problem. Fitting him in the Star Trek universe? That's where the game fails. Let's meet somewhere in the middle at 3.3.

STOCKABILITY: What any non-Borg deck gets with Wyatt Earp is a SECURITY personnel with good attributes, the Leadership to initiate battles, and two relatively rare skills, Law and Acquisition. The latter will fit right in with the Ferengi, or allow for the use of Rules by other interested parties. As for Law, it's much rarer, and you don't want to get caught without it at Drumhead. OS personnel can share those skills with the Classic Communicator. The special download is more of a special skill really, since it doesn't just download Captured, it nets you a Treachery personnel present (they're common enough) of your choice. Captured thus plays even during an opponent's turn, suspending play to do so, perhaps ruining an opponent's mission or battle attempt. All depends on the targets offered, but it's a nice improvement over the regular Incident card. And the only thing you have to worry about is having the means to report AU personnel. Not much of a worry, this scores a cool 4.

TOTAL: 14.3 (71.5%) Mirror, Mirror ends with something of a bang.

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