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#2043-Maxwell Burke, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned, Delta quadrant, VOY
"First officer of USS Equinox. Almost dropped out of Starfleet. Was once romantically involved with B'Elanna Torres. Still the p'tak she claimed him to be."
-OFFICER, SECURITY, Leadership, Treachery, Computer Skill x2; Command icon

PICTURE: Serious, even dangerous, expression, and a dark background both suit this Equinox crewmember, and with its touches of blue and gold, either affiliation template will do well. A 3.4.

LORE: Aside from the useful (though obvious) USS Equinox reference, we get some nice background history on him, and the last sentence is a gem pulled straight from the episode. A good 3.6.

TREK SENSE: The Equinox crew is Fed/NA because they abandoned the values of the Federation to survive in the Delta Quadrant. It works fine since they managed to revert when they met Voyager, then back again, just like the dual-affiliation mechanic would let them. He's the first Officer, which certainly explains the classification, Command icon, and Leadership. No problems there. The other three skill were all showed off in his theft of some of Voyager's field generator rather Treacherously. He does this by fooling B'Elanna with some Computer Skill legerdemain... I agree it could be set at x2. Security could also be of use, since theft is its flipside, as you have to disable security systems and all that. I'm trying to remember if he might have started out in Security before being elevated to his current post. Integrity's just about right for this kind of character, the Cunning is definitely in keeping with his ruse, and his Strength is above average thanks to his Security training. Nothing innovative, but it all fits. A 4.

STOCKABILITY: Burke is a very good addition to your USS Equinox crew (if you're using it instead of Voyager, or in addition to it, or even as a Non-Aligned ship flying with some other affiliation), who'll of course boost its RANGE and report to it via Home Away From Home, etc. He's got two classifications, good CUNNING and STRENGTH, the Treachery/low INTEGRITY that's missing from the usual Feds (making them vulnerable to In the Pale Moonlight, for example), and the excellent Computer Skill x2. Because he's an OFFICER, you can't download him via Quark's Isolinear Rods, but it does fit a large number of Delta Quadrant missions. He'll also pass Ferengi Ingenuity, and help with a good number of dilemmas besides, as well as Scanner Interference. Leadership's a good skill too. He's especially useful in that he can flexibly be used to supplement any of the DQ affiliations, so he gets a 3.7 here.

TOTAL: 14.7 (73.5%) Is it me, or did the Feds get nastier and nastier the more expansions we got?

#2056-Medical Kit, Equipment, VOY
"Collection of medical instruments. Though no substitute for a fully equipped medical facility, such devices are often sufficient to save lives when nothing more is available."
-Gives all of your OFFICER-classification personnel the extra skill of MEDICAL where present.

PICTURE: Well, this time we can be sure it's an actual pull from an episode ("Revulsion"), and we get to see what's inside (only the hypospray is really recognizable). It's all a bit brown and gray, but the blue and yellow lights in the bottom left spice things up. Can't really get excited about bits and pieces of equipment, but a competent 2.8.

LORE: The dull lore of the original gives way to some much better prose. While I agree with everything there, it's not really true in the game, where one Kit can turn a ton of Officers into Medical personnel, outiftting an Away Team better than any sickbay with 2 or 3 Medicals ;-). But I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. A 3 for now.

TREK SENSE: I agree that a Medical Kit could turn an Officer (say, on the bridge, during an emergency) to act as a Medical (they all have some basic training, after all), but why stop there? Engineer, Science, Security... they could (and should) all have that same kind of training. That only Officers use "Kits" is an arbitrary thing, and doesn't hold much water. Nor does the fact that Medical personnel themselves can't use them. On the show, they are most often seen using them, so what gives? The Hypospray and Medical Tricorders, usually part and parcel of the Medical Kit also have no relationship to this card, when really, it should contain them (look, even in the pic!). Oh, and there's the usual, how many Kits are represented by one card, considering that a ton of personnel may use it at the same time (there's a limit to the number of useful tools inside), and yet, it remains indivisible. No better and worse than before, still 2.2.

STOCKABILITY: Well, MEDICAL is as important a classification as ever, and OFFICERs remain pretty common in all affiliations, so yeah, this is a good card. I would only consider the Feds and Vidiians to be rich in MEDICAL personnel, really. Some, like the Kazon and Hirogen are definitely the worst off in this category... but they do have a lot of OFFICERs to compensate. Dilemmas and Missions will keep requiring the skill, and you can even use it for other ends, like Genetronic Replicator's life-saving properties, etc. Heavy MEDICAL decks can use FC Ogawa to download the Kit, though they can get their MEDICAL elsewhere quite easily. Other affiliations might look into the Equinox Doctor for the same thing. Theta-Radiation Poisoning specifically requests Medical Kit, and it's a heck of a lot easier to produce than 6 ENGINEER, so there is that. Still as good as the time I reviewed the Premiere version, so a 3.9 again.

TOTAL: 11.9 (59.5%) Doesn't quite pass, but still better than the original (at 10.5).

#2069-Medical PADD, Equipment, VOY
"Standard Personal Access Display Device pre-loaded with an extensive database of diseases, treatments, surgical procedures, and other medical information."
-Gives all of your ENGINEER-classification personnel the extra skill of MEDICAL where present.

PICTURE: Well, I preferred the DS9 original because it wasn't a prop shot, but an actual action frame. The caduceus was cool too. Here, the graphics are kinda interesting, and the medical aspect shows up thanks to both text and pictures, but it is a static prop shot. If also find the colors to be gaudy and ugly. A 2.9 should suffice.

LORE: The extremely boring lore of the original gives way to something a little better. Not incredibly exciting, but we get a real sense of what's contained in the PADD. And none of that "developped by many races" dullsville stuff. Manages a 3.

TREK SENSE: No change, I must say, since it's still very strange for an Engineer to double as a Medical personnel thanks to what amounts to a simple (if complete) database. Give me a big medical book and see if you trust me to take out your appendix. Two classifications were rarely so opposite. The usual problems are there as well: The PADD being indivisable, but useable by any number of Engineers; the mystery of why other classifications can't benefit from the database; and why Medicals themselves - the people most seen using them - can't get any kind of boost from it. The same lame 0.6.

STOCKABILITY: Again, nothing's really changed since I reviewed the original version of the card. MEDICAL and ENGINEER are still the best of classifications, and there's nothing wrong with wanting them on the same personnel (since they are usually mutually exclusive). A lot of non-Fed affiliations are strong on ENGINEERs, but low on MEDICALs (like the Kazon and Hirogen, since we're talking about a Voyager-environment card, and heck, the DQ Feds too), so this should fill the skill hole easily enough. If playing Feds, well, your Paul Porter can download it like any other PADD. Personnel with more generic equipment downloads could grab it too, such as Halok. Strangely, Jake Sisko can use it to File Mission Reports. You know... the usual PADD stuff. Still a 3.5.

TOTAL: 10 (50%) Just a tenth of a point behind the original.

#2082-Minnis, Personnel, Kazon, Delta quadrant, VOY
"First maje of the Kazon-Pommar sect. Agreed to host negotiations between the Trabe and several Kazon sects in 2372. Gained little prestige from the debacle."
-OFFICER, Leadership, Diplomacy, Navigation, Biology, Computer Skill x2; Command icon

PICTURE: Well, the far-off shot makes him look like an extra, which is belied by backstory and large skill list, but we do get ito see the Pommar's unusual costuming, and that (haphazard) architecture behind him reminds us he is the host. Rehabilitates the card somewhat, though it's still not very attractive. A 3.

LORE: The first phrase is standard, but useful in combination with other Kazon cards. The second gives him a context, and is fine. The last is where he shines though, remarking dryly on the outcome of the negotiations. This is one of the things STCCG lore does best: comment on character failures with a big wink and no spoilers per se. And it's well written too. A strong 3.8.

TREK SENSE: We don't know much about Minnis except that he was the Maje who hosted the negotiations in "Alliances". That simple thing has cleared him for Officer/Leadership/Command, Diplomacy and high Integrity. He's also relatively smart, reasonable enough to agree to this meeting. Then there are plausible elements that aren't necessarily borne out in the episode: High Strength is a Kazon trait, for example. Navigation suits well a nomadic species (even if he obviously had planetside holdings). Computer Skill x2 may be related to the security measures taken to insure the meeting place would be safe. Well, it didn't quite turn out well enough for him to deserve x2, and in any case, Security would still have been more relevant. Biology is the mystery, and there's no obvious reason why it's here. Not impossible for him to have, but no proof either way. Got to call this one a fair 3.4.

STOCKABILITY: Maje's are excellent Kazon personnel, not only because they have plenty of skills and generally high attributes, but because of all the other perks the title brings. Its a requirement on Combat Training, and boosts Kazon Conference's points. More importantly, The Kazon Collective allows you, in this case, to report other Kazon-Pommar for free if he's in play. The Pommar have 3 personnel other than Minnis, 2 of them universal, and they're not bad at all. Tersa is a 4-skill unique with a good dilemma-busting skills, Corez is a bodyguard with a hand weapon download, and Saldin is a bartender with interesting skills. As for Minnis himself, he only provides useful skills. OFFICER, Leadership and Navigation are pretty common, and in fact, none of his skills can be found on less than 4 Kazon in total, but they're all good and all found in one place here. The doubled Computer Skill is of particular note, even if his OFFICER classification prevents you from downloading him via Isolinear Rods. He's still the guy that'll get you out of Ferengi Ingenuity, not to mention Alice and Flim-Flam Artist. You'll also find that Computer Skill x2 turns up VERY often on Delta Quadrant missions, whoever you ally your Kazon with. Great attributes finish off the package (the INTEGRITY is particularly uncommon), but no command of a ship. I'd say the Pommar aren't bad guys to bring to the table. A 3.7.

TOTAL: 13.9 (69.5%) You're not really doing Kazon Conference without him, are you? ;-)

#2095-Mission Debriefing, Event, Hidden Agenda, VOY
"Keeping detailed records of missions and discoveries is an essential part of any crew's daily routine. This is even more critical for the only Federation crew in the Delta Quadrant."
-Seeds or plays on table. Whenever any crew or Away Team finishes a mission attempt (whether successful or not), it is "stopped." (Captain's Order.)

PICTURE: The original First Contact image was more striking by far, but because it fell at the start of the film and was clearly a BRIEFING, not a Debriefing, perhaps this one does better. It's from "Scorpion", if you're interested to know, it would fall after a first, failed attempt at meeting Species 8472, crossing the Borg region, what have you. Note Harry's conspicuous absence... More appropriate then, but less interesting visually, populated as it is with tiny characters and the backs of heads (and I never got the keyhole design of that table). A 2.7.

LORE: The example given in the sentence could be seen as misleading, but it's just an example pulled from the image. The first does a fair job of explaining the policy set forth by the card. Hits the average, perfectly acceptable 3.

TREK SENSE: No change since my last review of the concept, and the card didn't too well there. Though the basic idea is sound - personnel really do conduct Debriefings after missions, either to prepare better for the next attempt or to get a full report of the success - the execution is another matter. The mirror effect is slightly bizarre, since it may affect some very different affiliations. When played instead of seeded, for example, it has the effect of establishing the policy for two powers simultaneously. And it's debatable whether certain affiliations actually would do this kind of thing as much as the Feds. The Kazon? The Non-Aligned? Thankfully, the Borg are immune by virtue of the wording. I don't dispute that this would be a Captain's Order (I'm sure Debriefings are conducted no matter what, but these are more THOROUGH Debriefings), but it's like your Captain orders it for ALL ships in play, on both sides. One thing that's truly absurd is the Hidden Agenda icon: You didn't know this was the policy and may be surprised by it. What?!? There's also the idea that Away Teams at planet missions conduct their Debriefing on the planet rather than return to their ship to do so. Not how it goes down on the show. Same as before, but I was almost being generous there. For consistency's sake: 2.4.

STOCKABILITY: This is still one mean, annoying card to play on your opponent (just remember that it affects you too). The best time to use it (from its Hidden Agenda cover) is just after a planet mission attempt ends on their side (whether successful or not). The Away Team is stranded on the planet for the turn, just as if they'd hit a wall dilemma, which means your Kazon, Hirogen and Vidiians (for example), will have much less resistance boarding the ship in orbit for their goodies (if you want organs to harvest there, just seed Crisis at every planet), attacking and destroying it, or beaming down to the planet to do battle without any special card. You don't need to take such an active hand either. Dilemmas like Volcanic Eruption that kill a personnel every turn will do more damage of the Away Team can't return to its ship. Even without special tricks (like at space missions), it's still slows down your opponent, and is especially appropriate against mega-Away Teams that plan to complete more than one mission on the same turn. The problem is that it does affect you as well. That's alright, just wait to use it would affect your opponent and not you at that point, and maybe have a Mercy Kill handy to get rid of it (2E has some solutions for getting rid of Events too). Then, get a copy back into play using Ready Room Door (it's a Captain's Order - but don't protect it with the RRD), Commander's Office, or Commander Leeta's or James T. Kirk's download, if you have access to such. Since it doesn't affect the Borg, it works great for a Borg player, slowing down their opponent with no consequences. A must for that kind of deck. The new downloads give it a small score hike from the last version: 4.2.

TOTAL: 12.3 (61.5%) Inched along between expansions.


#2108-Mitchell, Personnel, Federation, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Operator of the junction room on deck 16 of USS Voyager. Knows the bowels of the ship better than almost anyone aboard - including Captain Janeway."

-SCIENCE, Computer Skill, Navigation, Astrophysics; Staff icon


PICTURE: Hey, that's a nice little cameo by Tom Morello, guitarist of Rage Against the Machine! I'll decry the lack of any relevant easter egg in the rest of this review, but here I think he makes a cool lower decks character. We rarely see shaved heads in Starfleet, but it makes him quite the marginalized crewmember. The background is simple enough, with a tunnel (his junction?) behind him, and those stripes at once reminding me of streaking stars, and of an empty Wall of Ships. A very likeable 3.7.

LORE: No Rage easter egg? Grumble. Unless the bowels stuff is meant as the designers' musical opinions. Grumble some more if that's the case. His small moment is well recounted, with the joke on Janeway intact, so this is still superior stuff. A 3.5, in fact.

TREK SENSE: Deck 16's junction room is part of the ship's sensor apparatus, so it makes perfect sense that Mitchell (a Staffer if we ever saw one) would be part of the Science classification. Astrophysics must be his specialty, and Computer Skill is key to working the sensors. Navigation can be seen two ways. On one hand, it's part of studying outer space (but less than Stellar Cartography, for example), and the other, it explains his innate sense of where everything in the "bowels of the ship". May just be more reasonable than Engineer for this function. Fun stuff. No Music à la Iggy Pop/Yelgren? Grumble. As for the attributes, they are Federation-standard, with Cunning a bit higher for his job and showing up Janeway. Strength may be a bit high for his position, but you can't underestimate the Strength that comes with Rage ;-). Ok, so *I* fit something in, but the designers really didn't. Acceptable, but I'd have liked more. A 3.3.

STOCKABILITY: I've often said 3 skills is a weaker position than 2, because there's no Assign card for 3 skills. And yet, it's not quite 4 skills is it? That said, the DQ environment has fewer available personnel, so we'll see how he fares (because the attributes are quite good). Computer Skill is very, very common in the DQ, but so many missions require it that it's not a problem to see it here. Navigation is common too, but much less so, and yet, always important. And Astrophysics? Useful both for missions and dilemmas, it's rarer. I'm thinking of the likes of Catalog Phenomena and other space missions. Not a bad one in the lot, and the SCIENCE is surprisingly not all that present on DQ Feds. Mitchell comes off as better than Noah Lessing, Thompson and even William Telfer, though not as good as Samantha Wildman, and other than those, you might find SCIENCE as a skill on a main or someone. He would be out-classed by Non-Aligned support (as from the Think Tank), so maybe he'll only ever be truly useful in Warp Speed, but he's got enough qualities to warrant an above average 3.4.

TOTAL: 13.9 (69.5%) I guess I'm showing some of my more retro musical tastes in this one ;-).

#2121-Mobile Holo-Emitter, Equipment, AU, VOY

"Portable holographic projector designed by Henry Starling. Based on 29th-century technology he stole from the Timeship Aeon. Acquired by The Doctor in 2373 - or was it 1996?"

-May be "worn" by (placed on) one of your [Holo] personnel; you may remove it during your turn. Wearer moves normally. While worn, does not count as an Equipment card.

PICTURE: The Emitter in a petrie dish has a solid central composition, but is a quite static prop shot (actually from an episode though). Some details do show up, but no more than a 2.8.

LORE: Fun because it plays around with all the dates mentioned in "Future's End". The Emitter is indeed a product of 29th-century technology in the hands of a 20th-century mind, but is used in the 24th century. Cute enough for a 3.6.

TREK SENSE: Just like on the show, it is worn by a hologram, allowing it to leave Holodeck and Holo-Projector-assisted environments. Simple enough. It is not a permanent effect, as it can, just like on the show, be removed (and then worn by another holo). It IS a product of AU technology, so no problem with that icon. The only thing I actually find odd is its not counting as Equipment while worn. Well, why not? Turning into a clothing accessory, it may not seem as targetable as a hand-held piece of Equipment, yet we HAVE seen it be disrupted, stolen, etc. I don't think it's reasonable to excuse it from the effects of Common Thief, Disruptor Overload, et al. But that's the only thing, so still a sensible 4.

STOCKABILITY: Holograms have a built-in weakness to balance their strengths (such as not being killed like other personnel), and that's their dependence on Holodecks and Holo-Projectors. They can only exist as active at locations so equipped. The Mobile Holo-Emitter, a staple of the Voyager program, allow a single holo-personnel to go to any location as if it were a "real boy". The Mobile holo can thus be beamed to a enemy ship or facility as part of an assault team or as an intruder, something that would have been impossible otherwise. This is useful for some of the more specialized holograms, like Anastasia Komananov who can limitedly act like an infiltrator, or holograms attuned to personnel battle, like Duchamps or Fek'lhr. The Doctor can download it and even ignore its AU icon (another limit - you otherwise need an AU Door or STP). The Doc can then go on mission attempts (his best function given his skill load) without the need for Holo-Projectors at every single location. Oh, and though I've never been afraid of the card, it also makes one immune to Small Oversight. It's a specialty item that you don't really want to have in multiple copies (only a couple would be reasonable), but at least, it can be transferred from one personnel to another, at which time only would it become vulnerable to Disruptor Overload and the like. While worn, however, it can't be stolen or destroyed by cards that affect Equipment. A balanced 3.4 then.

TOTAL: 13.8 (69%) Had to be made, but was always going to be a little underpowered (or else cover multiple personnel and feel the wrath of my Trek Sense).


#2134-Mortimer Harren, Personnel, Federation, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Solitary theoretician. Signed aboard USS Voyager to meet an admissions requirement at a cosmological institute. Not even his mother called him Mortimer."

-ENGINEER, Astrophysics x2, Stellar Cartography


PICTURE: The dark gunmetal grays of the Voyager backgrounds make this pic fairly forgettable, with only Harren's doubting expression and pasty face keeping our interest. Can't fault the composition, but this is a dull 2.6.

LORE: Now this, I like. We get his rather odd job and how he got it. Poor guy got trapped on a 40-year mission (ok, 7-year), and he didn't even want to be in Starfleet. The last bit is something fun about his life. Pathetic is the order of the day. A nice 3.4.

TREK SENSE: As a theoretician, it may seem odd that he be Engineer-classification, since Engineers are so hands-on and practical, but everyone had to get dirty on Voyager. Harren was drafted to an Engineering position. Note he still lacks a Staff icon, and remained a problem crewmember. His field is still Astrophysics, and he's quite gifted at it, as evidence by a double dose of the skill, plus the related Stellar Cartography, and indeed, the high Cunning. Mean and disdainful of Starfleet duties, his Integrity's not all it's cracked up to be. Strength's ok, but a pure thinker like this should have gotten less. Maybe he got used to all the schoolyard fights back in the old days. It's all good, though not particularly audacious. A 3.8.

STOCKABILITY: As far as support personnel go, Harren is very well adapted to the Delta Quadrant, but would be of help even outside it. ENGINEER is in high demand in the DQ, that's for sure, and his two (or should we say three?) skills are very often found together in requirements, and he'll easily help go through "astrometrics" dilemmas (i.e. that require Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography). Astrophysics is never required at more than x2 anyway (and often so). Plenty of missions that follow his profile as well, like Catalogue Phenomena, Inversion Mystery, and, in the Alpha Quadrant, Reignite Dead Star. The high CUNNING certainly doesn't hurt either. Thing is, Harren will rarely beat a dilemma or mission alone, he remains a support personnel through and through. But with those good, tight skills, I've got to give him as high as 3.6.

TOTAL: 13.4 (67%) Anyone ever try a loser deck, with Barclay at its center perhaps?


#2147-Motura, Personnel, Vidiian, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Vidiian sculptor. Would have died of the phage if not for lungs stolen from Neelix. Willing to be punished. When shown mercy instead, responded in kind to save Neelix."

-CIVILIAN, Diplomacy x2, SCIENCE, Honor, Anthropology, Music; SD Dereth



PICTURE: Close-up on the ugly Vidiian, but that can't really be a factor for this species. The expression manages to elicit sympathy, and the background is in very fleshy tones, perfect for the Vidiians. Sets the score at 3.5.

LORE: The whole story with Neelix is told is three sentences. Again, elicits some sympathy, but no fireworks. A 3.1.


TREK SENSE: If Motura is a sculptor, then Civilian would seem to be indicated. Of course, the entire Vidiian culture was co-opted by the Phage and finding a cure for it, so Science creeps in (it was either that or Medical). What he and his honatta did was for his survival, but when caught, he was willing to be punished, and then saved Neelix's life. That's the Honor and high Integrity. This negotiated settlement is arrived at through Diplomacy, but I think x2 is a bit of a stretch. If he was that Diplomatic, he would have been able to get lung tissue without resorting to Organ Theft. Anthropology is there on the same principle - that it can help in understanding and communicating with other species. Not too satisfying, but it could also be seen as a function of his art. Music also seems to stem from this, but I'm not sure it follows that a sculptor would also be a musician. Let's just say they had to tack on a few skills to prop up the Vidiian skill pool. His honatta, Dereth, is a download here, and true, they should be together. Cunning's within his species' range, but he's less scientifically-minded than others. Strength shows a sick man who used to have higher strength reserves (sculpture can be hard work). Over-reaches in many areas, so I can't do better than 2.5 here.


STOCKABILITY: The Vidiians are a very small affiliation, and Motura offers a large skill list, often of the rare variety. Diplomacy, for example, only appears on Drenol and Motura, so the x2 is definitely useful. You won't find any other Vidiian CIVILIANs either, or any other personnel with Music. Neither of these should crop up often in a game, and indeed, would usually not be of use unless you had more than one such personnel (Colony or Flute decks, for example). Only 2 Honor and 3 Anthropology in the whole affiliation, the former useful for Ancestral Vision card draws at the very least, and the latter for lots of missions and dilemmas. SCIENCE is great as well, compensating for the lack of a more useful classification. He brings a little something to all Vidiian missions, being most useful at Study Interment Site. He'd also be good at Transport Colonists. Let's not forget the special download of Dereth, who's an excellent mission solver himself, and who may download a couple of very important cards for Vidiians. For any more of Motura's skills though, you'd have to ally with another affiliation (or NAs), or else Scission Motura. Should come up in most Vidiian decks, but odd enough not to be at the center of such. A 4.


TOTAL: 13.1 (65.5%) Must be his illness that does it.


#2160-Mutation, Interrupt, VOY

"Tom Paris underwent a horrifying evolution after a transwarp test flight. His mutating DNA caused internal organs to shift, atrophy, and reform. His outward transformation was no less disturbing."

-Plays to shuffle top two cards of any discard pile into owner's draw deck. OR Plays once each turn; discard one card to draw two.

PICTURE: I know we have to take this from the Vidiians, but now from pretty-boy Tom Paris as well? Sheesh. They really got the grossest shot of him, didn't they? And it's not like the Vidiians, where you pretty much have to show them looking ugly - they had other shots for Mutation, including the creatures Tom and Janeway eventually mutated into. Then again, I might have taken points off just for coming from "Threshold"... Ok, so aside from some bright colors, this pic does have something going for it: I think Tom's pose in the frame adds to the sense of grotesque, sort of like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. These elements only get us to 2.4.

LORE: The story from the pic, well told, all in all, and with some flair at the end. Doesn't help much with the game text, but really, how could it? A 3.2.

TREK SENSE: This has nothing to do with the transformations from "Threshold", or any kind of Mutation that might happen to personnel. What "mutates" is one's hand, deck and/or discard pile. I wish I could say it was a conceptual card, but it hardly is. Merely a couple of mechanical effects that can't even be related to the story even in a allegorical way. The second effect is perhaps better, the one card dividing/mutating into two. Ehh... I can't even justify that happening to a player's resources. It's a 0, people.

STOCKABILITY: Card management cards are big, especially when you know how to use them together to get the cards you want in hand and in play. Mutation by itself isn't a game breaker, but with other cycling and manipulation methods, it's part of an efficient deck. The first function takes two cards you lost and puts them back into the draw deck. It's no Palor Toff (though it's good at recyling Palors), but it's cheaper than a Res-Q. You can Handshake the discard pile beforehand to get the 2 you want. It can also be played on your opponent to take cards away from them if THEY are about to use some card manipulation strategy to fish discards out of their pile (perhaps with Nanoprobe Resuscitation), but at the cost of cycling them back into the opposing deck. The second effect lets you get rid of an unwanted card in exchange for 2 card draws. In reality, that's 2 for 2, since you're also discarding the Mutation. Still, those are quick card draws that can even be had during an opponent's turn. In the hands of a master, this thing's probably a 4.

TOTAL: 9.6 (48%) Still good considering it has no Trek Sense.


#2174-Nadirum, Personnel, Vidiian, universal, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Commanded a Vidiian Cruiser. Attempted to harvest organs from the USS Voyager crew in 2372. Dozens like him are on the same single-minded mission."

-OFFICER, Leadership, Computer Skill, Navigation; SD Organ Theft; Command icon


PICTURE: Nadirum has some severe problems resulting from his phage, including the loss of an eye and terminal ugliness. It's a good pic however, with a bronzish background and the character in focus, though the harsh lighting seems to come from an odd angle. A 3.1.

LORE: Matching commander status for a universal ship starts things off usefully. The second sentence goes without saying and is pretty boring. The last, however, is a very original way to acknowledge his universality. More good than bad at 3.3.

TREK SENSE: Typical of Vidiian Officers, he had Leadership, a Command icon, and command of a Cruiser. Navigation to pilot the things towards the right organs is also part of the package, and while Computer Skill is a little less interesing, it's something most 24th-century denizens should have some skill at. We certainly can't say the skills exceed the bounds of what would be "typical". The download of Organ Theft is equally natural, this being such ships' standard objective. Integrity's a bit high perhaps, but we're reminded that the Vidiians are doing this for their survival and have little choice. Still, a 4 should have been enough. Cunning's above average because the Vidiians are highly advanced, but not as high as their Medicals and Scientists. I guess Nadirum and his sort are just dumb pilots to their society. Strength could have been higher, but the phage always takes a toll. Not much to criticize, this universal gets 3.8.

STOCKABILITY: All Vidiian personnel are important to the effort, since they have a very small affiliation with a very tight skill pool. None of his skills occur more than 4 times, and Leadership only 3. Heck, he's only one of two OFFICERs. And these are usually common skills, so you'll find them on lots of dilemmas and missions. I guess that's why Vidiians ally themselves with others using their Sodality, eh? Nadirum further helps out the cause by downloading a copy of Organ Theft, the Vidiians' preferred round-the-corner strategy. And you can get it out early thanks to his status as matching commander of a totally Spacedoorable universal ship, the Vidiian Cruiser. Get the Cruiser at the start of the game, Ready Room Door Nadirum aboard, download Organ Theft. While you're at it, download the Boarding Claw with the ship's own special download, and you're almost ready to go (you do have to staff the thing). When you do have the personnel and Harvesters aboard, you're off. Sodality allows you to report personnel directly to the ship, and Plaque and Log boost its already considerable attributes to 11-13-13. Drenol can't do all that. Nadirum manages a 4.4.

TOTAL: 14.6 (73%) Still behind the only other Vidiian Officer.

#2188-Nanoprobe Resuscitation, Interrupt, VOY

"Seven of Nine used a Borg procedure to resuscitate Neelix in 2374, nearly nineteen hours after his death. The Collective has restored drones after almost four times that duration."

-Plays once every turn to return top card of your discard pile to hand. If it is a Personnel card and you have any [Com] Borg in play, you may report it to that Borg's location.

PICTURE: One of the things I disliked about Voyager was its turns into the grotesque. "Mortal Coil" wasn't so bad, but the image has Neelix as a corpse. Not bad in the composition department, but the colors are all over the map, and the face is quite blurry. Just noticed Seven's hand in the corner, pumping Nanoprobes into the Talaxian, which goes to show how little interest this pic had for me. The technical flaws keep it at 2.8.

LORE: The bit about the Borg is interesting enough, but the lore is strangely written. Why the date? I usually find that kind of filler dull as nails, but here, it's part of a strange sentence structure. They resuscitated Neelix in 2374, 19 hours after his death. As if the date had some bearing on that death. As if he died in 2373 or something. Just an odd juxtaposition of years and hours. 2.9 from me.

TREK SENSE: Does a little too much, doesn't it? It's basically a Palor Toff/Res-Q card, that resurrects the last card lost to the discard pile. There's absolutely no justification for that unless it's a personnel card. If it is, well, we're back on track. A Communications Borg can lend the personnel some Nanoprobes that repairs and maintains the personnel's system, bringing it back from death. It's a recent death, since they are still on top of the discard pile. Only Com icon Borg? These drones are usually the one with Medical or similar special skills, so ok. Seems to be part of that subcommand. A personnel so saved may report to the Borg's location obviously. It doesn't have to though, which brings us back to the original nonsense effect. If it didn't die even remotely near the Borg in question, it also raises questions (they found the body floating in space?). If you manage to remove cards from the discard pile some other way, in effect, "digging" out the dead personnel, that may mark a new Borg record for Resuscitation. Personnel can also be dropped "unkilled" into the discard pile, where are THEY comng from? I'm not even sure this should count as an Interrupt, even if Nanoprobes are quick acting. The nonsensical primary effect is all we need to drop this one to 1.6.

STOCKABILITY: A combination of Palor Toff and Res-Q, Nanoprobe can grab any card type, and does so at interrupt speeds, leaving your standard card play untouched. The only hitch is that it must be the top card of the discard pile, so don't lose any more cards before you play the card. There's an added bonus when saving a personnel card: You may immediately report it to a Communications icon Borg. For the Borg, this is a simple enough way to get back a Queen or Counterpart, for example, but there are enough Non-Aligned former Borg with the icon that anyone may use the strategy (especially in DQ decks). And it's not just a matter of reversing the deaths of personnel lost to dilemmas or battles. You can also use card manipulators to discard personnel from hand or draw deck, only to report them for free to your Borg's location. An easy way to get non-DQ personnel to the DQ for example, no matter how many skills or what icons they have. Easily replaces Res-Q and Palor Toff in most situations even without that side-ability, it gets a resounding 4.5.

TOTAL: 11.8 (59%) But Stockability's the most important for the game, right?


#2202-Narret, Personnel, Kazon, universal, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Loyal Kazon-Nistrim typical of Culluh's soldiers. Stood proudly with his maje as a bridge officer on the captured USS Voyager."

-SCIENCE, Honor, Computer Skill, Stellar Cartography; Staff icon


PICTURE: Narret stands at Harry Kim's station, which is good for what they tried to do with him (extras like this are a matter of conjecture). Of course, it's always a little strange to see an affiliation on the bridge of another's ship, but Narret brings a Kazon weapon with him too, so he's a little of both worlds. An ok 3.1.

LORE: They lay it on a bit thick when it comes to loyalty and pride (to be revisited in Trek Sense), but attributing him motivations is at least interesting. A Science personnel listed as a typical soldier isn't really the best move though, so he only gets as far as 3.2.

TREK SENSE: They make a big deal of this guy's loyalty to award him Honor and better-than-average Integrity, so I guess this guy was a patriot with a bad leader. Go Nistrim! I don't want to compare the Kazon to Nazis or fascists, but it's harder to see the Honor in serving such causes. And is this really "typical" of the Kazon underlings we saw? In the commandeering of Voyager, he was placed at Ops, which might as well be the Science station. Computer Skill helps him run and understand the scans, the Staff icon to staff the ship, and Stellar Cartography is the Science they've given him. Probably typical for a nomadic spacefaring race. Cunning is about right. Strength too, for a Science personnel, though also making him a soldier (and placing a Rifle in the picture) might have allowed him a bit more. Ah well. The Honor issues aside, this is a fair attempt at a card, so give it a 3.3.

STOCKABILITY: So here we have a universal SCIENCE personnel with a few necessary skills, SCIENCE, Computer Skill and Stellar Cartography, and the rarer, but less useful Honor. The first three are found on lots of dilemmas, of course, but SC is also on Corner Enemy Ship. Honor doesn't figure on much, and he would need an INTEGRITY boost to be able to use Ancestral Vision (I suggest Lower Decks for this), and that's if you want to use Karden elsewhere. Otherwise, the Kazon are a small affiliation, so there isn't an overwhelming accumulation of any skill, really, so none are too common to include. He's a Nistrim, which is a sect containing all his skills over again in some combination or other, so you're covered when using them. No flaws in the attributes departement. Not a key personnel, certainly, but a cheap source of all skills concerned. A 3.4.

TOTAL: 13 (65%) At least he kept getting better as the review went on.


#2216-Navigational Hazards, Dilemma, space, VOY

"Seven of Nine and Harry Kim enhanced the Astrometrics Lab aboard U.S.S. Voyager, allowing the crew to plot a new course that took five years off their expected journey home."

-To get past requires Stellar Cartography and 2 Navigation.

PICTURE: There's no doubt that this is a beautiful picture of our galaxy, colorful and with the quadrants well drawn. The green blotches, for those who don't remember, are nodes in the Hirogen-held communications network. Not being Hazards of any kind, I have to take off points because it just doesn't represent Navigational Hazards, but rather, a way out of them. If it was all about aesthetics, I'd go higher, but as things stand, only a 3.

LORE: Again, we're getting a solution and not a dilemma. There's not even a mention of Hazards Voyager might have encountered along the way. The information imparted is fine, but it's gonna be an inappropriate 2.

TREK SENSE: No change since the original came out in DS9. Navigational Hazards in your way? Use the two spatial orientation skills to go around them (or out of them), Navigation and Stellar Cartography. The dilemma perhaps doesn't quite go far enough, not damaging the ship or having any "Hazardous" effect. And it's a debatable wall, since you can easily get to the area (and leave), but you can't get to the mission objective without large amounts of navigational ability. It's a simple design, and that's fine, but it seems like we're not getting a complete picture. If it had pollution characteristics... A 3.1.

SEEDABILITY: Again, no real change, except perhaps that we got even better Navigators after the original review was written. Cuz that's the problem here: Navigation is very common at this point, and Stellar Cartography isn't far behind, which makes this wall less than fool-proof. Of course, it's still way better than many common dilemmas from Premiere that required much less. This is still 3 skill levels, and it's possible, in a combo, to get rid of key personnel. You should mainly target OFFICERs and SCIENCE personnel with your combos, and Tactics used as dilemma damage markers might work too, Strafing Run in particular. Still not much faith in this one, so 2.9 again.

TOTAL: 11 (55%) Down 5% from the original.

#2229-Neelix, Personnel, Non-Aligned/Federation, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Talaxian jack-of-all-trades. Has served on a Trabalian freighter, mining colony, and Voyager. Serves as cook, morale officer, guide, and sometimes ambassador."

-CIVILIAN, Anthropology, Navigation, Diplomacy, ENGINEER, Geology; Staff icon


PICTURE: Neelix doesn't look quite sure this whole Voyager thing was a good idea. The pic is, after all, from "The Phage", which wasn't a positive incident in his life. Of the many costumes worn by Neelix, this early is one colorful, but not great, which sums up Neelix, I guess you could say. It's an average pic, all in all, but I do like the curve of the bridge behind him, placing him in a mad, spinning world. That subtle touch brings this up to 3.4. (Templates are about equivalent, though I think the NA one is more natural.)

LORE: Neelix's résumé is a long and varied one, and the lore pays homage to that well enough. Being a "cook" has a use too, but not being "ambassador", since he's a native of the wrong Quadrant for Office of the President. A 3.5.

TREK SENSE: A Non-Aligned DQ personnel, Neelix joined a Starfleet crew and came to espouse Federation values. So the dual-affiliation works ok. His varied Curriculum Vitae has had him staff a freighter (his icon), command his own small ship, the Baxial (Navigation/Engineer, the latter because it seemed like a fix-up job and it was his Trabalian posting), a diplomat (Diplomacy), a guide (Navigation and Anthropology, though he was quickly out of his depth... still, he had a handle on rumors and legends), and a miner (Geology). Since he was a merchant, I think Acquisition might also have been credible, and Biology for the survey part of his cooking duties. You could easily justify Security and Computer Skill too. See how quickly these DQ personnel can get bloated with skills? Odd to think that it's as difficult to get a complete picture of Neelix as it is to get one of Data. I think the stuff that wasn't much featured on the show (like Geology) should have made room for something else however. His Integrity is closer to his early days on the ship: a good guy who can't always be counted on to do the right thing (his jealousy, for example). Cunning fits with his skills, though he sometimes seemed dumber than this. As for Strength, he's a stout non-combatant. 5 fits. And for the score? A necessarily incomplete 3.9.

STOCKABILITY: A DQ skill horse that'll fit with any non-Borg affiliation, he'll be most helpful at planet missions given that mix of skills. CIVILIAN isn't much of a classification (War Council not withstanding), but ENGINEER makes up for it big time, especially in that DQ environment. And aside from those skills (no real rarities, but all useful), he's also a lone alternative requirement for Tak Tak Negotiation, and being a cook helps at Restock Supplies. Liberation, where you seed the Caretaker's Array can also use him as a requirement instead of Transporter Skill (for the Kazon among you). If Scissioned, 2 Neelixes will go through many dilemmas like nobody's business. Attributes aren't red hot, but they're ok. He's got a small ship for which is he matching commander, and it reports for free to his location. No staffing, so it's a potential lander/Hidden Fighter (it has no transporters), and being a freighter opens up possibilities, especially if moving to the Alpha Quadrant. It's a weak ship, of course, but he can always Plaque and Log it for 9-7-9 attributes. This skill horse gets a good 4.

TOTAL: 14.8 (74%) Did better here than on the show.

#2240-Nekrit Supply Depot, Outpost, Non-Aligned, universal, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Trade center for mining and commercial vessels. Located on the border of the Nekrit Expanse."

-Seed one at any mission that is in (or adjacent to) the Nekrit Expanse region OR build at such a mission where you have a Non-Aligned [DQ] ENGINEER.


PICTURE: The facility looks like it's pasted on the cloud, perhaps because of the contrasted focus, and yet, we can see much detail. Also nice is the cloud, which fits right in with the Nekrit Expanse region's look. A cool 3.4.

LORE: Simple and average, with a fun play on being both a center and a border. I like that kind of stuff, but it's subtle. A 3.2.

TREK SENSE: These Supply Depots are specifically mentioned to be in the Nekrit region, so that's where you must seed them. Or at least adjacent to that region. Even in the region, in fact, you'd have to imagine the facility on the very edge of the mission location. Not above the Borg cooperative planet, certainly! They're always a little too far or a little too close, but this is one Outpost that at least plays in the right geographical location. (Can't say that of affiliated Outposts.) It's an open port of call, so Non-Aligned, with any affiliated DQ personnel showing up to trade. NAs can build another Depot in the region if necessary, with the usual Trek Sense problems. One Engineer? That's all it takes? The simple, sundry look of the facility helps here, and maybe the Engineer only plans and oversees a crew of Worker Bobs, but the time it takes, etc. has always been less than satisfying. Shields are as high as a Cardassian, Klingon or Romulan Outpost, which seems a bit high for an unmilitarized trading platform. Especially given the look of the place. I understand the need to protect it from the energies of the Expanse and all that, but still. In the end, does better than a regular Outpost (it's clearly a SPACE facility, as outposts should be), but it's not perfect. A 3.2.

SEEDABILITY: The Nekrit Supply Depot is a sort of universal outpost for any of your DQ affiliations, so long as they can mix and cooperate. There are plenty of NAs anyway, and a way for them plus native Kazon or Vidiians plus another affiliation to work together. So seed Sodality or Collective and use the Supply Depot to report them all. You have to use the Nekrit Expanse region, yes, but that's not a disadvantage. Creating a region puts all your missions together, and the Nekrit Expanse has both a planet and a (universal) space mission. Assist Cooperative is an NA mission, Catalog Phenomena is for any crew. And look at those requirements! The Non-Aligned Seven of Nine manages to complete Assist for 40 points alone, and she's only missing Astrophysics to complete Catalog. That's just one personnel, but there are plenty of Non-Aligned former Borg, Maquis and other DQ natives to choose from, even if you don't combine them with another affiliation. Seven can even build another Supply Depot if you need it. SHIELDS are as good as any. A strong 3.6.

TOTAL: 13.4 (67%) Can't supply more at this time.

#2252-Nevala, Personnel, Romulan, VOY

"Skilled pilot serving under Rekar. Her family's brushes with the Tal Shiar have left her highly suspicious and distrustful of others - even by Romulan standards."

-ENGINEER, Navigation, Computer Skill x2, Physics, Astrophysics; SD Romulan PADD; Staff icon


PICTURE: I like the sash look, and the Prometheus' white bridge offers something different and interesting, though it does accentuate the contrast on the image as a whole. Bottom line though, unmemorable characters usually make for unmemorable cards. A 3.1, no more.

LORE: Good stuff. They keep the dull standards at a minimum, managing to still qualify her position. The rest is well written back story, in a Romulan context and everything. Reminds one of Toreth. A strong 4.

TREK SENSE: As with Selveth, we get a Romulan pilot who is Engineer rather than Officer. I still don't get, except to say the Romulans are generally low on Engineers. Trek Sense doesn't much care about problems like that. Not that it would have been a bad SKILL for her, since figuring out the Prometheus' brand-spankin' new systems would benefit from it. Computer Skill x2 certainly helps there too, managing a great commandeering effort. Navigation is the pilot skill, though we find out here she's no more "skilled" than anyone else with the skill. Physics and Astrophysics are Engineer-related skills, somewhat. Not show in use on the show, I don't think, but not total eyesores. They look like padding. Speaking of which, there's the special download of a Romulan PADD. This is ok, and she might have used one, but it's no generic, it's no big deal. Staff icon is fine, of course. Attributes are what should have been Selveth's, since these two characters are somewhat equivalent. Loyal Integrity, good Romulan Cunning, and Strength that fits her biology, size, gender and position. A lot of liberties taken, but she's mostly sensical. Manages 2.8.

STOCKABILITY: Another Romulan that'll fit right into those famous Romulan space decks. Great classification (see above) and some excellent connected skills. She'll help at a great number of dilemmas and missions. Computer Skill x2 has proven itself to be quite useful: She's downloadable via Isolinear Rods, can overcome Ferengi Ingenuity, and protect you from Scanner Interference. No weaknesses as far as attributes go, and she can boost her CUNNING and her crew's with that Romulan PADD of hers. Not the most interesting equipment card, especially for the generally smart Romulans, but cheaply had equipment cards are good for things like cargo runs, and discards at dilemmas (like Rebel Encounter or Common Thief) and missions (Samaritan Snare). A PADD is also good for getting an OFFICER over the Crimson Forcefield cap and to pass Executive Authorization. It's just not something you think of as necessary. That said, when it's free like this, why not slip one in your deck? Better safe than sorry. Large skill list, one doubled skill, etc., etc. Nevala gets 3.9.

TOTAL: 13.8 (69%) So what happens when the Tal Shiar are in the room? ;-)

#2264-Nimira, Personnel, Non-Aligned, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Telepathic Mari. Chief Examiner of the Constabulary. The unusual laws of her species have reduced crime, but created a black market for illicit violent thoughts."

-SECURITY, Empathy, Law, MEDICAL; Staff icon


PICTURE: Nimira looks severe enough, has a distinctive hairstyle and a neat badge I'd like to see closer up. The background is busy, but interesting, the geometry representing order, but looking more chaotic than anything, which I think says something about the Mari culture. Deserves its 3.5.

LORE: Her entire culture is described through her card, which is fine and interesting, especially as it all relates to her role. Her title is fun too, just a touch alien. No B'Etor reference (same actress), but that's always a fun extra, not necessary. A fine 3.3.

TREK SENSE: I don't take issue with her being "Chief" and yet only have a Staff icon and no Leadership. After all, she doesn't command a ship, and letting the Voyager crew take over the investigation shows a LACK of Leadership on her part (plus, she's one of the last examiners, crime being almost unheard of, so she has hardly anyone working for her). She's still Security with Law, of course, and since the Mari are telepathic, she has Empathy. Not x2? Well, I no. x1 represents more limited forms of telepathy, and it seemed like the Mari had to touch to communicate (or were at least short-range telepaths), and had an image-driven telepathy, rather than language-driven. Thinking back on Maques (a x2), I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate. Medical shows up because she has to perform an engramatic purge on Torres, which is a "medical procedure". Integrity is above average as she IS a policewoman working toward ridding her world of crime. Cunning isn't very high because she couldn't see her society wasn't really working right, and besides, needed Voyager's help to solve the black market mystery. Strength may seem low for a Security personnel, but the Mari come off as rather wimpy even when they're not peace-loving. It's fine. I'm not sure about the Empathy thing, but otherwise, there are no problems here. A solid 3.7.

STOCKABILITY: Empathy and Law? These are very rare skills, especially in the Delta Quadrant, so she's a good source of both for any non-Borg affiliation evolving in that corner of the galaxy. SECURITY/MEDICAL ain't bad either! Two excellent classifications. Attributes aren't out of this world, but they're also not liabilities. She'll get you through plenty of missions and dilemmas with that overall package, and I think any DQ deck should probably make use of her, at the very least as a back-up for every one of those skills. More proactively, she's a good NA personnel to use Empathic Touch with, for example. A strong 4.

TOTAL: 14.5 (72.5%) Just 0.1 away from B'Etor ;-).

#2276-Nirata, Personnel, Vidiian, universal, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Representative of Vidiian general medical practitioners. Chose to enter military service rather than pledge himself as honatta to a single individual."

-MEDICAL, Exobiology, Biology; Staff icon


PICTURE: Between the pose and the outfit, it's like a scene out of M*A*S*H. A well-realized Medical pic. I like the small tuft of hair on the ride side of his head, and the make-up highlights his brains. A surprisingly likeable 3.6.

LORE: Taking this back to the honatta stuff was a very interesting way to go, adding depth to Vidiian culture (where the show dared no tread). "General medical practitioner" almost seems like an anachronism though. Still, there's enough here for a 3.5.

TREK SENSE: A Medical support personnel for the Vidiians, he's simple, but sensical. As "representative", he's universal. He's a Medical with training in both Biology and Exobiology, both of which would be useful in space. The Staff icon is a correct measure of rank. The average Integrity is normal for a Vidiian, since they would do anything to find a cure to the phage, AND he didn't want to be a honatta, which are more self-sacrificing than the norm. Cunning is the highest attribute, matching his job and his species' general advancement. Strength also matches the job, and takes the illness into account. Practically unimpeachable, though there's nothing surprising here. A 4.

STOCKABILITY: MEDICAL is by far the most common skill in the Vidiian Sodality, but it's particularly useful to them. Nirata represents the purest universal version of the idea with both Biology and Exobiology in the skill box. Only two skills makes him a support personnel, downloadable/reportable via the proper Assign card. That skill pool will be useful at Research Phage and Cure Deadly Virus, among the missions, and while facing many dilemmas. The Vidiian Sodality incident, for its part, allows him to report for free. A nice idea might be to use Sodality to create a kind of treaty with the Feds, who have many pure MEDICAL missions. A good 3.4.

TOTAL: 14.5 (72.5%) I call him a "mini-Crusher".

#2288-Noah Lessing, Personnel, Federation/Non-Aligned, Delta quadrant, VOY

"Acting science officer of USS Equinox. Fiercely loyal to Rudolph Ransom. Demoted to crewman by Kathryn Janeway when he joined USS Voyager."

-SCIENCE, Computer Skill, Geology, Biology; Staff icon


PICTURE: I really like this one. A great, desperate mood is created by the odd angle and lighting, and the destroyed bridge behind him is creepy. The green uniform is unusual and fun. Good expression too. A cool 4.1, with the blue template being more appropriate than the yellow.

LORE: Good enough lore, giving us his post when we met him, and his post after we left him. His relationship to Ransom is nicely contrasted with his treatment at the hands of Janeway. Mentioning the Equinox has its use too. A fair 3.4.

TREK SENSE: One of the few officers Ransom had left, Lessing looks young, but has no Youth (maybe his innocence has been robbed?). In any case, he's acting as Science officer and obviously can Staff that position. His skills go with that post, but are they used onscreen? We see him working sensors to detect the Ankari spirits, so Computer Skill and Biology are fair. As for Geology, maybe it's all about the crystalline compound the spirits get turned into, but that was more the Equinox Doctor's thing. Hiding the ship behind a planet then? Could be. The split affiliation is normal for Equinox crew who abandoned they Starfleet (Fed) values and protocols, but can reintegrate fairly easily. Integrity shows a good kid that has had to make some compromises lately. He's smart, which works for his posting, and strong, which could explain how he survived various Ankari attacks (even if he doesn't look it). Sensible, but nothing really original. A 3.8.

STOCKABILITY: Three skills is a bit of a downer, even if all these skills are useful (more on planets than in space). You can't Assign such a personnel (though he may report for free using Home Away From Home), and 4+ skills are always better. Attributes are solid without any of them being incredible. Use of the Equinox "keyword" means he can make the USS Equinox faster (RANGE 11), and being NA means he can be played with any DQ affiliation, not just the Feds. Underwhelming, though Computer Skill is certainly useful in the Delta Quadrant. It's just that I can think of better NA SCIENCE personnel (like the Think Tank, for starters). No higher than 3.

TOTAL: 14.3 (71.5%) High for a "lesser" Equinox personnel.

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