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Accuser, Interrupt
"'Don't wait for the translation, answer me now!' General Chang accused James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy of murdering Chancellor Gorkon in 2271. His vigorous prosecution made a conviction a foregone conclusion."
-Plays on your Law personnel at same location as opposing personnel. Probe:
#: Two personnel here (random selection) are captured.
#Otherwise: Return Interrupt to hand if played on General Chang; otherwise discard.

-by Evek

Battle Deployment, Mission, space, Federation/Klingon/Romulan, 
Critical Sector: Organize allied ships and deploy them against Dominion incursion here.
-OFFICER x2 + Leadership x2 + INTEGRITY>30
Span: 3; 30 points; Your Side: When you solve, you may relocate any of your ships here; Opponent's side: If unsolved,  ships may report here with crew

-by jSarek

Bring Him Before Me, Q-Dilemma
"Bringing the innocent to trial would be unfair."
Q randomly selects a personnel in your crew or Away Team. If that personnel has no Honor, or has Treachery, Greed, Smuggling, or Acquisition, that personnel is immediately discarded. Discard dilemma.

-by Pizman

USS Chimaera, Ship, Federation, 
"Typical search and rescue vessel. Equipped with advanced technology for quickly rescuing lifeboats and personnel from the depths of space."
-Chimaera Class[] Tractor Beam; Personnel aboard your destroyed ship (or thrown out Airlock) at this location are relocated here.

-by jSarek

Combat Response, Incident, , Countdown: 1
-Plays on table. At the beginning of a battle opponent initiates, target your crew or away team involved. If  or , you may nullify battle with Diplomacy x2 there. If , or  you may draw an additional 2 tactics or predetermine the order your personnel will fight in. If , your ships here may immediately cloak. If , you may assimilate opposing stunned personnel. If , you may make any regular move(s) that would allow your forces to avoid battle.

-by jSarek

Desperate Counter, Event, 
"Impact in 11 seconds... 10...9........8............7....In times of a crisis, sometimes time seems to slow down, allowing more to be done than was originally thought."
-Seeds or plays on table. Once per game, when one of your cards is about to count down, you may reset that counter to 2.

-by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

Dominator, Dilemma, space/planet, 8 points
"'Derada' means 'Dominator' in the Romulan tongue. Name for a complex and subtle game of strategy. Made popular among the Federation sometime after the Earth-Romulan Wars, when the human Novokovich invented a famous opening gambit for the game."
-To get past, must have eight different personnel present with total CUNNING>opponent's eight personnel in play (random selection). Discard dilemma.

-by Wordsmith

Emperor's Personal Shuttle, Ship, Federation, 
"Small shuttlecraft used by Emperor Tiberius the First. Used by him to flee the eventual lose of the Imperial Navy at Wolf 359."
-Type VI Shuttlecraft [] Tractor Beam; SD Any  Kirk OR Royal Guard.

-by Fleet Admiral Max

Emperor's Power, Event
"Even though Emperor Kahless was exposed as a clone, he still held great respect and power over the Klingon people."
-Plays on table. While Kahless in play, all Klingons with Honor are INTEGRITY +2, and if Kahless is in battle, they automatically stun 2 opposing personnel at the start of that battle.

-by President Nick of the UFP

Fighter Cover, Interrupt
"The Swarm was a deadly force of hundreds of small ships. Their speed and maneuverability made it nearly impossible to combat one on one."
-Plays during ship-to-ship battle where you have more than 3 undocked ships with no staffing icons after opponent has targeted one of your ships. Your opponent must choose another target to fire on.

-by Anjohl

Fighters Coming In, Interrupt
"When faced with a fleet of hostile 900 year old alien fighters, Voyager found that trying to disable as many as possible was an effitient technique."
-Plays at the start of a ship battle. If your ships make a direct hit on opponent's ship with no staffing icons, you may fire any remaining WEAPONS (those not needed to make that direct hit) at a second target.

-by Nick Big Fish

Flagship Executor, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Sheliak Corporate treaty enforcement vessel heretofore assigned to assert negotiated claim to Tau Cigna 5. Aforementioned ship encountered USS Enterprise on 43133.3."
-Unkown Class[] Tractor Beam. Once per game, may nullify The Sheliak.

-by OorylQrygg

Flagship Operations II, Mission, space, Your side: Dominion; Opponent's side: Federation/Klingon/Romulan
Cardassia Region*Dominion Space: Train Alpha Jem'Hadar to serve aboard Dominion flagship; beware sabotage!
-Your side: Staffed (Weyoun's Warship OR Dominion Battleship) + Leadership x3 + 2 Alpha Quadrant Jem'Hadar + Vorta
-Span: 2; 40 points
-Opponent's side: (Any Enterprise OR unique D'deridex-class ship OR IKC Ning'Tao OR ship with >3 staffing icons) + CUNNING>40
-Span: 4; 40 points

-by Keevan

Force Lightning, Tactic
-Attack bonus +2 if firing ship is Husnock Vessel. Hit , direct hit . Opponent may reduce direct hit to  by moving to adjacent spaceline location.
*Charged hull: Ship may not land, take off, or launch carried ships

-by General Kang

Imperial Command, Event
"Many interstellar empires are often ruled by a single person or council. These ruling officials usually take it upon themselves to take command of any starship they wish."
-Plays on table. Your Presidents, High Council Leaders, Chancellors, Generals, Legates, Kais, Proconsuls, Chairmen, Intendants, Ministers, Founders, Naguses, Queens, and counterparts may act as matching commander for any matching ship.

-by AdmiralLaRosh

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