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A Few Maneuvers, Mission, space, Any affiliation may attempt
Beta Andres system: Participate in aerial stunt show in this asteroid belt.
-1 personnel with CUNNING>6, STRENGTH>6 and Navigation alone on a ship with no staffing requirements
-Span 3; 20X points; X=The number of Navigation on this personel. Up to 4 other personnel on another ship present may share skills for passing dilemmas. May not attempt if you cannot pass staffing requirements.

-by Ensign Regis

Affect Mind, Event
"Amanda Rogers, despite her good intentions, found herself coercing William Riker into a compromising situation. It's hard to say whose mind was affected more."
-Plays on table. All Love Interests are opponent's choice dilemmas. All Amanda Rogers cards now nullify non-treaty Events, and all Kevin Uxbridge cards now nullify non-Amanda Rogers interrupts (ignore regular game text on each).

-by jSarek

Alter, Event
"Replicated matter is easily recycled and can be turned into other items at will."
-Plays on table. Once each turn, if any non-Latinum Equipment card is on a ship, you may discard it to download a non-Latinum Equipment card there.

-by 4-GOM

Beggar, Event
"A Ferengi without profit is no Ferengi at all... he's broke."
-Plays on any Ferengi who failed a mission attempt on a previous turn. Each turn, Ferengi's owner must "beg" (probe):
#: Brother, can you spare a dime? Download one Gold Pressed Latinum to here, discard Event.
#: Alms! Alms for the poor! Discard a card.

-by Aramanac

Blaster, Equipment
"Crude energy weapon employed by thieves, crooks, pirates, mercenaries, alien collectors, personal bodyguards, spaceport traders and general galactic scum and villany."
-Non-Aligned use only. Each of your personnel here are STRENGTH +3 (+4 if non-universal); reduces STRENGTH bonuses given by affiliated hand weapons here by 1 each.

-by Pogo of Go

Blaster Rifle, Artifact
"Primitive energy weapon used before the development of phaser technology. This one, used by the crew of the Chris Pike's USS Enterprise, has been mounted like an artillery weapon."
-Use as equipment card. May not be carried by personnel. May report anywhere. While on a planet, you may add X to your total STRENGTH, where X is the total WEAPONS of your ship in orbit. (Unique.)

-by CarnMollari

Caller, Interrupt, 10 points
"Kirk to Enterprise. One to beam up."
-Plays once per game to score points if scoring points would give you a total score of 100 or greater. Nullified if you play or have played any personnel, equipment, or ships without  or .

-by The First Minister

Cantina Brawl, Interrupt, Countdown: 3
"Under the influence of Spock's 'katra', Doctor McCoy tried to use the Vulcan nerve pinch on a Starfleet Security officer. he was unsuccessful."
-Nullifies Vulcan Nerve Pinch OR Picard's Artificial Heart OR Nausicaans OR Plays on any Guinan to put her in stasis until countdown expires.

-by General Kang

Collision!, Event
"Bumping into things is part of life. Jean-Luc Picard realized this on stardate 47988, when he bumped into a crewman while suffering from disorientation at the hands of Q's time meddling."
-Plays on table. Whenever a Q-Flash doorway is encountered, two personnel present (Jean-Luc Picard if present, random selection) are "stopped."

-by CarnMollari

Combined Attack, Tactic
-Requires three or more ships firing. You may choose which ships are targeted by opponent's HQ: Orbital Weapons Platforms, if any present. Hit=. Direct Hit=.
Hull breach: Two personnel are pulled into space (On a Nor, two personnel at a Docking Ring site of opponent's choice.)

-by Dogbert

Crash Site Memorial, Event
"Through a spelling error in the Federation's travel brochures, the Trash Site Memorial received many visitors on a spiritual pilgrimage. Daimon Prong gladly accepted the misinformed guests, for a small fee of course."
-Plays on the table; once per turn, you may discard one non-latinum card from hand to download a Gold-Pressed Latinum (you may download two if you discard a non-latinum Equipment card). OR Download Klim Dokachin.

-by Ender Wiggin

Demotion, Event
"After stealing the Enterprise and travelling to the Genesis planet Kirk was demoted from Admiral to Captain. Liked it that way."
-Plays on any Admiral (for free if any Kirk). For rest of game, becomes a Captain and no longer an Admiral. Adds +1 to all matching commander bonuses to ships.

-by Vic Fontaine-pandimensional enigma

Disarmed, Objective, 
-Seeds or plays on table. If a battle was just initiated, one of your personnel with STRENGTH>12 armed with a hand weapon (except a disruptor or phaser) may "disarm" one opposing personnel present (target is stunned for the duration of this battle and may not have its STRENGTH enhanced for the rest of the game). Changelings, androids present with cybernetics, and drones aboard cubes or outposts may be restored to normal during owner's turn.

-by Dryden

Don't Get Cocky, Interrupt, , -10 points
"Despite saving the Enterprise 3½ times as a child, Wesley Crusher didn't like to gloat."
-Plays if any player scored more than 50 points from one mission, OR passed all dilemmas seeded at once mission in a single turn OR used Wesley Crusher to solve a mission or dilemma by himself. Loses points.

-by Vic Fontaine-pandimensional enigma

Don't Underestimate Our Chances, Interrupt, 5 points
"'The people of your planet once believed their world was flat. Columbus proved it was round! They said they sound barrier could never be broken... it was broken. They said warp speed could not be achieved...'"
-Plays on your ship facing a [space] dilemma. If your Leadership and Miracle Worker aboard, probe:
#[Enigma]: Discard dilemma. Otherwise, face dilemma, but score points if that dilemma is overcome this turn.

-by Wordsmith

Dutch, Interrupt
"Counselor Troi regularly used chocolate to clear her thinking and boost her spirits after tough counseling sessions. She’d order dutch when she was in a particularly bad mood."
-Plays where you have any Troi present to nullify one Dilemma, Interrupt or Event with "Barclay" in title or lore.

-by OorylQrygg

Full Throttle, Interrupt
"In an attempt to escape from a Krenim warship, Janeway ordered warp 7 despite the fact that Voyager's condition made warp travel hazardous."
-Plays on your ship. If that ship is damaged, it may travel its full RANGE this turn. OR Adds 2 to each of your ships' RANGE this turn.

-by Janeway's Defender

Gift of the Mentor, Interrupt
"In giving his life to help the Enterprise escape sudden destruction, Captain Spock not only thwarted Khan's last attempt at revenge, but also demonstrated to his grateful trainees the enormous sacrifices often required of a Starfleet officer."
-Plays to substitute your unique Leadership personnel for any number of Youth or  personnel at same location that have been selected to die.

-by Wordsmith

Hear Me Baby, Hold Together, Event
"The Klingon/Federation/Romulan alliance was a fragile one, due to centuries of conflict between the three governments. Captain Sisko prayed they would be able to work together to defeat the dominion."
-Seeds or plays on table. Once per game, you may nullify The Devil. OR If you have more than one treaty in play, all affiliations involved in a treaty may mix and cooperate.

-by The Mad Hatter

How Did We Get Into This Mess?, Event, Countdown: 3, 
"The sheer number of tribbles on Deep Space Station K-7 (1,771,561) made a huge mess on the entire station."
-Plays on table. Any time opponent overcomes more than two dilemmas per turn OR 1,000 or more tribbles arrives at their location, ship or Away Team is "stopped"

-by Janeway's Defender

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