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Besieged, Interrupt/Event
"After finding his shuttle destroyed by the Goraxus, LaFroge found himself surronded by Romulan scientists and guards. He saw no chance fo escape."
- :Play if you just destroyed a ship. If you have Transproter Skill on your ship present, you may "capture" one personnel on that ship.
-: Plays on table. Your capturing related cards are immune to nullifacation while you have the Goraxus OR Sela in play.
- by Dr. Telek R'Mor
Come With Me, Event, Countdown: 4, Countdown: 3
"Allamaraine, count to four. / Allamaraine, and then three more. / Allamaraine, if you can see, / Allamaraine, you'll come with me."
-Plays on table. All random selections for Chula dilemmas are now your choice. At end of first countdown, transfer to opponent; discard at end of second countdown. (Not duplicatable).
- by jSarek
Commence Primary Ignition, Objective, 30 points
-Plays on table. Target the Montana Missile Complex. You may attempt it like a mission with these requirements: ENGINEER x6 + Zefram Cochrane + Physics + Astrophysics + Diplomacy. Your opponent may download here from out of play 3 dilemmas with the  expansion icon. Once completed, you may score points and draw 4 cards.
- by Ensign Regis
ConQuest, Q-Incident, Countdown: 4, 2 points
"Games! Did someone say games? ...A deadly game?"
-Plays on planet where encountered (or nearest planet location). Once per turn, each player must select one of their opponent's personnel and relocate them to this location. Those personnel must battle on that turn. The loser of each battle is placed in opponent's point area. The winner is returned to owner's hand.
- by Dark Goblin
Dark Waters, Event
"In an attempt to rescue Deanna Troi from a crashed shuttle, an away team found a moving pool of oil. It turned out to be the malevolent entity Armus."
-Plays on table. Allows you to play Armus dilemmas like interrupts (once per turn) on one planet (nullifies all Armus dilemmas on other planets).
-by Ensign Regis
Death Star, Objective, Countdown: 4, 15 points
-Seeds during dilemma phase on Investigate Sighting. You may seed Gomtuu under mission to be acquired like an artifact. Any player that completes this mission scores points. At the end of countdown, Supernova destroys (discards) everything here. If Gomtuu is staffed here, all ships here are instead "hurled" to an adjacent spaceline location (random selection for each ship).
- by Expendable Ensign

Evader, Interrupt
"While the U.S.S. Enterprise was undergoing a baryon sweep, Jean-Luc Picard worked feverishly to elude both the band of pirates looting the ship and the ever-approaching sweep."
-If there are opponent's personnel on your ship, plays to protect any one of your personnel from battle or capture from now until beginning of your next turn. Nullified only by CUNNING>30 and SECURITY from opposing personnel.

- by Dukat the Ewok

Greedo, Event
"'In 2268 Jimmy da Kirk, Saw-Bones McCoy and Spocko lead hits on da bosses of Sigma Iotia II. In Jimmy da Kirk's words, "Da Federation just want its cut.' Dispite selfish appearances, their motivations were pure."
-Play on one planet mission. At this location your away team without Acquisition, Greed or Treachery my use Honor as Greed, Diplomacy as Acquisition and Leadership as Treachery.

- by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

Hypo, Dilemma, planet
"Low temperatures on a planet can be a serious detriment to an away team trapped on the surface. Phasers can be used to provide heat to prevent hypothermia, but powerpacks don't last forever."
-Place on mission. At the end of every turn one non-Breen, non-Android Away Team member here is killed (random selection). Suspend for 1 turn by discarding a phaser or disruptor from this location. (Doubled if Frigid in play.)

- by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

I'm On The Leader, Event
"Often, leaders carry insignia to distinguish them from their followers. Such items are generally ceremonial."
-Plays on any leader.

- by Dogbert

Imperial Holotable, Event
"The Klingon Empire utilizes holographic technology, though it is far less advanced than the Federation holodeck."
-Plays on any starship to add Holodeck. OR Plays on table; once per turn, you may place one of your  personnel here from hand from where they may be reported for duty at any time.

- by The Squalus

Imperial Justice, Event
"Many major empires throughout the galaxy have strict codes of law. When these codes are broken the law violator is usually punished severely."
-Plays on table. If you have Law present when opponent fails to overcome a dilemma OR when opponent does not meet mission requirements after no dilemmas remain, you may randomly select one of opponent's personnel present to die.

- by AdmiralLaRosh

Informant, Event
"In 2372, Michael Jonas, a disgruntled former Maquis crewmember aboard the Starship Voyager, attempted to earn the trust of his new Kazon allies by secretly relaying information concerning Tom Paris's historic crossing of the transwarp threshold."
-Plays on your unexposed infiltrator. For each dilemma solved by infiltrator's crew or Away Team, you may discard one Incoming Message from hand to make your ships and personnel are now immune to that dilemma.

- by Wordsmith

Laser Gate, Event
"Advance security mechanism which utilizes a microlaser generator encased in a tritanium sheath to bar entry into restricted areas. Such equipment has been developed by many races."
-Plays between two Sites; movement between them is restricted to personnel with SECURITY and Computer Skill x2 (even after facility has been commandeered). (Cumulative.) OR Plays to 'bar entry' through an Iconian Gateway or any Doorway which allows personnel to pass through.

- by Wordsmith

Maneuver Check, Incident, 
-Plays on Table. Each time a ship takes off or lands, owner of ship must immediately probe (then replace probe card on top of draw deck):
#: Fatal Error! Ship is destroyed.
#: Crash Landing! Ship is damaged and placed on planet. Half of its crew is killed and ship may not move until 4 ENGINEER present.
#: Stuck in the mud! Ship needs a second ship with tractor beam in orbit to take off.
#Otherwise: No effect

- by Volo the Vorta

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