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New Hope Light

Advance Preperation, Event
"When planning for long missions, personnel plan ahead for any eventuality that may arise."
-Plays on the table. Every time you are about to attempt a mission, say "I am attempting this mission next turn". You may download to your crew here two equipment cards and/or two mission specialists.
-by Legate Kamar

Alternatives to Fighting, Interrupt
"On many occasions, conflicts can be resolved peacefully, without unnescesary bloodshed. Sometimes extremely volatile conflicts can require negotiators or diplomats to aid in their resolution."
-Plays at the start of battle to cancel if both players have diplomacy here. Discard after use.

-by Morn of Borg

Attack Run, Interrupt, 20 points
"While in command of the U.S.S. Valiant, Cadet Tim Waters proposed an ambitious assault on a Dominion battleship. He demonstrated lack of miltary sense."
-Plays at start of a battle. Select an opponent's ships; it takes an extra  for each of your ships with fewer staffing icons firing upon it OR plays on Explore Dyson Sphere; adds to its points.

- by Pogo of Go
Blast the Door, Kid!, Interrupt, 5 points
"When Picard was stuck with three children on the turbolift, some obvious options weren't clear."
-"Stops" any opposed Youth OR nullifies a battle at the Cargo Bay OR if you have Youth and a hand weapon, "stops" all opposing personnel present OR discard your Youth to score points and unstop their crew or away team.
- by Dr. Telek R'Mor
Blue Milk, Event, Countdown: 2, 
"Garanian Bolites released by Jake Sisko and Nog not only disrupted Quark's business, but also reduced Quark's overall food sales by over 2% (if not momentarily)."
-Plays on table. When revealed, your Garanian Bolites dilemmas are doubled and gain [2ctd]. May discard at any time to "stop" two personnel present with any Youth.
- by Pogo of Go

Cell 2187, Event, Countdown: 4
"After having a disease named after him, Reginald Barclay wanted to have a full account of every cell in his body. Such a goal required the ships medical crew to exhaust almost all of their supplies."
-Plays on table. After crew uses MEDICAL on a mission attempt where Reginald Barclay present, all personnel with that skill are disabled AND cards that affect or effect MEDICAL are unusable until countdown expires.

- by Kincaid

Commence Recharging, Event, 
"Regeneration is only part of the daily cycle of a Borg drone. After a long, tiring day of assimilation, all drones need a good recharging."
-Seeds or plays on table. At the start of your turn, you may "stop" one of your Borg personnel or Borg ships to nullify any card played on it that reduces that personnel's attributes or skills, or the attributes or skills of any personnel aboard that ship. (Unique.)

- by CarnMollari

Double Agent, Event
"The Tal Shiar are everywhere, keeping dilligent watch over the protection of Romulan citizens and information."
-Plays on any infiltrator. This infiltrator is placed under your control (nullifying Brainwash on target); its infiltration icons and affiliation are switched. May discard at any time (exposes target); draw two cards.

- by Pogo of Go

Eject! Eject!, Interrupt
"After having the launch countdown pleasantly interrupted,  Commander Riker was somewhat eager to have Zephram Cochrane  remove his OCD. '...Why don't you come with me little girl, on a magic carpet ride?'"
-Plays to stop opponent's crew or away team with an (OCD icon)personnel present OR Plays to nullify the effect of one artifact card just used as equipment this turn.

- by Interloper

Fire Extinguisher, Equipment
"Starfleet regulations require a fire extinguisher or some sort of fire detection mechanism available for immediate access by crewmembers on any deck."
-May report to your ship. Where present, once each turn your ENGINEER-classification personnel may nullify Plasma Fire OR save one personnel just selected to die by a damage marker placed here.

- by Pogo of Go
Grappling Hook, Event, , Countdown: 2
"A popular battle can draw plenty of attention. The battle involving Seven of Nine drew the attention of those in attendance and the larger subspace-viewing audience."
-Seeds or plays on table. If a personnel battle was just initiated, reveal to stop all personnel at this spaceline location until end of countdown. If a non- Borg or personnel freed from the collective is involved in the battle, all personnel at adjoining spaceline locations also stopped until end of countdown.
- by Altoid

Hunchback, Personnel, Federation
"In his continuing search to define emotions, Data performed in a showing of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. For a Soong-Type android, he did well."
-CIVILIAN, Computer Skill x2, Antropology, Exobiology, Music x2; Immune to Thine Own Self; 

- by 9of24

I Have a Very Bad Feeling About This, Interrupt, 5 points
"Seasoned captains learn to trust their gut feelings about a given situation, but sometimes the risk may be worth it."
-Despite your bad feeling, initiate a battle where you have less STRENGTH or WEAPONS than opponent. Score points if you win the battle.

- by Volo the Vorta

I'm Here to Rescue You, Event/Interrupt, 5 points
-: Seeds or plays on table. All personnel affected by Thine Own Self return to owner's hand (instead of being placed under mission).
-: If your Away Team rescues personnel under a mission, score bonus points. Score triple bonus points if entire Away Team is a different affiliation than the rescued personnel.

- by Altoid

Logistical Delay, Dilemma, space/planet
"Not knowing the 'right people' to help grease the wheels of bureaucracy can lead to delays."
-Opponent may download Klim Dokachin to table (ignoring Computer Crash). To get past requires VIP + CUNNING >35.

- by Altoid

Out of Commission, Event
"After stealing the Enterprise to search for Spock, Admiral Kirk was demoted. Similar high-ranking officials have given up their commission for the greater good."
-Plays on your (VIP or matching commander) with Leadership. They lose their classification and matching commander status, but double all regular skills. You may download one card. (Unique.)

- by Keevan

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