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For Luck, Interrupt
"When trapped inside the Hotel Royale, a Texan picked Data to roll the dice, for luck. Data was able to calculate odds and detect unbalanced dice, which lead to him winning a lot of money."
-Suspends any Royale-related dilemma to download to hand one Soong-Type Android and win those bonus points. Nullify Mickey D.'s special skill for this turn.

-by 9of24

Dark Forces, Interrupt
"When attempting to reclaim engineering from the Borg on the Enterprise-E in 2373, several crew members were startled when Borg came out of the dark in an attempt at assimilation."
-Plays on any ship being affected by Rogue Borg Mercanaries. You may replace them with up to 6  drones.

-by Legate Kamar

Gravity Shadow, Dilemma, space
"Gravity is a constant in the universe that occurs when enough mass is present to allow it to exist. A "shadow" can occur when gravity is pulling at the emptiness of space."
-If this mission is adjacent to a planet OR Black Hole is any where on table, place on mission. Ships may not move away from here unless they have SHIELDS>12 OR 2 Physics and Astrophysics. If this mission is pulled in by Black Hole, place that Black Hole out of play.

-by Dr. Telek R'Mor

Hit And Run, Interrupt
"The objective of baseball is to hit the ball and run around the bases. At first, the Niners had difficulty grasping such fundamentals of the sport.
-Plays to transfer (or nullify, your choice) any opposing points scored from Baseball to you. OR Nullifies Strike Three to place target out-of-play.

-by Aranamac

Lone Rogue, Event, Countdown: 4
"After the hostile takeover of Voyager by Cullah and Seska, Ensign Suder soon found himself the last member of Voyager's crew. Working covertly, he was able to retake the ship."
-Plays on ship that was just commandeered. At end of countdown probe:
#: Retake ship. The ship is now under your control and Opponent's personnel are placed in brig.
#: Attempt Fails. Oppontent may capture any one personnel at this location.

-by 9of24

Faithful Service, Event
"The Founders genetically engineer the Vorta and Jem'Hadar to service them unquestioningly. The programming is so effective that the Founders are often revered as gods."
-Seeds or plays on table. Your Vorta and Jem'Hadar present with a changeling are attributes all + 1, but are discarded if that changeling dies. Once per game, you may discard to download to your Founder a Vorta or  Jem'Hadar (draw no cards this turn).

-by Evek

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Forced Servitude, Objective
-Seeds or plays on your Ore Processing Unit. Nullified if you play or have played any non-Cardassian personnel. If a personnel of  affiliation which you have captured is present, Process Ore at this site is doubled and the site is immune to Reactor Overload.

-by The First Minister

Rapid Deployment, Event, Countdown 1
"In the event that emergencies should arrive, Starfleet and other militaries have strict rapid deployment procedures."
-Your Red Alert may not be nullified and is immune to It's Only a Game. At end of countdown, place Red Alert out of play. (You may not play it again.)

-by Ensign Regis

Flagship Operations, Event, 
"The starships Enterprise have been the flagships of Starfleet from the time of James T. Kirk to the present day. Their day-to-day operations have never been routine."
-Plays on table. You score 5 points at the end of any turn in which any Enterprise of yours with a matching commander aboard encountered a dilemma, engaged in battle, or had a card played on it by your opponent.

-by jSarek

Thunderflare, Dilemma, planet
"Thunderstorms often frighten children and those not endowed with great intelligence. When the thunder rolls, they hide."
-Unless Empathy, Diplomacy, and Leadership present all personnel with Youth OR CUNNING<5 present return to their owner's hand. Discard dilemma.

-by 9of24

Quiet Mining Colony, Event
"The Pergamum Mines on Janus VI were disrupted by a dangerous Horta. Dealing with the creature led to a partnership with it and its offspring, returning the mines to their quiet state and increasing pergamum yield."
-Plays on revealed Horta dilemma if Mindmeld and Diplomacy x3 present. Horta no longer kills personnel; if no opposing personnel present, you may draw one extra card per turn, and Ore Processing Units at this location are immune to Reactor Overload.

-by jSarek

Independant Operation, Objective
-Seeds or plays on table. Any mission that is solvable by any Away Team or crew OR any non-Dominion Away Team or crew are +10 points if only  personnel are in your Away Team or crew, and is not subject to Fair Play. You may download one  personnel upon completing each such mission. (May not be nullified.)

-by The Mad Hatter

Any Methods Necessary, Interrupt
"During the assimilation of the Enterprise-E, the Borg adapted to every modulation of the crew's weapons. Picard told his crew to stand their ground - fight hand to hand if they had to."
-Plays at the start of a personnel battle against . Your personnel (except ) are STRENGTH +1 for each hand weapon present that has been Adapted to.

-by Dark Goblin

Crush the Rebellion, Mission, planet, Dominion/Federation
Ba'ku Homeworld*Briar Patch Region: Stop an insurrection of Starfleet officers attempting to interfere with a relocation of native people.
-Treachery x4 + Greed x2 + OFFICER + Leadership + Treaty: Dominion/Federation in play OR Admiral Doughetry
-Span: 4, 40 points

-by The Mad Hatter

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