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Hoth Dark

A Dark Time for the Rebellion, Mission, planet, Cardassian/Dominion/Non-Aligned
Demilitarized Zone Region*Maquis Base: End the Maquis Rebellion - permanently.
-WEAPONS>50 present + (Founder Leader OR Dukat OR Weyoun)
-Span: 5; X points; X = 40 points if one present, 60 if all three; When mission completed, no more  personnel may be reported by any player; No outposts here.

-by Altoid

Breached Defenses, Event
"When Lwaxana Troi visited Deep Space Nine, she took a liking to a certain Chief of Security. During a turbolift malfunction, she finally got past Odo's gruff defenses to gain his trust."
-Plays on any Lwaxana. If present, both she and any Odo are attributes all +2 and may not be "stopped". Once per game, you may download any "morphing" card to Odo.

-by Aranamac

Cold Feet, Interrupt
"Marriage. Bliss. Anxiety. Torment. Klingon rituals."
-Plays to "stop" two personnel (one male, one female) who have no mention of the other one in lore or game text for the next two full turns. When discarded, each personnel gains one skill from the other one (two skills if either is Klingon).

-by Dr. Telek R'Mor

Collapsing Corridor, Event
"In 2374, the USS Valiant was caught behind Dominion lines on a training mission. Forced to fight their way out, Red Squad was decimated during an attack on a Dominion Battleship."
-Plays on opponent's ship. If it is not in its native quadrant, it may not return to an outpost or its native quadrant until you have WEAPONS>30 at this location OR it has destroyed an enemy ship.

-by dcwf

Crash Landing, Incident
-Plays on table. Downloads Emergency Evacuation. Discard Incident. OR Plays on a ship affected by Loss of Orbital Stability or a damaged ship at a planet location. Ship lands on planet, incurring damage . If owner has ENGINEER x2 on the planet, they may remove one damage counter per turn. Ship may take off once all damage is removed.

-by Morn of Borg

Death Mark, Dilemma, space/planet
"The populace of Charon is extinct. Their untimely deaths were a result of their absurd intolerance of those with slightly different facial markings."
-Place on a personnel here (opponent's choice if personnel has Treachery, random selection otherwise); they gain a nemesis icon of opponent's choice. Countdown on Hate Crime here is suspended.

-by jSarek

Death Squadron, Dilemma, space/planet
"Nova Squadron's reputation was marred not only by the death of Joshua Albert, but the cover-up by its members as well."
-Place on mission. If a subsequent dilemma kills a crew or away team member here, crew or away team must be stopped OR lose their first two listed skills (your choice).

-by Jaron

Debris Zone, Event
"Destroyed ships leave a debris zone around them when they explode. Such zones are very difficult and dangerous to navigate."
-Seeds or plays on Wolf 359 or any location where a ship was destroyed. Adds 2 to span. Any ship that moves through this location is damaged unless 2 Navigation and Stellar Cartography aboard.

-by Volo the Vorta

Deflector Shield Generators, Event
"The deflector shield can be used to enhance defense, act as a beacon, boost a communications signal, or detect cloaked ships with the correct frequency."
-Plays on table. Prevents your scans, Hails, and Incoming Messages from being nullified. OR Plays to download any of the following: Escape Pod, Hail, Tachyon Detection Grid (effective with only one ship), Metaphasic Shields, Nutational Shields.

-by MicahElliott

Direct Hit, Event
"Target that explosion and fire!"
-Seeds or plays on table. When you force a ship to decloak and immediately battle it, any hits you score count as direct hits for the purpose of resolving damage. If you are using a battle bridge side deck, resolve the hit normally and add an additional .

-by The First Minister

Exhaustion, Interrupt
"While stranded together on a desolate planet, Benjamin Sisko's injuries forced him into Dukat's care. It quickly became obvious that the Cardassian's counseling had been a failure. The both grew tired of their waltz."
-Plays if two personnel were just lost to Thine Own Self. One is killed (random selection). OR Plays if opponent only has one personnel escorting yours as a captive. Your personnel escapes and capture's opponent's personnel.

-by Dirty Filter

Exposure, Mission, planet, Federation/Non-Aligned
Federation Planet: Sign contract with a publisher for new writer.
-Youth + (Anthropology x2 OR Jake Sisko OR The Doctor) + Discard any PADD
-Span: 2, 30 points

-by TrekkieWarrior

Frozen Dinner, Dilemma, space, -10 points
"Frozen dinners are used whenever there isn't a cook onboard, or when replicator use is rationed. However effective nutritionally, most personnel hate them."
-Plays on a ship that does not have a cook and is not in its native quadrant. Lose points. All personnel are STRENGTH -2 and CUNNING -1. Discard when the ship returns to an outpost or a "cook" arrives onboard.

-by wantec3

Furry Fury, Event
"No one wanted to assist Data in caring for Spot because she was too finicky and extremely rambunctious. Nearly Destroyed Geordi LaForge's quarters while LaForge was cat-sitting."
-Plays on table. While you have any ANIMAL personnel present at any Site that site's game text is suspended. OR Nullifies one non- Objective card in play.

-by MicahElliott

He Hasn't Come Back Yet, Event
"James T. Kirk almost always seemed to find a way to cheat his eventual death. Sometimes it just took him a little longer to return. And every now and then, something got destroyed."
-Plays on one of your unique personnel who just died. Instead of placing it in your discard pile, discard two cards (from your hand or from table). After two turns, you may report that personnel to your outpost.

-by wantec3

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