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Hoth Light

Artillery Remote, Event, 
"The bases defending Dominion and Cardassian planets during the war were guaded less by maned troops but by orbital platforms and scarce fleet. The Breen added to this offensive."
-Seeds or plays on table. Wherever you have an ENGINEER present, you may "build" HQ: Orbital Defense Platforms there. If you have a Treaty in play, your HQ: Orbitial Defense Platforms may target two ships per battle. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)
- by Dr. Telek R'Mor

Concussion Grenade, Equipment
"Standard explosive device issued by many of the more violent species in the galaxy. Blows things up."
-At beginning of battle, may probe. All opponents personnel with any icons matching those of probe card (except ) are stunned (one, random selection, is mortally wounded). If no icons match, one of your personnel (random selection) is mortally wounded. Discard after use.

- by CarnMollari

Dark Dissention, Dilemma, space/planet, -X points
"Evil empires often have disagreements in the upper ranks. Damar and Weyoun frequently argued over policies during the Dominion War."
-If encountered after your first attempt of this mission, select two personnel with Treachery OR INTEGRITY<5 (your choice). Place card on either personnel. While personnel are together, worth points, where X=the sum of their INTEGRITY. Nullify with any Treaty.

- by Dark Goblin

Disarming Creature, Interrupt
"Arne Darvin's spy operations on the station K-7 were brought to an end at the alert of a single disgusting Tribble. The Tribble saw through his external appearance."
-Plays on a group of Tribbles. Each Tribble card may, reveal one infiltrator present OR shuffle one hand weapon present into your opponent's draw deck OR "stop" one Klingon or Jem'Hadar with Treachery.

- by Pogo of Go

Evacuation Control, Event
"In 2370, Deep Space Nine faced its first evactuation due to the threat of the Circle's invasion."
-Plays on the table. Once per turn, you may "evacuate" (return to bottom of draw deck) one personel from your outpost. When they go, you may draw one card OR score 5 points. Limit 3 per outpost.

- by Legate Kamar

Fall Back!, Event
"'Spring Forward; Fall Back.' If you thought time changes were hard to deal with, just imagine trying to adjust to stardates."
-Seeds or plays on table. Any AU personnel that move or report to the Alpha, Gamma, or Delta quadrants are INTEGRITY -2 for 2 turns.

- by Ensign Regis

Frostbite, Ship, Dominion
"Breen battleship named after a disease that kills any intruders to the Breen Homeworld. Used by Thot Pran in the Dominion war against Earth, a planet with average climate."
-Breen Battleship [] Tractor Beam, Holodeck, WEAPONS +3 at a homeworld

- by Kincaid

I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside, Dilemma, space
"Klingon battleships are small, cramped, and have limited shower facilities. Visitors from other races often have trouble adjusting to the unique scent."
-If this is a Klingon ship with any non-Klingons aboard, they are all attributes -2 (place dilemma on ship). Otherwise, requires MEDICAL x2 and Biology to pass.

- by Ensign Regis

Ice Storm, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 3
"Athmospheric phenomenon common in ice worlds and polar regions. Very dangerous if you are caught unprepared by it."
-Place on planet. Firestorms are a mis-seed here. Now and end of each turn "freezes" (disables) a non-android non-Breen personnel here (random selection). Frozen personnel die a turn later unless 3 MEDICAL and (phaser OR disruptor or Hypospray) present by then. Nullified by Fire Sculptor.

- by Volo the Vorta

Infantry Mine, Event
"Jem'Hadar are known throughout much of the galaxy as the soldiers of the Dominion. Their Vorta overseers tend to think of the troops they command as their own. The Vorta often feel responsible for the troops under their command."
-Plays on table. Your Vorta present with a  personnel are INTEGRITY -2 and CUNNING +2. Once per turn, you may download Ketracel-White OR a  personnel to your Vorta present with at least 2  personnel. (Discard event.)

- by Dogbert

It Can Wait, Q Interrupt
"Who feels the need to rush things?"
-Plays on table until any Q-Flash. While in play, every time you play one Event, Incident or Objective card, that card's text is suspended until start of you next turn.

- by Volo the Vorta

Lucky Shot, Interrupt
"On Ajilon Prime, Jake Sisko accidently covered his friends escape by collapsing the cave over the Klingon attackers."
-Plays to stop opponent's Away Team which outnumbers yours at least 2:1. May be played as a reaction to opponent's initiating battle.

- by TrekkieWarrior

Medium Transport, Ship, Neutral, 
"Representative of cargo ships made by every spacefaring race at some point during their developments. A common sight through the galaxy."
-Transport [] Affiliation changes to match facility when reporting. May report to any quadrant.

- by Dryden

Nice Of You Guys To Drop By, Interrupt
"Sometimes surpise assaults aren't as effective if your target knows you're coming."
-Plays on your ship that was just boarded by your opponent using transporters; you may download up to two hand weapons and two SECURITY personnel here. OR Nullifies Dropping In. OR Nullifies Surprise Assault

- by 9of24

One More Pass, Interrupt
"Some women are attracted to notorious ladykillers because they enjoy the flattery that comes with the attention."
-Plays on any Kirk, Riker, or Paris. For the rest of the turn, they are CUNNING +1 and one female present (random selection) is STRENGTH -1. OR Doubles Alien Groupie. (Not cumulative.)

- by Teapot

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