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Dagobah Dark

3,720 to 1, Interrupt, 
"What are the odds of a red-shirted personnel surviving a mission aboard the Enterprise?"
-Plays on Away Team with Lt. Grant present, just before the initial attempt of a planet mission. First dilemma encountered (and Lt. Grant) is discarded.

-by Pizman

A Dangerous Time, Interrupt
"During the Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome epidemic of 2370, Picard nonetheless resisted his newfound instincts and faced the now dangerous halls of the Enterprise."
-Plays on Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease to allow a personnel to meet one requirement of that dilemma. OR plays on any ANIMAL; it "instinctively senses danger" (look at bottom seed card at this location).

-by jSarek

Apology Accepted, Event
"After apologizing to the Founder Leader, the Alpha Quadrent was graced with a new Weyoun clone."
-Plays on any Founder for free. They may not particapate in mission attempts unless at least five other  personnel present. Once per game, you may discard at any time to kill any Vorta present. (Opponent may download a new Vorta.)

-by Dr. Telek R'Mor

Avenger, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Powerful ship brought to and from Delta Rana IV by Kevin Uxbridge to block investigation into the Husnock attack."
Husnock Class[] Holodeck, Tractor Beam

-by Plactus

Awwww, Cannot Get Your Ship Out, Incident, , Countdown: 3
-Seeds or plays on table. Reveal to suspend download or play of ship by any player until end of countdown. May be nullified by placing two ships out of play from hand.

-by Altoid

Bad Feeling Have I, Event, 
"'GENESIS?!?!??! Genesis is planet forbidden!!' Ixthrnag suddenly had second thoughts about his prospective client when he heard the desination. Given that Kruge was intercepting any ships comming to Genesis, this was probably a good feeling to go with."
-Plays on table until placed on ship or Away Team. Reveal after encountering first Dilemma seeded under a mission. You may peek at the 2nd and 3rd Dilemma there, then choose to stop your ship/Away Team. Discard Event.

-by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

Bombing Run, Objective, -10 points
-Seeds or plays on table. During your turn,you may discard this objective to have all your ships present "bomb"a planet (ships are "stopped", affiliation attack restrictions apply). You may download X Under Fire dilemmas, played as interrupts where X is the number of ships you have present. Lose points if any ship "bombing" is Federation or Bajoran.

-by Borath

Broken Concentration, Interrupt, Countdown: 2
"A simple distraction can easily disrupt a deep mental exercise. One who is distracted this way can remain disoriented for some time."
-Nullifies Altonian Brain Teaser OR Vulcan Mindmeld OR Plexing OR Chula: The Chandra. All personnel targeted by card are "stopped" for duration of countdown; if none, discard interrupt.

-by Mike Eddington

Close Call, Event, 
"When Sloan was exposed as a Section 31 agent, he was supposed to have been killed by Romulans. However, a transporter beam claimed him just before he was hit by disruptor fire."
-Seeds or plays on table. Whenever any of your infiltrators is exposed, you may immediately probe (then place probe card atop draw deck):
#: Return infiltrator to hand.

-by Pizman

Corrosive Damage, Dilemma, planet
"Some athmospheres contain high concentrations of florine, carbon monoxide and even sulfuric acid], and are thus very dangerous to any metal composite."
-Place on a landed ship, if present. Ship is damaged  now and at the end of each turn. Cure by returning and docking to a compatible facility. Otherwise, kills all androids and Borg on planet. Discard dilemma.

-by Volo the Vorta

Defensive Fire, Interrupt
"When the Cardassians challenged Deep Space Nine for possession of the newly found wormhole, Kira was forced to fire all six photon torpedoes to bluff the gul."
-If a space battle was just initiated, place the top two cards from your Battle Bridge side-deck out of play to cancel this battle. Participating cards are not "stopped", but no more battles may be initiated here this turn.

-by Dryden

Executor, Q-Dilemma, Countdown: 2
(Picture of hooded Executor from TNG episode "Q-pid" with Q testing the sharpness of the blade.)
"A tad sharper..."
-Unless both members of a romantically involved couple are in play, place one male and one female in play (random selection) out-of-play until end of countdown.

-by Altoid

Failure At The Cave, Event, 
"When Jean-Luc Picard, Beverly Crusher and Worf attempted to infiltrate Celtris III, their efforts were met with a trap. Captain Picard was left behind to allow Beverly and Worf to escape, much to their chagrin."
-Seeds or plays on table. Bioweapon Ruse adds  and changes "No Honor" to "No Treachery if  in Away Team" and "Obsidian Order" to "CUNNING>35". Once per game, if one of your personnel was just captured, discard this card to relocate all other personnel present to your nearest ship or facility.

-by CarnMollari

Fear, Dilemma, space/planet
"A personification of fear kept several stasis participants captured for over four years. Exists to be conqured. Hates The Doctor."
-Two personnel (random selection) are "stopped" (killed if CUNNING<6). Discard dilemma if one hologram OR Vulcan chosen.

-by Degausser

Field Promotion, Event
"After Picard was lost to the Borg, Riker was promoted to Captain of the Enterprise."
-Plays on the first officer of one of your ships if that ships matching commander was just killed or assimilated. That first officer is now the matching commander of the ship. Discard only if the originial matching commander is reported again.

-by Fleet Admiral Max

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