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Cloud City Dark

Ability, Ability, Ability, Interrupt
"What are the three most important things to consider in a soldier, crew member, or ship?"
-Downloads to hand one personnel with four skills OR total attributes > 21 OR a ship with total attributes > 21. Draw no cards this turn.

-by Pizman
Abyss, Dilemma-planet/Interrupt
"When Sisko fought Dukat in the Fire Caves, they both fell into a pit of fire, from which they would never return."
: Remove two personnel in any discard pile from the game.
: Two personnel (random selection) fall into the abyss (is discarded) if they have an odd number of  icons in total. Place dilemma in owners hand.
-by Jaron
Aiiii! Aaa! Agggggggggg!, Interrupt
"While some races are known to be courageous, the Ferengi are not. When attacked, their only response is often a high-pitched scream of terror."
-Plays on your Ferengi at the start of a personnel battle. That personnel is either removed from the battle OR, if STRENGTH < 4, may stun its adversary.
-by Dark Goblin
All Too Easy, Incident, , 15 points
-Seeds or plays on table. Once per turn, if your opponent scores more than 40 points in one turn OR has no personnel 'stopped', disabled or killed in a mission attempt OR initiates a battle where totals of his ATTACK : your DEFENSE (or his STRENGTH : your STRENGTH) is greater than 3:1, you may take a double turn next turn OR draw 5 cards OR score points. Discard incident.
-by Mike Eddington
Atmospheric Assault, Event, , Countdown: 3
"While meeting with a Karemma vessel in the Gamma Quadrant, the Defiant was chased into the atmosphere of a nearby planetoid by several Jem'Hadar ships."
-Seeds or plays on table. Your ships with less than three staffing icons may attack landed ships OR Plays on your Jem'Hadar cruisers at the same  location. Ships are weapons +2, but may only use tactics  with the word "torpedo" in their title.
-by Interloper

Binders, Artifact
"Ancient storage devices. Metal rings and hard covers held pages containing written or printed data, or holding smaller items such as cards."
-Once per game per player, immediately write down any information you wish (20 second limit) OR download (to hand if desired) up to 2 'Card' cards OR one card from outside the game.

-by Mike Eddington

Bounty, Ship, Federation/Klingon
"Small ship captained by Kruge. Later Commandeered and captained by Admiral Kirk. Used to transport George and Gracie to the 23rd Century."
-D-12 Class Scout[] Cloaking Device, May land or take off (uses full RANGE); Your ENGINEER aboard may reduce reduce RANGE by 3 to change from Scout to Freighter

-by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

Brief Loss Of Control, Interrupt
"During the Borg invasion in 2373, Captain Picard totally lost self-control while battling drones on the holodeck."
-Plays on a personnel with Honor to remove that skill for the remainder of this turn. OR Once per game plays to download and play Bendii Syndrome on a Vulcan OR to allow  cards at one location to attack. Place this card out of play after either use.

-by Kennedy

Carbon-Freezing, Interrupt, 
"Ancient method utilized in the late 20th-first 21th century to cryogenically preserve human beings. Useful, but sometimes prone to failure."
-If any player has just recovered personnel from a Cryosatellite or SS Bothany Bay that player must immediately probe (then discard probe card):
#: Chamber malfunction! Those personnel are placed out-of-play.
#Otherwise: No effect.

-by Volo the Vorta

Cloud City: East Platform, Event
"While the workers in the mines never could leave the Ground, the Cloud people always had the possebilety to leve the planet. Most ships started from the famous East platform."
-Plays table. You may relocate a personel on your Outpost to any other Outpost or ship by discarding two cards from hand. All shuttles are RANGE and SHIELDS +1.

-by Section 32

Cloud City: Upper Plaza, Outpost, Non-Aligned
"This site used to be the central plaza for the once great Iconian society"
-Seeds on Iconia. Once per game, if 2 Computer Skill present, you may download Iconian Gateway here. Your  ENGINEER and SCIENCE may report here (one for free each turn).

-by Degausser

Dark Deal, Event, 
"The Tal Shiar is not unacustomed to forming alliances with other secret services. The secret attack on the Founder Homeworld with the Obsidian Order and plot with Section 31 to discredit Cretak being noteworthy examples."
-Seeds or plays on table. While you have Tal Shiar (and no Honor) present, your Tal Shiar, Section 31, Klingon Intelligence and Obsidian Order personnel may mix and ignore attack restrictions. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge).

-by Nick Big Fish

Dark Strike, Event
"Romulans and Klingons have learned to use their cloacking devices to gain tactical surprise in combat. The ability to strike first can be invaluable."
-Plays on table. Once per turn, you may decloak/dephase any number of your ships to allow them to join a just-initiated battle (if within range).

-by Volo the Vorta

Despair, Event
"Captain Janeway, shortly after entering the starless 'void', fell into a deep despair, questioning her decision 5 years ago."
-Plays on one unique OFFICER. That OFFICER  loses one Honor and one Leadership. Nullify with any councelor, or three Empathy present.

-by Degausser

Double Back, Interrupt
"...keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship...and never abandon a member of your crew."
-Plays on crew or Away Team when a personnel has been selected to die or be captured. Death or capture is prevented but crew or Away Team is "stopped".

-by Janeway's Defender

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