Trek for the Wars
Cloud City Light

Advantage, Q-Event, Countdown: 2
"Fair? No, let's play a game that's totally unfair!"
-Plays on table, all  cards are suspended during countdown. Any player may nullify by placing hand (must be >3 cards) out of play.
- by Altoid

All My Urchins, Interrupt
"While Jean-Luc Picard was on trial representing humanity, Q created thousands of screaming, yelling, scruffy-looking humans from 21st century Earth."
-Plays at any time, even just after a dilemma is encountered. All requirements or point boxes for  icon and Q-related dilemmas encountered this turn are doubled OR nullifies any Guinan's use of special skill OR I Am Not A Merry Man just used.

- by dcwf
Ambush, Event, 
"Keevan betrayed his stranded crew to save his own hide. He gave Sisko what he needed to ambush the Jem'Hadar."
-Plays on table. When you initiate personnel battle, your personnel are STRENGTH +1. When Sniper in play, probe twice, choose one.
- by decoyvader
Armed and Dangerous, Interrupt/Event, 
"While being attacked by an Orion suicide ship, James Kirk shut down power in an attempt to draw the enemy in close. The Enterprise was in fact still a formitable foe."
-Play or reveal to suspend play when opponent tries to play Romulan Ambush, Ship Seizure, Outgunned or Dropping In. Your ship may attack. Opponent's ship is at ½ SHIELDS (round down) and may not return fire this turn. Both ships are stopped.
- by  Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi
As Good As Gone, Event, Countdown: 3, 
"Becoming over-confident in a war can often be one side's downfall. You can never know what secrets are held behind enemy lines."
-Plays on table if your opponent is ahead by at least 15 points and has no infiltrators in play. Regular event cards may be played as hidden agenda but must be flipped before countdown expires. (Unique.)
- by Interloper

Bionic Hand, Event
"This Borg implant typically enhances the manual dexterity of the humanoid hand. Exoskeleton is so difficult to remove that Voyager's Doctor left it in place on Seven of Nine."
-Plays on any Seven of Nine or any Borg (for free if a  Borg). That personnel is STRENGTH +3. On a Borg, it may be targeted by Assimilation Tubules as if it were a Talon Drone and gains the skill of [SD]Assimilation Tubules.

- by CarnMollari

Blaster Proficiency, Interrupt, 5 points
"Among the mercenaries in the galaxy, the ability to wield a blaster well is more a gift than a skill. For those with the gift, the skill matters little."
-Plays on one personnel present with a phaser, disruptor or blaster (except Blaster Rifle). That personnel may automatically stun their opponent and engage the next personnel ( may mortally wound and, if with a Blaster, also scores points).

- by CarnMollari

Bright Hope, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Aging transport ship. Has had many owners in it's long history. Especially good for evacuations."
-Transport Class[] Tractor Beam, any non- personnel may serve as matching commander

- by Grand Admiral Vegeta

Captive Fury, Incident, Countdown: 2, 
-Seeds or plays on table. Place on any captive affected by Interrogation, Torture or Brainwash. When countdown ends, captive relocates to owner's side of table, and must always initiate battle (ignoring Leadership requirements and affiliation restrictions) against captor's affiliation where possible.

- by Chancellor Wok

Captive Pursuit, Mission, space, Your side: Romulan/Opponent's side: no icon
Neutral Zone Region*Outmarches: Create a convincing show to convince the Federation that a defection is real.
-Leadership + (Treachery x 3 OR Tal Shiar)+ ENGINEER x2 + any D'Deridex
-Span 4; 35 points; Your side: When Solved Covert Installation is +15 points/Opponent's side: Your  ship here may flip this card as an action.

Captive Pursuit, Mission, space, Your side: Federation/Opponent's side: no icon
Neutral Zone Region*Outmarches: Invistigate a possible defection by a Romulan Logistics clerk.
-Leadership + Honor x3 + ENGINEER x3 + CUNNING>40
-Span 4; 35 points; Your side: When solved you may download Alidar Jarok and Romulan Scout Vessel (both become )/Opponent's side: Your  ship here may flip this card as an action.

- by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

Chasm, Dilemma, planet
"While playing outside, Molly O'Brien fell in a chasm and activated a device that transported her 1000 years in the past."
-One away team member with youth (Molly O'Brien if present, otherwise random selection) "falls in the chasm". Relocate personnel to a related time location or place it out-of play if none is present.

- by Volo the Vorta

Civil Disorder, Mission, planet, Federation
Rutia IV: Rescue hostages captured by the Ansata Separatist Movement on this allied world.
-Diplomacy x2 + INTEGRITY>35 OR SECURITYx3 + CUNNING>30 + (any hand weapon OR Guramba)
-Span: 4; 40 points; Your personnel held captive by opponent are freed upon completion

- by Wordsmith

Clash of Sabers, Q-Event
[Picture: Picard and "Sir Guy" fighting it out with swords]
-Plays on table until any Q-Flash. While in play, opponent may arrange his personnel in any order before each personnel battle, and personnel pairing first may choose their adversary. Also, personnel must mortally wound if possible.

- by Pizman

Cloud Car, Dilemma, planet, Countdown: 2
"When Gaila sabotaged Quark's Treasure, Rom was able to execute a crash landing on 1947 Earth. Rumors of the shuttle streaking through the atmosphere quickly spread. The American Army managed to cover up the details of the Ferengi landing but information slipped through."
-If a ship orbiting here: Ship is damaged and lands on planet (may not take off again until 3 ENGINEER + 3 Computer Skill present.) Otherwise: Unless 4 SECURITY + CUNNING>40 present, personnel stopped for countdown.

- by Dogbert

Cloud City: Guest Quarters, Dilemma, planet
"Within the Yang tribe of Omega IV, chief Cloud William and his village brought Starfleet captains Kirk and Tracey to Cloud City's 'guest quarters', the arena where each was expected to fight the other to prove his worth."
-Requires two OFFICERS to get past; one with Leadership, the other with Treachery or Greed. OFFICER with the higher attribute total may continue; remaining OFFICER is captured by opponent. Discard dilemma.

- by Wordsmith

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