Trek for the Wars
Jabba's Palace Dark

All Wrapped Up, Interrupt
"When Data reactivated aboard the Jovis, he found that Fajo's lavish collection of artifacts also included a number of clever security precautions."
-Plays on your captive to prevent its rescue OR to draw a card OR to download one capturing-related card to this location; discard Interrupt and one card from your hand.

-by Pogo of Go

Den of Thieves, Event, , Countdown: 4
"Even Morn could not find honor among thieves."
-Plays on your Greed or Smuggling personnel. That personnel "fakes its own death" (place in hand until countdown expires; relocate Event to table.) If more than one Greed at a site, they battle each other. You score X points, where X=2 for each Greed personnel that died (+4 if Morn faked death).

-by decoyvader

Hidden Weapons, Event
"Weapons can be hidden during cargo runs by smugglers and arms dealers such as Sakonna, much to the chargin of security border patrols."
-Plays on the table if your arms dealer or smuggler in play. You may place one weapon of any kind under this event (once per turn). At any time, you may take one out and put it directly into play.

-by General Ranex

Information Exchange, Event
"A vast network of relay stations allows the Alpha Quadrant races to communicate quickly and efficently."
-Plays on table. Once per turn you may discard an Incoming Message card from hand to download an Incoming Message OR draw a card.

-by Jaron

Jet Pack, Equipment, 
"One of many devices used by Captain Proton. Often helpful in battleing the likes of Chaotica, (the evil twins played by the Delaney sisters) and others."
-Gives all of your leaders the extra skill of SECURITY and once per turn you may exclude up to 3 personnel from personnel battle where present.

-by DefiantNX74205

Quick Reflexes, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. Target your android or genetically modified personnel (unique). Once per turn may save one personnel present from a Sniper probe OR automatically stun personnel just engaged in battle OR (once per game) may nullify one Dilemma requiring CUNNING. When target discarded, place Incident out-of-play.

-by CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK!

Resistance, Incident, Countdown: 3
"... is NOT futile!"
-Seeds or plays on table. You may start countdown at any time. While countdown is in progress, opponent's Resistance is Futile has no effect. OR During a mission attempt, allows one of your Resistance (or Honor) personnel to change one of their skills in order to pass one dilemma requirement. Discard Incident.

-by The Mad Hatter

Salacious Crumb, Event
"Scandalous pieces of information are often not appreciated. Friendships and trust can be broken, sometimes irreparably."
-Plays on your infiltrator who in currently infiltrating. Opponent's personnel are all INTEGRITY -4 while present. May be nullified by personnnel with Empathy x2 present.

-by CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK!

Scum and Villainy, Personnel, Non Aligned
"Hitmen for the Orion Syndicate, Scum and Villainy are the best in the business. Use a variety of methods to make the 'hit'. Very diplomatic."
-Scum: SECURITY, Orion Syndicate, Treachery; SD The Art of Diplomacy
-Villainy: SECURITY, Treachery; Your Orion Syndicate Bomb may not be nullified.

-by CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK!

Thermal Detonator, Event
"Device used to trigger an explosion when a person enters a room. Often times, the result is death to the idividual and severe damage to the environment."
-Plays on any empty site. Kills next personnel to move, report, or board there, unless their STRENGTH>10. Also destroys site. May be nullified if any player has SECURITY, Law, and a Tricorder at an adjacent site.

-by 9of24

Trap Door, Dilemma, space/planet
"Trap doors, like this one used by the Karidian Company of Players, are often used in theatrical presentations to quickly and mysteriously either add or remove actors."
-Opponent immediately chooses: One of your personnel (random selection) is returned to hand OR opponent may immediately download a personnel here.

-by jSarek

Well Guarded, Dilemma, planet
"When stranded on a desert planet, Captain Picard, Wesley Crusher, and a shuttle captain encountered a fountain protected by a forcefield. The pilot was killed, and Wes had to work to save Picard."
-Kills one random personnel present with CUNNING<6. Place on one other random personnel present; it is in stasis. Cure with a personnel with CUNNING>8 (or Wesley Crusher) and a Tricorder present.

-by Pizman

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