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A Gift, Q-Interrupt
"I cannot accept this...object."
-Opponent must immediately download a card for each player's use. Any player may refuse the card downloaded (shuffle it back into owner's draw deck; that player may draw two cards); for each player that accepts the downloaded card OR for every Are These Truly Your Friends, Brother? encountered this turn, opponent may draw up to three cards.
- by Pogo of Go

Arc Welder, Equipment
"Exocomps used many devices to go about their every day duties. An arc welder can be dangerous in the hands of a feisty Exocomp."
-Doubles one skill on your ENGINEER present. Also during battle your ENGINEER may stun his adversary.

- by decoyvader

Bargaining Table, Event
"In 2366, negotiations over the Barzan Wormhole led to intense competition. Only one party could win the coveted prize."
-Each player may make an "offer" (place any number of cards from draw deck, sight unseen, in a pile). Player with highest "offer" discards pile, downloads 3 cards, and draws no cards this turn. Discard event.

- by jSarek

Blaster Deflection, Event
"'Lasers? They won't even penetrate our navigational deflectors.'"
-Plays on a ship. Unless that ship's WEAPONS are enhanced or opponent uses a tactic card, it may not damage your ships with RANGE or SHIELDS> 4.

- by jSarek

Choke, Event
"You ever piloted a Grinthmain water-hopper Commander?' 'Sure.' 'You ever popped the clutch?' 'Are you saying we're going to stall the Hathaway?' A good way to restart after stalling is to apply the choke."
-Plays on your crew or away team. The first time they are "stopped" this turn you may discard this card to "unstop" them.

- by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

Fallen Portal, Interrupt, Countdown: 3
"When rogue Jem'Hadar took control of an Iconian gateway, the crew of the Defiant banded with a group of other Jem'Hadar in order to stop them."
-Destroys an Iconian Gateway. OR In place of your card play, downloads Treaty: Federation/Dominion (place on treaty, discard treaty when countdown expires).

- by Pizman

Hidden Compartment, Interrupt, Countdown: 3
"In one of Barash's illusionary scenarios, Riker and 'Ethan' were forced to seek refuge in an abandoned section of the Romulan base in which both trapped. Once there, they were able to elude capture by Romulan security forces for a short time."
-Plays on your opponent's ship or facility where you have personnel. They may avoid being killed, disabled, or captured by opposing personnel until countdown ends, but are "stopped" during that period. Discard Interrupt.

- by Wordsmith

I Must Be Allowed to Speak, Event, 5 points
" 'Captain Spock, you do not stand accused.' 'I stand with my shipmates.'"
-Plays on any VIP or  OFFICER. Once per turn, that personnel may do one of the following: Nullify Drumhead, Discommendation or any court-martial card; replace another personnel here chosen to be returned to hand or draw deck (discard event); or once per game, any Spock may place this card out-of-play to score points. (Unique.)

- by CarnMollari

Revealed, Event, -5 points
"Spies are everywhere, but so is counter-intelligence. If a spy's identity should be revealed, the consequences can be unpleasant."
-Plays on opponent's infiltrator. If you have CUNNING > (infiltrator's total attributes x2) and Law, FCA, Klingon Intelligence, Obsidian Order or Section 31 OR Tal Shiar present, infiltrator is captured; opponent loses points. You may discard event on a later turn to download any capture-related card.

- by Cadfael

Sandwhirl, Dilemma, planet
"Nickname originally given to Sybok's uprising on Nimbus III. Came to mean any planetary uprising led by a religious authority."
-Place on planet. Mission or scouting attempt ends. Mission is unattemptable and unscoutable. Nullify with 4 Diplomacy OR STRENGTH>70 and no hand weapons OR 4 [Defense] drones OR by discarding a ship with at least one staffing icon from hand. Dilemma doubled if Sybok here.

- by CarnMollari

Skull, Equipment, X points
"Hirogen warriors pride themselves on their success in the Hunt and take many prizes to remember their prey. This skull belonged to a Hirogen Alpha that held Tuvok and Seven."
-Plays immediately after your Hirogen mortally wounds a personnel(limit one)  X=5. Each time your Hirogen mortally wounds a personnel where Skull present, add 1 to X (2 if a  personnel). (Unique.)

- by CarnMollari

Someone Who Loves You, Event
"There are so many fish in the sea, moreso in the galaxy. The currents of the Great Material Continuum can bring people together from very different places. That would explain Leeta and Rom."
-Plays on table. Romantically Involved personnel (including married and imzadi) may report to the same location as the person they are involved with (for free). Also, all such personnel are immune to romance dilemmas. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

- by CarnMollari

Strangle, Dilemma, space/planet
"'Stop it. Stop. Stop it... stop it!' During a confrontation with Rogue Borg mercenaries, Data felt a wave of hatred  for the drones attempting to harm his friends. He warned them."
-"Stops" one android or SECURITY present (random selection). Unless 3 Diplomacy OR STRENGTH>30 present, rest of Away Team may not continue. Cure with 2 hand weapons OR any Data present.

- by James T. Skywalker

The Signal, Event, 
"Covert operations are often signaled by obscure words, such as the transmission 'Janeway to Chakotay. Scorpion.'"
-Seeds or plays on table. You may play one non- Event, Incident, or Objective under this card as an . Flip both cards when activated; discard this card after use.

- by Janeway's Defender

Unfriendly Fire, Interrupt
"When Gaila accidently killed Keeven he was actually trying to kill his cousin Quark..."
-Plays to nullify Friendly Fire OR Plays where you have a personnel with Treachery and a phaser or disruptor to kill one personnel present (random selection).

- by Omega Hirogen

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