Trek for the Wars
Special Edition Dark

A Bright Center to the Universe, Time Location, space
12,000,567,896 BC Devron System: Period when Anti-time anomoly engulfs the entire universe, preventing the Big Bang.
-Plays on table. Immediatly download Anti-Time Anomaly from outside the game here. Anti-Time Anomaly now has [Countdown:7]. If Anti-Time Anomaly counts down, timeline disrupted: All non- personnel, ships, facilities and equipment on the table, in any draw decks or side decks are removed from the game. Any player may nullify this and the Anti-Time Anomaly by discarding 3 ships from the Devron system. No one is native to this time location.

-by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

A Day Long Remembered, Event
"When Morn died,Qaurk held a nice ceremonial for him. He even held his chair free to remember him."
-Seeds or plays on table. Whenever a unique personnel dies, your copy of that card now reports for free where it died. May be nulified by showing the same personnel from opponent's hand. (Discard event.)

-by dixidax

A Real Hero,  Dilemma, space
-The galaxy is a dangerous place, its needs a hero! That hero is...Captain Proton!"
-Unless Tom Paris OR Harry Kim present, one  personnel is discarded (your choice). (Discard dilemma.)

-by lttarin

All Power To Weapons, Tactic
-You may boost Attack bonus by +1 for each item of special equipment on any of your ships firing which you take offline for the next 2 full turns. Hit = . Direct hit = .
*Defense Systems Overload: destroys any Tactical Console on ship, and opponent may immediately place one extra damage marker .

-by Prince of Insufficient Light

Blast Points, Interrupt
"'Blast patterns indicate a Type III Disruptor.' 'Great. That limits it to Romulans, Klingons or Breen.'"
-Plays on a location where opponent used an energy weapon in personal combat on a previous turn. You may counterattack at any location this turn.

-by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

Blown Clear, Event, 
"Inventive thinking allowed Picard's zero-G assault  team to disable Borg on the ship's hull. Though the drones adapted to phasers, their footing did not."
-Plays on table. Nullifies Adapt: Modulate Shields OR kills one drone scouting aboard your ship OR returns an intruder to owner's hand; discard Event after use.

-by Pogo of Go

My Favorite Decoration, Event, 
"During one of his pleasant incursions, Tomalak promised Picard a day when the broken hull of his USS Enterprise would be displayed on Romulus."
-Place in your points area along with a unique ship in opponent's discard pile; you score 10 points (20 points for any Enterprise OR if you have any Kang OR Tomalak OR Borg Queen on table). (Unique.)

-by Pogo of Go

Cloud City Occupation, Mission, planet, Klingon/Bajoran/Cardassian
Strathos*Mirror Universe: Celebrate anniversary of mining colony takeover.
-SECURITY x2 + Leadership x4 + 3 Unique differently aligned  personnel
-Span 3; 20 points; After you solve, may download any Cloud City card (to here or hand) once per turn.

-by Kincaid

Cloud City: Upper Walkway, Event
"Various cultures have similar concepts of an afterlife, or Heaven. The Klingons have Sto'vo'kor, the Bajorans have the Celestial Temple, and the Tamarians believe in the Upper Walkway of the Cloud City."
-Plays on table. Your personnel with Honor OR INTEGRITY>5 may relocate here after death. Score 2 points for each personnel here. Nullified by The Devil.

-by Evek

Come Here You Big Coward!, Event
"When Data attempted to show Geordi his pet cat, Spot, Spot was not a willing conspirator. Geordi suggested that Data 'house train' Spot so that she would do what he wanted."
-Plays on Spot. Spot may not attack or "pounce" for the rest of the game. OR Plays on table. If opponent is playing Klingon, all their personnel without Honor lose their second listed skill (first if only one) and are STRENGTH -2.

-by The Mad Hatter

Coordinated Attack, Interrupt
"During the final battle of the Dominion war, Admiral Ross ordered the combined Federation, Romulan, Klingon and Cardassian fleet to divide into groups in order to attack the Jem'Hadar, Breen and orbital weapons platforms."
-Plays at the start of any space battle involving at least three ships on each side. Split your ships present into up to three groups. Each group may select a different ship or facility to fire at.

-by Nick Big Fish

Counter Surprise Assault, Interrupt
"Lore: In order to save his own life, Keevan informed Sisko of the impending Jem'Hadar attack. Sisko took appropriate measures to defend against them."
-Nullifies No Way Out OR If your captive is affected by Torture or Brainwash or just answered five lights to Interrogation, then your cards are all attribute +3 in a battle that your opponent initiates. (Not cumulative.)

-by Giovanni

Destroyed Homestead, Dilemma, space/planet,. Countdown: 3
"When home is no longer there, it can rock individuals to the core. The fire at Chateau Picard, which killed Robert and René, devastated Jean-Luc. There'll be no more Picards."
-Place on one personnel present (Jean-Luc Picard if possible, otherwise random selection). Personnel is disabled until countdown expires, and then is Attributes -1 (-1 more for each of that personnel's family members in any discard pile). (Unique.)

-by CarnMollari

Dreaded Imperial Starfleet, Incident, 5 points
-Seeds or plays on a non-homeworld planet. If you bring WEAPONS > the point value of targeted mission and you are unopposed there, then the planet is now "conquered". All affiliations involved in the conquest add their icons to the mission and all personnel cards identified as natives to the planet lose their previous affiliations and gain the icons of the conquering affiliations. Score points.

-by Kurn, SOM

Firepower, Event
"Security officers are highly trained in armed combat. They must be familiar with and have access to a variety of firearms in order to be prepared to handle all possible situations."
-Plays on table. Once per turn, you may download Weapons Locker (to the location of one of your SECURITY personnel) or a handweapon. Your SECURITY personnel may use any handweapon as if "stolen".

-by Kurn, SOM

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