Trek for the Wars
Special Edition Light

All Wings Report In, Event, , Countdown: 4
"During the many battles of the Dominion War, Benjamin Sisko required regular reports from the rest of the fleet to the Defiant, ensuring they remained in tight, combat-ready formation."
-Seeds or plays on table. Your ships may move as a group; they are RANGE +1 if a Defiant-class starship present. You may discard event to give each ship in one group WEAPONS +1 until end of turn OR download Phaser Array Power Cell.
- by jSarek

Balanced Attack, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. While in play, all players lose 10 points unless they have at least four staffing icons between any two ships on table AND at least one ship with less than two staffing icons. If your opponent initiates a ship battle where he has at least three ships with less than two staffing icons, you may download Obelisk of Masaka. You may discard to download one ship with  from 19 to 21 in total attributes.

- by Pizman

Cloud City Celebration, Event
"After equal rights were granted to the Troglyte miners of Strathos, the entire city united in a day of celebration."
-Plays on table. While in play, your personnel with Honor are INTEGRITY and STRENGTH+2. Nullified if no Treaty in play OR by The Devil. OR Plays on any Nor. Doubles Process Ore there; Reactor Overloads on that Nor destroy Process Ore but not Ore Processing Unit.

- by dcwf

Cloud City: West Gallery, Event
"The Cloud City West Gallery was famous for the exellent view of the Planet. But it was also a symbol for the superior status of the inhabitants of Cloud City."
-Plays on table. Scores one point per turn for each personnel on Cloud City or at Promenade Shops. Nullfied by Cloud City Celebration.

- by Section 32

More Dangerous Than You Realize, Q-Dilemma, Countdown: 3
"The universe is a dangerous place, Picard. There are dangers out there that you can't even dream of."
-Unless you have at least 12 different non-classification skills present, opponent may relocate this ship and/or Away Team to any planet mission in another quadrant. Place on mission; you may not attempt until countdown expires OR you have 3 Diplomacy OR any Picard present.

- by Pizman

Desert, Dilemma, planet
"In his search for the Orb of The Emissary, Benjamin Sisko and company crossed a vast desert on Tyree. The heat alone could have penetrated a Breen refridgeration suit."
-To get past requires 4 personnel present (random selection) to "cross the desert". All four are examined individually and killed if INTEGRITY + CUNNING + STRENGTH is odd.

- by CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK!

Desperate Tactics, Interrupt
"Many Jem'Hadar ships as they are about to be destroyed ram themselves into enemy ships. This destroyed ships like the IKC Ning'tao and the USS Odyssey."
-Plays on any non-Breen  ship. As it is being to be destroyed in a ship-to-ship battle it does damage to target ship . The ship still has to be discarded.

- by klingon

Direct Assault, Objective, , 20 points
-Seeds or plays on table. Target a homeworld. Score points if you destroy a headquarters at that homeworld, double points if opponent uses game text of Defend Homeworld prior to headquarters destruction.

- by The Mad Hatter

Disruptor Pistol, Equipment
"An easily concealable, 'hold-out' disruptor weapon favored by Romulans and nefarious smugglers and mercenaries. Much smaller than the standard disruptor."
-Where present, your personnel add STRENGTH +1. Romulan and Non-Aligned use only. May report to a just-initiated personnel battle involving your  or  with Treachery.

- by The First Minister

Docking and Repair Facilities, Mission, space, Any crew may attempt if same player controls a facility here, 
Repair Yard: Spend an uneventful vacation watching personnel fill deuterium tanks.
-ENGINEER x2 + Computer Skill + empty docked ship
-Span: 3; 30 points; Owner's Side: When completed, you may download Spacedock to a facility here. / Opponent's Side: A Fast Ship Would Be Nice may not be seeded here.

- by CarnMollari

Don't Tread on Me, Event
"The Ansata, a separtist radical group, were revolting against against the government on Rutia IV. Finn, the leader of the movement, compared himself to George Washington and saw himself a patriot."
-Plays on any non-homeworld planet. One personnel here is captured (random selection), and start of every turn one person here is randomly killed OR one ship at this location is randomly damaged (opponent's choice).

- by Giovanni

Down With the Emperor!, Interrupt
"Klingon history holds that the warrior K'Trelan killed Emperor Reclaw and plunged the Klingon Empire into what was later called the Dark Time; the Empire was actually ruled by a constitutional democracy during this time."
-Plays to kill any VIP OR OFFICER. If that personnel was an Emperor, Chancellor, President or Maje, all other personnel of that affiliation are INTEGRITY - 1 until end of game. (Cumulative.)

- by Janeway's Defender

Draw Their Fire, Event
"Ships or away team members will often put themselves in the line of fire in order to protect their goal. USS Voyager did so in order to conceal the Delta Flyer in 2376."
-Plays on table. Once per ship battle, you may re-direct opponent's damage markers to one of your staffed ships present. OR Once per ship or personnel battle, you may exclude one ship or personnel from that battle.

- by Giovanni

Entrenchment, Event
"Given sufficient time, soldiers can build elaborate trenches that can help them withstand the assault of even vastly superior forces."
-Place on your Away Team that has been on the same planet for at least one turn. If attacked, they are STRENGTH +1 for each turn they have been on that planet (limit +3). Discard if Away Team moves.

- by Volo the Vorta

Farm, Objective, 4 countdown
-Plays on any planet. Unique. Each turn you have an unopposed CIVILIAN with Geology or Biology here, you may "work the land" (place one card from hand onto this objective). At end of countdown, either "harvest": discard objective and all cards on it (must be at least 3) to download any one card (or any two equipment) OR "crop rotate": discard cards, draw an equal amount from draw deck, and reset countdown.

- by Mike Eddington

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