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Endor Dark

Accelerate, Interrupt, Countdown 2
"In order to make sue of him, the Scalosians were forced to 'accelerate' him. Since he was able to move quickly, they could do more. Prolonged exposure is not advised, and could be deadly."
-Plays on one of your males at the start of your turn. They may not be stopped for any reason but are discarded at the end of countdown (compatable MEDICAL may prevent death). Nullified by any Morn.

-by Kincaid

Always Thinking With Your Stomach, Event, 
"'A Targ, just beyond that ridge.' 'You would hunt down a simple beast, even in the midst of our enemies?' 'There is no enemy as great as hunger!'"
-Plays on table until placed where you have ANIMAL present. Prevents battle there this turn OR one opposing personnel is "stopped" for each ANIMAL you have present (two if ANIMAL is a Targ OR if any Neelix in opposing crew or Away Team).

-by jSarek

An Entire Legion of my Best Troops, Dilemma, space/planet, Countdown: 2
"'Gather my space force. Power the death ray!' In addition to his technological terrors, Chaotica had an entire army of evil holographic troopers at his diabolical command."
-Place on ship or planet. Opponent may download here any number of  personnel with INTEGRITY<5 OR Treachery. If present with this dilemma, they are "active" and may initiate battle without a leader.

-by jSarek

Battle Order, Interrupt
"Captains will often attempt to ensure victory by having a set plan to follow before a battle commences. Battle plans can often save lives and valuable starships."
-Plays just after battle is initiated. If you have 3 Leadership present, you may download to there any one valid response to the battle OR any Tactic card to use during this battle.

-by Dogbert

Closed Door, Interrupt
"Often starship crews take advantage of doors that automatically open. Many are caught off guard by an unopening door and may cause problems in adressing an emergency."
-Nullifies one Ready Room Door or Captain's Order. OR Plays on any Nor; until end of turn, personnel may not walk between sites here.

-by Android Nightmare

Combat Readiness, Event
"Phasers and disruptors can come in handy for self defense, but they can be deadly efficient in the hands of experienced combatants."
-Plays on table. While in play your hand weapns add an additional +2 STRENGTH to SECUIRTY, Resistance, Obsidian Order, Klingon Intielligence, FCA, Section 31, Tal Shiar, Guramba, and  icon personnel. (Not cumulative.)

-by MicahElliott

Compact Firepower, Interrupt
"In Bashir's secret agent program, Anastasia Komananov used a pair of explosive earings escape Falcon's clutches. Big things; small packages."
-One Equipment card present with your SECURITY or ENGINEER "explodes" (discard). Nullifies one Doorway or Door dilemma present OR mortally wounds one opposing personnel present and forces opponent to release up to 2 captives to your hand or nearest facility.

-by MicahElliott

Counterattack, Incident, 
-Seeds or plays on table. Defend Homeworld's game text now applies to stations (except  Nor). OR If opponent attacks your Away Team and you win the personnel battle, you may take an extra turn.

-by The Mad Hatter

Crossfire, Tactic
-Requires 2 or more ships firing. ATTACK+1 if target has >2 staffing icons. Hit=. Direct Hit=.
*Hull Breach Imminent: If HULL<15% when first placed, target takes an extra  (opponent may download Emergency Evacuation OR Escape Pod)

-by Dogbert

Don't Move!, Dilemma, space/planet
"In an attempt to gain control of their starship, the Kelvans used a paralysis field against the defiant Enterprise crew. The weapon blocked impulses to the voluntary muscles."
-Crew or Away Team is "stopped" for X turns, where X=the highest INTEGRITY value present unless you allow opponent to relocate your ship present to any location on the spaceline of their choice. Discard dilemma.

-by Wordsmith

Early Warning Network, Event, 
"'Our colony on Ivor Prime was destroyed this morning...' 'Yes I know, the Borg'. Without a quick reaction by Starfleet in 2373 Earth would have been assimilated."
-Seeds or plays on table. When opponent attacks your facility, you may immediatly move any of your ships at adjacent locations to that location to participate in that battle. Discard event after the battle.

-by Nick Big Fish

Empire's New Order, Event
"After his victory in the Klingon Civil War, Gowron went about 're-writing' Klingon history."
-Plays on your  Chancellor (OR K'mpec OR Gowron OR Martok) if your Klingon Civil War has been nullified. He may redefine the mission requirements on any of your missions he has helped solve for next game with same opponent.

-by OorylQrygg

Imperial Outpost, Outpost, Non-Aligned, 
"The Krenim Imperium once had many outposts. Their use of temporal weapons had unpredictable effects on not only their enemies, but on their own empire as well."
-Seed one at a  mission OR build at any such mission where you have a Krenim ENGINEER. SD Temporal Rift (even to Imperial Outpost).

-by OorylQrygg

Establish Secret Base, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt
Unknown planet: Construct a military base unknown to other powers.
-Leadership + SECURITY x2 + CUNNING>70
-Span: 3; 25 points; When completed, flip mission over
Flip side:
Establish Secret Base, Mission, planet
Unknown Planet: Keep secret base hidden from enemy.
-Outpost (Your choice of affiliation); SHIELDS: 32; May not be attacked unless Full Planet Scan played here.

-by The Mad Hatter

Freeze!, Interrupt, Countdown: 2
"If there's anyone who knows how to keep things cold, it's the Breen."
-Once per turn, if your Breen present with any opposing personnel, place that personnel in stasis for countdown. OR Downloads Thermal Deflectors.

-by Pizman

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