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Endor Light

Aim High, Interrupt
"Jake Sisko was once pinned down by Klingons, but he managed to save the colony by (accidentally) sealing the cave he was in."
-Plays at start of personnel battle on a planet if you have a phaser rifle OR disruptor rifle present. Prevents that battle.
- by Pizman

Battle Plan, Objective
-Plays on table; you may draw one more Tactic card each turn. Once per turn, in place of your normal card play, you may download any Attack Pattern OR Klingon Right of Vengeance to your hand. You may ignore Hails if they prevent the start of a battle. You may discard at the start of ship battle to download one Tactic card.

- by Pizman

Careful Planning, Event
"With the Enterprise under Ferengi control, a youthful Jean-Luc Picard devised a plan that would both retake the ship and capitalize on Ferengi cunning."
-Plays on your ship (may not be nullified). Once per turn, your Youth personnel aboard may nullify Commandeer Ship played on this ship OR download Intruder Alert! OR discard event to stop all opposing personnel here.

- by Pogo of Go

Commando Training, Event
"Brainwashed by Vori conscription techniques, Commander Chakotay fought as a soldier against the Krayden 'beasts'."
-Plays on any crew or away team. If you have SECURITY and Treachery present, remove all Honor and first-listed skill on personnel present. Their classification changes to SECURITY; they are STRENGTH +2, and may ignore attack restrictions.

- by Dogbert

Count Me In, Interrupt
"Many crew members new to Starfleet are eager to go on their first away missions. Some shouldn't be."
-Plays at the start of any planet mission attempt. If no personnel with youth present, you may download up to two Lt. Grants. For this turn, he may replace anyone randomly selected to die.

- by Morn of Borg

Covert Landing, Event, , Countdown:3
"When trying to find his father at a secret Romulan Camp, Worf used the piloting skills of a Yiridian to land unnoticed."
-Plays on your ship with no staffing icons. This ship may land using 2 RANGE. One personnel aboard may exit undetected (may not be targeted by opponent). May attempt this mission with +2 CUNNING.

- by trekkiewarrior

Deactivate the Shield Generator, Event, 
"Someone may lower shields for many reasons, to cloak or to beam, for example. Covert agents prefer to cripple a ship or facility before an attack."
-Seeds or plays on table. If you have an infiltrator on an opponent's ship or facility, you may reduce it SHIELDS by half before you attack. OR Discard from hand to nullify Duonetic Field Generator.

- by 9of24

Explosive Charge, Interrupt
"Admiral Satie's overzealous accusations began to fatally damage her credibility during the Enterprise-D sabotage hearings. Her outlandish charge against Jean-Luc Picard became explosive in more ways than one, when an incensed Admiral Henry finally halted further investigation."
-Nullfies Drumhead OR New Essentialists OR Gulity - Provisionally OR Framed for Murder OR Fightin' Words OR Hate Crime. (May not be nullfied.)

- by Wordsmith

Firefight, Event, 
"Cooperation was required to overcome the firestorms at Bersallis III, but cooperation means nothing without some good old thermal deflectors to help out."
-Seeds or plays on table. Whenever you encounter Firestorm (with at least 50 INTEGRITY present) OR Radioactive Garbage Scow, you may download Thermal Deflectors. (May not be nullified.)

- by Pizman

Fly Casual, Event
"Having overcome the V'Ger threat, Admiral Kirk's proclamation was 'Out there, thataway'."
-Plays on your ship (for free if ship's crew solved a [S] mission last turn). It is +1 RANGE for each Navigation aboard (not cumulative; Captain's Order).

- by CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK!

Free Ride, Event
"Even though Lt. Cmdr. Worf was no longer a crew member of the USS Enterprise-E, his transfer during the Borg invasion, and later during the Ba'ku incident, came as no suprise to the rest of the crew."
-Plays on table for free. Any Worf may move from Deep Space Nine to USS Enterprise-E at any time without restriction. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge.)

- by The Mad Hatter

Get Alongside That One, Objective
-Plays on one of your runabouts or shuttlecraft at same location as opponent's runabouts or shuttlecraft. Probe:
#: Connected. Both ships have no RANGE. You may transport aboard opponent's ship.
#: Crash. Unless Navigationx2 present, your ship crashes. Ship and crew are destroyed (killed).
#Anything else: No effect.

- by The Mad Hatter

Here We Go Again, Event, 
"Interestingly enough, many of the planets visited by the crew of the Starship Enterprise looked very much the same. Often only the sky was different."
-Seeds or plays on table. Points scored by a player solving a second copy of a mission solved earlier in the game by either player OR in the last game played by both players are instead divided evenly between both players (round up).

- by General Kang

I Have a Really Bad Feeling About This, Interrupt
"Many species have developed certain talents that allow them extra senses that humans do not have. Betazoids have the power of empathy, and even El-Aurans have some sense of spatial distortions."
-Twice per game, plays just after a dilemma you encountered killed two or more of your personnel. If your Empathy or El-Auran is present, undo the effects of the dilemma, replace under mission, and crew or Away Team is "stopped".

- by Anjohl

I Hope She's All Right, Event
"Members of a close-knit crew tend to bond with each other and their ship, even assigning ships a gender. Humans tend to refer to ships as female, a tradition dating back to ancient times. Few want anything unfortunate to happen to 'her'."
-Seeds or plays on table. Once per turn, may "stop" one ship with its matching commander aboard, then immediately probe:
#: Immediately "unstop" ship; it is all attributes +1 until end of your next turn.
#: Remove one damage marker from ship (random selection) OR cancel one battle here.

- by Dogbert

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