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Dagobah Light - Big One

The problem I had with this card was that all the entries were cool or hilarious!!! So rather than deprive you of all those good cards by selecting only one winner, I've made a special page containing all of them, in the order they were posted and with no comment :-).

Big One, Incident
-Seeds or Plays on table. Target a homeworld matching an affiliation you are not playing. If opponent uses Defend Homeworld's game text at target's location, you must duplicate it's download to that location. You may not download more cards than your opponent does. After use discard Incident. Unique.

-by CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK!

Big One, Personnel, Non-Aligned
"Orion Syndicate's current leader. No one knows his real name. From his Qualor II office he runs his vast underground empire with an iron fist."
-VIP, Orion Syndicate x2, Leadership, Treachery x2; May report on Qualor II; Your Orion Syndicate personnel are all attributes +1

-by Volo the Vorta

Big One, Incident
-Plays at Quark's Bar. If you win dabo, you score 6 points instead of 2. If you lose dabo, you must place out of play the probe card, the top card from the draw deck, and the top card from discard pile.

-by The Mad Hatter

Big One, Personnel, Non-Aligned, 
"Blue humanoid inmate at Rura Penthe internment camp in 2291. Convicted of indecent exposure. Has very vulnerable... weak spots."
CIVILIAN, Treachery; May report (for free) at Rura Penthe; Once per turn, if a captive, may initiate battle against opponent's personnel here; Smuggling; 

-by CarnMollari

Big One, Interrupt
"Da casino racket was run by da bosses Frankie Eyes an' Tony Cicci, but both o' dem hadda report to da big bad boss Zeemo."
-If Dixon Hill's Business Card was just put outta commission, trash it instead. OR For one time dis roun', get Mr. Zeemo ta show up early.

-by Pizman

Big One, Mission, planet, Ferengi
Unexploited Planet: Make greatest deal of a lifetime with unsuspecting natives.
-Greed x3 + Anthropology + (FCA x2 OR Treachery x4)
-Span: 3; 45 points

-by The First Minister

Big One, Dilemma, planet
"On stardate 5554.4 Starros Keniclius began a project to clone Spock. The clone was exactly like Spock in every way--8 times his size. While the clone never referred to the original as 'Mini-Me', this is probably how the original was regarded."
-One personnel present (highest Diplomacy if present, otherwise opponent's choice) is disabled until Mindmeld present. This card enters play as a personnel with the same skills, affiliation and 4x the STRENGTH, but may not leave the planet.

-by Riov Nniol tr'Annhwi

Big One, Event, , 1 point
"As times go by, old friends leave and new friends come. Crew rotations are a big deal, at least on the senior staff level."
-Plays on table if you need one point to win. If Tasha Yar, Wesley  Crusher, Jadzia Dax or Kes leave play OR if Dr. Pualski, Worf, Ezri Dax, Seven of Nine enter play OR if Beverly Crusher enters or leaves play OR if Julian Bashir swicthes personae, score point.

-by Kincaid

Big One, Event
"'My, you are a big one, aren't you?' Worf wasn't interested in Mrs. Troi's advances, however."
-Plays on Lwaxana Troi. Any personnel with STRENGTH> 9 is STRENGTH +2 where she is present OR immune to love interest dilemmas.

-by Morn of Borg

Big One, Event, Countdown: 4
"While helping Picard save the Ba'ku many of the away began to feel the regenerative effects of the planets sorrounding metaphasic rings. Worf's gorch provoked Riker into saying, 'The Klingons never do anything small, do they?'"
-Plays on a Klingon with Youth or on the Ba'ku Planet. Until end of countdown, INTEGRITY and CUNNING are -2 and STRENGTH is +2. At end of countdown, Klingon loses Youth and gains Honor OR Treachery (your choice).

-by 9of24

Big One, Ship, Non-Aligned
"Pakled Flagship! Over a mile long and  holds nearly 10,000 Pakled. Former Husnok ship. Uses systems of 200 different races. Can't use a clocking device. Can hardly use warp speed."
Unknown Class[6 Pakled] Tractor Beam, Holodeck, Particle Scattering Device; X=0 OR 4 (changing each turn); SD We look for Things

-by Section 32

Big One, Personnel, Klingon/Non-Aligned
"While held in a Dominion prison on a remote asteroid, Worf was forced to fight the Jem'Hadar. Their First considered him a worthy and honorable opponent."
-VIP, Leadership, Navigation, Honor x3; Cannot be stunned in personel battle; Once per game if randomly selected to die, you may choose one of your opponent's personnel at the same location to die instead

-by Senator Cretak

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