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Premiere Dark - Boring Conversation Anyway

The problem I had with this card was that all the entries were hilarious!!! So rather than deprive you of all those good cards by selecting only one winner, I've made a special page containing all of them, in the order they were posted and with no comment :-).

Boring Conversation Anyway, Interrupt/Dilemma, space/planet
-Plays to nullify any one card with a "quote" in its lore. OR Downloads any Pakled.
-To get past requires Mot or a personnel with either Diplomacy x2 OR INTEGRITY greater than 7 OR Mot's Advice.

-by Aramanac

Boring Conversation Anyway, Interrupt
"Some people who arent diplomatic tend to ignore hails or cut them off in mid sentence."
-Nullifies Hail OR stops one ship from scanning you this turn.

-by Legate Kamar

Boring Conversation Anyway, Incident, , 10 points
- Reveal to nullify a just played Parallax Arguers and score 5 points. Discard after use.

-by Vader of Borg

Boring Conversation Anyway, Interrupt
"'Photon torpedo. Isn't that the universal greeting when communications are down?' 'I think it's the universal greeting when you don't like someone.'"
-Cancels any Incoming Message or Hail that targets your ship. Targeted ship may immediately attack an opponent's ship present (does not require a leader).

-by Nonsuch

Boring Conversation Anyway, Dilemma, space/planet
"Ezri Dax was orginally assigned to Deep Space Nine to serve as a counsler.As time went on, her position on the station switched to more tactical areas.Her attention paying skills weren't top notch to begin with, especially with a certain Cardassian tailor."
-If Empathy or any counsler present, they are "stopped" (their Integrity is -2, but they gain SECURITY). Away team or crew can not continue until no Counselor OR Empathty OR Anthroplogy present. Any Garak or Barclay present is placed out of play.

-by Dr. Telek R'Mor

Boring Conversation Anyway, Dilemma, space/planet
"Small talk is an art still used in the 24th centruy by many, including Mot and Commander Hutchinson. Sometimes used as a diversion. Beings with little patience can become quite irritated with these 'artists'."
-Unless Diplomacy x3 OR STRENGTH>20 from two people OR a snappy conversationalist present, opponent may download to here up to 3  personnel and/or ships.

-by DefiantNX74205

Boring Conversation Anyway, Interrupt
"Jean-Luc Picard was relieved by a call to duty which allowed him to gracefully avoid Hars Adislo's intriguing conversation on thermionic transconductance."
-Plays to end your turn (draw no cards). Stops all non-, non- Anthropology personnel in play and allows you to issue orders during your opponent's next turn.

-by Pogo of Go

Boring Conversation Anyway, Interrupt, 
"Before and during the Dominion War, Benjamin Sisko often had to endure Gul Dukat inflating his ego or Weyoun lying trying to find a way to end the one way conversation."
-If you have an OFFICER or a Leadership personnel present, you may suspend game to download to here Subspace Interference OR End Transmisson OR nullify Hail OR Open Diplomatic Relations, discard interrupt.

-by Me Founder

Boring Conversation Anyway, Dilemma, space/planet
"Conversation about common interests is often enjoyable. Unfortunately, some discussions are quite boring causing all involved to seek a way to escape."
-Immediately Probe if non-Borg:
#: Interruption. Play probe card immediately.
#Otherwise: Conversation Continues. Randomly select a classification. All personnel of that classification are "stopped".

-by Kurn, SOM

Boring Conversation Anyway, Dilemma, planet
"Commander Hutchinson, self-proclaimed ornithologist extraordinaire, had a remarkable talent for boring his guests at Arkaria Base. No one mourned his untimely demise."
-One personnel is stopped per turn, but gains Ornithology when mission completed.

-by 4-GOM

Boring Conversation Anyway, Event
"When Locutus of Borg told the Enterprise to surrender Commander Riker felt it was time to terminate the conversation, and pursue a much more risky courser of action."
-Plays on your ship opposed at a spaceline location. If it battles this turn WEAPONS and SHIELDS are +5 and takes only half damage (round up, discard event after battle). OR Plays on table you may now ignore Incoming Messages and Hails.

-by Emperor Cartagia

Boring Conversation Anyway, Interrupt
"When one of the parties is being less than cooperative, or when the other party is difficult to understand, sometimes it's just best to end the conversation then and there."
-Downloads End Transmission OR Subspace Interference OR Wartime Conditions OR The Devil. OR Nullifies Make Us Go OR Shaka, When the Walls Fell OR Mot's Advice.

-by Pizman

Boring Conversation Anyway, Mission, planet, Federation
 Arkaria Base: Attend reception hosted by Commander "Hutch" Hutchinson.
-Diplomacy x8 from 8 separate personnel
-Span: 3; 50 points; Any away team may attempt/complete mission no bonus points (+ or -) scored here. Adds   icons to Diplomatic Conference.

-by Altoid

Boring Conversation Anyway, Interrupt
"Some say that Mot could only teach you one thing...others would argue that he had at least TWO things to offer..."
-Plays to kill any Mot in play. May be nullified by Plexing.

-by SlickAl

Boring Conversation Anyway, Interrupt
"Long time ago in a alternate universe far, far away... Someone said that as an excuse after blew up valuable governmental equipment."
-Plays to nullify any card with 'Interference' OR 'Message' OR 'Transmission' with the title OR one Hail. OR Plays to prevent the movement from any one Security Office or Brig for the rest of the turn.

-by Zimmerman

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