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Death Star II Light - Independence

The problem I had with this card was that all the entries quite cool!!! So rather than deprive you of all those good cards by selecting only one winner, I've made a special page containing all of them, in the order they were posted and with no comment :-).

Independence, Objective, 
-Plays on table. When revealed, all personnel of one species (your choice) battle all other personnel of that species' normal affiliation at the location where most of that species is present. If the single species team wins, that species becomes an affiliation with standard attack restrictions. If their home planet is in play, that planet becomes a homeworld.

-by Janeway's Defender

Independence, Interrupt
"When Crosis talked with Data, he made him desire independance from the crew that didn't allow him to have emotions."
-Allows one captured personnel to escape with one of opponent's personnel without Honor. That personnel is under your control for the rest of the game, and becomes the same affiliation as former captive.

-by Degausser

Independence, Incident
- Plays on your Colony. All Colony points are lost and Colony is immune to The Wake of the Borg. Personnel may report aboard and all your personnel present may mix regardless of affiliation for rest of game, but are no longer compatible with personnel from their former aligned affiliations.

-by Etsap

Independence, Event, 
"'When Sisko arrived at Deep Space Nine, Bajor had just won its independence, and as a result, some did not react positively to Federation influence."
-Seeds or plays on Deep Space Nine. Each Federation ship traveling in the Bajor Region must stop at each location before moving to the next one, and Federation personnel may not use Leadership or Diplomacy there. Once per game, you may download The Devil and play it on a Bajoran treaty.

-by The Mad Hatter

Independence, Event
"After successfully ending the Cardassian occupation of their homeworld, the Bajorans quickly developed a bureaucracy to fill the power vacuum left by the withdrawal."
-Seeds or plays on Alter Records. If you just completed HQ: Secure Homeworld here, you may download up to 3  VIPs and/or leaders. Discard after use. (Unique.)

-by OorylQrygg

Independence, Event
"Through his experiences of being mercilessly hunted by the Hirogen, Iden knew that his people would never be free so long as they were controlled by the organics."
-Plays on table. Your  personnel and equipment may not be erased and are no longer affected by Safety Protocols. Also, they may not work with non-  personnel.

-by Giovanni

Independence, Interrupt
"While regenerating, some Borg found they could exist in Unimatrix 01. This place allowed them to act independently away from the Collective. Unfortunatly this independence came at a high price."
-If opponent is playing Borg or plays Regenerate, opponent chooses to: remove two  personnel cards from their discard pile (your choice), OR discard one personnel from play (opponent's choice). Limit twice per game per cause.

-by Anjohl

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