2nd Edition - Basic Set

A whole new way of playing the game, a refreshed look and feel, and a whole new 360 card Basic Set! The Daleks and Cybermen will be with us, we hope you will too! Last update: 20/01/12. *=New! ->=Recently modified

Card List:

360 cards: 120 commons (C), 120 uncommons (U), 120 rares (R)

Spacetime cards
Empire State Building

Globe Theatre
Human Empire Thwarted
One Second in the Future
The Battle of Canary Wharf
Torchwood Hub
Van Statten's Bunker


Christmas Miracle

Steal Planets

Allies - TARDIS Crew

Abigail Pettigrew - Beautiful Voice
Karzan Sardick - Idealistic Boy

The Doctor (5) - Inspirational Figure

*The Doctor (10) - Nonchalant Adversary
The Doctor (11) - Miracle Worker


Starship Captain

Starship Crewmember

Enemies  - Daleks

Caan - Mad Prophet
Dalek Ambusher

Dalek Emperor (2) - God of the Daleks
Dalek Fanatic
Davros - Nihilistic Madman

Sec - Cultist Supreme
Supreme One - Dalek Leader
*Thay - Dalek Strategist


Controller - Human Computer [D]
Dalek-Human Hybrid [D]
Henry Van Statten - Callous Collector
Karzan Sardick - Scrooge
*Metaltron - The Last Dalek [D]


Dalek Saucer
Sonic Screwdriver - Analytical Tool
The TARDIS - Type 40 Time Machine


+1 Second
Aim for the Eyepiece

Chain Lightning
Combination Lock
Convincing Argument
Extermination Squad

Flying Shark

Frozen Assets
Halfway Out of the Dark
Holographic Support

Ice Clouds
Isomorphic Controls
Lottery Winners
New Memories
Sucker Punch
Time Corridor

Under Arrest
Why We Travel


Dramatic Entrance
Emergency Temporal Shift
First Kiss
Is This Your Card?
Two Goes

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