Relative Dimensions 4 is a boutique product that continues the different spin on the Dr. Who CCG started with RD1. Card concepts stem from the Dr. Who novels, comics, games and audios, as well as such non-canon sources as the original pilot and The Curse of Fatal Death. You'll also find some exclusive alternate versions cards that showcase images from the 10th Doctor's 4th Series, as well the the first Sarah Jane Adventures cards in the game, featuring the whole cast! This is also the only place you can get your hands on 5 parody Reject cards, and Relative Dimensions also comes with starters and boosters from the last year's worth of cards, as well as a sturdy collection's box in which to store your cards!


25 exclusive cards from non-canon sources (+3 duplicate copies of non-unique Characters)

5 cards pulled from Sarah Jane Adventures spin-off series

5 alternate versions of older cards (using Series 4 images)

5 Reject cards

All 13 Torchwood Archive cards

All 11 Timeline Segment: Series 4 cards

1 10th Doctor/Parallel Cybermen Starter Deck (open)

1 Master Starter Deck (open)

3 10th Doctor Packs (open)

3 Playing Dice Booster Packs (open)

3 Lords of Time Booster Packs (open)

1 sturdy collector's box in which to store your cards!


Packaging only meant to simulate the appearance of a real product. There are no such cards for sale.

Game and all game materials TM Michel M. Albert

. Dr. Who and all related concepts and characters TM BBC. Comments, corrections or criticism? Write me!