Useful Lists

Being a compendium of cards that make use of important words (as opposed to Traits and Keywords). Last update: 29/05/10.



Used by: Carl Tyler, Secret Meeting, The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Arturo Villar - Rebel Bandit

Bettan - Thal Rebel

C'rizz - Rebel Monk

Carl Tyler - Hardened Rebel

Chrissie - Pandimensional Rebel

Dortmun - Crippled Rebel

Jenny - Impatient Rebel

Jondar - Righteous Rebel

Katz - Karfel Rebel

Larry Madison - Human Rebel

Rebel Android - Human Killer
Red-Eyed Ood - Rabid Rebel

Rost - Cryon Rebel

Sarah Jane Smith - Rebel Captive

Thal Soldier - Kaled Soldier (and other Allies) if Bettan here

The Doctor - Rebel Leader

Thomas Milligan - Rebel Physician
Tarak - Rebellious Rebel


CIA Timelords

Used by: Create Dalek Race, Romana (2) - Madam President, Time Ring, Celestial Intervention Agency, Timelord Genocide

Andred (2) - CIA Spy Torvald

Ferain (6) - CIA Agent

Narvin (2) - Shifty CIA Coordinator

The Doctor (4) - CIA Pawn


Timelord Judges

Used by: Time Lord Space Station

Goth (7) - Understanding Judge
The Inquisitor (7) - Impartial Judge


Used by: Martha Jones - Far From Home, Clive Jones - Martha's Dad, Francine Jones - Matriarch, Tish Jones - Ministerial Maid, Keeping Up with the Joneses, Last of the Time Lords

Clifford Jones

Clive Jones

Francine Jones

Harriet Jones

Ianto Jones

Martha Jones

Sam Jones

Tish Jones



Used by: Rose Tyler - Orphan of Two Worlds, Rise of the Cybermen

Carl Tyler

Jackie Tyler

Pete Tyler

Rose Tyler


Human Collectors

Used by: Dogon Sixth Eye

Henry Van Statten - Callous Collector


Rift Artifacts/Conditions

Used by: Harriet Derbyshire

Rift Activity

Rift Ghosts

Rift Key

Rift Manipulator

Through the Rift

Time Rift


Bad Wolf references

Used by: The Parting of the Ways



Internet Meltdown

Kiss of Life


Message From the Future

Message From the Past

Moves: Jackie Tyler

Rose Tyler - Bad Wolf

Vortex Attack



Used by: Pangol, Helmet of Theron, Experiential Grid

Tachyonic Ageing

Tachyonic Cloning

Tachyonic Discorporation

Tachyonic Rejuvenation


Used by: Holy Ghanta, Monk Business, Wuxia

Abbot Songsten - Head Monk

C'rizz - Rebel Monk

Father Angelo - Sinister Monk

Fighting Monk - Brethren of the Wolf

Khrisong - Warrior Monk

Logopolitan - Computing Monk

Meddling Monk (1) - Devious Opportunist

Meddling Monk (1) - Fellow Timelord

Meddling Monk (1) - Time Meddler

Meddling Monk (3) - World Maker

Padmasambhava - Ancient Monk

Sapan - Peaceful Monk

The Doctor (1) - Battling Monk

The Doctor (2) - Honorary Monk

Thonmi - Young Monk



Used by: Some of That Old Time Religion, Resurrection Glove (Left), Incantation, Sacrificial Lamb, Say Your Prayers, Secret Passageway, Summoning Ritual, The Curse of Fenric

Autloc - High Priest of Knowledge

De Vries - Druidic Priest

The Sibyl - High Priestess

Tlotoxl - High Priest of Sacrifice

Kings and Queens

Used by: Captain Reynolds, Queen and Country, Dubious History

Camilla - Vampire Queen
Captain Reynolds - Queen's Escort
King Louis XV - Le Bien-Aimé
King Richard - The Lionheart
King Vampire - Ancient Evil
Mantasphid Queen - Preying Monarch
Martha Jones - Queen of Afric
Mercy Hartigan - Cyber Queen
Queen Victoria - Supreme Monarch
Queen Xanxia - Immortal Projection
Victoria Waterfield - Scream Queen
Wirrn Queen - The Progenitor


Giant Monsters

Used by: Magla (1978), Yegros-Alpha (5889), Atavistic Mutations

Giant Bird

Giant Clam

Giant Fly

Giant Macra

Giant Maggot Swarm

Giant Plant

Giant Rat
Vespiform - Giant Wasp (for Atavistic Mutations)


Sonic Artifacts

Used by: Monoptican, Sonic Bombardment

Sonic Blaster

Sonic Booster

Sonic Cannon

Sonic Lance

Sonic Lipstick

Sonic Screwdriver



Used by: Earth (October 2007)

Paradox Earth (2009)

Paradox Machine

Paradoxical Envelope

Paradoxical Portrait

Paradoxical Syntax

Predestination Paradox

Sally Sparrow - Paradox Investigator

Tommy Brockless - Heroic Paradox



Used by: Pete Tyler - Born Failure

Inevitable Sacrifice
Loving Sacrifice


Self Sacrifice

Tlotoxl - High Priest of Sacrifice

Ultimate Sacrifice

Unknown Sacrifice



Used by: Captain Price, Moves: Martha Jones, Mouth to Mouth

Brief Romance

Genetic Transfer

Kiss of Life

The Doctor's Kiss



Used by: Voodoo Doll

Sycorax Shaman - Voodoo Practictioner



Used by: Plasmaton

Plasmaton - Protein Agglomeration

Plasmaton Communication

Plasmaton Snake

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