Chronicle of Change


To help players who don't frequent this site that often get caught up on any changes brought to rules and cards, this page will chronicle such things on a date by date basis. Just try to remember the last time you were here and go from there.

*2nd/Added:The Doctor (10), Thay, Metaltron.
*2nd/Modified: Sardicktown.

*2nd/Added:Steal Planets, +1 Second.

*2nd/Modified: Sardicktown, The Battle of Canary Wharf.

*2nd/Added:Dalek Ambusher, Sec, Supreme One, Dalek-Human Hybrid, Emergency Temporal Shift, Self-Destruct.

*2nd/Added: Van Statten's Bunker, Caan, Henry Van Statten, Chain Ligthning, Time Corridor, Under Arrest.

*2nd/Added: Empire State Building, One Second in the Future, The Battle of Canary Wharf, Davros, Aim for the Eyepiece, Extermination Squad, Sucker Punch.

*2nd/Added: The Doctor (5), Why We Travel, First Kiss, Is This Your Card?

*2nd/Added: Combination Lock, Frozen Assets, Halfway Out of the Dark, Holographic Support, New Memories, Profiling, Two Goes.

*2nd/Added: Dalek Emperor (2), Dalek Fanatic, Controller, Dalek Saucer, Exterminate!

*2nd/Added: Sardicktown, Torchwood Hub, Christmas Miracle, Sonic Screwdriver - Analytical Tool, The TARDIS - Type 40 Time Machine, Lottery Winners, Dramatic Entrance.

*2nd/Added: Abigail Pettigrew, Karzan Sardick/Ally, The Doctor (11) - Miracle Worker, Starship Captain, Starship Crewmember, Karzan Sardick/Neutral, Rocketship, Convincing Argument, Flying Shark, Ice Clouds, Isomorphic Controls.


*2nd/Added: Globe Theatre, Human Empire Thwarted.
*2nd/Added: 4 booster pack designs.
Added: 2nd Edition Rules.

*Updated: Pdf document with complete card texts (complete 1E card list).

*EoT/Added: Mestor, Mr. Smith.

*EoT/Added: Chief Voord, Moves: Ace, Moves: Jo Grant, Moves: Romana II, Moves: Sarah Jane Smith, Moves: The 6th Doctor, Moves: The 7th Doctor, Moves: The 8th Doctor.

*EoT/Added: Trion (1983), Mind Transfer, So Long As You Remember Them, Timelord Victorious, Five Rounds Rapid.

*EoT/Added: Chris Cwej, Lucie Miller, Roz Forrester, Wolsey.

*EoT/Added: Xeriphas (1982), Malokeh, Eocene Soldier, Mandrel.

*EoT/Added: Mary, Black Archive, Curious, Giant Krynoid, Catching Up.

*EoT/Added: River Song, Vincent Van Gogh, Krynoid, River's Sonic Screwdriver, Moustrous Alliance.


*EoT/Added: Existential Draughts, Soul Searching, Turning Point, Unbound! [DWAITAS exclusives] Corey, James Laurie, Susan (2), The Shepherd (1), Tom Lee. Booster pack art.
*RU/Added: Amy's Choice. Rarity. Virtual booster pack.

*DoG/Added: Timelord starter pack.

*RU/Added: At the Crack's Mouth, Moves: Amy Pond.

*RU/Added: The Pandorica.

*RU/Added: Starless Earth (1996), Amy Pond (TC), Fossilized Dalek, All It Was Cracked Up to Be, Big Bang 2, Collapsing History Museum, Moves: The 11th Doctor, The Summons, Timey-Wimey Complications, Geronimo!, Paradoxical Invitation.

*RU/Added: Infiltrate Memories, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Adam Smith, Ianto's Diary, Lost Memories, Recover Memories, Remember This.

*RU/Added: Release Dalek Army, Rose Tyler/Missing in Action, The Doctor (10), Mickey Smith, Pete Tyler, Yvonne Hartman/Cyber Rebel, Dalek Sec, Dalek Thay, Demean and Destroy, Out of Nowhere.

*RU/Added: Alternate Earth (2010), The Howling, Cyber-Ghost, Back to Hell, Ghost Sightings, Into the Void, Starcrossed, Interstitial Cracks.

*RU/Added: Jackie Tyler, Gareth, Rajesh Singh, Yvonne Hartman, Genesis Ark, Void Ship, Cult of Skaro, Stairwells.

*RU/Added: Doctorless Earth (2009), Shan Shen (4706), Doctorless, TARDIS, Donna Noble, Rose Tyler, Fortune Teller, Makeshift Time Machine, Cramming Them In, Despair, Disastrous Consequences, The Military Mind, Time Beetle, Bad Wolf Resurgence, They Gave Their Lives, Thought of Everything.

*RU/Added: Earth (April 1996), Cracks, Special Effects, Cracked Voice, Exhausting Work, Through the Cracks.

*RU/Earth (1996): Now Earth (September 1996).

Added: Time Striations, Harness Time Sensitive, Biroc, Lazlo, Rika, Lane, Packard, I Ching, Tharil Castle, The Signal.

Added: K9 Mark II, Romana (2), The Doctor (4), Gundan, Rorvik, Sagan, E-Space, Time Sensitive, Untrustworthy Troops, Don't Make a Move, Nothing, Roll: 1 or 2, Running Through Time.

Added: Marinus (1964), Frame Scapegoat, Key to World Domination, Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton, Susan (1), The Doctor (1), Altos, Arbitan, Sabetha, Tarron, Ayden, Eyesen, Ice Soldier, Kala, Vasor, Voord, Yartek, Key of Marinus, Jurisprudence, Meanwhile..., Police State, Snows of Terror, Trapped in Ice.
*RU/Modified: Our Last Battlefield, The Doctor (7), The Doctor (11), Amy Pond, Idyllic Illusion, Psychic Pollen, Ace in the Hole, Facing Down Death, In Honourable Combat

Added: Mind Over Bodies, Darrius, Morpho, Ceiling Trap, Chemical Puzzle, Entangling Weeds, Idyllic Illusion, Knightly Guardian, Mesmeron, Screaming Jungle, Velvet Web, Revolving Idol.
*LoT/On Equal Footing: Changed quote (redundant).

Added: Earth (2015), Companion's Choice, The Doctor (11), Dream Lord, Boredom, Frozen Solid, Psychic Pollen, Facing Down Death.

Added: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Mrs. Poggit, Dusting, Fact From Fiction, Undermine Trust, All Your Troubles Away, Just Do It!

Added: Our Last Battlefield, Varied Coinage, Ace in the Hole, In Honourable Combat.

Added: Ace, The Doctor (7), Peter Warmsly, Shou Yuing, The Brigadier, Morgaine, The Destroyer, Clarke's Law, Note to Self, Maniacal Laughter, Shame!
*TW2/Modified: Wedding Bells.
*TL/Modified: Winifred Bambera.

Added: Earth (1996), Brain Freeze, Danger of Drowning, Doris, Dragon Guardian, Flooding Compartment, Moves: The Brigadier, Any Papers Will Do.

Added: Thirteen Worlds, Ancelyn, Arthurian Knight, Lavel, Mordred, S'rax, Non-Stick Bullets, Magic Bolt, Peaceful Death.

Added: Rory Williams.

Added: Act Normal.

*Updated: Pdf document with complete card texts (through Torchwood 3 and Sarah Jane 2).

Added: Starry Night.

Added: Alaya.

Added: Cold Star.

*RU/Added: Booster pack art.
Added: Francesco.
*TL/Vicki: Fixed quote.

*TLS5/Added: Father Octavian.

*TLS5/Added: Level the Playing Field.

*TLS5/Added: Starship UK (3295).

*TLS5/Added: Amy Pond.
*S10/Modified: Rani Chandra.
*Updated: What's that inside joke?, Useful Lists, Rules.

*TLS5/Added: Booster pack art.
*S10/Added: Messaline (6012), Find the Source, Martha Jones - One Last Trip, Hath Peck, Jenny, Cline, General Cobb, Hath Gable, The Source, Wind-Up Mouse, Exobioogy, Fun with Numbers, Laser Barrier, Love the Running, The Peaceful Solution, Loving Sacrifice, Split Up!, Suppressive Fire, The Mind Is Mightier, Voyage of the Damned.
*S10/Added: Rarities; Virtual booster pack.

*S10/Added: TARDIS, Help Castaways.

*S10/Added: San Helios (2009), San Helios (2010), D.I. McMillan, Erisa Magambo, Lady Christina, Malcolm Taylor, Sorvin, The 200 Passengers, The 200, Winch, Heist, Police Roadblock, Stingray, Stingray Swarm, Stuck!, Vertical Shaft, Well Guarded, Wormhole, Against Conscience, End of the Line.

*S10/Added: Earth (1953), Time of Manifestation, The Doctor (10) - Elvis Man, Tommy Connolly, Mr. Magpie, The Wire, Betamax, Bald-Faced, Face Sucking, Long Climb, Men in Black, Queen and Country, The Lingo.

*S10/Added: One-Second Limbo, Remove Adversary from Timeline, Clyde Langer, K9 Mark IV, Luke Smith, Peter Dalton, Rani Chandra, Sarah Jane Smith, Trickster, Mystery Box, Trickster's Ring, Artron Touch, Empty Attic, Life or Love?, One Last Appearance, Time Trace, Travist Polong, Agreement Withdrawn, Innocent Spying.
*S10/Modified: Ood Sigma.

*S10/Added: Ood-Sphere (4126), Ood Market, Ood Sigma, Ood Slave, Ryder, Kess, Klineman Halpen, Red-Eyed Ood, Solana Mercurio, Crane Claw, Ood Tonic, Ood Brain, Ood Export, Ood Way of Killing, Song of Captivity, Song of Freedom, The Circle Is Broken, What More Can You Do?.
*S10/Modified: Earthonomics.
*MoW/Modified: Tegan Jovanka (error in Nativity).

*S10/Added: Retirement Revenge, Foon and Morvin, Rickston Slade, Captain Hardaker, Max Capricorn, Deserted Streets, Earthonomics, Fatal Fault, Moves: The Angry God, Moves: The Lonely God, Rickety Bridge, Stardust, Take a Number, A Bad Feeling, Quick Hello.

*S10/Added: Never Be Alone, Rose Tyler, Chloe Webber, Paper Pen, Public Works, The Whole Wide World, Bad Parking, Beacon of Hope, Break Down Door, Everything's Coming Up Doctor!, Fingers on Lips, Out, Out!
*DoG/Modified: You Are Not Alone.
*Inv/Jenny: Now called Jenny Russell.

*S10/Added: Earth (December 1926), Mysterious Murder, Donna Noble, The Doctor (10) - The Man in the Brown Suit, Hugh Curbishley, Lady Eddison, Miss Chandrakala, Professor Peach, Ada Mullins, Reverend Golightly, Vespiform, Telepathic Recorder, Thief's Kit, J'Accuse!, Never Forgotten, Too Many Suspects, Buzzed Off, Detox.


*S10/Modified: Myarr (3963), Governor Locke, Captain Kaliko, Mantasphid Queen, The Infinite, Beat Them to It, Careful What You Wish For.

*S10/Added: Asteroid 7574B (3966), Myarr (3963), Pheros (3963), Volag-Noc (3963), Quest for the Infinite, Martha Jones, The Doctor (10) - Animated Speaker, Governor Locke, Kelvin, Squawk, Warder, Baltazar, Captain Kaliko, Caw, Gurney, Mantasphid Queen, Swabb, Ulysses Meregrass, Data Chip, Hydroxiding Spoon, The Infinite, Automated Oil Rig, Beat Them to It, Criminal Record, Insect Swarm, Murdered, Safe, Skeleton Crew, Sonic Bombardment, Careful What You Wish For.
*Updated: Pdf document with complete card texts (through Torchwood 3 and Sarah Jane 2).

*S10/Modified: Claws!, Where Are We Going?

*TW3/Modified: Lois Habiba, Rhys Williams, Concrete Prison.

*SJA2/Modified: Trickster's Earth (2009).
*DoG/Modified: Earth Orbit (1977), Time War, Engin (9), Hildred, King Vampire, Matrix Construct, Jackson Lake's TARDIS, Regenerator, Sniper Rifle, Video Phone, Black Guardian Contract, Dying words, Last Goodbyes, Timelord Forcefield, TimeLord Solitaire.

*S10/Added: Unethical Medicine, Cassandra - Ageing Hostess, Face of Boe, Cassandra - Disembodied Spirit, Matron Casp, New Human, Sister Jatt, Medicine Bag, Claws!, Disinfectant, Plague Touch, Where Are We Going?, Psychic Summons.
*DoG/Hildred: Changed into an Enemy.
*DoG/Timelord Corruption: Changed game text, Cost and uniqueness.
*DoG/You Are Not Alone: Added [fobwatch] icon Characters to possible vortices.

*S10/Added: Booster pack art.

*SJA2/Added: Trickster's Timeline (2009), Rani Chandra, The Brigadier, Martin Trueman, Berserker Pendant.

*TW3/Added: Lois Habiba, Rhys Williams, Alien Contact Lenses, Alien Organ, Concrete Prison.

*SJA2/Added: Kaagh.

*TW3-SJA2/Added: Booster pack art.
*DoG/Added: Rarities; Starter pack art; Virtual booster pack.
*DoG/Time War: Historical Goals added.
*DoG/Infostamp: Never meant to be unique.
*DoG/Sniper Rifle: Changed repeated quote.
*Basic Set/Citizen of the Universe: Removed redundant text.
*Updated: What's that inside joke?, Useful Lists, Rules.

*DoG/Added: Jaconda (2310), Call to Arms, Cover-Up, Murder High Council, Azmael (13), Drak, Verity Newman, Expose Plans, Moving Planets, Self Hostage, Undone, You Are Not Alone, Shared Memory, Mawdryn Undead, The End of Time.

*DoG/Added: Clowning Around, Gas Cloud, Held Down, Moves: Mel.

*DoG/Added: Prison Escape, TARDIS, Amy Pond, Jeff, Rory Williams, Prisoner Zero, Video Phone, Corner of Your Eye, Live Feed, Networking, Powers of Observation, Proof, Running Out of Time, Still Cooking, The Atraxi, The Word Is Out, Warned Off, Commandeer Vehicle, Duck!, Missed Rendezvous.

*DoG/Added: Vampire Planet, The Arising, Adric, K9 Mark II, Romana (2), Ivo, Kalmar, Tarak, Aukon, Camilla, Habris, King Vampire, Zargo, Record of Rassilon, Blood Bank, Vampire Slayer, Vampire Bat, Vampiric Glamour, Cut Off From Their Lord.


*DoG/Added: Fantasy Factory, Timelord Space Station, Kangaroo Court, Keeper of the Matrix (8), Sabalom Glitz, The Inquisitor (7), The Master (14), The Valeyard (12) - Sly Prosecutor, The Valeyard (12) - Ultimate Foe, Attack on the Senses, Call on Witnesses, Evidence Galore, Enemy Mine!, Escalating Charges, Say Your Prayers.

*DoG/Added: Mel, The Doctor (6), Mr. Popplewick, Timelord Corruption.
*DoG/Earth (1977) and Earth (1983) split into two cards with completely different game text.

*DoG/Added: Earth Orbit (1977), Drain Regenerations, Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka, The Doctor (5), Turlough, The Brigadier, Darnwalm, Mawdryn, Crystal Link, Regenerator, Reverse Differential, Temporal Double, Time Differential, Black Guardian Appearance.

*DoG/Added: Earth (1977/1983), Transmat Capsule, Black Guardian Contract, UNIT Memories.

*DoG/Added: The Final Sanction, The Doctor (10), Martha and Mickey, Jask, Rassilon (15), The Master (18), The Second (9), Gauntlet of Rassilon, Gallifrey Rising, Last Goodbyes, Allons-y!, Political Suicide.

*DoG/Added: Earth (December 2010), Time War, War Council, The Master Race, Wilfred Mott, Miss Addams, Rossiter, Joshua Naismith, The Visionary (10), Immortality Gate, The Master's Ring, Missile Barrage, Nuclear Bolt, Brain Detonation, Last Ditch Effort, Too Late.

*DoG/Added: Ood-Sphere (4226), The Doctor (11), Elder Ood, Minnie Hooper, Listen.

*DoG/Added: The Doctor (2), Adelphi (5). Goth (7) - Understanding Judge, War Chief (2), Forced to Leave, On the Spot, Timelord Forcefield, Timelord Message, Timelord Solitaire.


*DoG/Added: SIDRAT.


*DoG/Ancient Vaults: Clarified User of referenced Artifacts
*DoG/Holding Cells: Added an extra ability.
*DoG/Inside the Matrix: Added clause to limit movement to this card.
*DoG/Sector 7: Cut unnecessary clause.
*DoG/Engin (9): Character must now be at Gallifrey Spacetime card for his special ability to work.
*DoG/Runcible (2): Clarified special ability.
*DoG/The Master (13): Fixed spelling error in subtitle. Lowered Brawn to 4.
*DoG/Sniper Rifle: Should be non-unique.
*DoG/Dying Words: Fixed and clarified game text.
*DoG/The Matrix: Clarified game text.
*DoG/Twice the Doctoring:
*DoG/Stafing Run: Fixed missing comma.
*AiH/Never Question Orders: Fixed wording problem.


*DoG/Added: Sniper Rifle, Bad Medicine, The Clothes Make the Man, Train Tracks, Strafing Run.


*DoG/Added: Engin (9), Hildred, Runcible (2), Spandrell (3), Matrix Construct, The Master (13).


*DoG/Added: Ancient Vaults, Holding Cells, Inside the Matrix, Matrix Chamber, Sector 7, The Master's Plan.


*DoG/Added: Sash of Rassilon.


*DoG/Added: The Doctor (4), Borusa (6), Goth (7), Blowpipe, Aerial Patrol, Apocalyptic Vision, Article 17, Big Game Hunter, Dying Words, Feudal Warrior, The Matrix, Destroy Evidence.
*Updated: Pdf document with complete card texts (through Relative Dimensions 5).


*DoG/Added: Earth (December 1851), Cyber Empire Rising, Mercy Hartigan/Cyber Queen, Mercy Hartigan/Powerful Mind, Fugue State, Help Me, Liberation, Timelord Dreams, Twice the Doctoring, Deadly Feedback.
*AF/Harry Sullivan: Fixed wording inconsistency ("adds" should be "gains").


*DoG/Added: Orphan Labour, Cybershade, Mr. Scoones, Infostamp.


*DoG/Added: Displaced Cyber Leader, Displaced Cyberman.


*DoG/Added: Jackson Lake, Rosita, Jackson Lake's TARDIS, Close Behind.


*RD5/Added: Regeneration (10th Doctor reprint).


*DoG/Added: Booster pack art.



Game and all game materials TM Michel M. Albert

. Dr. Who and all related concepts and characters TM BBC. Comments, corrections or criticism? Write me!