This randomized Starter Deck starring the 6th Doctor and the Timelords contains your first cards from the Dreams of Gallifrey expansion. In addition to 50 randomzied cards (33 commons, 15 uncommons and 2 rares), the pack also contains 10 cards exclusive to this starter deck.



Starter cards
Earth (December 2010)
Time War
Timelord Space Station [Spacetime]
Call to Arms
Cover-Up [Goal]
Kangaroo Court [Goal]
Mel - Honest, Truthful and Boring [TARDIS Character]
The Doctor (6) - Incorrigible Meddler [TARDIS Character]
The Valeyard (12) - Sly Prosecutor [Enemy]
Timelord Corruption [Condition]

Random cards


Box art:




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