This preconstructed Starter Deck starring the Daleks and the 4th Doctor contains everything you need to play a Dr. Who game. In addition to 60 predetermined cards (including 14 cards exclusive to these starter decks), the box includes 3 random rare cards that can supplement your strategies.




3 random Rares:


Predetermined cards:

(Starter only)

Earth (November 1963) [Spacetime]
Earth (May 1984) [Spacetime]
Earth (5000) [Spacetime]
Alien Invasion [Goal]
End of the World [Goal] (x2)
Hijack Ship [Goal]
TARDIS - Type 40 Time Machine [TARDIS]
Sarah Jane Smith - Plucky Young Girl [TARDIS Character]
The Doctor (4) - Interfering Timelord [TARDIS Character]
Davros - Emperor Dalek [Enemy] (x2)
Imperial Dalek - Flying Mutant [Enemy] (x4)



Corporal Forbes - UNIT Guard [Ally] (x3)
Dalek Trooper - Elite Soldier [Enemy] (x2)

The Headmaster - Imperial Dalek Tool [Enemy]
Jelly Babies [Artifact]
At Gunpoint [Condition] (x2)
Corridors [Condition]

Crashed Spacecraft [Condition]
Exterminate! [Condition] (x3)
Fiendish Strategy [Condition]
Heavy Decisions [Condition]
In Loving Memory [Condition]
Lateral Thinking [Condition]
Mechanical Determination [Condition]
Metal Breakdown [Condition]

Strike as a Unit [Condition] (x2)
A Foot in the Door [Bang!]
Back Off [Bang!]

Escape Pod [Bang!]
Invulnerable to our Weapons [Bang!]
Serendipity [Bang!] (x2)
Well Hidden [Bang!] (x2)


Captain Munro - UNIT Officer [Ally]
Group Captain Gilmore - Not the Brig [Ally]
Rachel Jenson - Science Advisor [Ally]
Dalek Navigator - Imperial Pilot [Enemy]
Dalek Shuttlecraft
Defending the Earth [Condition] (x2)

Interfering with our Plans [Condition]
Memory Lane
Radio Beacon
Time Corridor
[Condition] (x2)
Ventilation Shaft
Misjump [Bang!]


Box art:




Packaging only meant to simulate the appearance of a real product. There are no such cards for sale.

Game and all game materials TM Michel M. Albert

. Dr. Who and all related concepts and characters TM BBC. Comments, corrections or criticism? Write me!