This preconstructed Starter Deck starring the 2nd Doctor and the Sontarans contains everything you need to play a Dr. Who game. In addition to 60 predetermined cards (including 10 cards exclusive to this starter deck), the box includes 3 random rare cards that can supplement your strategies.




3 random Rares:


Predetermined cards:

(Starter only)

Earth (March 1969) [Spacetime]
Earth (16,000) [Spacetime]
Sontar (16,000) [Spacetime]
Find Missing Man [Goal] (x2)
Test Species [Goal] (x2)
TARDIS - Type 40 Time Machine (from Basic Set Starter) [TARDIS]
Jamie McCrimmon - The Boy [TARDIS Character]
The Doctor (2) - Keen Intellect [TARDIS Character]
Gron - Squadron Commander [Enemy] (x2)

Styre - Sadistic Field Major [Enemy]
Sontaran Galaxy [Condition]



Krans - Stranded Astronaut [Ally] (x2)

Jim Turner - Platoon Leader [Ally]

Branwell - Missile Control [Ally] (x2)

I.E. Foot Soldier - Enhanced Guard [Enemy] (x2)

Sontaran - Clone Soldier (from 7 Docs) [Enemy] (x3)

Sontaran Scout - Elite Tracker [Enemy] (x3)

Alien Spearhead (from Basic Set) [Condition]

Automatic Receptionist [Condition]

Missile Command [Condition] (x2)

Gravity Bar [Condition]

Pit Trap [Condition]

Send in the Troops (from Basic Set) [Condition] (x2)

Sontaran Pursuit [Condition] (x2)

Warp Shunt (from 9th Doc) [Condition] (x2)

Bench-Thumping [Bang!]

Melted [Bang!]

Only My Dignity [Bang!] (x2)

Serendipity (from Basic Set) [Bang!] (x2)

Sontaran Recharge [Bang!]


Hijack Convoy (from Timeline) [Goal]

Benton - Young Corporal [Ally]

Roth - Fast Friend [Ally]

Nivek - Grand Marshal [Enemy]

Recorder (from Key to Time) [Artifact]

Sonic Screwdriver (from Basic Set) [Artifact]

Countdown (from 7 Docs) [Condition]

Escape Artist (from Timeline) [Condition]

Lost Expedition (from Basic Set) [Condition]

Moves: 2nd Doctor [Condition]

Multi-Talented (from Key to Time) [Condition]

Secret Plans (from Key to Time) [Condition]

Sontaran Fleet (from 7 Docs) [Condition]

Ventilation Shaft (from Basic Set) [Condition]

Box art:




Packaging only meant to simulate the appearance of a real product. There are no such cards for sale.

Game and all game materials TM Michel M. Albert

. Dr. Who and all related concepts and characters TM BBC. Comments, corrections or criticism? Write me!