Where's That Picture From?

So you might like to know where each picture came from. Here's a list:


1st Doctor

An Unearthly Child / 100,000 B.C.

Barbara Wright - History Teacher

Barbara Wright - The Doctor's Conscience (production still)

Culture Shock

Danger Awaits

Earth (October 1963) (production still)

Ian Chesterton - Science Teacher (production still)

Susan (1) - An Unearthly Child

Susan (1) - "British" "Schoolgirl" (production still)

TARDIS - At the End of the Lane

The Doctor (1) - Distrustful Grandfather


The Daleks

Alydon - Thal Defender

Barbara Wright - Unwilling Adventurer

City Dalek - Claustrophobic Mutant

Concerted Distraction

Council Dalek - City Elder

Cut Off

Dyoni - Thal Historian


Fluid Link

Ganatus - Born Survivor

Ian Chesterton - Reliable Friend

Into the Mountain

Mutant - Early Form




Radiation Sickness

Skaro (2263)

So It Begins...

Sound Advice (production still)

Strengthen Race

Susan (1) - Compassionate Girl

Swamp of Death

Temmosus - Thal Chief


The Doctor (1) - Pioneer After All

Trust Issues


The Edge of Destruction



Barbara Wright - Clear Thinker


Event One

Fast Return Switch

Fault Locator

Food Machine

Fractured Time

Open Doors


Quinnis (CGI: slight extension of image at corners)

Rampant Paranoia

Shall We Go?

Susan (1) - Creepy Clairvoyant

TARDIS - Conscious Spaceship (production still)

The Doctor (1) - Cruel Accuser


Marco Polo

Earth (1289) (production still)

Kublai Khan - Mighty Mongol (tele-snap)

Marco Polo - Venetian Explorer (production still)

Ping-Cho - Storyteller (production still)

TARDIS - Magic Caravan (tele-snap)

Tegana - Treacherous Warlord (production still)


The Keys of Marinus

Altos - Arbitan's Courier (production still)
Arbitan - Conscience of Marinus
Ayden - Patsy

Barbara Wright - Closet Hedonist
Ceiling Trap

Chemical Puzzle
Collect the Pieces (production still)

Darrius - Besieged Hermit

Entangling Weeds
Eyesen - Slimy Prosecutor

Frame Scapegoat
Ian Chesterton - Protective Schoolmaster
Ice Soldier - Frozen Guard
Idyllic Illusion (production still)
Kala - Evil Actress

Key of Marinus (production still)
Key to World Domination

Knightly Guardian
Marinus (1964)

Mind Over Bodies (production still)
Morpho - Tyrant Illusionist (production still)

Police State
Revolving Idol

Screaming Jungle

Snows of Terror
Sabetha - Brave Soul (production still)

Susan (1) - Still Learning
Tarron - Chief Interrogator
The Doctor (1) - Advocate for the Defence

Trapped in Ice
Vasor - Lascivious Trapper
Velvet Web (production still)
Voord - Aggressor Species
Yartek - Seeker of the Keys


The Aztecs

Adventures in History

Autloc - High Priest of Knowledge (production still)

Aztec Warrior - Loyal to Yetaxa

Barbara Wright - Spirit of Yetaxa (production still)

But a Scratch

Cameca - The Doctor's Beloved


Earth (1450) (production still)

Flooded Tunnel

Ian Chesterton - Aztec Warrior

Ixta - Chosen Warrior

Married..? (production still)

Mexican Standoff

Moves: The 1st Doctor (production still)

Perfect Victim - Honoured One

Power Struggle (production still)


The Doctor (1) - Old Rogue

Tlotoxl - High Priest of Sacrifice (production still)


The Sensorites

Just a Guess (production still)


The Reign of Terror

Mistreatment (production still with CGI extensions)


Planet of Giants

Down the Drain (production still)


Dalek Invasion of Earth

Aerial Assault (DVD enhanced FX)

Alligators in the Sewers

Ashton - Black Marketeer

Barbara Wright - Dalek Opposer

Black Dalek - Camp Commandant

Blocked TARDIS (production still)

Carl Tyler - Hardened Rebel

Core Values

Dalek Commander - Plague Architect

Dalek Diver - Airtight Machine

Dalek Invader - Metal Fascist (production still)

Dalek Invasion (production still)

Dalek Saucer (DVD enhanced FX)

David Campbell - Nature Lover

Dortmun - Crippled Rebel (production still)

Earth (2167) (CGI: DVD intro screen with saucers removed)

Ian Chesterton - Saboteur

Jenny Russell - Impatient Rebel

Larry Madison - Human Rebel

New Start

One Victory



Roboman - Human Zombie


Slave Labour

Slyther (DVD easter egg: Sid's Date)

Sold Out

Sparks Fly

Susan (1) - Becoming a Woman

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Doctor (1) - Matchmaker


Weak Ankle


The Rescue

Dido (2494) (CGI: Image created from volcanic eruption in Inferno)

Vicki - Lonely Soul (production still)


The Romans

A Little Drunk (production still)

Barbara Wright - Briton Handmaiden


Court Intrigue

Delos - Freed Slave

Earth (64) (CGI: production still with camera implements removed)

Forced to Fight


Ian Chesterton - Gladiator


Locusta - Official Poisoner

Nero - Mad Emperor

Sevcheria - Slave Trader (CGI: Didius removed from image)


Slave Auction

Switched the Cups

Taken Unawares

Tavius - Early Christian

The Doctor (1) - Maximus Pettulian (production still)

The Emperor Has No Ear

The Great Fire

The Old One-Two (production still)


Vicki - Starved for Adventure


The Web Planet

Attack on Sight

Friend to the Animals


The Crusade

Ali - Saracen Warrior


Earth (1192)

El Akir - Sadistic Emir

Ian Chesterton - Sir Knight

Joanna - Beloved Sister

King Richard - The Lionheart

Mistaken Identity

Necessary Evil (production still)

Political Intrigue

Power Move

Saladin - Saracen Leader

The Doctor (1) - Court Adviser

Vicki - Girl Squire


The Space Museum

Space Museum


The Chase

Mechanoid - City Builder (production still)


The Time Meddler


Earth (1066) (production still)

Edith - Saxon Woman

Eldred - Saxon Warrior

Fake Gun Scare

Identify Artifact (production still)


Meddling Monk (1) - Fellow Timelord

Meddling Monk (1) - Time Meddler (production still)

Overthinking It

Rewrite History... Every Line


Steven Taylor - Suspicious Soul

The Doctor (1) - Battling Monk

The Grand Tour

Ulf and Sven - Viking Raiders

Viking Raid

Wulnoth - Village Headman


Galaxy 4

Drahvin Marauder - Militant Feminist (production still)


The Myth Makers

Trojan Horse (production still with CGI extensions)



The Daleks' Masterplan

Alien Base

All Your Base Are Belong To Us / Conquer Universe

Breaking the Fourth Wall (composite of actual screenshot, 1960s television set, and small Christmas tree)

Bret Vyon - Space Security

Celation - Perceptive Delegate

Citizen of the Universe

Dalek Pyro - Incendiary Machine

Dalek Supreme - Master Planner

Dalek Timeship

Desperus (4000)

Earth (2650 B.C.)

Earth (4000) (pic not from Who)

Hyksos -Egyptian Warrior

Karlton - Ambitious Second

Katarina - Awed Trojan

Kembel (4000)

Khephren - Pyramid Supervisor

Knock, Knock

Master Plan

Mavic Chen - Solar System Guardian

Meddling Monk (1) - Devious Opportunist

Sara Kingdom - Hardened Soldier

Secret Plans

Steven Taylor - Impatient Pilot


Taranium Core (production still)

Time Destructor (production still)

The Monk's TARDIS

Trantis - Argumentative Delegate

Universal Council


Zephon - Influential Delegate


The Massacre

Abbot of Amboise - Doctor's Double (production still)


The Ark

Bring Them! (production still)


The Celestial Toymaker


Cyril - Rotten Cheater (production still)

Dodo - Straight Arrow

For My Amusement

"Kindness" of the Gods

Out of Touch


Plaything (production still)

Simple Games (production still)

Stack the Deck (production still)

Steven Taylor - Not a Pawn (production still)

TARDIS Hopscotch

The Doctor (1) - Redoubtable Opponent (production still)

Toy - Toymaker's Plaything (production still)

Toymaker - Celestial Gamester (production still)

Toymaker's World

Trilogic Game


The Gunfighters

Shootout (production still)


The Savages

Rotten at the Core (production still)


The War Machines

War Machine (production still)


The Smugglers

Protective of Him (production still)


The Tenth Planet

Mondas (1986)

Regeneration (1st Doctor reprint)

Weakened State


2nd Doctor

The Power of the Daleks

500 Year Diary (production still)

Crashed Spacecraft

Recorder (production still)


The Highlanders

In Our Sights

Polly - Not-So-Stupid Peasant (tele-snap)

The Doctor (2) - Doktor von Wer (production still)

Who Knew We'd Become Friends? (production still)


The Underwater Menace

Mad Declaration


The Moonbase


Ben - Old-Fashioned Hipster

Benoit - On a marché sur la lune

Capture Base (telesnap)

Cause for Celebration

Cyber Gunner - Artillery Unit

Cyber Medic - Virus Designer

Cyber Pilot - Slave Controller

Cyber Ship

Evans - Cyber Slave

Fighting Words


Hobson - Moonbase Administrator

Losing Atmosphere

Neurotropic Virus (telesnap)

Nils - Moonbase Personnel

Polly Cocktail (telesnap)

Polly - Lunar Secretary (telesnap)


Spot Weakness

The Moon (2070)

Unreasonable Request

Up and Away

Ward Off Evil


The Macra Terror

Macra (production still with CGI shadows)



The Faceless Ones

Alien Invasion (tele-snap)

Samantha Briggs - Brassy Scouser


The Evil of the Daleks

Alpha - Friendly Dalek (tele-snap)

Dalek Factor (tele-snap)

Dalek Meddler - Creation of the Devil

Earth (1866) (production still)

Edward Waterfield - Inventor

Emperor Dalek - Centre of the Hive (production still)


Isolate Human Factor (tele-snap)

Jamie McCrimmon - Observant Lad (production still)

Maxtible - Greedy Collaborator (tele-snap)

Moves: Jamie (tele-snap)

Skaro (2966) (behind the scenes footage)

The Doctor (2) - Dalek Destroyer (tele-snap)

The Final End? (production still)

Tin Soldiers (CGI: production still composited into behind the scenes footage)

Turkish Wrestler (tele-snap)

Victoria Waterfield - Sudden Orphan


The Tomb of the Cybermen

Awaken Cybermats

Captain Hopper - American Hotshot

Cyber Controller - Supreme Leader

Cyber Conversion

Cyberman - Recently Reactivated

Cybermat - Venomous Machine (production still)

Cybermen Reborn


Electrified Door

Eric Klieg - Mad Logician


It's Quiet... Too Quiet

John Viner - Nervous Archaeologist

Kaftan - Treacherous Logician

Logical Gate

Metal Breakdown

Must We Stay?

New Companion

New Minion

Professor Parry - Archaeologist

Quite Insane


TARDIS - Home Away From Home

Telos (2486)

The Doctor (2) - Disarming Clown

The Tomb of the Cybermen (production still with CGI extensions)

Toberman - Brute

Under Wraps (production still)

Victoria Waterfield - Scream Queen


The Abominable Snowmen

Abbot Songsten - Head Monk (tele-snap)

Attain Material Form (tele-snap)


Bung a Rock at It

Earth (1935) (CGI: Characters removed)

Holy Ghanta

Jamie McCrimmon - Beast Trapper

Khrisong - Warrior Monk

Padmasambhava - Ancient Monk (tele-snap)


Protective of Her

Sapan - Peaceful Monk

Spirit Trap (tele-snap)

The Doctor (2) - Honorary Monk

The Great Intelligence - Secret Master (tele-snap composited with starfield)

Thonmi - Young Monk

Trance (tele-snap)

Travers - Yeti Hunter

Under Siege (production still)

Victoria Waterfield - Curious Traveller (production still with some color correction)

Yeti - Abominable Snowman (production still with some color correction)

Yeti Control Sphere


The Ice Warriors

Zondal - Frozen Warrior (tele-snap)


The Enemy of the World

End of the World (pic not from Who)

Salamander - Enemy of the World


The Web of Fear

A Look Round

Anne Travers - Charming Scientist

Captain Knight - Sincere Soldier

Corporal Lane - Obedient Soldier

Door Ajar

Earth (August 1966) (tele-snap)

Fred - Disused Yeti

Fungal Advance (tele-snap)

Harold Chorley - Nosy Journalist (tele-snap)


Staff Sgt. Arnold - Career Man

The Brigadier - Up to Colonel (tele-snap)

Travers - Ageing Professor (production still)


Web of Fear

Yeti Advance

Yeti Mark II - Web Spinner (production still)


Fury From the Deep

Toxic Breath


The Wheel in Space

Alien Spearhead

Cyber Hijacker - Advance Crew

Station W3 (2120)



The Dominators

Difference of Opinion (production still)


The Mind Robber

Brought to Book

Cardboard Hero

Cyrano - Poet and Swordsman  (production still)

Dimensional Lure (production still)

Earth (1746) (from Highlander documentary)

Emergency Dematerialisation

Face Off

Find Replacement

Gulliver - Swift Traveller

Jamie McCrimmon - Fresh-Faced Lad


Karkus - Millennial Superhero

Land of Fiction


Memories of Home


Outwit and Outlast

Rapunzel - Lonely Princess

Sheer Cliff Face

Submission Move

TARDIScombobulation (CGI: picture at an angle)

The Controller - Mind Robber

The Doctor (2) - Powerful Mind

The Void (production still, cameras removed)

Toy Soldier - Wound Up Tight (production still)

White Robot - Immaculate Machine

Zoe - Wide-Eyed Nymph


The Invasion

Automatic Receptionist (animated restoration)

Bench-Thumping (animated restoration)

Benton - Young Corporal

Branwell - Missile Control

Cerebraton (production still)

Cloaked TARDIS

Compound (animated restoration)

Cyber Director - Pliable Negotiator (animated restoration)

Cyber Invasion (production still)

Cyber Sleeper - Inhuman Killer (production still)

Earth (March 1969) (animated restoration)

Evan Laurie - UNIT Agent (animated restoration)

For the Record (production still)

Gregory - Scientist for Hire

I.E. Foot Soldier - Enhanced Guard (animated restoration)

International Cooperation

Isobel Watkins - Photographer

Jamie McCrimmon - The Boy (animated restoration)

Jim Turner - Platoon Leader


Missile Command

Moves: The 2nd Doctor (production still)

Nap Time

Packer - Crude Henchman

Professor Watkins - Weak Inventor


The Brigadier - UNIT Founder

The Doctor (2) - Keen Intellect (animated restoration)

The Moon (1969) (animated restoration)

Tobias Vaughn - Cyber Manipulator

World Domination

Zoe - Prettier Than a Computer (animated restoration)

Zoe - The Doctor's Little Computer (production still)


The Krotons

The Doctor's Gimmicks (production still)


The Seeds of Death

Catching Up

Cowardly Escape

Earth (2090)

Eradicate Atmosphere

Fewsham - Cowardly Technician

Gia Kelly - T Mat Controller (production still)

Grand Marshal - Armada Leader

Ice Warrior Guard - Martian Soldier (production still)

Ice Warrior Scout - Martian Invader


Jamie McCrimmon - Adaptable Youth

Mars (2090) (pic not from Who)

Martian Death Seed

Phipps - T Mat Technician

Professor Eldred - Rocketman

Radio Beacon

Radnor - T Mat Commander

Research Team

Rocketship (production still)

Send in the Troops

Slaar - Ice Lord (production still)

Sonic Attack

T Mat

The Doctor (2) - Self-Proclaimed Genius

The Moon (2090) (production still)

The Seeds of Death

Turning Up the Heat

Ventilation Shaft

When I Say Run...

You Can't Kill Me

Zoe - Know-It-All


The Space Pirates

Caven - Space Pirate (production still)

General Hermack - V-Ship Commander

Ian Warne - First Mate

Jamie McCrimmon - Needs Answers

Low Oxygen

Madeleine Issigri - Successful Crook

Milo Clancey - Frontier Miner

New Sarum Sector (2135)

Out of Control

Penn - Space Corps Navigator

Smuggling Run

Space Piracy

Spacewalk (CGI: image extended down)

Ta (2135) (CGI: Stock planet and V-Ship composited together)

The Doctor (2) - Determined Survivor

V-Ship (2135)

Zoe - Discouraged Girl


The War Games
Adelphi (5) - Legal Expert

Arturo Villar - Rebel Bandit


Displaced Armies

Forced Regeneration (CGI: 2 shots composited)

Forced to Leave
Goth (7) - Understanding Judge

Historic Battle

Jennifer Buckingham - Army Nurse (production still)

Landing in a War Zone (from War Zones DVD extra)

Never Question Orders

On the Spot
Redcoat - British Soldier

Regeneration (2nd Doctor reprint)


Sgt. Thomson - Civil War Soldier
SIDRAT (production still)
The Doctor (2) - Proud Recidivist
Timelord Forcefield
Timelord Message
Timelord Solitaire
War Chief (2) - Weapons Broker

War Zone Planet (309,906)


3rd Doctor

Spearhead from Space

Auton - Featureless Killer

Auton Factory

Auton Invasion

Auton Mannequin - Deadly Display

Captain Munro - UNIT Officer

Channing - Nestene Vessel

Corporal Forbes - UNIT Guard

Defending the Earth

Doctors Only

Earth (May 1969)


George Hibbert - Auton Pawn

Hand Strike

Hands Up


John Ransome - Toy Designer

Liz Shaw - UNIT Scientist

Medical Care

Nestene Energy Unit

Nestene Intelligence - Collective Mind

Primitive Equipment

Replaced by Aliens

Sam Seeley - Dodgy Poacher

Scobie Auton - Perfect Reproduction

Strike as a Unit


The Brigadier - UNIT Commander

The Doctor (3) - Exiled Traveller

Total Destruction

Under the Bed


Doctor Who and the Silurians

Ancestral Knowledge

Awakened Silurian - Subterranean

Broker Peace

Carnosaur (production still with CGI extension)

Charles Lawrence - High-Strung

Conscientious Objection

Earth (200,000,000 B.C.) (CGI: globe from episode composited with image of the planet)

Earth (June 1969)

Infect Prisoner

John Quinn - Silurian Pawn

K'to - Silurian Scientist

Liz Shaw - Emancipated Assistant

Lost Man

Major Baker - Security Expert

Massive Search Effort


Morka - Rash Youngster

Okdel - Wise Elder


Race Fear

Reclaim Planet

Repairs Underway

Scare to Death

The Brigadier - Genocidal Militarist

The Doctor (3) - Authority's Nightmare


The Ambassadors of Death

Hijack Convoy



Benton - Platoon Under Leader

Changing the Pattern

Crisis of Conscience

Dangerous Drilling

Effect Repairs (CGI: image extended down)

Greg Sutton - Drilling Consultant

High Jump

Impending Doom

Infernal Bickering


Lava Flow

Liz Shaw - Section Leader

Liz Shaw - Too Competent

Moves: The 3rd Doctor

Parallel Earth (July 1969) (CGI: Primords removed from image)

Petra Williams - Assistant Director

Primord - Regressed Human

Primordial Ooze

Reverse the Pressure

Running Amok


Sir Keith Gold - Executive Director

So Many Similarities (CGI: two images composited together)

Stahlman - Irresponsible Scientist

Stahlman - Project Director

Summary Judgement

The Brigadier - Brigade Leader

The Doctor (3) - Irreplaceable Adviser


White - Republican Guard


Terror of the Autons

Auton Doll - Heat-Activated Troll

Jo Grant - The Doctor's Assistant (production still)


The Mind of Evil

Keller Machine (production still)


The Claws of Axos

Angle of Attack

Axon Doppelganger - Impostor

Axon Man - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Axon Monster - Cosmic Bacteria

Axon Woman - Golden Beauty (CGI: character removed on the left)



Bail Out

Benton - Maverick Driver

Bill Filer - American Agent

Bumbling Bureaucrat

Corporal Bell - Liaison Officer

Dessication (deleted scene)

Earth (November 1970)

Hitching a Ride

Jo Grant - Troublesome Girl

Lash Out

Local Politics

Masterful Help

Mike Yates - Trap Two

Pigbin Josh

Planetary Infection

Psychedelic Overload (CGI: psychedelia added)

Sticky Tape

TARDIS - Mobile Laboratory

The Brigadier - Greyhound

The Doctor (3) - Tied to the Earth

The Master (13) - Arch Villain

The Master's TARDIS (CGI: composited into opening sequence)

Thrown for a Loop

Unholy Alliance

UNIT Mobile HQ

Winser - Arrogant Scientist


Colony in Space

It's a Fake! (production still)


The Daemons

Five Rounds Rapid
Get Back!


Day of the Daleks

Ogron Enforcer - Shock Trooper


The Curse of Peladon

Peladon (3885)


The Sea Devils


Captain Hart - Navy Officer

Chief Sea Devil - Eocene Leader

Earth (September 1971)

Eocene Invasion

False Orders

From Behind (production still)

High Ground

Jo Grant - Stealth Expert

Lead Into Danger

Minefield (production still)

Moves: The 13th Master (CGI: blurred strap removed from image)

On Equal Footing

Out of the Waves (production still)


Press On

Ridgeway - Submarine Officer

Sea Devil - Saltwater Eocene (production still)

Sea Devil Blaster

Sea Devil Hijacker - Eocene Soldier

The Doctor (3) - Peacemonger

The Master (13) - Warmonger

Trenchard - Patriotic Warden


War Secretary

Watery Pursuit

Wilson - Incorruptible Guard


The Mutants

The Doctor (3) - Timelord Errand Boy (production still)


The Time Monster

Super Drive


The Three Doctors

Anti-Matter Organism

Benton - Tag-Along

Creature of the Will

Deadly Force (CGI: 2 shots composited)

Gellguard - Omega's Servant (production still)

Ollis - Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Omega (12) - Wronged Timelord

Omega's World

Second Opinion (production still)

Temporal Control

Temporal Monitor (1) - Watcher

The Chancellor (4) - Lawful Bureaucrat

The Doctor (2) - Music Lover

The Doctor (3) - Cunning Dandy

The Long Arm of UNIT

The President (3) - Risk Taker

The Three Doctors (publicity photo)

Time Eddy

Time for Revenge

Timelord Mission (production still)


Carnival of Monsters


Anxiety Rising

Claire Daly - Far From Unflappable

Cut Down to Size


Earth (1926)


Escape Shaft

Functionary - Oppressed Labourer

Hand In

Inside Mini-Scope (3073)

Inter Minor (3073)

Jo Grant - Lateral Thinker

John Andrews - Gallant Navy Man

Kalik - Ambitious Alarmist

Lateral Thinking

Major Daly - Colonial Sportsman

Marsh Gas


Monster Mash

Orum - Petty Bureaucrat

Plesiosaurus (production still)

Pletrac - Nervous Judge

Primitive Creatures

Scope Malfunctions (production still artwork)


Shirna - Lovely Assistant

Skeleton Key

Sonic Screwdriver

The Doctor (3) - Timelord Nuisance

They're Free!

Unethical Collection

Vorg - Great Showman


Frontier in Space

The Master (13) - Serious Threat to Peace (production still, CGI: tip of Jo's nose removed)


Planet of the Daleks

Frozen Army (CGI: colour correction)


The Green Death

A New Purpose

Air Strike

Benton - UNIT Sergeant


Betts - UNIT Soldier

Clifford Jones - Brilliant Biologist

Earth (February 1972)

Financial Domination

Friends in High Places

Giant Bird

Giant Fly

Giant Maggot Swarm

Hinks - Muscle

Impervious Mind

Jo Grant - UNIT Agent

Logic Problem

Master of Disguise

Metebelis 3 (1972)

Metebelis Crystal

Mike Yates - Undercover Agent
Moves: Jo Grant (production still)



Stevens - Influential Businessman

Stray Tentacle

The BOSS - Megalomaniacal Machine

The Brigadier - Still a Soldier

The Doctor (3) - UNIT Adviser

The Green Death

The Trap Is Sprung

Venusian Aikido


The Time Warrior

Ancient Weapon

Bloodaxe - Fawning Warrior

Deflector Fan (enhanced sfx)

Dummy Soldier

Earth (1275)

Erase Evidence (enhanced sfx)

Hal - The Archer

Implanted Technology

Irongron - Robber Baron

Lady Eleanor - Great Woman

Laid Claim

Linx - Star Knight (production still)

Linx - Warfare Expert


Monk Business (productin still)

Osmic Projector (production still digitally manipulated)

Robot Knight - Slashing Machine

Rubeish - Blind Professor

Sarah Jane Smith - Liberated Woman

Sarah Jane Smith - Raid Leader (production still)

Sleeping Potion

Sontaran Wand (enhanced sfx)

Stink Bomb

The Brigadier - Scientist Hoarder (CGI: character removed from background)

The Doctor (3) - Magician (production still)

The Time Warrior



Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Mike Yates - Unbalanced Traitor (production still)


Death to the Daleks

Bonfire (production still)


The Monster of Peladon

Alpha Centauri - Ambassador (production still)


Planet of the Spiders

Regeneration (3rd Doctor reprint. CGI: Two frames composited together to create a regeneration effect)

Whomobile (production still)


4th Doctor


Finding Yourself

Harry Sullivan - UNIT Physician

Knick Knacks


The Ark in Space

Appeal to Humanity

Breeding Ground

Earth Orbit (16,000) (DVD enhanced FX)

Emergency Medical Kit

Harry Sullivan - Royal Navy Physician

Homo Sapiens

Latent Image

Lycett - Sleeper Technician

Narrow Escape

Noah - Prime Unit

Noah - Swarm Leader

Rogin - Old-Fashioned Sleeper

Sarah Jane Smith - Unwilling Sleeper


Security System

Self Sacrifice



Standing Your Ground


The Ark in Space

The Doctor (4) - Fan of Humanity

Vira - First MedTech

Wirrn - Swarming Alien

Wirrn Queen - The Progenitor


The Sontaran Experiment

Brinkmanship (production still, colour-corrected)

Call Them Off

Earth (16,000)

Fear Itself

Find Missing Man (from Built for War DVD feature)

Gravity Bar

Gron - Squadron Commander (from Built for War DVD feature)

Harry Sullivan - Good Man

Krans - Stranded Astronaut


Nivek - Grand Marshal

Only My Dignity

Pit Trap

Roth - Fast Friend

Sarah Jane Smith - Female of the Species

Security Field

Slightly Scrambled

Sontar (16,000) (interview background on Built for War DVD feature)

Sontaran Galaxy (interview background on Built for War DVD feature)

Sontaran Recharge

Sontaran Scout - Elite Tracker (from Built for War DVD feature)

Styre - Military Surveyor

Styre - Sadistic Field Major

Surveyor - Sample Collector

Test Species

The Sontaran Experiment

Vural - Betrayed Traitor


Genesis of the Daleks

A Long Way Up

Bettan - Thal Rebel


Create Dalek Race

Dalek Prototype - Corrupted Kaled

Davros - Treacherous Scientist

Dropped It

Ferain (6) - CIA Agent

Gharman - Thoughtful Scientist

Giant Clam

Harry Sullivan - Unlucky Companion

Heightened Security

Interrogate Time Traveller

Kaled Soldier - Thal Hater

Long-Term Strategy

Nyder - Security Commander


Ravon - Young General (CGI: Other character removed from image)

Ronson - Elite Scientist

Sarah Jane Smith - Rebel Captive

Sevrin - Soulful Muto

Skaro (4000 B.C.)

Thal Soldier - Kaled Hater

The Doctor (4) - CIA Pawn

Timelord Genocide

Time Ring (CGI: Picture extended down)

Undo Evil


Revenge of the Cybermen

Escape Artist


Terror of the Zygons

The Doctor (4) - Off-Kilter (production still)


Planet of Evil

Zeta Minor (37,166)


Pyramids of Mars

Childish Stratagem

Collins - Indiscreet Servant


Decadron Crucible

Digging Up the Past

Divine Proxy

Earth (1911)

Ernie Clements - Poacher

Guardian of Horus - Servicer

Ibrahim Namin - Servant of the True Faith

Impenetrable Disguise


Laid Waste

Laurence Scarman - Loving Brother

Marcus Scarman - Instrument of Sutekh

Mummy - Servicer

Osiran War Missile

Paving the Way


Sarah Jane Smith - Plucky Young Girl

Sutekh - The Destroyer

Sutekh's Return

Taking Control

Temporal Reverse

The Doctor (4) - Interfering Timelord

The Eye of Horus

The Gift of Sutekh

Time-Space Tunnel

Well Hidden

You Are an Ant!


The Android Invasion

Not the Real Deal


The Brain of Morbius

Blinding Flash

Brain Damage

By the Hair

Condo - Amputated Servant

Crash Zone

Dwindling Resources

Elixir of Life (CGI: Wall removed from image)

Karn (4723)

Kelia - Sister of Karn

Kriz - Solonian Castaway

Maren - High One of Karn

Mehendri Solon - Chirurgeon

Morbius (10) - Patchwork Man

Not a Dream

Ohica - First Sister of Karn

Psychic Combat

Recovered Resource

Resurrect Tyrant

Sacrificial Lamb

Sarah Jane Smith - Blind Girl

Sisterhood of Karn

The Brain of Morbius

Through the Front Door

Unloved Monster


The Seeds of Doom

Giant Krynoid
Krynoid - Unpotted Plant (production still)
No Holiday


The Masque of Mandragora

Federico - Blood-Thirsty Count
Moves: Sarah Jane Smith


The Hand of Fear

Quarry Query


The Deadly Assassin

Aerial Patrol

Ancient Vaults
Apocalyptic Vision

Article 17
Bad Medicine
Big Game Hunter


Borusa (6) - Wise Cardinal

Clowning Around
Destroy Evidence
Dying Words

Engin (9) - Dotty Coordinator
Feudal Warrior

Goth (7) - Corrupt Chancellor
Hildred - Brutish Commander
Holding Cells
Inside the Matrix
Matrix Chamber (CGI: Characters removed from image)

Matrix Construct - Mental Echo
Panopticon (production still)
Runcible (2) - The Fatuous

Sash of Rassilon (CGI: Characters removed from background)

Sector 7
Sniper Rifle
Spandrell (3) - Deductive Castellan
Strafing Run
The Clothes Make the Man
The Doctor (4) - Prydonian Renegade (production still)
The Master (13) - Desiccated Husk

The Master's Plan
The Matrix

Train Tracks

The Face of Evil

Damaged Reputation

Sevateem Planet (20,000) (CGI: Leela removed from production still)


The Robots of Death

Borg - Arrogant Mover

Chub - Government Meteorologist

Coat Stand


Corpse Marker

D.84 - Undercover Super-Voc

"Free" Voc - Robot of Death

Hands Off

Jelly Babies

Leela - Savage Companion

Poul - Secret Agent

Profit or Loss



Robot Revolution

Robot Storage

S.V.7 - Robot Coordinator


Storm Mine 4 (2865)

TARDIS - Secondary Control Room

Taren Capel - Robot Liberator

Toos - Acting Commander

Uvanov - Successful Commander

Voc - Speaking Servant


Zilda - Aristocratic Miner


The Talons of Weng-Chiang


Atavistic Mutations

Back Off

Bottled Courage

Distillation Chamber

Earth (1889)

Educate Companion

Fiendish Strategy

Giant Rat (production still)

Gone Native

Henry Gordon Jago - Showman

Janis Thorn

Leela - Eliza Doolittle

Li H'sen Chang - Master of Mesmerism (production still)

Ling - Tong Assassin

Magic Bullet

Magnus Greel - Weng-Chiang

Monster Hunt

Mr. Sin - Pig-Brained Puppet (production still)

My Pet

P.C. Quick - Policeman

Professor Litefoot - Coroner

Rescue Prisoners

Recover Time Machine

Resourceful Pockets

The Doctor (4) - Holmesian Detective

The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Time Cabinet

You Have Failed Me

You Will Forget


Horror of Fang Rock

Battleground (CGI: composite of various shots of Rutan mothership and background and Sontaran ship and foreground from The Two Doctors, plus homemade 80s-style effects)

Earth (1902)

Fogbound (production still)

Harker - Unlucky Seaman

High Voltage

Horror of Fang Rock

Improvised Laser


Leela - No Lady

Lord Palmerdale - Crooked Financier

Mortar Hit

Post Mortem

Reuben the Rutan - Monster in Disguise

Rutan Galaxy (CGI: composite of Rutan's POV and Milky Way simulation courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Rutan Scout - Furtive Spy

Rutan Warrior - Sontaran Killer

Scout Mission

Skinsale - Dishonoured Gentleman

Sole Survivors

Terrible Mistake

The Doctor (4) - Full of Ideas

Vince Hawkins - Lighthouse Keeper


The Invisible Enemy

Asteroid Belt (5000) (enhanced sfx)

Checking In
Crash! (enhanced sfx)

Death Squad

Emergency Exit

Galactic Contamination (enhanced sfx)

Inner Maze

K9 Mark I - Man's Best Friend (production still)

K9 Mark I - Marius' Best Friend

Leela - Leaden Mind

Lowe - Virus Lieutenant


Mind-Brain Interface

Nucleus - Giant Virus

Nucleus - Hidden Evil (enhanced sfx)

Parsons - Medical Staff


Professor Marius - Endomorphologist

Quick Disguise

Safran - Virus Henchman

Stray Thought (enhanced sfx)

TARDIS - Number 2 Control Room

The Doctor (4) - Big Brain (production still)

The Doctor's Brain (CGI: Leela and the Doctor removed from image)

Titan (5000) (enhanced sfx)

Viral Contact


Image of the Fendahl

The Root of All Evil (production still)


The Sun Makers




Insane Computer


The Invasion of Time

Ablif - Gallifreyan Outsider (production still)

Andred (1) - Guard Commander

Borusa (7) - Suspicious Chancellor

Déjà Vu

Find the Great Key

Giant Plant

Gold Usher (9) - Timelord Official

Gomer (10) - Surgeon General (production still)

Invasion of Gallifrey (enhanced sfx)

K9 Mark I - President's Proxy

Kelner (8) - Smarmy Castellan

Landing Bay

Lead Shielding

Leela - Dangerous Outsider

Leela - Savage Outsider (production still)

Moves: Leela

Nesbin (5) - Outsider Leader

New Model

Outer Gallifrey

Rodan (1) - Traffic Control

Savar (3) - Young Timelord

Sontaran Engineer - Specialist Trooper (enhanced sfx)

Sontaran Pursuit


Stor - SSSS Commander

TARDIS - Virtual Labyrinth

The Doctor (4) - Lord President

Timelord Gallery

Transduction Barrier (CGI: 3 shots composited, all of them from enhanced sfx)

Vardan - Electromagnetic Invader (enhanced sfx)

Who to Trust?


The Ribos Operation

Binro - The Heretic

Caging the Beast


Con Game

Fund Empire

Garron - Cunning Conman

Graff Vynda-K - Cold-Blooded Maniac

Guardian Pressure

K9 Mark II - Faithful Servant

Krole - Livithian Invincible

Moves: Romana I

On Guard (production still)

Once a Thief...

Precious Mineral

Quest for the Key

Relic Chamber

Ribos (3773)

Romana (1) - Glamorous Recruit (production still)

Romana (1) - The Doctor's Apprentice

Sholakh - Voice of Reason


The Doctor (4) - Guardian Agent

The Seeker - Psychic

The White Guardian

Tied In

Unstoffe - Innocent Crook

Untrustworthy Allies


The Pirate Planet

Avitron - Death Parrot

Calufrax (1978)

Captain's Guard - Incompetent Fool

Devour Planet

Kimus - Freedom Seeker

Mental Stun

Moving the Prisoner

Mr. Fibuli - Captain's Toady

New Golden Age

Newton's Revenge

Of Course!

Pralix - Mentiad

Queen Xanxia - Immortal Projection

Repeat Performance

Spanner in the Works

Surgically Enhanced

The Captain - Blustering Pirate

The Power of the Mind

Time Dams

Walking the Plank

Zanak (1978)


The Stones of Blood

Adventures in Time and Space

Alien Language

Amelia Rumford - Local Expert

Cessair of Diplos - The Cailleach

Cessair of Diplos - Vivien Fay

Convict Ship

De Vries - Druidic Priest

Dog Whistle

Earth (1978)

Erase Memory Banks


Following Instructions

Great Seal of Diplos

Hapless Victim


Justice Machines

Ogri - Stone of Blood

Places to Go

Run Down

Secret Passageway

Shocking Discovery

Some of That Old Time Religion

Summoning Ritual

The Barrister

Wirrn Convict - BEM


The Androids of Tara

Android Assassin - Beautiful Killer

Android Decoy

Appointed Time

Appropriate Garb

Archimandrite - Time Keeper

Back Door

Bowman - Grendel's Guard

Count Grendel - Manipulative Noble

Electric Sword

En Garde!

Farrah - Taran Swordsman

Flag of Truce

Gracht Family Emblem
Hunting Beast (production still)

K9 Mark II - Old Sea-Dog

Madam Lamia - Surgeon Engineer

Moves: K9

Moves: The 4th Doctor

Parting Shot

Poisoned Cups

Prince Reynart - Heir to the Throne (CGI: Farrah removed from background)

Romana (1) - Ringer for the Princess

Royal Ambitions

Tara (2378)

The Usual Escape Plan

The Usual Trappings

You Won't Be Harmed

Zadek - Taran Swordmaster


The Power of Kroll

Arm Natives
Awaken Monster

Blood Sacrifice
Breached Defenses
Delta 3 (2878)
Dugeen - Dogged Interracialist

Echo Track

Electrical Storm
Fenner - Sharpshooter

Hammer Time!
Harg - Doomed Technician
Hunting Party

Lost in Transition

Mensch - Overlooked Spy

Native Ambush
Native Uprising
Orbit Shot

Ranquin - Warrior-Priest of Kroll

Romana (1) - Psychoanalyst
Rohm-Dutt - Elusive Gunrunner
Sacred Text

Sated Appetite

Secret Signal
Skart - Swampie Warrior

Stretched Thin

Thawn - Callous Racist
The Doctor (4) - Dryfoot Engineer

Treacherous Footing
Varlik - Canny Primitive


The Armageddon Factor

Assemble Key

Atrios (1979)

Black Guardian - Guardian of Chaos

Contaminated Area

Destroy Key to Time

Drax (3) - Talented Tinkerer

Guardian Rage


It Could Be Anything

K9 Mark II - Bad Dog

K9 Mark II - Metal Ambassador

Kanin - Atrian Lapdog

Mentalis - Zeon Commandant

Merak - Lovelorn Surgeon

Military Agenda

Mirror Images

Mute - Shadow's Horrible

Power Corrupts

Princess Astra - Sixth Segment



Romana (1) - Experienced Recruit

Shapp - Atrian Major

Small Is Lovely

Stop Countdown

The Armageddon Factor

The Doctor (4) - Theta Sigma

The Marshal - True Military Mind

The Shadow - Agent of Chaos

The Shadow's Domain (1979)

Time Loop

Zeos (1979) (CGI: Missiles removed)


Destiny of the Daleks

Agella - Movellan Armourer

Break Stalemate

Controlled Regeneration

Dalek Supervisor - Imperial Planner

Dalek Tracker - Single-Minded Machine

Davros - Dusty Tyrant

Destiny of the Daleks


Evolutionary Setback

Feign Death

From Two Sides

Illogical Move

Kamikaze Dalek - Suicide Bomber

Lan - Movellan Guard

Lie Detector

Logical Impasse

Magla (1978) (CGI: Composite of amoeba and starfield, with effects)

Movellan Ship (CGI: Image extended down)

Movellan Soldier - Skaro Invader (production still)



Romana (2) - Fresh Regeneration (production still)

Skaro (4500)

Sharrel - Movellan Commander

TARDIS - Dog House


The Doctor (4) - Destroyer of Destinies

This Moment Is Unique

Tyssan - Starship Engineer (production still)


City of Death

Art Theft

Countess Scarlioni - Discreet Heiress

Dangerous Flight

Duggan - Blunt Instrument

Earth (400,000,000 B.C.)

Earth (1505) (production still)

Earth (May 1979)

Everyone's a Critic

Fake Artifact

Fractured Selves

Hermann - Household Henchman

Kerensky - Temporal Theorist

Le Louvre

Linked Events

Mona Lisa

Out of Luck

Paradoxical Syntax

Pietro - Borgian Soldier

Portrait of a Time Lady

Puzzle Box

Race Against Time

Romana (2) - Flighty Tourist

Say Cheese!

Scaroth - Captain Tancredi

Scaroth - Count Scarlioni

Scaroth - Fire Bringer (behind the scenes footage)

Scaroth - Jagaroth Pilot

Scaroth - Pyramid Builder

Secret Room (production still)

The Chicken or the Egg?

The Doctor (4) - Art Critic

Temporal Accident



Unwilling Assistance

Willing Captive


Creature from the Pit



Nightmare of Eden

Mandrel - Nightmarish Creature (production still)
Mauled (production still)


The Horns of Nimon

Romana (2) - Not Unlike the Doctor (production still)



Romana (2) - A Match for the Doctor (footage used in The Five Doctors)


The Leisure Hive

A Holiday for the Doctor (production still)

Argolis (2290)

Brock - West Lodge Leader

Buy Planet

Dawn of a New Age

Experiential Grid


Foamasi Agent - Policething (production still)

Greatly Exaggerated

Hardin - Sad Fraud (production still)

Helmet of Theron

Klout - West Lodge Lawyer

Mena -Madam Chairwoman

Nobody's Perfect (production still)

Pangol - First of the New Argolin

Rest and Relaxation

Romana (2) - Competitive Scientist

Tachyonic Ageing

Tachyonic Cloning

Tachyonic Discorporation

Tachyonic Rejuvenation

The Doctor (4) - Wise Fool


Vargos - Leisure Hive Technician

West Lodge Foamasi - Rogue Reptile

Yegros-alpha (5889) (CGI: composite of Eros asteroid and detail of design for lunar mining facility)

Zeen-4 (2971) (CGI: modified picture of actual historical re-enactment at the Isle of Man)

You've Got the Wrong Man!



Meglos - Prickly Tyrant (production still)


Full Circle

Moves: Romana II


State of Decay

Adric - Chosen One

Aukon - Great Vampire's Voice
Blood Bank

Camilla - Vampire Queen

Cut Off From Their Lord
Habris - Castle Guard

Ivo - Village Headman
K9 Mark II - Troop Leader
Kalmar - Hedge Scientist

King Vampire - Ancient Evil
Record of Rassilon

Romana (2) -  Simply Wonderful
Tarak - Rebellious Rebel

The Arising (film trim)

Vampire Bat
Vampire Legends
Vampire Planet (film trim)

Vampire Slayer

Vampiric Glamour
Zargo - Royal Vampire


Warriors' Gate
Biroc - Rebel King
Don't Make a Move

E-Space (CGI: space photography with green filter)

Gundan - Robotic Emancipator

Harness Time Sensitive

I Ching (CGI: modified K9's screen)
K9 Mark II - Worse Than Useless

Lane - Overloaded Engineer
Lazlo - Leonine Rebel


Packard - Frustrated First
Rika - Pretty Tharil
Roll: 1 or 2

Romana (2) - Sensitive Rebel
Rorvik - Slaver Ship Captain

Running Through Time
Sagan - Part of a Hungry Bunch (CGI: Graffiti replaced)
Tharil Castle

The Doctor (4) - Holistic Thinker
The Signal

Time Sensitive
Time Striations

Untrustworthy Troops
Zero Coordinates


The Keeper of Traken

Traken (1981) (production still)

Tremas - Master of Traken (production still, CGI: Adric removed from image)



Adric - Along on the Voyage (CGI: slight glint removal in one eye)

Block Transfer Computation

Bubble Memory

Cloister Bell

Compute TARDIS

Earth (February 1981)

Entropic Wave


Infinite Regression


Logopolis (1981)

Logopolitan - Computing Monk

Lost Again

Monitor - Wise Mathematician

More Alike Than We'd Care to Admit

Nemesis No More?

Nemesis Victory

Outside Help

Pure Evil

Ransom Universe

Reality Erosion

Regeneration (4th Doctor reprint)

Short Trips

TARDIS - Entropic Space

TARDIS Jettison


The Doctor (4) - Doomed Timelord

The Master (14) - The Doctor's Nemesis

The Watcher

Tissue Compression Eliminator (production still)

Wrong Size

Your Mistake

5th Doctor


A Mere Utility


At the Scene

Blinded by Revenge

Block Transfer Tapestry


Castrovalva (1981)

Escher Maze (production still)

False History

Joy Ride

Meaningless Disagreement

Mergrave - Master of Physic

Nyssa - Orphaned Princess

Recursive Trap

Ruther - Short Hunter

Search for Self

Shardovan - Tall Librarian


Tegan Jovanka - Flight Coordinator

The Doctor (5) - Confused Regeneration

The Master (14) - Portreeve

The Sum of His Parts

Unmade Worlds

Unravelling Identity

Zero Cabinet

Zero Room


Four To Doomsday

Adric - Teenage Chauvinist


Ancient Dance

Bigon - Greek Philosopher

Blind Jump

Bounce Back

Companion Versus Companion

Enlightenment - Classy Minister (production still)

Kurkutji - Ancient Aborigine

Lin Futu - Ancient Chinese

Mad Enterprise

Monarch - Benevolent Tyrant


Nyssa - Brilliant Orphan

Persuasion - Slick Minister

Repair Chamber

Tainted Atmosphere

Tegan Jovanka - In a Hurry

The Doctor (5) - Troublesome Tourist

Urbankan Poison

Urbankan Ship (1981)

Villagra - Proto-Mayan



Existential Draughts

Soul Searching
The Mara


The Visitation

Adric - TARDIS Pilot

Control Bracelet

Crack Shot

Earth (1666)

Grim Reaper

Hidden Door

Historical Inevitability

Manufacture Plague

Moves: Adric

Not Again!

Nyssa - Intuitive Engineer

Personal Loss

Portent of Doom

Quick Recovery

Richard Mace - Cowardly Thespian (production still)

Rubber Arm

Sonic Booster


Tegan Jovanka - Tool of the Enemy

Terileptil - Renaissance Monster (CGI: Terileptil Leader replaced by soliton gas)

Terileptil Android - Bejeweled Servant

Terileptil Leader - Scarred Fugitive

The Doctor (5) - Annoyed Timelord

The Favourite

The Poacher - Simple Creature

Tool Kit

What's Under Heathrow?


Black Orchid

Adric - Hungry Guest

Ann Talbot - Ringer for Nyssa

Black Orchid

Earth (1925)

Family Secrets (production still)

George Cranleigh - Mutilated Explorer

I Don't Get It

It Wouldn't Be Cricket

Lady Cranleigh - Secretive Hostess

Latoni - Indian Guardian

Lord Cranleigh - Aristocrat

Masked Ball

Moves: Nyssa

Moves: Tegan (production still)

Moves: The 5th Doctor

Nyssa - Social Butterfly

Tegan Jovanka - Good Dancer

The Doctor (5) - Excellent Cricketer (production still)



A Foot in the Door

Adric - Doomed Companion

Android - Programmed Guard (production still)

At Gunpoint

Berger - First Officer

Captain Briggs - Impatient Hauler

Creating a Dilemma

Cyber Bomb

Cyber Engineer - Thermal Lancer

Cyber Leader - Flippant Invader

Cyber Lieutenant - Yes Man

Cyber Soldier - Personal Guard

Cyberman Army

Destroy Unity

Earth (2526) (enhanced sfx)

Earthshock (enhanced fx, CGI extensions)

Escape Pod

Hijack Ship

Interfering With Our Plans

Invulnerable to Our Weapons (enhanced sfx)

Lost Expedition

Lt. Scott - Butch Military Man

Mechanical Determination

Nyssa - TARDIS Babysitter

Professor Kyle - Paleontologist

Ringway - Melodramatic Traitor

Sector 16 (2526) (production still)

Sgt. Mitchell - Trooper

Sgt. Walters - Scanner Technician

Shocking Destiny (enhanced sfx)

Tegan Jovanka - Cyberman Hunter

The Doctor (5) - Flawed Hero

Ultimate Sacrifice



Anithon - White Xeraphin

Captain Stapley - Concorde Pilot


Earth (140,000,000 B.C.) (CGI: image from Walking with Dinosaurs with Concorde composited in)


Friendly Ghost

Harness Gestalt

Nyssa - Almost Prescient

Perception Induction

Plasmaton - Protein Agglomeration

Plasmaton Communication

Plasmaton Snake

Professor Hayter - Hypnosis Expert

Roger Scobie - Flight Engineer


Tegan Jovanka - Time Stewardess

The Doctor (5) - Well-Connected

The Master (14) - Kalid

Time Contour

We Got Here First
Xeriphas (1982) (CGI: Planet created from Xeraphim skull)

Zarak - Dark Xeraphin


Arc of Infinity

Borusa (8) - Sorry President

Chancellery Guard - Under Orders

Colin Frazer - Possessed Tourist

Damon (4) - Friendly Technician

Earth (1982)

End of the Road

Ergon - Psychosynthetic Creature

Hedin (13) - Omega's Worshipper (production still)

Maxil (6) - Guard Commander

Nyssa - Advocate for Justice

Omega (13) - Anti-Matter Invader

Omega's Return (enhanced sfx)

Omega's TARDIS (CGI: Ergon removed from image)

Recall Circuit

Robin Stuart - Hitchhiker

Security Compound (production still)

Tegan Jovanka - Lone Adventurer

Temporal Bonding

Termination Chamber

Thalia (6) - Interdimensional Expert

The Castellan (13) - Head of Security

The Doctor (5) - Procrastinator

Timelord Treachery



Dispensing Wisdom (production still)


Mawdryn Undead

Black Guardian Appearance (enhanced sfx)
Black Guardian Contract (enhanced sfx)

Crystal Link
Darnwalm - Exiled Mutant
Drain Regenerations

Earth (1977)
Earth (1983)
Earth Orbit (1977) (enhanced sfx)
Mawdryn - Living Dead
Mawdryn Undead (enhanced sfx)

Nyssa - Naive Veteran
Regenerator (production still)

Reverse Differential
Tegan Jovanka - Headstrong Aussie

Temporal Double
The Brigadier - Amnesiac Teacher (production still)
The Brigadier - Disciplinarian

The Doctor (5) - Black Guardian's Target
Time Differential

Transmat Capsule

Turlough - Duplicitous Mole
UNIT Memories



Nyssa - The Doctor's Aide (production still)

Turlough - Guardian Pawn (production still; CGI: crystal's wire removed)



The Doctor (5) - Unenlightened


The King's Demons

Kamelion - Shape-Shifting Puppet (production still)


The Five Doctors

Artifact of Rassilon

Borusa (9) - Warped President


Capitol Guard - Elite

Charles Crichton - New UNIT Leader

Cosmic Angst

Cyber Leader - Devious Negotiator

Cyber Scout - Patrol Leader

Dark Tower of Rassilon

Daunting Heights

Death Zone

Doctor Convention

Easy as Pi

Eye of Orion (1983)

Flavia (7) - Chancellor (CGI: Doctor's shoulder removed from image)


K9 Mark III - Guard Dog

Lead the Way

Mismatched Companions (color manipulated digitally)


Musical Key

Old and New

Phantom Friends

Raston Warrior Robot

Recall Button

Reverse the Polarity

Robot Fury

Sarah Jane Smith - Retired

Seek Immortality

Susan (1) - Retired

TARDIS - The Old Girl

Temporal Grace

The Brigadier - Retired

The Castellan (13) - Scapegoat

The Doctor (1) - Old-Fashioned Timelord

The Doctor (5) - Renegade President

The Game of Rassilon

The Master (14) - Unwilling Ally



Voiced Opinion


Warriors of the Deep

All in a Row

Bad Move

Bulic - Sea Base Officer (CGI: Soldier removed from image)

Close Quarters

Computer Sync-Up

Deep Hibernation

Earth (2084)

Everybody Dies

Hunter-Killer (CGI: Image from viewscreen widened)

Icthar - Triad Leader

Karina - Sea Base Personnel

Maddox - Sync Operator

Monstrous Help


Nilson - Sea Base Spy

Reptilian Ruse

Sauvix - Elite Leader (CGI: Icthar removed from image)

Sea Devil Warrior - Honour Bound

Silurian Battle Cruiser

Silurian Soldier - Patient Reptile (production still)

Solow - Corrupt Physician

Tarpok - Silurian Engineer

Tegan Jovanka - Noble Heart (production still)

The Doctor (5) - Voice in the Wilderness

Trigger World War

Turlough - Irresolute Companion

Vorshak - Sea Base Commander


The Awakening

Cut Off Escape (production still)



Frontios (10,000,000) (CGI: TARDIS interior removed and starfield added)


Resurrection of the Daleks

Aim for the Eyepiece

Break Conditioning

Chemical Warfare

Commander Lytton - Troop Leader

Cryogenic Prison

Dalek - Killing Machine

Dalek Trooper - Elite Soldier

Davros - Resurrected Tyrant

Earth (May 1984)

Kiston - Trooper Engineer

Memory Lane

Mercer - New Security Officer

Movellan Virus

Mutant - Unshelled Dalek

Osborn - Duty Officer

Prison Station (4590)

Professor Laird - Scientist

Rescue Davros

Resurrection of the Daleks

Sneaking Around

Stien - Dalek Agent (production still)

Styles - Acerbic Physician

Supreme Dalek - True Leader

Tearful Farewell

Tegan Jovanka - Brave Heart

The Doctor (5) - Would-Be Executioner

Time Corridor

Town - Prison Guard

Turlough - Foolish Spy


You Lack the Courage


Planet of Fire

Companion Confrontation (production still)
Trion (1983) (CGI: Kuala Lumpur, color corrected and Trion symbol added)


The Caves of Androzani

A Hero

An Aside

Androzani Major (2784)

Androzani Minor (2784)

Beauty I Must Have




Clipped Wires

Control Substance


Double Cross

Fatal Flaw

Fellow Prisoner

Firing Squad

General Chellak - Military Man


Krelper - Gutter Trash

Magma Creature

Morgus - Evil Soliloquist


Peri - Damsel in Distress

Rebel Android - Human Killer


Salateen - Emotionless Major

Salateen Android - Perfect Facsimile

Sharaz Jek - Disfigured Recluse

Sharaz Jek - Twisted Genius

Spectrox Toxaemia

Stotz - Ruthless Gunrunner

The Doctor (5) - Doomed Regeneration

Wheels Within Wheels

6th Doctor

The Twin Dilemma

Azmael (13) - Master of Jaconda

Drak - Loyal Jocondan
Jaconda (2310)
Mestor - The Magnificent

Moving Planets

Shared Memory
The Doctor (6) - Unstable Regeneration (production still)


Attack of the Cybermen

Attack of the Cybermen

Bates - Failed Conversion

Change Cyber History (from The Cyber Story DVD extra)

Commander Lytton - Mercenary

Cyber Controller - Highest Unit

Cyber Leader - Cyber Recruiter

Cyberman Timeship

Explosive Attack

Flast - Cryon Martyr

Griffiths - Plain Thief

Mondas (1985) (from The Cyber Story DVD extra)

Peri - Astride Two Regenerations

Point Blank

Pressure Points

Rogue Cyberman (production still)

Rost - Cryon Rebel

Sewers (CGI: Cyberman removed from image)

Sonic Lance

Stealth Scout - Shadowy Patrolman (CGI: Lytton removed from image)

TARDIS - Proper Chameleon

Telos (2530)

The Doctor (6) - Violent Agent

Turnabout Is Fair Play


Vengeance on Varos

Acid Bath

An Example Made

Armed Rebellion



Fear Factor

Friendly Greeting



Jondar - Righteous Rebel

Mining Rights

No Time for Speeches

Peri - American Doll

Poison Jungle

Quillam - Masked Monster

Rondel - Varosian Guard

Sil - Fishy Delegate

TARDIS Malfunction


The Chief Officer - Mole

The Doctor (6) - Callous Survivor

The Governor - Big Brother

The Vote

Under Surveillance

Varos (2284)

Vengeance on Varos


The Mark of the Rani

Cover Identity (production still)

Dinosaur Embryo

Earth (1813)

George Stephenson - Rocket Inventor (production still)

Guard Dog

Harvest Brain Fluids

Herbal Remedy

Impregnated Parasites

Jack Ward - Aggressive Luddite

Lethal Velocity

Lord Ravensworth - Rich Owner

Luke Ward - Possessed Assistant


Meeting of Minds

Miasimia Goria (2913) (CGI: folds removed from image)


Peri - Young Botanist

Sabotaged TARDIS

The Doctor (6) - Eccentric Genius

The Master (14) - Unbalanced Schemer

The Rani (3) - Amoral Scientist

The Rani's TARDIS (CGI: The Doctor and Peri removed from image using two different frames)



The Two Doctors

A Simple Operation

Anita - Pragmatic Flower


Cheat Death

Chessene - Augmented Chatelaine

Coronic Acid

Dastari - Foolish Scientist

Don't Wander Off

Earth (1985)

Hung Out to Dry

Illegal Time Experiments

Jamie McCrimmon - Timelord Agent (production still)

Just Desserts


Oscar - Poet Restauranteur

Pacifists and Vegetarians

People to See

Peri - Whining Traveller

Shockeye - Cannibal Cook

Sontaran - Clone Soldier (production still)

Sontaran Fleet

Space Station Chimera (1985)

Stike - Group Marshal

Stun Jet

Summer Holiday

The Doctor (2) - Hungry Connoisseur

The Doctor (2) - Timelord Agent

The Doctor (6) - Sixth of the Line

The Taste of Flesh


Varl - Sontaran Major (production still)



Acid Plant

At the End of His Rope

Bandril Ambassador - Diplomat

Borad - Warped Tyrant

Bride of the Monster

Forfeit Companion (production still)

Guardolier - Karfel Soldier

H.G. Wells - Herbert

Karfel (802,701)

Karfel Android - Robot Servant

Katz - Karfel Rebel

Kontron Crystal

Lost in Time

Morlox (production still)

Official Face

Provoke War

Return Visit

Secret Meeting


Taking Notes

Tekker - Slimy Maylin (production still)

The Doctor (6) - Pessimist

Timelash Portal

Vena - Karfel Councilwoman


Revelation of the Daleks

Bostock - Loyal Squire



D.J. - Entertaining the Dead

Davros - Great Healer



Frozen Food

Glass Dalek - Incubator

Grigory - Cowardly Physician

Guilt Trip

I'll Be Back

Jobel - Vain Embalmer

Kara - Devious Businesswoman

Lethal Orders

Lilt - Brutal Undertaker

Media Centre

Men of Action

Natasha - Impetuous Bodysnatcher

Necros (4615)

No Way Out

Orcini - Knight of the Order of Oberon

Pain and Suffering

Peri - Object of Everyone's Affection

Peri - The Doctor's Antagonist

Rabid Mutant

Shot Down

Sonic Cannon

Strong Reaction

Takis - Sensitive Undertaker

Tasambeker - Fawning Stooge

The Doctor (6) - Sidelined Egotist

Vogel - Devoted Accountant

White Dalek - Healer's New Breed


The Mysterious Planet

Kangaroo Court
Sabalom Glitz - Sociopath

The Inquisitor (7) - Impartial Judge

The Valeyard (12) - Sly Prosecutor
Timelord Space Station



Council for the Defence (production still)
Escalating Charges


Terror of the Vervoids

Accelerate Life Cycle

Atza - Disgruntled Miner

Black Hole

Bruchner - Crazed Scientist

Create Slave Race

Demeter Seeds

Doland - Guilty of Everything
Evidence Galore

Grating Discussion

Hallett - Undercover Investigator

Janet Fields - Stewardess

Mel - Energetic Companion (CGI: Doctor's sleeve removed from image)

Moves: The 6th Doctor

Navigational Hazards

Perseus Arm (2986)




Rudge - Bad Security Officer

Sarah Lasky - Amoral Agronomist


Space Invaders

The Doctor (6) - Judas Goat

Tonker Travers - Commodore

Vervoid - Endangered Species (production still)

Vervoid Intruder - Hidden Plant


The Ultimate Foe

Attack on the Senses

Call on Witnesses
Enemy Mine!
Fantasy Factory
Gas Cloud
Held Down (production still)

Keeper of the Matrix (8) - Key Holder
Mel - Truthful, Honest and Boring

Mr. Popplewick

Murder High Council
Quicksand (production still)

Sabalom Glitz - Single-Minded
Say Your Prayers
The Doctor (6) - Incorrigible Meddler
The Master (14) - Jealous Nemesis

The Valeyard (12) - Ultimate Foe (production still)
Timelord Corruption


7th Doctor

Time and the Rani

Mel - The Doctor's Personal Trainer (production still)

Regeneration (6th Doctor reprint)

The Rani (3) - Impatient Renegade (production still)


Paradise Towers

To the Cleaners (production still)


Delta and the Bannermen

Moves: Mel (CGI: Two frames combined)
Ray - Lovelorn Girl



Happy Farewell

Iceworld (2,000,000) (CGI: Characters removed from image)


Remembrance of the Daleks

Ace - Not Born Yet

Batting a Thousand

Calling Card

Dalek Battle Computer - Renegade

Dalek Hunting

Dalek Navigator - Imperial Pilot

Dalek Shuttlecraft

Davros - Emperor Dalek

Earth (November 1963)

Energized Bat



Group Captain Gilmore - Not the Brig

Heavy Decisions

Heavy Weapons

Imperial Dalek - Flying Mutant

In Loving Memory

It's Out!

Mike Smith - Ratcliffe's Man (production still)

Nitro 9

Quest for the Hand

Rachel Jensen - Science Adviser (production still)

Ratcliffe - Renegade Dalek Tool

Remembrance of the Daleks

Renegade Dalek - Pure Race

Rogue Black Dalek - Renegade Leader

Skaro (4660)

Special Weapons Dalek - Imperial Tank


The Doctor (7) - Mastermind

The Hand of Omega

The Headmaster - Imperial Dalek Tool

Time Storm (production still with homemade 80s-style CGI effects; quote from The Curse of Fenric)

Umbrella (production still)

Unlimited Rice Pudding


The Happiness Patrol

Auditions (production still)


Silver Nemesis

Paradoxical Portrait (production still)


The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Moves: The 7th Doctor
Ragnarok and Roll (production still)



Ace - Dangerous Maiden of the Lake

Ace in the Hole
Ancelyn - Knight General

Any Papers Will Do
Arthurian Knight - Noble Warrior

Brain Freeze
Chalk Circle

Clarke's Law
Danger of Drowning

Dragon Guardian
Earth (September 1996)

Flooding Compartment

Futile Attempt


In Honourable Combat (production still)
Lavel - UNIT Pilot
Magic Bolt

Maniacal Laughter
Mordred - Son of Morgaine
Morgaine - Battle-Queen of the S'rax

Moves: The Brigadier

Moving Attack

Moving Target

Non-Stick Bullets

Note to Self

Our Last Battlefield
Peaceful Death

Peter Warmsly - Site Manager
S'rax - Corrupted Knight

Shou Yuing - Fast Friend (production still)

Tactical Withdrawal
The Brigadier - Out of Retirement
The Destroyer - Eater of Worlds

The Doctor (7) - Merlin
Thirteen Worlds (pic from BBCs Merlin)

Unappealing Stratagem
Varied Coinage

Winifred Bambera - Seabird


Ghost Light

Ace - Wicked Pupil

Control - Wretched Creature

Earth (1883)


Fang of the Cave Bear

Food Chain

Ghost Light

Gwendoline - Travel Agent


Initiate Test

Josiah - Evolving Victorian

Life Goes On

Light - Unreasonable Surveyor

Mad Rampage

Maid - Gabriel Chase Staff (CGI: background darkened to remove characters)

Mrs. Pritchard - Head of Household

Nimrod - Cavemanservant

Off With Her Head

Only the Beginning

Policeman in the Cupboard

Redvers - Big Game Hunter

Split Personality

Stone Spaceship (CGI: Nimrod removed from image)

Stop Evolution

Terrors to Face

The Doctor (7) - Cruel Mentor

Too Many Games


The Curse of Fenric

Ace - Wolf of Fenric

Ancient One - Wolf of Fenric

Captain Sorin - Wolf of Fenric

Commander Millington - Wolf of Fenric

Daring Escape

Earth (1943)

Earth (500,000) (digital composite)

Facing Your Demons

Feminine Wiles

Fenric - Pure Evil

Haemovore - Wolf of Fenric (production still)

Jean - Vampire Maiden

Judson - Wolf of Fenric

Kathleen Dudman - Wolf of Fenric
Moves: Ace

Nowhere Is Safe


Shaken Faith

Siren's Call

The Curse

The Curse of Fenric (production still)

The Doctor (7) - Evil's Adversary

The Game of Traps

To Each Their Faith

Ultima Machine

Under Suspicion


Vampiric Attack

Vershinin - Russian Commando

Wainwright - Shaken Vicar

Welcoming Committee



Ace - Possessed by Fury


Cheetah - Fun-Loving Hunter

Deadly Suggestion

Earth (1989)

Eye of the Cat

Feeding Frenzy

Head First

It's Never Over

Karra - Sisterly Huntress


Law of the Jungle

Midge - Possessed Truant

Natural Connection

One Finger

Opposites Attract (CGI: Recolored production still)

Planet of the Cheetah People (1989)

Sgt. Paterson - Survival Expert

Shreela - Perivale Youth


Survival of the Fittest

The Doctor (7) - Cat Hunter

The Master (14) - Bad Cat Man

Vehicular Showdown

Your Own Trap


8th Doctor

"The Enemy Within" (FOX TV Movie)


Bagged and Tagged

Beryllium Clock

Chang Lee - Troubled Youth


Deliver Prisoner (CGI: two shots composited together)

Earth (December 1999)

Emergency Beeper

Eye of Harmony

Grace Holloway - Amazing Grace

Grace Holloway - The Doctor's Doctor

*Moves: The 8th Doctor

Obligatory Chase

Pete - The Morgue Guy

Possessed by Evil

Professor Wagg - Clock Expert

Regeneration (7th Doctor reprint)
Self Hostage

Skaro (17,000)

Stolen Lives

Street Gang

TARDIS - Spacious Cathedral

The Doctor (7) - Well-Travelled

The Doctor (8) - Amnesiac Saviour

The Doctor (8) - Incurable Romantic

The Doctor's Kiss

The Enemy Within

The Master (15) - Not Dead Yet

The Master (16) - Devil Incarnate

Timelord Casket

Traffic Cop

Unbelievable Biology

Worldwide Instability


9th Doctor


A Magnet for Trouble

Against All Odds

An Ordinary Life

Auton Invasion (9D)



Bride of the Auton - Divorce Case

Clive - Expert on the Doctor

Earth (March 2005)

Hands Up (9D)

Handy Attachment

Heads Up!

Mickey Auton - Nightmarish Date

Nestene Intelligence - Desperate Despot

New Model Auton - Sharply Dressed

Peaceful Solution

Replaced by Aliens (9D)

Rose Tyler - Promising Companion

Such a Card (production still)

The Doctor (9) - Modern Hero

The Head of Your Enemy

Transmit Signal

Warp Shunt (digitally manipulated)

Yesterday's Enterprise


The End of the World

Adherent of the Repeated Meme

Cassandra - The Last Human

Earth (12,005) (image from Children of Dune, modified)

Earth (5,000,000,000)

Earth Orbit (5,000,000,000)

Emergency Teleport

End of the World (RD1)


Hop Pyleen - Hyposlip Inventor (production still)


Jabe - Royal Branch (production still)

Laundry Day

Lute - Wooden Realtor

Metal Spider

Mobile Phone

More Bang For Your Buck

Moxx of Balhoon - Spitting Delegate

One of a Kind

Plastic Surgeon - Human Expert (production still, one Surgeon digitally removed)

Psychic Paper

Raffalo - Grade H Plumber


TARDIS - Frankly Magnificent Timeship

The Steward - Grade A Snoot (production still)

Venerable Twig

VIP Reception

Visiting the Future


The Unquiet Dead

Charles Dickens - Weary Writer



Corpse - Possessed by the Gelth

Differing Moralities

Earth (December 1869)

Gabriel Sneed - Undertaker

Gelth Angel - Time War Refugee

Gelth Devil - Their True Face

Gelth Possession

Ghost Breaker

Gwyneth - Psychic Servant

Hansom Cab

Haunted House

Historical Meeting

Partners in Time


Stepping Back Into History

The Dead Shall Walk

Unknown Sacrifice


Aliens of London

Alien Autopsy

Alien Hoax

Alien Invasion (9D)

Andrew Marr - Political Analyst

Bare Hands

Codeword: Blue Box

Gas Exchange

Gone Missing

Home Visit


Sato - Pathologist

Saving the Earth... Again

Sherwin - Alien Expert


Slitheen - Businessthing

Space Pig - Terrified Diversion


TARDIS Modifications


World War Three

Blon Slitheen - Margaret Blaine

Bottled Courage (RD1)

Earth (March 2006)

Escape Pod (9D)

Family Affair

Fire Sale

Harriet Jones - MP for Flydale North

Household Weakness

Jackie Tyler - Worried Mother

Jocrassa Slitheen - Joe Green

Mickey Smith - The Idiot

Missile Crisis

Narrows It Down

Rup Slitheen - General Asquith

Sgt. Price - Good Cop

Sip Slitheen - Strickland

The Doctor (9) - Grinning Saviour




Adam Mitchell - Computer Genius

Alien Museum

All in This Together

Breaking Free

Chain Lightning


Cyber Head

Dalek Killer

De Maggio - Hired Soldier

Diana Goddard - Overachiever

DNA Infection

Earth (April 2012)

Exterminate! (RD1)

Exterminator Beam


Henry Van Statten - Callous Collector

Last of its Kind

Living Exhibit

Metaltron - Corrupted Dalek

Metaltron - The Last Dalek

Role Reversal



Send in the Troops (9D)

Simmons - Cruel Interrogator

Sucker Punch

The Doctor (9) - Born in Battle


The Long Game

Adam Mitchell - Unworthy Companion

Cathica - Unquestioning Journalist



Earth Orbit (200,000)

Floor 500

Hidden Agenda

Independent Spirit


Live Life to the Fullest

Meddled With

Message to the Past

Nurse Tamsin - Pushy Installer



Simply the Best


Suki - Ditzy Journalist

Suki - Guerrilla Fighter

Suki - Wage Slave

The Doctor (9) - No One

The Editor - Newsmaker

The Editor - Zombie Master

The Jagrafess - Editor in Chief

The Long Game


Father's Day

A Wound in Time

Blinovitch Limitation Effect

Changing the Plot

Crossing Your Timeline (CGI: 2 shots composited together)

Earth (1987)

Empty Box

Inevitable Sacrifice

Jackie Tyler - Nagging Wife

Personal History

Pete Tyler - Born Failure

Reaper (CGI: image extended up and down)

Rose Tyler - Meddlesome Girl


Second Chances

Self Sacrifice (RD1)


The Doctor (9) - A Life Less Ordinary

Timeline Erasure

What Once Went Wrong


The Empty Child

A Target on Your Chest

Captain Cogan - Welsh Officer (CGI: image enhanced and entire left third of image reconstructed from scratch)

Cloaking Device

Constantine - Wartime Physician

Earth (1941)


Investigate and Explore (CGI: image extended vertically)

Jack Harkness - Time Privateer

Jamie - The Empty Child

Moves: Captain Jack

Nancy - More Than She Seems



Vortex Junk


The Doctor Dances

Algy - Barracks Buddy


Go to Your Room!

How I Learned to Love the Bomb

Last Resort

Moves: Rose Tyler

Moves: The 9th Doctor

Nobody Dies (production still)

Recount (CGI: background characters removed)

Sonic Blaster

The Doctor (9) - Dancing to a Different Tune


Zombie Attack


Boom Town

Blon Slitheen - Cornered Criminal



Current Affairs

Diabolical Scheme

Earth (September 2006)

Escape World


Heart of the TARDIS

Jack Harkness - A Bit Cheesy

Justicia (2501) (CGI)

Last Supper


Mickey Smith - Stand-By Boyfriend

Nice Plan

Police Box

Raxacoricofallapatorius (2006) (CGI: modified Slitheen egg composited into starfield)

Rose Tyler - Space-Time Veteran

The Doctor (9) - Dispenser of Justice

Time Rift

Vortex Confusion

Woman Wept (2963) (CGI: composite of various photo and digital elements with Rose and the Doctor from Father's Day)


Bad Wolf

Anne Droid - Deadly Host

Controller - Human Computer

Diary Room

Earth (200,100)

Earth Orbit (200,100)

Edge of Solar System (200,100) (CGI: image extended vertically)

Extreme Makeover

Final Round

Game Show Roast

I'm Coming!


Jack Harkness - No Coward

Lynda Moss - Lynda With a Y

Message From the Past

Out of Bounds

Quiz Show

Rescue Prisoners (RD1)

Rodrick - Greedy Contestant

Secret Forces

Trin-E - Extreme Machine

Under Arrest

Under Surveillance (RD1)


The Parting of the Ways

Aim for the Eyepiece (RD1)

Any Volunteers?

Ashes to Ashes

Behind the Scenes

Dalek Emperor - Divine Planner

Dalek Emperor - Grand Deluder

Dalek Fanatic - Devoted Hybrid

Dalek Fighter - Remorseless Killer

Davitch Pavale - Programmer

Hold Them Back

Infiltrate Base

Jack Harkness - The Doctor's Soldier

Kiss of Life

Message From the Future


Rebuild Dalek Race

Regeneration (RD1)

Return to Sender


Rose Tyler - Bad Wolf

Rose Tyler - Fantastic Companion

TARDIS Forcefield (CGI: composite of 2 different frames)

The Doctor (9) -The Oncoming Storm

The Doctor (10) - A New Man

The Parting of the Ways

Timelord Hologram


Vortex Access

Vortex Attack

Vortex Damage

Vortex Transfer

We Can't Leave


Series 1 Trailer



Doctor Who Confidential

Sonic Screwdriver (RD1)


10th Doctor

The Christmas Invasion

Alex Klein - Prime Minister's Aide

Big Red Button

Blood Control


Champion's Challenge

Crash Landing

Daniel Llewellyn - Naive Scientist

Deus ex Satsuma

Domesticating the Doctor

Earth (December 2006)

Harriet Jones - Prime Minister

Jackie Tyler - Caretaker and Provider

Killer Christmas Tree

Loss of Signal

Major Blake - In the Loop

Mickey Smith - Always Left Behind

No Second Chances

Pilot Fish - Bad Santa


Sycorax Leader - Tribal Chief

Sycorax Shaman - Voodoo Practitioner

Sycorax Warrior - Tribal Invader

Rose Tyler - Bereft Companion

Sally Jacobs - UNIT Analyst

Second Star to the Right

Six Words

TARDIS Wardrobe

The Christmas Invasion

The Doctor (10) - Earth's Champion

Torchwood Weapon

Vortex Leak

Who Are You?


Attack of the Graske

Graske - Replacement Alien

Griffoth (2005) (CGI: pulled from TARDIS screen and video effect removed)

Replace Population

Slitheen Captive - Unbound!

You - Potential Assistant


New Earth

Cassandra - Ageing Hostess
Cassandra - Back in Business
Cassandra - Disembodied Spirit

Chip - Cassandra's Servant
Face of Boe - Sick Prophet

Matron Casp - Hospital Head
Medicine Bag
Mind Transfer

New Earth (5,000,000,023)
New Human - Plague Carrier

Novice Hame - Cat Nun

Petrifold Regression
Plague Touch
Psychic Summons
Sister Jatt - Unethical Nurse
Unethical Medicine
Where Are We Going?


Tooth and Claw

Captain Reynolds - Queen's Escort

Earth (1879)

Empire of the Wolf

Father Angelo - Sinister Monk

Fighting Monk - Brethren of the Wolf

Final Release

Handgun (RD2)

Historical Wager

Koh-i-noor Diamond

Lady Isobel - Lady of the House (CGI: Maid removed from background)


Mark of the Wolf

Patient Foes

Queen Victoria - Supreme Monarch

Rose Tyler - Timorous Beastie (CGI: Maid removed from background)

Sir Robert - Loyal Husband

The Doctor (10) - Royal Protector

The Host - Wolf Boy

Torchwood Institute


Wolfbane (CGI: Window frame removed from foreground)



School Reunion

Alien Scream

Break Godcode


Companion Insecurity

Comparing Notes

Earth (January 2007)

In a Long Line of Companions

K9 Mark III - Tin Dog

Krillitane - Composite Species

Krillitane Oil

Left Behind

Lying in Wait

Mickey Smith - The Doctor's Tech Support

Milo - Brainy Student

Miss Berry - Dinner Lady

Mr. Finch - Brother Lassa

Odd Couple

Refuse Power

Rose Tyler - Jealous Companion

Sarah Jane Smith - Former Companion

Skasis Paradigm

The Doctor (10) - Substitute Teacher



The Girl in the Fireplace

Arthur - White Stallion

Broken Heart

Broken Portal

Clockwork Man - Childhood Nightmare

Clockwork Physician - Improviser



Diagmar Cluster (5044)

Drunk Doctor

Earth (1721-1764)

Goodness, How You've Grown

Harvest Organs

Ice Gun (CGI: Mickey removed and image extended right)

It's Over

Katherine - French Courtesan

King Louis XV - Le Bien-Aimé

Mickey Smith - First-Time Traveller

Monster Under the Bed (CGI: Doctor removed from image)

Multi-Grade Anti-Oil

Reinette - Madame de Pompadour

The Doctor (10) - Worth the Monsters

The Girl in the Fireplace

The Slow Path

Time Portal

To the Rescue

Under the Doctor's Protection

Working Both Ways


Rise of the Cybermen

Alternate Earth (2007)


Cybus Earpiece

Dead in Space-Time

From Beyond the Grave

Hired Help

Left Holding the Button

Mirrored Universe

Personal Download

Pete Tyler - Gemini

President Basil - Britain's Leader

Rise of the Cybermen

Secret Plans (10D)


TARDIS Power Cell

Through the Void


The Age of Steel

Can You Face the Truth?

Cooling Tunnels

Dummy (10D)

Emotional Overload

Jackie Tyler - Loved One

Jake Simmonds - "Preacher"

John Lumic - Cyber Controller

John Lumic - Life Giver

Mickey Smith - Coming Into His Own

Mr. Crane - Lumic's Lieutenant

Mrs. Moore - Resourceful Techie

Parallel Cyberman - Upgrade

Ricky Smith - Public Enemy No.1

Rose Tyler - Orphan of Two Worlds

The Age of Steel

The Doctor (10) - Ready for Anything

Turning on Their Master


The Idiot's Lantern


Bishop - Detective Inspector (CGI: Other copper removed from image)

Earth (1953)
Face Sucking
Long Climb
Men in Black

Moves: The 10th Doctor

Mr. Magpie - Backstreet Electrician
Queen and Country

The Doctor (10) - Elvis Man
The Lingo

The Wire - HUNGRY !!!
Time of Manifestation
Tommy Connolly - Brave Boy


The Impossible Planet

A Big Hug

Basic 30

Creep Out

Danny Bartock - Ethics Committee (CGI: guard removed from background)

Descent Into Hell

Famous Last Words

Gravity Well

Honouring the Dead

Ida Scott - Science Officer

Jefferson - Head of Security

Krop Tor (4102)

Legion of the Beast


Ood Servant - Basic Slave Race

Research Team (10D)

Sanctuary Base

Scooti Manista - Doomed Technician



Sucked In

The Beast - Satan Incarnate

The Doctor (10) - Seeker of Knowledge

Toby Zed - Chief Dramatist

Wake the Devil

Welcome to Hell


The Satan Pit

Ducting for Cover

God Trap

Leap of Faith

Not Falling For It

Ood Servitor - Beast's Legionnaire

Physical Shell

Rocketship (RD2)

Rose Tyler - Taking Charge (production still)

TARDIS - Last of Her Kind (CGI: image extended vertically)


Ventilation Shaft (10D)

Watch Out for the Companion

Zachary Cross Flane - Acting Captain


Love & Monsters


Baited Away

Bliss - Member of LINDA


Elemental Shade (CGI: Shade added)

Elton Pope - Obsessive Fan

Have We Met?

Hoix - Big Mouth

Internet Meltdown

Jackie Tyler - Hot Mum

Moves: Jackie Tyler

Pet Theories

Search for the Doctor

Serendipity (10D)

Sporty Auton - Fit Mannequin (CGI: window reflections removed)

Ursula Blake - Feisty Blogger

Victor Kennedy - Abzorbaloff

Victor Kennedy - Untouchable

Video Diary


Fear Her

Bad Parking

Beacon of Hope

Break Down Door

Chloe Webber - Possessive Artist
Earth (July 2012)

Everything's Coming Up Doctor!
Fingers on Lips

Monster in the Closet

Never Be Alone
Out, Out!

Paper Pen
Public Works
Rose Tyler - Youthful Detective

Scribble Creature
The Whole Wide World


Army of Ghosts

3D Glasses

Adeola - Cyber-Minion

Big Gun (CGI: image extended horizontally)

Birostris Prime (4007)
Cult of Skaro
Cyber-Ghost - Loved One

Cyber Invasion (10D)

Cyberman Advance - Home Invader

Gareth - Torchwood Technician
Ghost Shift
Ghost Sightings
Interstitial Cracks

Rajesh Singh - Torchwood Scientist

Rose Tyler - Missing in Action
The Howling

Under Wraps (RD2)
Void Ship



Alternate Earth (2010)
Axis of Evil
Back to Hell

Chrissie - Pandimensional Rebel (CGI: Pete's shoulder removed from foreground)

Cyber Conversion (RD2)


Cyberman Army (RD2)
Dalek Sec - Supreme Cultist
Dalek Thay - Dalek Cultist

Demean and Destroy

Drain Supernova
Genesis Ark

I've Defeated You Before

Into the Void
Jackie Tyler - Rubbish Companion
Mickey Smith - Interdimensional Rebel

Out of Nowhere
Pete Tyler - Interdimensional Rebel

Release Dalek Army

Take Them to Processing

The Doctor (10) - Heartbroken Timelord

Yvonne Hartman - Cyber Rebel
Yvonne Hartman - Torchwood Director


The Runaway Bride


Change of Controller

Christmas Miracle

Create Planet

Donna Noble - Runaway Bride

Earth (4,600,000,000 B.C.)

Earth (December 2007)

Empress' Pilot Fish - Robo-Scavenger

Everyday Example

Hatch, My Children

Home Sweet Home

In Plain Sight

Killer Ornaments

Lance Bennett - Empress' Consort

Legal Action

One Last Chance

Physical Exam

Racnoss Empress - Patient Survivor

Racnoss Hatchling - Waking Child (CGI: Recolored and repositioned composite of modified Racnoss action figure and Web-Star interior)

Reverse Direction

Secret Basement

Spider Web

Take Me Back


The Doctor (10) - Lonely Soul

Vengeful God



Smith and Jones

A Hero (10D)

Change of Venue

Cheap Parlour Trick

Chief Judoon - Dread Judge


Computer Trouble

Escape Justice

Florence Finnigan - Vore with a Straw

Genetic Transfer

Improvised Laser (10D)

In a Blaze of Glory

Invitation to Mystery

Judoon - Galactic Police

Localised Effect

Marked for Life

Martha Jones - Medical Student

Mr. Stoker - Hospital Administrator

Oliver Morgenstern - Intern

Playing Dumb

Slab - Leather Minion (CGI: Image extended left)

The Doctor (10) - Mr. Smith

The Moon (2008)

Troop Movement

Vampiric Attack (RD3)


The Shakespeare Code

Bloodtide - Vile Crone

Captive Audience

Carrionite - Vile Shade

Cruising Bard

Deep Darkness

Doomfinger - Vile Witch

Drowning Spell

Earth (1599)


Insane Asylum

Just a Novice

Lilith - Vile Temptress

Mangled Accent

Martha Jones - Queen of Afric

Master of the Revels


Peter Streete - Mad Architect

The Shakespeare Code

True Name

Voodoo Doll

William Shakespeare - The Bard

Witching Hour

Words of Power



A Time for Everything

Blissed Out

Brannigan - Old-Fashioned Cat

Dead Politicians

Face of Boe - City's Protector

Fast Lane

Giant Macra

Hame - Repentant Nurse


It Takes Three

Lateral Thinking (10D)

Ma and Pa - Hapless Motorists

Martha Jones - No Nonsense Companion

Milo and Cheen - Honest Carjackers

Needle in a Smokestack

New Earth (5,000,000,053)



Sit Down

Slow Traffic


The Cassini Sisters - Not Sisters


Daleks in Manhattan

Back-Up Plans

Dalek Sec - Seduced by Flesh


DNA Scanner

Earth (1930)

Martha Jones - Helpful in a Crisis

Pig Slave - Beast of Burden

Prop Gun

Solomon - Wise Man

Song and Dance

Tallulah - New York Angel



Evolution of the Daleks

Dalek Caan - Mission Controller

Dalek Human - Hybrid Soldier

Dalek Jast - Hardliner

Dalek Thay - Traditional Thinker

Emergency Temporal Shift

Frank - Itinerant Worker

From Above

Good Conductor



Laszlo - Secret Admirer

Lightning Strike

One Difference



The Lazarus Experiment

Earth (October 2008) (CGI: TARDIS echoes removed from image)

Richard Lazarus - Bold Visionary

Tish Jones - Event Planner (CGI: Background characters removed)



Abi Lerner - Ship's Physician

Countdown (RD3. CGI: Top of image extended)


Erina Lessak - Crew Member

Francine Jones - Martha's Lifeline

Fuel Dump

Hal Korwin - Starstruck

Kath McDonnell - Skipper

Martha Jones - Far From Home

Miss Dexter - Mr. Saxon's Agent

Moves: Martha Jones (CGI: Orin removed from background)

Orin Scannell - First Officer

Recreational Mathematics

Revenge Served Hot

Riley Vashtee - Quiz Expert

Separated Companion


The Burn

Time Running Out

Too Hot to Handle

Torajji System (4108)



Infinite Quest

Asteroid 7574B (3966)
Automated Oil Rig

Baltazar - Scourge of the Galaxy
Beat Them to It
Boukan (3963)

Captain Kaliko - Oil Pirate
Careful What You Wish For
Caw - Dirty Gold Birdie
Criminal Record
Data Chip
Governor Locke - Android Warden
Gurney - Former Inmate
Hydroxiding Spoon
Insect Swarm
Kelvin - Battlesuit Pilot

Mantasphid Queen - Preying Monarch (CGI: Martha removed from image)

Martha Jones - Drawn to Helping
Myarr (3963)
Not All It Was Cracked Up to Be
Pheros (3963)

Quest for the Infinite
Skeleton Crew
Sonic Bombardment
Squawk - Flying Spy
Swabb - Cursed Sailor

TARDIS - Shortcut Through Time
The Doctor (10) - Animated Speaker

The Infinite

Ulysses Meregrass - Military Adviser
Warder - Guard Bot
Volag-Noc (3963)


Human Nature

Alien Gun

Chameleon Arch

Daughter of Mine - Lucy

Doctor's Orders

Earth (1913)

Father of Mine - Mr. Clark

Hutchinson - Britain's Future

Joan Redfern - Matron

John Smith - Simple Human (CGI: background character removed)

Journal of Impossible Things

Lured In

Martha Jones - Housemaid (production still)

Meet the Family

Mother of Mine - Jenny

Scarecrow - Straw Soldier

Son of Mine - Baines

TARDIS - Companion's Refuge

The Doctor's Choice

The Wizard

Tim Latimer - Prescient Schoolboy

Timelord Fobwatch


The Family of Blood

Behind the Looking Glass

Earth (1914)

Enemy at the Door

Event Horizon

Last Temptation

Memorial Day

No Man Left Behind

Suspended in Time

Outwitted (RD3)

Timelord Hunt

Unbreakable Chains



Automated Departure

Billy Shipton - Displaced in Time

Billy Shipton - DVD Encoder


Consume Potential


Earth (1920)

Earth (October 2007)

Easter Egg (CGI: image extended down)

Historical Sightseeing (CGI: TARDIS composited into screenshot from From the Earth to the Moon)

Kathy Nightingale - Girl Investigator

Larry Nightingale - Internet Geek

Martha Jones - Prioritiser (CGI: Doctor removed from image)

Paradoxical Envelope

Predestination Paradox

Sally Sparrow - Paradox Investigator

Steal Blue Box

Temporal Displacement

Time Explained

Timey-Wimey Detector

Weeping Angel - Lonely Assassin



Atillo - Last of Humanity

Chantho - Girl Insect

Creet - The Last Boy

Divided Attention

Electrified Cable


Futurekind - Cannibalistic Hunter

Futurekind Chieftain - Savage Leader

Hitching a Ride (RD3)

Homo Sapiens (10D)

Human Hunt

Jack Harkness - Unassailable Fact

Kill Room

Malcassairo (100,000,000,000,000)

Martha Jones - Amazed Veteran

Mouth to Mouth

Moves: Jack Harkness

Professor Yana - Lost in Time

Quick Vote


The Doctor's Hand

The Master (17) - Reborn

Voices of the Watch
You Are Not Alone


The Sound of Drums

Already There

Arthur Winters - Last U.S. President

Blyledge (13) - Academy Instructor

Commandeered TARDIS

Companion Decision

Continent of Wild Endeavour

Coup (RD3)


Fix Election

Laser Screwdriver

Lock in Coordinates

Mountains of Solace and Solitude (CGI: Two frames merged together)

Paradox Machine

Perception Filter

Scorched Earth

Slice and Dice

The Doctor (10) - Public Menace

The Master (1) - Academy Initiate

The Master (18) - Harold Saxon

The Same Mind

The Sound of Drums

The Valiant (CGI: Image extended downward)

Timelord Watcher (8) - Time's Observer

Toclafane - Evil Sphere

Untempered Schism

Utopia (100,000,000,000,001) (CGI: Planet made from paradox rift texture)

Vivien Rook - Torchwood Informant

Vortex Manipulator



Last of the Time Lords


Clive Jones - Martha's Dad

Deus ex Machina

Francine Jones - Matriarch

Funeral Pyre

Get Out

Jack Harkness - Frequently Killed

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Last of the Time Lords

Lucy Saxon - The Master's Wife

Martha Jones - Earth's Saviour (CGI: Thomas Milligan removed from image)

Moves: The 18th Master

New Timelord Empire

Not Quite Yet

Paradox Earth (2009)

Professor Docherty - Traitor


Tell the Tale

The Master (18) - Your Lord and Master

Think Good Thoughts

Thomas Milligan - Rebel Physician

Timelord Killer

Tish Jones - Ministerial Maid

Utopian - True Face of the Toclafane

We Can't Be Friends

Well-Timed Escape




Time Crash

Desktop Options

The Doctor (5) - The Doctor's Inspiration

Time Crash


Voyage of the Damned

A Bad Feeling
Alonzo Frame - Midshipman

Astrid Peth - Red-Blooded Woman

Bannakaffalatta - Small Cyborg
Captain Hardaker - Dying Stooge

Christmas Weather (CGI: Mr. Copper removed from image)
Deserted Streets

Earth Orbit (December 2008)

EMP Transmitter

Fatal Fault
Foon and Morvin - The Van Hoffs


Heading Into Danger

Host - Robot Angel

Hot Engine

Hull Breach
Max Capricorn - Cyborg CEO

Meteor Swarm

Moves: The Angry God
Moves: The Lonely God

Mr. Copper - Earthonomics Expert
Quick Hello
Retirement Revenge

Rickety Bridge
Rickston Slade - Selfish Survivor

Royal Thanks

Superstitious Nonsense
Take a Number

The Doctor (10) - Stowaway
Voyage of the Damned


Partners in Crime

Donna Noble - The Doctor's Partner in Crime

Getting Leaner


The Fires of Pompeii

Ancient Scrolls

Caecilius - Roman Citizen

Difficult Choice

Donna Noble - Daughter of London

Earth (79)

Emotional Plea

Evelina - Sisterhood Initiate

False Prophecy

Fixed Point

If You Can't Stand the Heat...

Lucius Dextrus - Chief Augur

Magmaform Planet


Pyrovile Master

Pyrovile Soldier

Pyrovillian - Lord of the Pyroviles

Pyrovillia (19,300 B.C.)

Quintus - Pompeii Survivor


Sibylline Sister - Soothsayer

The Doctor (10) - Spartacus

The Sibyl - Head Priestess

Timelord's Burden

To Appease the Gods

Translation Trouble

Volcano Day

Water Pistol


Planet of the Ood

Crane Claw

Kess - Nasty Chief of Security
Klineman Halpen - Balding CEO (CGI: Ood Sigma removed from image)
Mystery Tour
Ood Brain
Ood Export
Ood Market

Ood Sigma - Patient Poisoner

Ood Slave - Lives to Serve
Ood-Sphere (4126)

Ood Tonic
Ood Way of Killing
Red-Eyed Ood - Rabid Rebel
Ryder - Friend of the Ood

Solana Mercurio - Public Relations

Song of Captivity

Song of Freedom

The Circle Is Broken
What More Can You Do?


The Sontaran Stratagem



Clone Impostor - Bonded Facsimile

Cloning Chamber

Cordalaine Signal

Donna Noble - Super Temp

Earth (October 2009)

Final Destination

Luke Rattigan - Boy Genius

Martha Jones - UNIT Physician

Martha's Clone - Sontaran Agent

Ross Jenkins - UNIT Driver

Secret Tactics

Skorr - The Blood-Bringer


Sontaran Fleet (RD4)

Sontaran Trooper - Elite Soldier (CGI: Staal's rank removed)

Staal - The Undefeated

Student Driver

Study Weakness

Teleport Pod (CGI: composite of two different frames) 

Think Tank


The Poison Sky

Alexander Leeson - Elite Student


Battle Plans

Captain Price - UNIT Ops

Colonel Mace - UNIT Tactician

Death From Above

Glorious Death

Inside Man

Military Invasion

Poison Sky (CGI: BBC graphics removed)

Prevent Attack

Seal Off Area

Surprise Attack

The Doctor (10) - Unarmed, Always

Trojan Bomb


The Doctor's Daughter

Cline - Generated Soldier
Find the Source
Fun with Numbers
General Cobb - Genocidal Leader

Hath Gable - Generated Hath

Hath Peck - Clever Hath
Jenny - The Doctor's Daughter

Laser Barrier
Love the Running

Loving Sacrifice
Martha Jones - One Last Trip
Messaline (6012)
Radioactive Shortcut
Split Up!
Suppressive Fire
The Mind Is Mightier

The Peaceful Solution

The Source
Wind-Up Mouse


The Unicorn and the Wasp

Ada Mullins - The Unicorn
Agatha Christie - Mystery Writer
Buzzed Off

Chrizzztopher - Romantic Wasp
Donna Noble - Plucky Young Girl

Dubious History

Earth (1885)

Earth (December 1926)
Hugh Curbishley - Retired Colonel

Lady Eddison - Clemency
Miss Chandrakala - Housekeeper

Mysterious Murder

Never Forgotten
Professor Peach - The Victim
Reverend Golightly - The Killer
Telepathic Recorder

The Doctor (10) - The Man in the Brown Suit
Thief's Kit
Too Many Suspects
Vespiform - Giant Wasp

Whodunit (RD4)


Silence in the Library

Courtesy Node 710/Aqua
River Song - Archaeologist (CGI: Doctor removed from image)


Forest of the Dead

Fighting Words (RD4)
River's Sonic Screwdriver (CGI: Image extended)



Rest and Relaxation (RD4)

Stolen Voice


Turn Left

Bad Wolf Resurgence
Cramming Them In
Disastrous Consequences


Doctorless Earth (2009)
Donna Noble - Reality's Refugee

Fortune Teller - Trickster's Pawn
Makeshift Time Machine
Rose Tyler - Reality's Repairwoman
Shan Shen (4706)

Stolen Choices

TARDIS - Abandoned Husk (CGI: Rose and Donna removed from image)

TARDIS - Bad Wolf Messenger
The Military Mind

They Gave Their Lives
Thought of Everything
Time Beetle


The Stolen Earth

+1 Second

All-Out Assault

Calling the Doctor

Dalek Caan - Mad Prophet

Dalek Saucer (RD4)

General Sanchez - UNIT Commander

Gwen Cooper - Gwyneth's Descendant

Harriet Jones - Former Prime Minister

Jack Harkness - The Best

Medusa Cascade (2009) (CGI: TARDIS removed and image extended vertically)

Optimum Pattern

Overcome Weakness

Project Indigo

Rose Tyler - Dimensional Warrior

Shadow Architect - Law Maker

Shadow Proclamation (2009)

Shadow Servant - Sensitive Albino

Steal Planets

Subwave Network

Wilfred Mott - Alien Fighter


Journey's End

Aborted Regeneration

Alternate Earth (2011)

Anna Zhou - Key Holder

Dalek Fascist - Machine Gestapo (CGI: Dalek from The Stolen Earth recolored and placed on background)

Davros - Nihilistic Madman

Davros - Proud Father

Dimension Jump

Doctor Blue - Dangerous Double

Donna Noble - The Doctor Donna

Earthwide Celebration

His Soul Revealed

Jackie Tyler - Motherly Back-Up (CGI: Doctor Blue removed from foreground)

K9 Mark IV - Popping In for a Visit

Martha Jones - UNIT's Last Hope

Mellow the Doctor


Mickey Smith - Weighing Options

No Coincidence

Osterhagen Key (CGI: image extended vertically)

Process All Humans

Reality Bomb

Sarah Jane Smith - Old Acquaintance (CGI: glowing object removed from left)

Six Pilots

Supreme One - Dalek Leader

TARDIS Destruction

The Crucible

Time Lock

Vortex Convergence

Warp Star

Z-Neutrino Catalyser


The Next Doctor

Close Behind
Cyber Empire Rising
Cybershade - Cybernised Animal

Deadly Feedback
Displaced Cyber Leader - Servant

Displaced Cyberman - Void Walker
Earth (December 1851)
Fugue State
Help Me

Jackson Lake - The Next Doctor (CGI: Doctor removed from image)
Jackson Lake's TARDIS

Mercy Hartigan - Cyber Queen
Mercy Hartigan - Powerful Mind
Mr. Scoones - Cyber Minion

Orphan Labour
Rosita - Spunky Companion
Timelord Dreams
Twice the Doctoring (CGI: Image extended upwards)

Planet of the Dead

Against Conscience

D.I. McMillan - Pursuing Cop

End of the Line
Erisa Magambo - UNIT Captain
Help Castaways

Lady Christina - Always Prepared
Lady Christina - Cat Burglar

Malcolm Taylor - Scientific Adviser
Police Roadblock
San Helios (2009)
San Helios (2010)

Scorpion Nebula (2010)
Sorvin - Friendly Fly

Stingray Swarm

The 200
The 200 Passengers - Busing

Vertical Shaft
Well Guarded
Winch (CGI: Image extended vertically)


The Waters of the Mars

State Your Name
Timelord Victorious

The End of Time

Brain Detonation
Call to Arms

Earth (December 2010)
Elder Ood - Doomsayer

Gallifrey Rising

Gauntlet of Rassilon
Immortality Gate

Jask - Sontaran Sniper
Joshua Naismith - Billionaire

Last Ditch Effort
Last Goodbyes
Lucy Saxon - The Master's Widow

Martha and Mickey - Freelance
Minnie Hooper - Silver Cloak

Miss Addams - Ornery Vinvocci

Missile Barrage
Nuclear Bolt
Ood-Sphere (4226)
Political Suicide (CGI: Timelord removed from background)
Rassilon (15) - Last Timelord President
Regeneration (10th Doctor reprint)
Rossiter - Skittish Vinvocci

The Doctor (10) - Fated Incarnation

The End of Time
The Final Sanction
The Master (18) - Hungry Madman
The Master Race
The Master's Ring

The Second (9) - Time War Chancellor
The Visionary (10) - Mad Seer
Time War
Too Late


Verity Newman - Author
War Council
Wilfred Mott - Heart of Coincidence

11th Doctor

The Eleventh Hour

Amy Pond - Little Amelia
Amy Pond - Patient Kissogram (CGI: Other character removed from image)

Commandeer Vehicle
Corner of Your Eye
Cracked Voice

Earth (April 1996)
Exhausting Work

Jeff - The Good-Looking One
Live Feed

Missed Rendezvous

Powers of Observation
Prison Escape

Prisoner Zero - Shapeshifting Convict

Rory Williams - Male Nurse
Running Out of Time
Special Effects (DVD additional scene)

Still Cooking
TARDIS - Madman's Box
The Atraxi

The Doctor (11) - The Raggedy Doctor
The Word Is Out
Through the Cracks
Video Phone
Warned Off

The Beast Below
Starship UK (3295)

Victory of the Daleks
Expose Plans
Level the Playing Field

Flesh and Stone
At the Crack's Mouth
Father Octavian - Modern Priest
Moves: Amy Pond

The Vampires of Venice
Francesco - Fishy Nobleman

Amy's Choice
All Your Troubles Away
Amy Pond - Pregnant and Lovely
Amy's Choice
Cold Star
Companion's Choice
Dream Lord - Nightmare
Earth (2015)
Facing Down Death
Fact From Fiction
Frozen Solid
Just Do It!
Mrs. Poggit - Senior Parasite
Psychic Pollen
Rory Williams - Country Physician
The Doctor (11) - Intergalactic Wag
Undermine Trust

The Hungry Earth
Alaya - Aggressive Hostage
Eocene Soldier - Cold-Blooded (CGI: Doctor removed from image)

Cold Blood
Malokeh - Eocene Scientist

Vincent and the Doctor
Starry Night
Vincent Van Gogh - Manic Depressive

The Lodger
Act Normal

The Pandorica Opens
Monstrous Alliance
Rory Williams - Plastic Centurion
So Long As You Remember Them
The Pandorica (CGI: Several frames combined to remove characters)

The Big Bang
All It Was Cracked Up to Be
Amy Pond - Back-Up of the Universe
Big Bang 2
Collapsing History Museum
Fossilized Dalek - Temporal Echo
Moves: The 11th Doctor
Paradoxical Invitation
Starless Earth (1996)
The Summons
Timey-Wimey Complications

A Christmas Carol


Dalek Movies

Doctor Who and the Daleks

Barbara Wright - Barbara Who

Concerted Distraction (movie variant)

Faux-Dalek (movie variant)

Fluid Link (movie variant)

Ian Chesterton - Barbara's Boyfriend

Into the Mountain (movie variant)

Mutant - Early Form (movie variant)

Planning (movie variant)

Radiation Sickness (movie variant)

Susan - Little Suzie Who

Swamp of Death (movie variant)

TARDIS - Mad Invention (CGI: Ian removed from image)

The Doctor - Doctor Who


Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

Breaking Through

Gold Dalek - Invasion Leader
Louise - Doctor Who's Niece

No Escape

Red Dalek - Field Leader

Routine Infiltration

Susan - Suzie Who

The Doctor - Rebel Leader

Tom Campbell - Diehard Cop



Earth (5000) (concept from The Talons of Weng-Chiang)



Opening sequences

TARDIS - Means to an End (quote from The Curse of Fenric)

TARDIS - Type 40 Time Machine (DVD menu opening sequence; quote from Pyramids of Mars)

TARDIS - Type 40 Time Machine (9D) (quote from Rose)

The Future Is Wild (quote from The Girl in the Fireplace)

The Past Is Always Present (quote from The Unquiet Dead)



Everything Changes

Alien Scanner (CGI: 2 shots composited together)

Gwen Cooper - Torchwood Rookie

Ianto Jones - Front Desk

Jack Harkness - Immortal

Suzie Costello - Deranged Killer

Torchwood Hub

Torchwood Recruit

Toshiko Sato - Computer Genius


Day One

Owen Harper - Callous Physician

Portable Prison Cell


Ghost Machine

Firing Range

Ghost Machine (Past)



Lisa Hallett - Cyberwoman


Small Worlds




Torchwood SUV


Greeks Bearing Gifts

Mary - Femme Fatale
Telepathic Pendant


They Keep Killing Suzie

Resurrection Glove (Right)


Random Shoes

Dogon Sixth Eye


Out of Time

Through the Rift



Janet - Sewer Trash


Captain Jack Harkness

Captain Harkness - The Real Jack

Rift Manipulator


End of Days


Abaddon the Devourer - Dark God

Bilis Manger - Tool of Abaddon

Calculated Murder

End of Days

Lisa Hallett - Ianto's Girlfriend

Powerful Life Force

Rift Activity

Roman Soldier - Britannia Garrison

Temporal Plague

Temporal Reset

Time Soldiers

Voices from the Past


Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

John Hart - Time Mercenary



Sleeper Agent


To the Last Man

A Stitch in Time

Brief Romance (variant)

Cryogenic Casket

Gerald Carter - Torchwood Leader

Harriet Derbyshire - Rift Guardian

Occupational Hazard

Psychic Projector

Rift Ghosts

Rift Key


The More Things Change...

Time-Sealed Orders

Tommy Brockless - Heroic Paradox

Toshiko Sato - Not All Business

Understanding Prophecy



Back of the Lorry



Adam Smith - Everyone's Friend
Earth (4978)
Ianto Jones - Monstrous Killer
Ianto's Diary
Infiltrate Memories
Lost Memories
Owen Harper - Pathetic Weasel
Recover Memories
Remember This
Toshiko Sato - Adam's Plaything



Martha Jones - UNIT Liaison


Dead Man Walking

Resurrection Glove (Left)


A Day in the Death

Owen Harper - Unalive


Something Borrowed

Wedding Bells


From Out of the Rain




Disappearing Act



Alex Hopkins - Doomed Operative

Alice Guppy - Remorseless Operative

Emily Holroyd - Cruel Operative

Faith - Fortune Teller

Flesh Wound

Jack Harkness - Torchwood Recruit


Tarot Reading

Teen Blowfish - Uncommon Thief

Torchwood Assignment


Exit Wounds

Charles Gaskell - Victorian Operative

Gray - Wronged Brother

Children of Earth - Day One

Alien Organ (CGI: Jack removed from image)

Children of Earth - Day Two

Concrete Prison

Children of Earth - Day Three

Alien Contact Lenses

Children of Earth - Day Four

Lois Habiba - Torchwood Spy

Children of Earth - Day Five

Rhys Williams - Devoted Husband

Sarah Jane Adventures

K-9 and Company (SJA precursor)

Lavinia Smith - Sarah's Aunt


Invasion of the Bane

Eidetic Memory

Forbidden Attic (CGI: Kelsey removed from image)

Hole in the Wall

It's Not About the Money

Kelsey Hooper - Welcome Wagon

Luke Smith - Human Archetype

New Friend

Sarah Jane Smith - Adventuress


Revenge of the Slitheen

Clyde Langer - Cool Kid

Korst Slitheen - Boy Genius

Mr. Smith - Talking Computer


Eye of the Gorgon

Alan Jackson - Hapless Neighbour

Maria Jackson - Friendly Neighbour

Sonic Lipstick


Warriors of Kudlak

Cover Me

Earth Orbit (October 2008) (CGI: Image extended down)

Honourable Defeat

It's Just a Game

Jury-Rigged Equipment

Kudlak - Tired General

Lance Metcalf - Raw Recruit

Luke Smith - Soldier Archetype (CGI: Graphics from earlier scene superimposed on a later one)

Mark Grantham - Low-Life

Off the Map

Playing Soldier

Recruit Soldiers

Sarah Jane Smith - UNIT-Trained

Uvodni Mistress - Wartime Recruiter


Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

Turning Point


The Lost Boy

Moon Rush
Mr. Smith - Scheming Computer

The Last Sontaran

Kaagh - The Slayer

The Day of the Clown
Rani Chandra - The New Girl

Secret of the Stars
Martin Trueman - Astrologer

The Mark of the Berserker

Berserker Pendant

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith
Trickster's Earth (2009)

Enemy of the Bane
Black Archive
The Brigadier - UNIT Special Envoy

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

Agreement Withdrawn
Artron Touch
Clyde Langer - Artron Empowered
Empty Attic
Innocent Spying

K9 Mark IV - Rude Robot

Life or Love?

Luke Smith - Son of the Bride
Mystery Box
One Last Appearance

One-Second Limbo (CGI: image extended vertically)
Peter Dalton - Doomed Groom

Rani Chandra - Bridesmaid
Remove Adversary from Timeline
Sarah Jane Smith - The Bride
Time Trace

Travist Polong (CGI: 2 frames merged)

Trickster - Sinister Angel

Trickster's Ring


K9 Mark I - Shiny New Mark II

Other sources

Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer (Graphic novel reprinting Doctor Who Weekly strips)

Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer (cover art with tweaked colors and art extensions)


Annual 2006 (Panini Books)

Hard Rain (image from "Pitter-Patter" with CGI extensions)

Hidden Intelligence (image from "Pitter-Patter" with CGI extensions)

Annual 2007
(Panini Books)
Psychic Painting (image from "Untitled")


An Unearthly Child Pilot Episode

Susan - An Ethereal Child

The Doctor - Angry Grandfather


Auld Mortality (BF audio - Unbound series)

Possibility Generator (principally a composite of a painting of Hannibal's crossing and secondary control room production still)

Thalek - Improbable Enemy (3d model by R. Semenoff, free sourced from Robs 3D Doctor Who Images website, with some lighting and background texture tweaking)


BBC Christmas ident

Snow for Christmas


Birthright (novel - New Adventures)

Charrl Invader - Desperate Insect (book cover with TARDIS removed)


Blood Heat (novel - New Adventures)

Imorkal - Dinosaur Rider (book cover)

Silurian Earth (1993) (CGI: Pterodactyls from Walking with Dinosaurs composited into Logan's Run screencap)

Blood of the Daleks (BF audio)
Lucie Miller - Protected Witness (CGI: Image from Max Warp with Doctor and titles removed)


The Book of the War (Faction Paradox book 1)

The Shift


The Burning (novel - 8th Doctor Adventures)

The Doctor (8) - Amnesiac Wanderer (pic from The Hanging Gale with lighting effect)


The Clockwise Man (novel - 9th Doctor series)

Leitmotif (composite of Rose from The Unquiet Dead and a picture of Big Ben)

(novel - New Adventures)
Diversions (original picture)


The Creed of the Kromon (BF audio)

C'rizz - Rebel Monk (modified from CD cover)

Eutermes Zone (modified from CD cover)


The Crusade introduction (DVD extra)

Ian Chesterton - Down Memory Lane


The Curse of Fatal Death

Emma - The Doctor's Fiancée

The Doctor (9) - Over-Prepared

The Doctor (13) - Time Lady

The Master (17) - The Camp One


The Dalek Chronicles (TV Century 21 comic strip)

Dalek Zeg - The Invincible (speech bubble removed)


Dalek Empire 2:The Human Factor (BF audio - Dalek Empire series)

Susan Mendez - Angel of Mercy (composite of recoloured Susan Mendez from CD cover and heavily treated Black Dalek from Doctor Who and the Daleks)


Deceit (novel - New Adventures series)

Ace - Dalek Killer (publicity photo of Sophie Aldred as Ace from New Adventures)


Destiny of the Doctors (computer game)

Dice Pool (CGI: composite of 2 images from game)

Roll: 1

Roll: 2

Roll: 3

Roll: 4

Roll: 5

Roll: 6

Roll: 7

Roll: 8 (CGI: Doctor from The Enemy Within production stills)

Roll: 9 (CGI: Doctor from The Parting of the Ways)

Roll: 10 (CGI: Doctor from The Sound of Drums)

The Master (14) - Game Master


Devious (fan video; The War Games DVD)

Timelord Hospital


The Dimension Riders (novel - New Adventures)

The Doctor (7) - Time's Champion (book cover)


Divided Loyalties (novel - Past Doctor Adventures)

The Doctor (1) - Academy Student (composite of a photo of a young William Harnell, a production still from An Unearthly Child, and an early Timelord costume from Dr. Who Experience)


Doctor Who: The Forgotten #1 (IDW comic)



Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2 (IDW comic)

Space Greyhounds


Doctor Who: The Forgotten #3 (IDW comic)

Taureau (French version)

Doctor Who and the Daleks Sweet Cigarette cards (on Keys of Marinus DVD)
Chief Voord - Tempermental Ally


Doctor Who and the Pirates (BF audio)

The Doctor (6) - Gallifreyan Buccaneer (composite of HMS Pinafore program starring Colin Baker, publicity photo for Master & Commander, and the Doctor's hair in Revelation of the Daleks)


Doctor Who RPG (FASA role-playing game)

Celestial Intervention Agency (sourcebook back cover modified with Seal of Rassilon)


Dust Breeding (BF audio)

Munch's Scream (actual painting)

DWAITAS Characters (Cubicle 7 role-playing game)
Corey - Trouble Magnet
James Laurie - Surprising Boffin
Susan (2) - Animal Whisperer

The Shepherd (1) - Gregarious Traveler
Tom Lee - Shaolin Fighter


The Dying Days (novel - New Adventures)

Freefall (eBook artwork)


EarthWorld (novel - Eighth Doctor Adventures)

Fitz - Remembered by the TARDIS (composite of Jamie Oliver picture, David Wenham's trenchcoat and a dressing room)


The Eleventh Tiger (novel - Past Doctor Adventures)

Wong Fei-Hung - The Eleventh Tiger (b&w composite of Jet Li in that role from Once Upon a Time in China and 1st Doctor from The Crusade, with digital image extensions and effects)


Endgame (Survival DVD extra)

Ace - Starship Commander

Kate Tollinger - Cat Burglar


Exile (BF audio - Unbound series)

The Doctor (3) - Barflying Under the Radar (composite of Arabella Weir who plays this Doctor and the bar from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tv series)


The Eye of the Scorpion (BF audio)

Erimem - Daughter of Light (image from cover of Big Finish novel The Coming of the Queen)


The Fall of Yquatine (novel - Eighth Doctor Adventures)

Compassion - Living TARDIS (composite of Lauren from Star Trek Deep Space 9's "Chrysalis" and Doctor Who DVD menu)


Forever Autumn (novel - 10th Doctor series)

Hervoken - Halloween Invader (CGI: Cover of GURPS Horror 3rd ed. composited with old tree)


Frontier Worlds (novel - Eighth Doctor Adventures)

Compassion - Nancy Sinatra (composite of Lauren from Star Trek Deep Space 9's "Statistical Probabilities", name tag, computer monitor and CGI earpiece and color timing)

Raab Genetic Infusion (from book cover)


Full Fathom Five (BF audio - Unbound series)

The Doctor (5) - Manipulative Bastard (composite of David Collings, a cravate from Star Trek: TNG episode Time's Arrow Part II, a gun from a James Bond poster, and a TARDIS-Cam background)


Gallifrey: A Blind Eye (BF audio - Gallifrey series)

Andred (2) - CIA Spy Torvald (Survivors publicity shot composited with Edwardian era train interior and Timelord costume element)


Gallifrey: The Enquiry (BF audio - Gallifrey series)
Narvin (2) - Shift CIA Coordinator (Fractures cd cover with other characters removed, with some of the series graphic art subtly laid in)


Gallifrey: Weapon of Choice (BF audio - Gallifrey series)

Romana (2) - Madam President (cover of Gallifrey: Imperiatrix with color and shadow added)


Goth Opera (novel - Missing Adventures series)

Nyssa - Reluctant Vampire (modified production still from Snakedance)


The Harvest (BF audio)

Hex - Staff Nurse (CGI: Doctor Who magazine picture composited with shots of a parking lot and a hospital)


The Highest Science (novel - New Adventures series)

Chelonian Soldier - Enhanced Reptile (image created by Christopher P. Stilson, with added background)


The Hopes and Fears of All the Years (short story written for the Telegraph)

'Tis the Season (Mike Collins/David Aroach artwork for the Telegraph)


Human Nature (novel - New Adventures)

John Smith - Temporary Human (CGI: eBook cover with elements removed)
Wolsey - The Doctor's Guardian (eBook illustration)


Iceberg (novel - New Adventures)

Ruby Duvall - Investigative Reporter (book cover)


Invaders from Mars (BF audio)

Unstitched Time (archive photograph)


...Ish (BF audio)

Babel Masters (Peri from Vengeance on Varos with homemade background in the style of Big Finish audio cover and other additions)


K9 and the Time Trap (K9 chidlren's book series)



The Kingmaker (BF audio)

William Shakespeare - Time Meddler (Shakespeare from The Shakespeare Code composited with Cyber gun from Earthshock)


The Last Dodo (novel - Tenth Doctor series)

Last Dodo (CGI: Primeval dodo on convenience store background)


The Lost Season  (Terror of the Vervoids DVD extra)

The Rani (3) - Mistress of the Autons


Love and War (novel - New Adventures)

Bernice Summerfield - The Professor (composite of publicity photo of Lisa Bowerman as the voice of Benny and some elements from Love and War cover)

Hoothi (cover with CGI effects)

It's About the Owls (composite of 7th Doctor - publicity still from The Curse of Fenric - Bernice Summerfield - publicity photo - and three different shots of nature photography)


The Maltese Penguin (BF audio)

Frobisher - Private Eye (CGI: removed Dogbolter from background of cd cover image)


The Marian Conspiracy (BF audio)

Evelyn Smythe - Tudor Expert (composite of Maggie Stables photo, her likeness on the BF audio Thicker Than Water, and tavern background from Shakespeare in Love)


Master (BF audio)

John Smith - Master of the House (CGI: Composite including Geoffrey Beevers' face from The Keeper of Traken, a smoking jacket and the background from Ian's introductions to The Crusade on the Lost in Time DVD)


Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (BF audio - Sarah Jane Smith series)

Hilda Winters - Secret Enemy (composite of Patricia Maynard from Robot DVD extras and an office in India)


The Monsters Inside (novel - 9th Doctor series)

Desert Rose (composite of book cover and TARDIS Cam footage)


Music of the Spheres (Doctor Who at the Proms)

Music of the Spheres


The Natural History of Fear (BF audio)

Light City (CGI: Vancouver skyline with effects added in)


The Next Life (BF audio)

Perfection - Divine Beauty (CGI: Lighting effects on Daphne Ashbrook, composited into jungle background)

Rassilon (14) - Exiled Founder (audio cover with effects)


Nightshade (novel - New Adventures)

Edmund Trevithick - Nightshade (pulled from Quatermass and the Pit)


No Future (novel - New Adventures)

Meddling Monk (3) - World Maker (CGI: Bill Bailey live show combined with punk posters)


Omega (BF audio)

Omega (13) - Impure Thought (screenshot from Arc of Infinity with small costume tweaks and CGI background)

Return to Heaven (cover art with CGI extensions)


Only Human (novel - 9th Doctor series)

Das - Jack's Caveman Pupil (Geico spokesman)


Original Sin (novel - New Adventures)
Roz Forrester - Adjudicator (CGI: Alfre Woodard on book cover, with Doctor removed)

The Rapture
(BF audio)

Earth (1997) (photo of an actual Ibiza club)


Real Time (webcast)

Viral Cyberman - Efficient Converter (from website gallery)


The Resurrection Casket (novel - 10th Doctor series)

Black Shadow Contract (home-made photo set against modified set of 42)


Sanctuary (novel - New Adventures)

Jade Pagoda - TARDIS Launch (book cover with CGI extensions and characters removed)


Scream of the Shalka (webcast)

The Doctor (9) - Total Stranger

The Master (17) - Housed Consciousness


Seeing I (novel - Eighth Doctor Adventures)

Sam Jones - All Grown Up (Hannah Spearritt in a screencap from Primeval composited with TARDIS from School Reunion)


Shada (webcast)

Presidential Office


Short Trips: Repercussions (BF short story anthology)

Time Dirigible (book cover)

(novel - New Adventures)
Chris Cwej - Rookie Adjudicator (CGI: Paul Walker with costume and background elements from Original Sin cover)


Spare Parts (BF audio)

Early Cyberman - Heartbreaker (production still from The Tenth Planet, flipped and colored)

Sting of the Zygons (novel - Tenth Doctor series)
Taro - Monster Controller (CGI: Composite of Zygon on book cover and Zygon from a production still)


Storm Warning (BF audio)

Charley Pollard - Edwardian Adventuress (image from Music From the Eight Doctor Audio Adventures, extended, re-oriented and with the Doctor digitally removed)

The Doctor (8) - Incorrigible Name Dropper (composite of 8th Doctor from TV Movie and picture of the inside of an old airship)


Sympathy for the Devil (BF audio - Unbound series)

Brimmicombe-Wood - Abrasive Colonel (composite of modified David Tennant photo, picture of Hong Kong, Brigadier's shirt from The Green Death, and Benton's insignia from The 3 Doctors)

The Brigadier - Expatriate Veteran (composite of Nicholas Courtney photo and tourism picture of Hong Kong, with manipulated signage)

The Doctor (3) - 25 Years Late (actor photo by Jonathan Exley)


The Taking of Planet 5 (novel - 8th Doctor Adventures)

Old One - Lovecraftian Horror (composite of Old One from Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials and background from the BBC's Walking with Prehistoric Beasts)

Rogue TARDIS (screenshot from Space: Above and Beyond episode "Mutiny")


Test of Nerve (BF audio - Sarah Jane Smith series)

Sarah Jane Smith - Trouble (cover art with touch-ups)

Timewyrm: Genesys (novel - New Adventures)
New Adventures (CGI: Doctor's face lowered on book cover)

Tomb of Valdemar (novel - Past Doctor Adventures)
Romana (4) - Storyteller (CGI: Judi Dench from Chronicles of Riddick on Raiders of the Lost Ark background)
Romana's TARDIS (CGI: Patchwork building from Raiders of the Lost Ark with lighting effects)


Transit (novel - New Adventures)

Nxi - Nesting Warrior (Ice Warriors production still recolored and supplemented with cave art)


The Twilight Kingdom (BF audio)

The Doctor (8) - Plane Walker (CGI: Relit Doctor from The Enemy Within on recolored swamp background)


Verdegris (novel - Past Doctor Adventures)

Iris' Bus - Number 22 (composite of double-decker bus with text alteratons and 4th Doctor opening sequence)

Iris Wildthyme (5) - Doctor's Old Friend (cover art from Wildthyme at Large BF audio)


Whispers of Terror (BF audio)

Sound Creature (CD cover with characters removed)


The Year of Intelligent Tigers (novel - Eighth Doctor Adventures)

The Doctor (8) - Honorary Tiger (composite of Paul McGann interview photo, bare-chested model and high grasses)


Zagreus (BF audio)

The Doctor (8) - Zagreus (recoloured production still from TV Movie)


Zeta Major (novel - Past Doctor Adventures)

Kristyan Fall - Zero Man (composite of Christian Bale in Batman Begins and monastery crypt picture)



Web of Caves (Sketch on The Beginning DVD)

Generic Baddie - Wannabe Villain

The Doctor (10) - Ginger Gentleman (CGI: colors desaturated)


The Kidnappers (Sketch on The Beginning DVD)
Fan Devotion (CGI: Peter Davison's autograph added to card)


The Daleks production still

Daleks Want to Have Your Babies (production still)


Blue Peter (on The Dalek Invasion of Earth DVD)

Sweet Dalek - Tooth Rotter


Sid's Date (on The Dalek Invasion of Earth DVD)

Dating the Monsters (also see Slyther)


The Chase (concept)

The Beatles - Fab Four (performance photo)


Basil Brush sketch (on The Mind Robber DVD)

Mister Yeti - A Loveable Snowman


The Mind Robber production still

Black Robot - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It (actually a shot from Out of the Unknown episode "The Prophet")


Global Conspiracy (from The Green Death DVD)

Divorced and Lonely


Oh Mummy (from Pyramids of Mars DVD)

Sutekh - Milkman of Death

The Lost Episodes

The Plaything of Sutekh

You Are Actually an Ant!


Horror of Fang Rock

Microphone Problems


Springtime in Paris (City of Death documentary)

Everyone's an Online Critic

ITV Strike


City of Death DVD easter eggs

MK I Jagaroth Battlecruiser

Nobody Expects John Cleese!


Episode 5 (from Earthshock DVD)

Adric - Clay Aching

Clay Mission



Studio Invasion (production still)


Planet of Fire

Ogling Peri


A Fix with Sontarans (on The Two Doctors DVD)

An Ultraviolent Death

Guardian Jim

Nathan - Group Marshal Producer

The Doctor (6) - Mini-Clone


The Parting of the Ways

Bathroom Break


On Set with Billie Piper  (from Series 1 DVD)

Jack Harkness - Bubblebutt


The Runaway Bride website extras

TARDIS - Christmas Gift (Christmas postcard)


Doctor Who RPG (FASA role-playing game)

Roll: d20 (quote only; CGI: Background and effects from Destiny of the Doctors, composited with a d20)


Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale


Schlong - Extra Evil


Marginalia (fan fic teaser by Colin Hicks)

Rose Tyler - Bad Girl (CGI: background from The Impossible Planet with all characters painted out composited with smoke effects and Billie Piper publicity photo)


Spaced (Episode 2.2 Change)

TARDIS - Comic Shop Back Room


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