Week 10 - The Usual Suspects - Answers


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1. Which of these actors was NOT the first choice to play his role?

Chazz Palminteri

a)    b)    c)


2. Won't tell you who Keiser Söze actually is, but which actor was angry when he watched the movie and found out his character wasn't Söze?

Gabriel Byrne


3. Who breaks this stare-down first? McManus or Hockney? 

McManus (left)


4. What was the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled?

Convincing the world he didn't exist


5. Who does Agent Kujan work for?

U.S. Customs 


6. Name everyone appearing in the movie who won an Oscar for their work in The Usual Suspects.

Kevin Spacey and Christopher McQuarrie (who appears uncredited)


7. Who do the gang meet at this location?



8. The title of the film harks back to what classic film? And did that really inspire the title, yes or no?

Casablanca, but no


9. The lawyer's name is taken from what object?

A coffee cup


10. Place the characters on the poster in the order they were in the line-up in the movie (use their last names to do so). Hockney, McManus, Fenster, Keaton, Kint


11. Söze is a word that points the finger at Keiser's true identity in what language? Turkish


12. The mothers of which two men who appear in the movie also appear onscreen? Bryan Singer and Kevin Pollak


13. This detail of the wall inspires Kint to tell a story about what he did in Skokie, Illinois. What did he do there? He was in a barbershop quartet.


14. Which crewmember wanted to put the word "shit" in the credits to describe his equipment? Composer/editor John Ottman


15. What is the name of the boat that blows up in the movie? Tanager


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"Now that I've met you, would you object to never seeing me again?"


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