Week 12 - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers



1 point - 2 points - 3 points - 5 point bonus question


1. The Rohan culture is inspired by what actual Medieval human culture?



2. Ents are basically what form of life?



3. Who plays Gollum?

Andy Serkis


4. What is is Gollum's real name?



5. How many times does a character played by Peter Jackson die in the trilogy?

Twice. In the battle of Helm's Deep in The Two Towers, and by Legolas' arrow as a pirate in Return of the King.


6. This is a concept drawing for what race of characters?



7. Which villain appears at the end of the book, but not before the next movie in the trilogy?



8. Which of these scenes were NOT in the theatrical version of The Two Towers?






9. What is the name of Aragorn's horse?



10. What is in this falling box?



11. Name the location shown here, first in Middle-Earth, then in its actual New Zealand location.

The Dead Marshes were represented by at least 3 locations. This is Tawharekiri Lakes .


12. What flowers grow on Rohan graves?

Simbelmynë (also known as Evermind)


13. The composition and choreography of this scene was inspired by what?

An image on a card in the Middle Earth Collectible Card Game


14. What change was made to this scene before airing on television?

A helmet was digitally placed over the head.


15. Name each part of Helm's Deep seen here.

a) Deeping Wall

b) Hornburg

c) Glittering Caves

a) b)




Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"You are still that little boy looking for shooting stars."

"I am a man. And I have found the brightest star of all."


Answer: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon