Week 6 - Mallrats - Answers


1 point - 2 points - 3 points - 5 point bonus question


1. Answer correctly all three of the following statements with True or False:

-The cookie stand is part of the food court. False

-Brodie winds up hosting the Tonight Show. True

-Jeremy London (T.S.) is the cousin of actor Brendan Fraser. False


2. What actor is meant to be represented on this comic book cover? Jason Lee


3. Who does Brody live with? His mom


4. What is the name of the game show put on by Brandi's dad? Truth or Date


5. What band plays the title tune from this film? Wax plays the song "Mallrats".


6. This comic cover is a parody of what comic book series? Gen13


7. Who do the credits thank first? God (Because there are two sections with "thanks", we will also accept Cotty Chubb.)


8. This character is the cousin of which character from Kevin Smith's previous movie? Dante Hicks


9. Which Three's Company regular appears as a topless psychic in this film? Priscilla Barnes (who played Terri)


10. What is the hidden image in this Magic Eye picture? A sailboat (more specifically a schooner). This is true of the movie, though in actuality, it's just a bunch of geometrical shapes. You must have mentioned the sailboat in your answer (since this is a quiz about the movie Mallrats) to get the points.


11. Name the three superheroes whose sexuality is discussed by Brodie. Superman, Wonder Woman, Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) and the Thing.


12. In what store does Ben Affleck's character work? Fashionable Male


13. What line from Tim Burton's Batman is paraphrased by Jay in this scene? "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"


14. Name three game shows the game show host in the film actually hosted in real life? There are a ton of game shows hosted by Art James, the most famous of which are Classic Concentration, Tic Tac Dough and The Joker's Wild. This quiz's contestants chose such luminaries as Temptation, Fractured Phrases, The Who What or Where Game, Catch Phrase, Blank Check, Pay Cards!, The Magnificent Marble Machine, It's Academic, Matches'n'Mates and Say When!


15. Joey Lauren Adams plays a different character here and in Chasing Amy, but both characters had some pretty dirty sex with the same guy while in high school. Name the guy. Rick Derris


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"You could live! LIVE! Live, and grow old! I've seen it!"


Answer : Logan's Run