Week 1 - Spider-Man - WRONG ANSWERS


In which we laugh at everyone's errors


1. What is the Green Goblin's real name?

Obviously, only the identity of the Goblin in the film is required, though some felt they needed to give the names of everyone who was ever the Goblin in the comics.


2. Who is the editor in chief of the Daily Bugle?

We could not accept corruptions of the name such as Jonas J. Jameson

Joseph "Robbie" Robertson isn't editor-in-chief, he's the publisher.


3. Who sings during the parade?

Too easy, everyone got it right.


4. For what 2 Oscars was Spider-Man nominated for?

"You're Google Fu is weak" - Someone said it wasn't nominated at all.

Best actress - Sorry, Kirsten Dunst wasn't nominated.


5. Who is this man?

Everyone know who Stan "The Man" was.


6. Director Sam Raimi is famous for Evil Dead. Which actor from Evil Dead appears in Spider-Man?

One "bit actor" that wasn't really an acceptable answer is Raimi's car, which appears in all his films.


7. What is the name of the diner where Mary Jane works?

Mel's Diner (no, that's "Alice").

Louie's (seems random)


8. Who is playing this punk character?

Melanie Griffith (sure, we can see the resemblance).

Samantha Fox (mmm, ok, sorta)


9. What is the name of the wrestler Spider-Man fights early in the movie?

Macho Man Randy Savage: Spider-Man never fights Macho Man, only the wrestler Macho Man PLAYS (knowing how to read may be an advantage in this game).


10. What comic book girlfriend of Peter Parker's appears in the film in addition to Mary Jane?

Madeline Watson was popular, but that's Mary Jane's mom!

Gwen Stacy, on the other hand, wasn't in the movie, though the film's Mary Jane is basically an MJ/Gwen composite.

Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) wasn't in the movie either.


11. When trying to get his web out, Peter Parker calls out another hero's phrase. What is that phrase/word and who is that hero? (There are 2 possible correct answers.)

Partial answers are not accepted. Same person who couldn't read Question 9, misread this as well, giving both phrases, but not their related heroes.

Worse still is the player who thought Shazam was actually said by some kind of Shaq-like genie! (That's Kazaam...)


12. What other link can you find between Macho Man Randy Savage (who plays the wrestler in this movie) and Spider-Man?

Not wrong, though not what we were looking for: In the comics, Spider-Man started out fighting Crusher Hogan (instead of Bonesaw). Macho Man wrestled Hulk Hogan in Wrestlemania V (thankfully, the respondant also gave the other answer).

That both are swingers is debatable.

I don't know that Macho Man graduated with honors.


13. What super-hero's costume did Peter Parker draw here (and reject)?

Nope, this isn't Batman (twice said).

And it's not the Beetle.

Not Nightwing either.


14. Which real New York building doubles as the Daily Bugle?

No one got it wrong, but some simply didn't answer the question.


15. What big-name director was supposed to make this film back around 1994?

Kevin Smith (he was busy making Clerks for a buck and a half in '94)

Not Stephen Spielberg either.


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"You're so cool."

Mission Impossible

Fright Night


Be Cool (well, that would've been obvious!)

Sorry folks, there isn't a comic book shop in any of those!