Week 11 - Magnolia - WRONG ANSWERS


In which we laugh at everyone's errors


1. Where is Donnie fired from?

Simply "An electronics store" does not cut it.


2. The screenplay has been adapted from what?

While the final scene does have a link with Charles Fort's "Book of the Damned", the movie is hardly an adaptation of that work.


3. When does Sydney Barringer die here?

Everyone got it.

a) b) c)


4. What song appears on Magnolia's soundtrack only by permission from another movie studio?

Wrong answers include Gabrielle's Dreams and Supertramp's Logical Song.


5. Name the movie projects that made these actors bigger stars in 2005.

Someone managed to forget Felicity Huffman's Oscar performance, but otherwise, no mistakes.

a)            b)


6. How many of Magnolia's actors also appear in P.T. Anderson's Boogie Nights? How many also appear in his Punch-Drunk Love?

Only one right answer here! Many simply stuck to the list of actors on the movie poster, but bit parts do count!


7. These picture are associated with which characters?

a) No one got the little boy genius (Stanley), and we got everyone from Sir Edmund William Godfrey to Claudia to Phil Parma to Earl Partridge.

b) Everyone got this one.

c) Donnie is not right here.

d) No problems.

a)            b)  

c)            d)


8. What is Seduce & Destroy's slogan?

The correct slogan was on the conference poster (seen above under b, but digitally blacked out). The incorrect slogans were: "Worship the cock, tame the pussy"; "Respect the cock and tame the cunt"; and the very simple "Get laid now". Words to live by.


9. Who is the captain of the adult's team on What Do Kids Know?

Luis wasn't captain, despite being the Quizmaster's favorite actor.


10. Name two things seen in the movie that the title refers to.

Most people forgot about the flower. We could not accept Charles Fort's strange dimension where lost things wind up because this is never seen in the film. We did accept one other answer, however, even if the reference is thin: The scene in front of Mobil Oil is a reference to the original name of Mobil Oil, which was Magnolia Petroleum.


11. The unusual rainfall at the end of the movie refers to what biblical event?

No one called it the Second Plague, but the book and verse of the Bible was enough. In effect, everyone got points for it.


12. What answer does Jimmy give away during a breakdown?

He does not give away that he molested his daughter. Ravel is also incorrect (a contestant gets that answer).


13. The little rapper is the son of what barely seen character?

Orlando Jones played the Worm, but we were asking for the character here.


14. Which of these characters die during the course of the movie?

A number of people forgot about the casino dealer/scuba diver, and yet more thought Jimmy Gator died at the end of the movie (he does not). And here we thought we'd claim more victims with the dog - a dog does die in the movie, but not this one.

a) b) c)  


d) e)


15. What "24" regular was in Magnolia until his or her scene was cut, and has that regular's character been killed off on the show yet?

Good job 24 fans! No mistakes.


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"There's some good in this world."


Despite the difficulty in placing which piece of the Lord of the Rings trilogy this was, no errors.