Week 2 - True Romance - WRONG ANSWERS


In which we laugh at everyone's errors


1. In what city does the first half of this story take place?

No one got it wrong.


2. Which of the following statements is untrue:

-Val Kilmer sings on the soundtrack.

-Jack Black appears in a deleted scene.

-The director, Tony Scott, makes an uncredited cameo in the whorehouse scene.

Val Kilmer got a couple votes here, but since he plays Elvis in the film, it's natural that he sing a little. He's not on the record, but he is one the soundtrack (i.e. sings in the film). It's Heartbreak Hotel, by the way. In any case, Tony Scott really doesn't appear.


3. Who is this actor, in a brief early role?

The person who thought this was Brad Pitt should have their eyes examined.


4. Dennis Hopper has an interesting story about what Mediterranean people?

Another one everybody got right.


5. Which cast member's son plays Elvis in the final scene?

Again, everyone got this, but we really didn't need to have the entire story cut and pasted from the script. Stick to answering the questions, thanks.


6. What three movies does Clarence go and see on his birthday?

We accepted both the English and Chinese titles. Throwing Freejack in there, however, is all wrong. Same for Yinghung bunsik II (you can't fool us, that's Yun-Fat Chow's The Color of a Hero II).


7. What does Alabama taste like?

Ice Cream got a mention, but she's too hot for that.


8. Who is this now famous actor?

Easy. Everyone got it.


9. What movie did Lee Donowitz win an Oscar for?

Looking at Saul Rubinek (who plays Donowitz) and his awards wasn't right. He never even won an Oscar, though he did win a Genie, and was in the Oscar-winning Unforgiven. The Alan J. Pakula award for The Contender isn't an Oscar for Lee either.


10. Who does Christopher Walken's character work for?

Everyone got it.


11. Who is the hero in this comic?

You didn't have to mention the Howling Commandos as well, but it wasn't wrong to do so.


12. Which character is mentioned in Tarantino's next script, Reservoir Dogs?

Mr. White is incorrect. He's the one that mentions HER, but he isn't mentioned here.


13. How many times is the word "fuck" (or a derivative) used in the film (will accept answers within 25 of the actual number)?

Everyone IMDBed this one to the exact number.


14. What movie is Alabama watching here?

Renée Rousseau's Freejack was the only right answer, no matter what other movies Alabama watched, including the Street Fighter trilogy and The Incredible One-Armed Boxer vs. the Master of the Flying Guillotine (referenced in Kill Bill, but not really here).


15. Which actor plays a cop in both True Romance and in another Tarantino script not directed by Tarantino, and what is the name of that second film?

No errors, though some chose not to answer.


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"We can love our pets, we just can't LOVE our pets."


Can't Buy Me Love

Turner and Hooch (the dog isn't that pretty in that one)