Week 3 - The Truth About Cats and Dogs - WRONG ANSWERS


In which we laugh at everyone's errors


1. What famous play does this movie's screenplay resemble?

Everyone got it. Bravo.


2. What does the title of the movie refer to?

Again, an easy question. No errors, but as with many here, some abstentions.


3. All the cats seen in this movie have the same gender. Which one?

Male was the error, obviously. Guesswork unless you watched the film, but it makes sense within the title of the movie.


4. What instrument does Abby play?

No errors here.


5. Who is this now famous actor?

Again, pretty easy.


6. What name does Abby use while Noelle is being Abby?

Tadonna is wrong, but it's a mistake made by various online sources who misunderstand Noelle's stutter when she first renames Abby: "T-D-Donna". Watch the rest of the film and you'll see the mashed word was Donna all along.


7. What piece of clothing does Abby give Brian after "that amazing night on the phone"?

One player tried overalls, and another a scarf.


8. What is in this bag?

Not rollerblades.


9. What is Hank real (actor) name?

We accepted both Hank and Hank the Dog, so no mistakes.


10. What is this movie's only award nomination?

No errors.


11. Who is this actor and why is it creepy for him to have this role?

Everyone got the actor's name right, but one player screwed things up by having date Uma's character. He didn't even get that close.

Weirdest answer goes to: "Bob Odenkirk and it's freaky because he looks like a nerd and plays Master Geek on Nerd Hunter 3004."


12. What frequency must you tune into to listen to Abby's station?

Total guess (wrong): 103.1


13. At one point, Brian gives "Abby" a famous book of letters. Who wrote those letters and to whom? Clue: Noelle only remembers a Simon sombody and a John-Paul something.

No errors.


14. Who is the Playboy Playmate in the elevator with Abby here?

Again, no errors.


15. What "24" regular has pet trouble in this movie?

No errors.


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"You know I can screw every prison official in Texas if I have to!"

"Texas is a big state."

"I can handle it."

"Yeah, I bet you can."


There were no errors here. You're getting good at this.