Week 5 - Sideways - WRONG ANSWERS


In which we laugh at everyone's errors


1. What state's wine country does this story take place in? 

No, easy, everyone got it.


2. Which of these girls did Jack not have sex with?

Someone tried (a). Sorry, but Jack doesn't really have those kinds of standards.

a)   b)   c)


3. Which actor/actress got a high-profile role on Gray's Anatomy in large part due to this film?

Everything Sandro Oh, you got right. She's very popular.


4. What sport do the guys play? 

Again, no mistakes, seeing as it is a favorite scene.


5. What is the name of this hotel where the guys stay?

The big mistake wass Norfolk Hotel (Spend a night, not a fortune), but that's near Fredericton, NB.

The Hitching Post is instead a restaurant down the road.

The Moulin Merlot Gogo is funny, but an error.


6. What special wine (name and year) does Miles keep for a special occasion?

The one mistake is Pinot Noir 1930 (you're just not trying). With the alternate suggestion of "Big Al de Louvre 1979", we see things get dirty between our players.


7. What long-running sitcom was this actor best known for? 

Not many mistakes here, you couch potatoes, you. Ned and Stacey was never "long-running".


8. Who is Miles calling here?

Chaka Khan? Nope.


9. Which actress in this film married and divorced its director?

Sandra Oh! Sandra Oh! Sandra Oh! No mistakes!


10. What is in these boxes?

John Boucher's test strips? No. Don't even know what that means. Photos? Sorry, no.


11. What is the name of the winery where Miles dumps a bucket of spit wine on his head? 

Santa Yez/Ynez Valley was mentioned, but that's not it.


12. What is the title of Miles' novel? 

Not at all right: "How To Be An Ugly As Hell Big Shot Actor" and "My mom and me doin' it".


13. What quirky comedy from the previous year (who also got Oscar nominations) was this film most compared to?  

Many thought About Schmidt was what we were going for, but no. It only really invites comparison because it's the same director, but it did not come out the previous year, but 2 years before.

It was never seriously compared to Mystic River.


14. What do the credits say wasn't hurt during the making of this production?

Dogs are not specifically mentioned (since a dog MAY have been hurt in a deleted scene).

As for grapes, they WERE harmed (though one might say they were given the chance to realize their true potential). Similarly, men's genitals probably were as well.


15. What film classic does this movie often allude to, for example, with its daily cue cards ("Monday", "Tuesday", etc.) and scenes such as this.

One player tried to get it by naming every single movie with a link to Sideways, including Star Wars, Swingers, Election and One Life to Live (not even a film), but you can't cheat that way. We'll find out about it.

It does not allude to Psycho, E.T. or to The Usual Suspects either.


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"I think you need to get your friend some help. He seems to be really hung up on superhero sex organs."


The only mistake is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (but it's an honest one, and occurs twice).