Week 8 - Bowling for Columbine - WRONG ANSWERS


In which we laugh at everyone's errors


1. Columbine High School is in a suburb of what city?

Littleton IS the suburb, so not the city.


2. Who is this person?

I guess it was in the news, because everyone got it right.


3. Who does NOT shoot someone in the film (or as told by the film)? 

a) chicks in bikinis These chicks use guns, but do not actually shoot anyone.

b) a blind man Similarly, the blind guy shoots targets, but not people.

c) a dog 

d) Dick Chaney Not in the film... (no one thought so though).


4. How does Charlton Heston end his rousing speeches to the NRA? 

No mistakes


5. Which of these businesses does NOT sell or give away guns or gun ammo over the course of the documentary? 

a) Barber shop 

b) Bank 

c) Taco Bell 

d) K-Mart 

e) Wal-Mart

f) Safe room salesman After inspection, these safe rooms do not come with a handy handgun.

g) Lockheed Martin Missiles, sure. Guns and gun ammo, no (we even checked their online catalog to make sure).

h) Bowling alley 


6. What town appears in this film as well as two of Michael Moore's other documentaries?

Easy, no mistakes.


7. Name another cartoon from the maker of this one?

Radical Rampage and The Finkel Files are not correct. At least no one thought this was connected to South Park.


8. How much should a bullet cost according to Chris Rock?

Everyone knew it.


9. Name three Canadian cities Michael Moore visits over the course of the documentary.

No problems here.


10. At Cannes, how long did the standing ovation for this film last?


11. What bank gives you a gun when you open an account?

Yep, easy. You know where to get yours.


12. What U.S. town passed a law requiring all citizens to own guns?

Kennesaw, Georgia is not correct.


13. Who is in this van?

You didn't have to mention every single person, only the star. And you did fine.


14. What fake militia appears in the credits?

The Wayne County Michigan Militia is the one that appears in the film, so is not "fake".


15. What is the name of Columbine's football team?

No mistakes.


Bonus Question : What is the next Movie of the Week? Clues -

"You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass."


No mistakes on this one.