Stardate cards
Dream cards to enhance storytelling

    Stardates are ways to increase storytelling by bringing the game closer to the show. I imagine these being played as a side-hand, rather than a side-deck. Each player would have a maximum of 7 stardates in that hand. When the conditions (signified by the ) are met, the player may choose to immediately play the Stardate. The concept is based on Huize Schildermans' Stardates and some of his work (and others') is included (with credit). --Second Season--

--First season--

Encounter at Farpoint
"On 41153.7, Q made humanity pass its first test."
Q-Net on spaceline Your Away team has just encountered Q
-Once Q is resolved, target furthest mission on spaceline. It becomes the "Farpoint mission" with the following requirements: Empathy + OFFICER x2 + INTEGRITY>40. Any Away team or crew may attempt. Point value and span remain the same. When targeted, either player may play a Q-Flash under the mission. Solving player may probe:
# May take any Living ship from outside the game and download to that location. (Discard Stardate.)
# May take any Station from outside the game and download to that location (Discard Stardate.)
#Otherwise: Q (opponent) rearranges spaceline.
-While in play, opponent plays Drag-Nets for free.

The Naked Now
"On 41209.2, the USS Tsiolkovsky is overcome by the efects of strange alcohol-like water."
Tsiolkovsky Infection affecting your Oberth class ship
-While in play, your infected ship may dock with opponent's ships. When this occurs, probe:
# Tsiolkovsky Infection is cured. (Discard Stardate.)
# Tsiolkovsky Infection is passed on to docked ship. (Discard Stardate.)
# You may take Isolinear Puzzle from outside the game and play it on docked ship as an Event. (Undock.)

Code of Honor
"On 41235.25, Lutan of Ligon II kidnapped the Enterprise's security chief."
Your SECURITY has been captured by opponent
-Target any planet mission with MEDICAL as a requirement. Captured SECURITY immediately transferred there. Your opponent must move one of his non-aligned personnel there as well (next non-aligned reported if none on table). They battle. If mission unsolved, winner may remove next dilemma or add a dilemma from his discard pile. If mission already solved, winner scores one half of point box.

The Last Outpost
"On 41368.4, a Federation starship made first eye-contact with the Ferengi at an ancient Tkon outpost."
Each player has a ship in orbit around any  planet mission without an Outpost
-Target that mission. Any ships around it are WEAPONS -6. Away teams may beam down and participate in personnel battle. Winner may take Blade of Tkon from outside the game into hand to be played as an Event (discard Stardate). While in play, all Ferengi are STRENGTH +2, and Ferengi player plays all Events as Hidden Agendas.

Where No One Has Gone Before
"On 41263.1, a Traveller brought a starship to a dimension where thought becomes reality, where no one has gone before."
The Traveller on any ship with RANGE>8 with a personnel with both Youth and ENGINEER Open AU Doorway
-Download Where No One Has Gone Before to end of spaceline. It becomes a location with no point box. Movement to and from it recquires 20 Range. Immediately transfer ship with Traveller aboard to that location. If it ever returns to normal spaceline, Youth ENGINEER gains the skill of OFFICER and an extra . While in play, Targs are non-aligned and play for free at any location.

Lonely Among Us [-5]
"On 41249.3, a cloud of sentient energy life-forms kidnapped a Starfleet captain from a ship heading for Parliament."
Diplomatic Conference A ship with its matching commander has just completed Investigate Anomaly
-Place on ship that has completed Investigate Anomaly. Owner must download two VIPs of different species (bringing in one or two non-aligned VIPs from outside the game if necessary) here. Ship's matching commander is placed under mission until Transporter Skill and Empathy rescue him. If in three turns, the two VIPs have not been beamed to Parliament, the one with highest STRENGTH kills the other. Lose points.

"On 41255.6, the Prime Directive was broken when the Edo tried to exact their strange brand of justice on alien visitors."
Empty Edo Vessel in orbit around a planet where Punishment Zone was just uncovered
-Suspends while Away team (except for personnel selected to die) beam back up to ship. Probe then discard Stardate:
# Prime Directive broken. Selected personnel survives, lose points. One OFFICER in Away Team becomes CIVILIAN and loses all and  icons.
# Honorable Death. Selected personnel dies, but player scores points equal to Away Team's total INTEGRITY.
# You were warned. Away Team is killed. Resolve Punishment Zone.
#Otherwise: Away Team beams back down. Punishment Zone resolved normally.

The Battle
"On 41723.9, DaiMon Bok brought a gift to a Starfleet captain, forcing him to relive an battle from the start of his career."
Bok on a non-aligned ship at the same location an empty USS Stargazer Thought Maker in hand (acquired normally)
-Bok's owner may download any Tractor Beam "verb" cards to hand. Target a matching commander and ship. If USS Stargazer is then towed to the same location as target, all Thought Makers in hand are played to the table, with game text suspended. Target personnel is immediately beamed to USS Stargazer, fulfilling all staffing requirements, and initiate battle against closest ship matching the target's affiliation. If either ship is destroyed, all Thought Makers are resolved and Bok is discarded if any Ferengi Greed is in play. While in play,  ships may report staffed to Reported Activity.

[NOTE: Thanks to Aranamac for help on the wording.]

Hide and Q
"On 41590.5, the Q-Continuum decided to give a human the chance to become Q."
Your open Q-Continuum Gift of the Tormentor on top of your discard pile
-Target one unique human with total attributes>18. While personnel in play, every turn, you may suspend the game text of one card in play and K'chiQ may report here for free. At start of every turn, flip over next card in Q-Continuum. If an Interrupt, must be played as if encountered where target present or discarded. If not an Interrupt, replace at bottom of Q-Continuum. If suspending game text ever saves the life of more than one personnel on the same turn, close all Q-Continuum side-decks and discard Stardate.

[NOTE: You can shut down a personnel's skills, a mission's special abilities, a ship's special equipment and any verb card with your Q-personnel.]

"On 41294.5, an Betazoid arranged marriage was interrupted by the arrival of Tarellian plague victims."
Lwaxana and Deanna Troi aboard a ship that has just encountered Tarellian Plague Ship Plague Planet not on spaceline
-Suspends Tarellian Plague Ship, while you play a Betazoid Gift Box from outside the game. All cards taken from draw deck must be immediately played on target ship, or if played on table, affect that ship. While in play, Mr. Homn has Music, and Tarellian Plague Ship follows target ship around. (Mission may be attempted by another ship if dilemma moves away.) At the end of each turn, probe. If  is the result, resolve dilemma, choosing a male MEDICAL if possible, and discard stardate.

[NOTE: Mr. Homn's instrument? The dinner gong! :-)]

The Big Goodbye
"On 41997.7, on the verge of greeting a new species, a starship captain was trapped inside a malfunctioning holodeck."
Opponent's stopped ship with Holodeck, 3 or more  personnel and 2 or more non- personnel Disengage Safety Protocols
-Play on table and target that ship. All  personnel and half the non- personnel aboard (round up, random selection) are relocated to episode card as a special "holo-deck". Immediately take alien card (Calamarain, The Sheliak or Borg Ship) from draw deck or discard pile and place on closest end of spaceline. That card moves towards ship at its normal speed. Only use its game text at ship's location, then discard.  personnel in "holo-deck" engage other personnel present in battle on each of your turns. Personnel return to ship if any Away Team encounters Don't Call Me Ahab OR opponent discards Dixon Hill's Business Card OR 6 ENGINEER on ship. Alien card nullified if any surviving non- personnel aboard ship when it reaches it. Discard stardate with alien card.

[NOTE: Special "holo-deck" might be used every time there's a holodeck malfunction episode. Note that the target ship can still move if adequately staffed, and its crew is free to do most anything. And those alien cards are quite ready to turn around if overshot by the ship. The stardate is nullified in both cases of the alien card being discarded, whether it has its effect or not. Too bad there isn't a Jarada card, the aliens I've mentioned will have to do.]

"On 41242.4, Dr. Soong's first android was found deactivated in a hidden laboratory on Theta Omicron III."
Lore in stasis or disabled on a planet where Hidden Entrance has just been encountered Data at same spaceline location
-Lore immediately cured and may work with  (even opponent's) while Stardate in play. Take a Crystalline Entity from outside the game and place on any spaceline end. It moves one location toward Lore's each turn. If Lore present with Data, you may download Off Switch. If Data ever disabled, Lore may act as an  icon personnel (Data may expose him). When Crystalline Entity reaches Lore, its game text is resolved. If it hits, Lore remains unaffected. If it doesn't, Lore is beamed into space.

[NOTE: There are a number of ways of playing this. Either it's your Lore and your opponent's Data, or they're both yours, or both your opponent's. Different rewards in each case. When Lore is beamed into space, he does not die. He floats until rescued by owner's ship. While Lore CAN work with opponent's Feds, he can't benefit from intruder cards until Data is disabled. You still control him while he's aboard opponent's ship.]

Angel One
"On 41636.9, the crew of the ship Odin that had crashlanded on planet Angel One began to disrupt its female-dominated society."
Landed ship on any planet where Matriarchal Society has just been revealed
-Crew and Away Team of landed ship are immediately placed under mission until mission completed. While in play, all female personnel at this spaceline location are STRENGTH +2  and male personnel STRENGTH -2. Every turn, owner of cards under mission must probe:
#: Change in society. Trapped cards are released and all Matriarchal Societies encountered from now on are discarded.
#: Execution. One trapped personnel is killed (random selection).
When cards are released, discard Stardate.

"On 41385.9, the Bynars took over a ship under their care to save their culture from an exploding star."
10 and 01 at a facility where opponent's ship is present Supernova just played at another location
-While in play, suspends Supernova. 10 and 01 may now board opponent's ship, and you may download Commandeer Starship to their location as well as any number of  icon personnel. Once commandeered, ship must do nothing but fly to Supernova's location. Once there, Supernova resolves, destroying everything except this ship and any facility present (as well as any cards aboard). Reshuffle all  icon personnel there in draw deck, download up to two Bynars cards to table and discard Stardate.

Too Short a Season
"On 41309.5, a Starfleet admiral taking deaging drugs took on a diplomatic mission to free hostages."
Extraction solved by Federation Your  Admiral at any mission requiring Diplomacy
-While in play, that Admiral gains Youth. Dies if ever gains Youth again. If that Admiral is present with any of your opponent's captives, he may annouce he will free them. Opponent may then play Alien Labyrinth from discard pile or hand to that location, for the Admiral's Away Team to encounter. When they do, probe:
#: Healthy as a horse. Captives are freed and join Away Team.
#: Diplomacy fails. Admiral dies and Stardate is discarded.
#Otherwise: Admiral dies, captives are freed and join Away Team, and Stardate is discarded.

[NOTE: On a Fed result, could keep rescuing captives. How does the Federation solve Extraction? Treaty? And how does your Admiral gain another Youth? There's Rascals and Reflection Therapy.]

When the Bough Breaks
"On 41509.1, the mythical Aldeans kidnapped a starship's children hoping to rebuild their tired civilization."
Opposing ship at your Investigate Legend Your Transporter Skill present
-All Youth personnel at that location are beamed to planet and may not leave until opponent solves the mission. If discard option is selected, discarded Youth are instead transferred to your facility to use as your own. Each may be given one extra skill present. You may solve using opposing Youth present, but they are released to opponent once solved. While in play, you control Investigate Legend's cloaking ability and any facility here may hurl ships present up to 9 span unless 3 Diplomacy aboard.

[NOTE: Your Transporter Skill must be at Investigate Legend. Imagine the havoc you can create here. Play it just to capture and cloak, or for the hurling ability. There's a chance you can "assimilate" a couple of young'ns too. They can be given skills à la Lal.]

Home Soil
"On 41483.9, a terraforming station was attacked by tiny sentient mineral beings."
Terraforming Station at Evaluate Terraforming ENGINEER alone there
-Immediately download one hand weapon or Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone there. It is autonomous and kills one personnel present every turn (random selction, starting with ENGINEERs) until your Away Team with an andoid OR CUNNING>35 arrives. Then, probe and discard Stardate:
: No respect for life. Terraform planet now, resetting mission points if it was already solved.
: At war with ulgy bags of mostly water. All ships boarded by Away Team members disabled unless INTEGRITY>25 present. Do not discard Stardate.
: Tiny friends. Take Nanites from outside the game into hand. It may be played on any ship as an Event.

[NOTE: An "autonomous" weapon cannot be used by an player's personnel. When the Stardate is discarded, it reverts to its Equipment state and may be picked up at that time. Resetting a mission's points simply makes it re-attemptable. The points already earned are not lost.]

Heart of Glory, Countdown: 3
"On 41503.7, a Federation starship took aboard three Klingon fugitives running from the Imperial law."
Your Korris and Konmel on a Non-Aligned ship in Neutral Zone region Unsolved A Good place to Die
-Plays on table. At any time, Korris, Konmel and one  Klingon (if present) may beam to an opposing ship at their location (as long as it is in Neutral Zone). Start countdown. Each time one of them is killed, immediately download and play Klingon Death Yell for double points (triple if opposing Klingon present). When countdown ends, beam your remaining personnel to any legal location. If not possible, ship immediately damaged. If beamed off, lose all Death Yell points if A Good Place to Die not solved by end of game. Also while in play, K'Nera's bonus points are doubled.

[NOTE: A big bonus point opportunity for the Klingons. If you win the game with 100 points while A Good Place to Die sits unsolved, you immediately lose the Death Yell points. If your new total makes it so no player is at a 100 points, continue it.]

The Arsenal of Freedom
"On 41798.2, the quest for a missing ship led to an automated planet that sold weapons to the highest bidder."
Both players have Holo-Projectors in play Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone alone on a planet
-Target required planet. At the start of each player's turn, they may report one hand weapon to that location. If a player's personnel ever present during their turn, that player must probe:
#: Pitfall! Up to 2 personnel present (opponent's choice) are disabled until end of owner's next turn.
#: From the good ship. Opponent may report Paul Rice from outside-the-game to this location where he may "stop" one personnel present. (Cumulative.)
Where in play, Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone may be left in space where it has Cloaking Device and may attack ships. WEAPONS=10. (Echo Papa nullified by Laforge Maneuver.)

[NOTES: Leaving an Echo Papa in space is done the same way as dropping an Anti-Matter Pod (from a ship). Each Paul Rice here may stop one opposing personnel. So as the probes and Pauls pile up, so does your stopping ability.]

"On 41598, an important cargo run of 'medecine' was stopped, sending two civilizations into chaos."
Opponent cargo running Ketracel-White with a  ship
-Plays on cargo running ship. "Stops" ship until your ship at same location whereupon you may beam Equipment aboard and complete cargo run. When destination reached, draw/download cards for each location passed by your ship and discard equipment and Stardate. While in play, all Tasha Yars in discard piles return to owners' ships (discard with Stardate).

[NOTE: At first, I wasn't gonna make cards for episodes without stardates, but when I realized that would cut me off from lots of cool Deep Space 9 material, I changed my mind. This card allows you to steal cargo runs, but you must still find a way to dock at the appropriate facility to complete it. The Tasha Yar resurrection is a joke pertaining to the fact that this was her ACTUAL last episode, shot after Skin of Evil, but run before, though these days, it is usually run in the opposite order.]

Skin of Evil
"On 41601.3, an away team was tortured by the evil being known as Armus."
Opponent's Empath in a landed shuttle Your seeded Armus now in your hand
-Plays on table. While in play, personnel in landed shuttle may not leave the ship or be beamed to another one, nor can the shuttle take off. When opponent's 3+ personnel Away Team present, you must play your Armus on it (in succession if more than one copy). Skin of Evil targets any Tasha first, then a random personnel (if any non-SECURITY personnel targeted, opponent may download Security Sacrifice); Sticky Situation targets any Will Riker first, then strongest Away Team member. Stardate nullified when no Armus remains in your hand.

[NOTES: Opponent may of course simply Scorch your Hand or Masaka it to get rid of your Armuses. If multiple Armuses in hand, you may choose the order of their play, but must unload them all off unless no opposing personnel are left. Opponent's "rescue team" must be comprised of 3 or more personnel. And if you're wondering at "Symbiosis"'s absence from this project, well, it had no given stardate. These are not Episode cards, they are Stardates, so I reserve the right to skip over such episodes in particular if no cards came from it, as is the case here.]

We'll Always Have Paris, Countdown: 4
"On 41697.9, 'temporal hiccups' caused by Paul Manheim's experiments were felt through an entire sector."
Manheim's Dimensional Door Paul Manheim (disabled) and Jenice Manheim alone on same planet as doorway
-Plays on Manheim's Dimensional Door. When countdown ends, start game over, placing Manheim's Dimensional Door out-of-play. While in play, you may have up to 3 of the same unique personnel in play at the same time. Also, Jenice Manheim's +4 bonus extends to Jean-Luc Picard, and Anti-Matter Pods report for free anywhere in play. Nullified only when Manheim's Dimensional Doorway is nullified or closed OR if Jenice Manheim and Jean-Luc Picard together at Office of the President.

[NOTE: Gives you, or opponent, a few turns to nullify or close the doorway before all cards are taken off the table, scores are reset to 0, and the game restarts (this time with players having some foreknowledge of what is to come). The Office of the President, of course, is in Paris. ;-)]

"On 41775.5, Federation officers discovered Starfleet's highest levels were infiltrated by bluegilled parasites."
Alien Parasites have just taken over at least two personnel that can be reported for free at a Headquarters in play
-Plays on table. While in play, infected personnel are known as Bluegills (choose one infected personnel to be Bluegill Queen when Stardate is first played) and gain an infiltration icon matching their affiliation icon and one level of Treachery. Bluegills remain infected and may, if at a compatible Headquarters, infect one more personnel present with any Bluegill each turn. Discard if no Bluegills in play.

[NOTE: Alas, Poor Queen affects these Bluegills.]

The Neutral Zone
"On 41986, the Federation and Romulan Star Empire re-established contact."
Investigate Massacre adjacent to Neutral Zone region location Both Romulan and Federation ships there Tebok and Thei on Romulan ship
-Plays on Investigate Massacre, making it part of Neutral Zone region. Any land-based facility here is immediately destroyed; if controlled by Federation, they may now attack  cards; if controlled by Romulans, they may destroy any  ship at this location and nullify any Treaty: Federation/Romulan in play. While in play, any  personnel found in Cryosatellite must be from before the 23rd century OR be discarded when acquired.

--Second Season--

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