Stardate cards
Dream cards to enhance storytelling

    Stardates are ways to increase storytelling by bringing the game closer to the show. I imagine these being played as a side-hand, rather than a side-deck. Each player would have a maximum of 7 stardates in that hand. When the conditions (signified by the ) are met, the player may choose to immediately play the Stardate. The concept is based on Huize Schildermans' Stardates and some of his work (and others') is included (with credit). Last update: 25/02/01.(The Outrageous Okona) --First Season--

Second season:

The Child, Countdown: 4
"On 42073.1, Deanna Troi became pregnant with an alien being who was only trying to communicate."
Deanna Troi (with no expansion icon) aboard a ship Katherine Pulaski just boarded same ship with a shuttle
-Immediately relocate any Beverly Crusher to a Federation Headquarters (first choice) OR Outpost where she must stay for duration of game, but may share any one of her skills to any matching ship's crew. You may download one "godlike being" (The Traveler, Mortal Q, or John Doe with Transfiguration) to target ship. While aboard, ship and its Away Teams may not attempt MEDICAL missions. Discard downloaded persnnel when Countdown ends.

[NOTE: This can be played whether one player or the other met its requirements. Bev must stay where she is even after the Stardate is discarded. Personnel downloaded to the target ship are under your control and acts as an intruder if it's your opponent's. The Stardate is discarded whether you downloaded a personnel there. If you download John Doe, you must also download Transfiguration which is already played on him.]

Where Silence Has Lease, Countdown: 4
"On 42193.6, a being called Nagilum played games of life and death with a starship crew."
Nagilum just encountered at Study "Hole in Space"  D'deridex and USS Yamato in hand
-Plays on table. While in play, no ships may move away from Study "Hole in Space". You may play both ships in hand (or any ship matching the one encountering Nagilum) at Study "Hole in Space"; their SHIELDS are 0 and personnel may beam over to them. Once per turn, you may choose to play Torture on one personnel of a gender or species here not yet "tortured" (even if that personnel is not a captive) OR kill one  personnel present. Discard when countdown ends OR when any ship present is destroyed by Auto-Destruct Sequence.

Elementary, Dear Data
"On 42286.3, a holodeck malfunction puts a Sherlock Holmes character in charge of a starship."
Data, Premiere Geordi LaForge and any  personnel on ship with Holodeck A second, matching ship that would require at least 3 turns to join the first one
-Play on table and target first ship. All  personnel and half the non- personnel aboard (round up, random selection) are relocated to episode card as a special "holo-deck".  personnel in holo-deck with the highest CUNNING is under your control and its CUNNING=13. Once per turn, it may attempt to capture one non- personnel present: randomly select one; if its STRENGTH is less than hologram's, it is captured; if not, it is released from holo-deck. If your hologram has captured a personnel, it may take control of ship (but not of crew) and use its RANGE, WEAPONS and special equipment. Nullified if the two required ships are ever at the same spaceline location at the end of a turn.

[NOTE: Personnel stuck in the holo-deck are basically off-the-ship, so sorta disabled. There's a real incentive here to rendezvous the two ships before 1) a personnel is captured, and 2) the ship is placed under Moriarty's control (probably more like Eistein's, but who's quibbling?). While the ship is under your control, and you may use it as if fully staffed, its crew is not, so they may beam or not beam at their leisure, and can use their skills to perhaps free the hostages (using a special skill, I'm sure).]

The Outrageous Okona
"On 42402.1, the irascible captain Okona dragged a starship into a love-war relationship between two planets."
Your B.J. Robinson on a ship with transporters Escape Pod with only one opposing male  personnel aboard
-Place on  personnel; it is now under your control, is considered a version of the Okona persona; and may act as matching commander for any Escape Pod. Escape Pod is now a  ship with RANGE=5 (within a region), no WEAPONS and SHIELDS=3. If B.J. Robinson beams any Okona to her ship, you may immediately download up to three Love or Romance dilemmas (even from discard pile); these cards may play as interrupts where target  personnel present.

[NOTE: You can use any Romance or Love Interest dilemma as an Interrupt, not just the ones you downloaded.]

The Measure of a Man
"On 42523.7, a trial was held to determine the status of androids as sentient beings."
Unique android at affiliated Outpost with Law personnel
-Target Outpost. If Cybernetics present with Law and android, probe for a verdict:
# Androids are people. Both players' androids are unique. You may download any android-related card.
# Android leaves service. Android now non-aligned and CIVILIAN, and may no longer work with Outpost's affiliation.
# Slave race. All your androids now and may report for free.
-While in play, Picard and Riker have Law, and all Data's Medals are worth 0.

[NOTE: Notice that targeting the Outpost gives players a way to nullify the Stardate (by destroying the Outpost). Should I change it to "Facility"? Picard and Riker cannot be the Law required here since they don't become lawyers until the card is played. Hope for an Equipment probe and stock a lot of Datas and Lores for maximum effect!]

Time Squared
"On 42679.2 The Enterprise encountered a double of Captain Picard forcing them to rethink their strategy."
Doppelganger on table Energy Vortex played on previous turn
-On your next initial attempt of a mission if any of your ships destroyed or personnel killed you may negate the mission attempt. Any and all ships or personnel are restored and all dilemmas are reseeded in their original order. Discard stardate.
[Guest Stardate by Jeremy]

Q Who?
"On 42761.3, Q transported a ship to the Delta Quadrant where it was discovered by the Borg."
Borg Cube in Delta Quadrant Opponent has an active Q-Continuum
-Target any non-Borg ship. It is relocated to Delta Quadrant until any Q-Flash. As long as it is there, owner may download one anti-Borg card per turn. While in play, Nutational Shields double SHIELDS against Borg WEAPONS; Borg in the Delta Quadrant may beam to targeted ship and attack it at will. Opponent may bring The Best of Both Worlds from outside the game into play regardless of that Stardate's requirements.

[NOTE: I wanted to give something to the Borg they could use, although a risk-taker with another affiliation might want to use it to get to the Borg outpost with a Kurlan Naiskos. I wonder how fast someone would try to find the Q-Flash hidden under a mission before his crew got assimilated. ;-) The Best of Both Worlds is of course Mr. Shlidermans' original Stardate card.]

--Other seasons--

Season 3:

Yesterday's Enterprise
"On 43625.2, the Federation was fighting a losing battle against the Klingons until the time-displaced Enterprise-C was sent back to rectify the timeline."
Rachel Garrett and Richard Castillo on Enterprise-C coming out of Temporal Rift Wartime Conditions
-Plays on table. While in play, Federation may attack Klingon affiliation at will, and Klingons are +1 WEAPONS and STRENGTH. When a Federation ship present with Enterprise-C, download Tasha Yar-Alternate to that ship. Discard when Enterprise-C goes through another Temporal Rift, discarding the ship (you may download any non- ship to hand) and Wartime Conditions. Your  Klingons then report for free for rest of game.

Season 4:

The Best of Both Worlds
"On 44001.4, the Borg assimilated Jean-Luc Picard and started their course for Earth. Their objective: assimilate homeworld."
Any assimilated Picard aboard any Borg Cube Shelby and W.T. Riker aboard Enterprise-D
-Target a location. Here your ships WEAPONS +1, personnel STRENGTH +1 (+2 if Wolf 359) against Borg. If the Borg ship destroyed there, score 10 extra points. While in play, if you battle the Borg Cube and anti-matter is played, suspend ship-to-ship battle. Beam Away team aboard Borg Cube. One personnel (random selection) reabducts Picard, others battle. After the personnel battle, the Away team beams back aboard and ship-to-ship battle continues.
[Guest Stardate by Huize Schlidermans]

Season 5:

I Borg
"On 45854.2, a Borg drone was cut off from the Collective and given the name of Hugh."
Opponent's lone Borg drone on a planet with empty landed Borg Scout Vessel
-Target drone and replace it with Rogue Borg Mercenary. It boards Scout Vessel, takes off and flies towards nearest Borg Cube. When it reaches it, RBM beams over to Cube where at the start of everyone of every player's turn, it changes one drone present (random selection) with a RBM. Targeted drone/RBM always last one to die in any battle. While Stardate in play, you may download Hugh in place of any card draw.

[NOTE: RBM=of course Rogue Borg Mercenaries.]

The Inner Light
"On stardate 45944.1, the USS Enterpirse encountered a probe that allowed Captain Picard the ability to experience an entire mans life in a matter of 15 minutes."
An  persona of Picard in play where Resskian Flute is seeded.
-Add a space mission to this planet mission with the requirements MEDICAL + Anthropology + . You may automatically pass any dilemma at that mission(no points scored for dilemmas). Picard is "stopped" until the end of your next turn.
[Guest Stardate by 96 of 69]

Season 7:

On 46982.1, a new breed of Borg led by Lore overtook an outpost at Ohniaka III.
Away team at Ohniaka III Lore Returns
-Target Investigate Raid. Any non-Rogue Borg ships are relocated to end of spaceline. When Rogue Borg Mercenaries beam down to planet, probe:
# You may download Lore to this location.
# You may bring Lore's Fingernail OR Torture to your hand or table from outside the game.
# Your opponent may bring Hugh OR Transwarp Conduit into hand from outside the game.
-While in play, Transwarp Conduits are discarded to opponent's hand, and Beverly Crusher may act as matching commander for USS Enterprise-D.

[NOTE: The last clauses are to mimic the space action going on elsewhere. Should I have included Taitt? Well, ran out of space on the card...]

"On 47315.2, a mercenary ship with Baran as captain went searching for a mythical artifact, called the Stone of Gol."
Mercenary Ship with Baran, Galen, Tallerra and all non-aligned crew aboard
-Target a planet mission where Archeology is required. If Away team is on surface, you may probe:
# May take Vulcan Stone of Gol from outside the game into hand. Away team is stopped. (Discard Stardate.)
# Opponent may take Neural Servo Device from outside the game into hand. (Only once.)
# May download Koral with shuttle to same spaceline location. (Only once.)
-While in play, may move away from (even if not your turn) or beam aboard ship of another affiliation, if you have a non-aligned OFFICER (or former OFFICER) aboard of that affiliation.
[Guest Stardate by Huize Schilderman]

"On stardate, 47615.2, the Enterprise encountered an archive which slowly transformed the ship into a temple."
Ship at Investigate Rogue Comet Android on same ship
-Attempt Mission. Dilemmas are suspended. Ship quarantined. Android loses all skills, icons and INTEGRITY, and becomes CIVILIAN with treachery. Download Masaka Transformations. Plays on table and targets each player every turn (nullify with Mask of Korgano played as an interupt.) Ship's attributes reduced by 1 each turn. If attributes = 0, ship is destroyed. When nullified all personnel gain Archaelogy and Anthropology. Ship is restored. Android is cured and CUNNING +3. Discard Masaka Transformations and the Mask of Korgano.
[Guest Stardate by 4-GOM]

All Good Things...
"On 47988, 41153.7 and some 25 years later, Q challenged Jean-Luc Picard with a paradox in the form of the anti-time anomaly."
3 Enterprises on spacelineAnti-Time Anomaly on table Active Q-Continuum
-Relocate Anti-Time to spaceline, making it adjacent to any Neutral Zone location (or to end of spaceline if none present). Its Span is 3. Countdown suspended until any Q-Flash. Target one unique OFFICER, that OFFICER may move between Enterprises (as if beaming) even if at different locations. When all 3 Enterprises at Anti-Time Anomaly (staffed), owner discards one, takes one into hand and reshuffles one into draw deck. Discard Stardate and Anomaly, and close opponent's Q-Continuum for rest of game.

[NOTES: First off, you would want to play the stardate NOT for the 3 Enterprises thing, but to get your powerful OFFICER to skip around the spaceline AND to suspend the Anti-Time Anomaly (Which may have been played by your opponent). You don't ever have to get the Enterprises to the Anomaly if you want to keep these bonus abilities. The risk: someone hits a Q-Flash and anti-time resumes.
Doing the 3 Enterprises tango, you close your opponent's Q-Continuum (getting more and more dangerous these days) AND discard the Anomaly before a Q-Flash reactivates it. You might WANT to reshuffle one ship into your deck etc.
Finally, an ambitious player might play this if his OPPONENT has Enterprises (targeting a weak OFFICER so the bonuses aren't great) and find a way to koral the ships to the Anomaly with Wormholes, Q-Nets, etc. Risky, but you screw up his Wall of Ships strategy.]

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