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Death Star II Light

Capital Support, Event
"While Starfleet Headquarters are located in San Francisco, the capital city of the United Federation of Planets is Paris. This 'city of lights' on Earth is home to the Office of the President, the Louvre, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris."
-Plays to immediately download to Earth any Federation President OR Federation Council Member OR any card with "Paris" in its title or lore. Discard event.
- by The First Minister

Close Air Support, Objective, 
-Seeds or plays on table. Your landed Fighters, Interceptors, Raiders, Runabouts, and any ships that can legally land there may attack in conjunction with your personnel in battle on a planet. Add each ship's WEAPONS to one personnel's STRENGTH (your choice). If opponent has own aforementioned landed "fighters" present, they battle your ships instead, in an independant battle. (Captain's Order.)

- by Android Nightmare

Combined Fleet Action, Interrupt, 3X points
"The combined Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassian starfleets managed to beat the Dominion into submission around Cardassia."
-Plays to score points if you just won a ship battle where you had at least two different aligned affiliations present, where X is the number of ships present.

- by Pizman

Concentrate All Fire, Interrupt
"The U.S.S. Valiant concentrated all its fire on a supposed weak spot on a Jem'Hadar Battleship. Although the targeted section was directly hit, the counter-attack proved fatal for the Defiant-class ship."
-Target your ship in an one-on-one battle. It's weapons are doubled until end of turn. However, it cannot return fire if the other ship counter-attacks on the next turn. (Captain's order.)

- by Android Nightmare

Concussion Missiles, Artifact
"The people of the now-deserted planet Minos, once visited by the U.S.S. Enterprise, were renowned arms dealers. This example of their highly advanced shipboard weaponry was sold by them to both sides during the Erselrope wars."
-May seed in addition to another artifact under Minos. When earned, place in hand until played as an event on any ship. That ship is WEAPONS + 3 and, once per game, may destroy any ship with SHIELDS < 5 present with it.

- by The First Minister

Critical Error Revealed, Interrupt
"When Tom Paris asked Icheb's help in deciphering a genetic code, Icheb found a calculation error that led Tom to believe the Doctor's program had been altered."
-Plays to deactivate one hologram in play. OR Nullifies Computer Crash. OR Plays to change an attributes requirement on a dilemma by 4.

-by Pizman

Defiance, Event
"After the USS Defiant was destroyed, the USS Sao Paulo was renamed in its honor."
-Plays on any ship (for free if Defiant class). Immediately download another ship of the same class to replace it, placing the original ship out of play.

-by Ensign Regis

Green Leader, Event
"When Harry Kim took command command of an alien vessel during an attempt to find dilitheum, he discovered being a leader isn't as easy as it seems."
-Plays on any non-leader. That personnel is now a leader and is the matching commander of a  ship at its location (your choice), but that ship may not use a battle bridge side-deck and is all attributes -2.

-by The Mad Hatter

Head Back to the Surface, Interrupt
"A relaxation technique. Many people try to use it preparation for the Altonian brain teaser. Very difficult to do."
-Nullifies Altonian Brain Teaser. OR Downloads Plexing. OR Once per game, may be used to download any counselor to your OFFICER.

-by 9of24

Home One, Mission, planet, Any Away Team may attempt, 
Home One: Lead a mission to find the Borg homeworld in an attempt to gain a tactical advantage.
-SECURITY x3 + Leadership x2 + CUNNING>28 from 4 personnel
-Span: 3, 35 points; When solved, may download Incoming Message: Borg.

-by The Mad Hatter

I Can Save Him, Mission, Space, Federation/Klingon
Badlands Region*Uncharted Space: Find and rescue Klingons after loss to Dominion.
-Navigation x2 + Leadership + INTEGRITY>35 OR Ezri Dax
-Span: 3; 25 points

-by OorylQrygg
I Feel the Conflict, Dilemma, space/planet
"T'Lar used a mindmeld to understand the reason for Spock's rejection of Kholinar. She felt the struggle between his human and Vulcan blood."
-"Stops" all personnel present of mixed ancestry (i.e. ½-Human, ¾-Betazoid, etc.). Cannot get past unless Exobiology x2 + Anthropology x3 present. Nullify with Vulcan Mindmeld.
-by CarnMollari

I'll Take the Leader, Interrupt
"Kill them all, but leave Sisko to me."
-Plays during your turn to download one nemesis icon personnel to opponent's matching nemesis in play. End turn immediately and draw no cards. OR Plays at start of personnel battle. One leader with Treachery may pair with opponent's leader present. (Once per turn per personnel battle.)

-by MicahElliott

I'm With You Too, Interrupt
"Reluctantly, Quark decided (was forced) to help Sisko retake the station during it's brief capture by the Circle."
-Suspend play to allow any player to add one personnel to a previously restricted number of personnel when facing a dilemma.

-by Degausser

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